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Author: Adam Taylor and Josie May

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In this podcast, Adam, Josie, and Peter discuss and editorialize various entertainment headlines and review various media forms such movies, video games, and television!
307 Episodes
Adam discusses Season 1, Episode 5 of The Magicians.
The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm


Adam, Peter, and Josie discuss The Perfect Storm and other headlines.
Adam discusses the latest rumor that Grant Gustin's Flash will be appearing in DC's Flash movie along side Ezra Miller.
Harmed By Legacy

Harmed By Legacy


Adam discusses Adventure Time.
Adam continues his journey into The Magicians.
(Originally Recorded on August 12th, 2015) Adam and Josie reconvene to discuss Birdman and the state of Superhero movies.
Adam discusses the latest rumors that Lucasfilm is rebooting the sequel trilogy (they are not).
Adam Commits Blasphemy

Adam Commits Blasphemy


Adam discusses Star Wars.



Adam discusses Minari and how it relates to the controversy surrounding the Golden Globes.
Adam discusses the third episode of The Magicians, temporarily delayed due to a scheduling confusion.
(Originally recorded on August 5th, 2015) Revisit Adam and Josie's first episode ever!
Adam discusses the 2021 Best Animated Short Film: If Anything Happens I Love You
Adam discusses the return of the OG Thirty Minute Reviews episodes dating back to 2015 and when you can expect to listen to them.
Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman


Adam discusses the poorly market Best Picture nominee and Best Original Screenplay winner Promising Young Woman.
Adam goes into a blind rage over JJ Abrams passing the blame off on the sequel trilogy.
Adam discusses his continued disappointment at SyFy's The Magicians.
The industry is shifting and Amazon is moving to acquire MGM Studios for a whopping $9 billion dollars. How does this affect us? Adam dives in.
Marvel has released a teaser trailer for their long antipated movie The Eternals and Adam discusses what they showed and, more importantly, what they didn't show.
Adam discusses how JJ Abrams is an overrated director.
Adam discusses the 2021 romance movie The Map of Tiny Perfect Things.
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