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A NYC real estate attorney who loves what he does. Listening to this podcast does not create an attorney-client relationship. I know, I know, but we have to say it. We really hope you enjoy.
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The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Means Test is one of the most misunderstood tests around. There are a variety of different ways to qualify, even if your income is too "high." One of the ways that you can still get rid of your debts and still file, even if you have high income, is if 51% of your debt is non-consumer, or business debt. I explain here in a general way. Remember, none of this should be considered legal advice and no attorney/client relationship has been created!
I've compiled some of the most common questions that Trustees will ask debtors in a section 341 meeting (also known as the "Meeting of the Creditors") Please understand that this is simply a sample of the potential questions and it does not constitute legal advice in any way!
The Coronavirus is only beginning to affect the NYC real estate market. I discuss how to protect yourself (in the market during this time) by 1. Having a candid conversation with your mortgage broker 2. Understanding timelines 3. Understanding contingencies 4. How to potentially save your down payment Let me know your thoughts.
Using a CEMA in a New York City home purchase can save your clients thousands of dollars while also bridging the divide between Seller and Buyer to make a deal happen. In this episode, I break down 1. What a CEMA is 2. How much it can save 3. How to use it and also manage risk. Feel free to email me at This is not attorney advice and past results do not guarantee future outcomes
This week we're talking about permits. Specifically 1. What in the world are they for? 2. When do you need them? 3. Who gets them? 4. What happens if you don't get them? 5. Why am I so pumped about them? It's a huge topic that's often underdiscussed in real estate circles, so I hope this podcast gives you some better idea about the process and steps you can take to ensure you're covered. Shoutout to Mike Daddio, a client, friend, and licensed contractor, who was so kind to give me some of his time to discuss some pitfalls. Also, and I have to say it, none of this is legal advice and none of this creates an attorney-client relationship. I know, I know.
Did the new tax laws have an effect on the real estate marketplace? What in the world are the new tax laws, btw? I summarize the new changes and provide some viewpoints on how this has shifted a purchasers thought process when buying in NYC
Mortgage Commitments are totally misunderstood. I use the example of a proposal on the beach (because, why not) to illustrate the difference between a good one and a ...not so good one.
The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 has caused more uproar than the troubling, and poorly written, Game of Thrones finale (Bran, of all people...) In this short, 5 minute podcast, we discuss some of the most important parts and implications of the Act.
The Bowery Boys Podcast is my favorite podcast in the world. Why? Because it brings history to life. This week, I was genuinely humbled to meet Greg Young, a co-host of the Bowery Boys Podcast. We talked real estate, sure. But we also compared 2018 New York to New York of the 19th Century, and boy do we have it good. I can’t tell you how much fun I had recording this. Hope you enjoy
Ronita Kalra knows a thing or two about paying dues. After working her way through the finance world to setting sales records for Apple, she decided to make the leap into New York City real estate. Establishing herself on a talented team at Douglas Elliman, and initially working for, and now with, Luis Ortiz (from "Million Dollar Listing") she stands out from the crowd. Value. No Ego. Selling without actually selling. What an interview. We discuss everything from how an immigrant upbringing shapes you to how to adapt to the ever changing real estate market. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did
To say Leonard Steinberg has had a storied career in New York real estate is a bit of an understatement. With a little over $2 Billion dollars in brokered transactions to his name, he made the leap from a comfortable existence at Douglas Elliman to become the President of Compass, then, an up and coming brokerage. We talk about everything from why he left the fashion world to pursue real estate to what he thinks the future of the NYC real estate market will look like. A thoughtful conversation about risk, passion, and remaining true to yourself within a difficult industry.
Jonathon Miller, President and CEO of Miller Samuel Inc., gives us an idea of what the Manhattan real estate market is really like.
Jonathon Miller, President and CEO of Miller Samuel Inc, gives us an idea of what an appraiser does and how the industry has changed since the housing market crash.
In this episode, I speak to Jonathon Miller, President and CEO of Miller Samuel Inc., a real estate appraisal and consulting firm he co-founded in 1986. We talk about everything from the appraisal industry to how this new tax plan will affect NYC real estate. A wonderful conversation with someone who knows everything there is to know about property evaluation.
I wanted to demystify title insurance. What it is. What is costs. Why people buy it. So, I sat down with Stephen Saler of Langdon Title to discuss the value of title insurance and why it hedges against a ton of unknown risks. Hope you enjoy
The next trend in NYC Real Estate? Green Living. Mukul Lalchandani of Compass, joins me as we travel from Williamsburg to Battery Park City to discuss why using renewable resources when you build can make a huge difference both environmentally and financially.
In this episode, I chatted with Candice Milano and Malessa Rambarran of the Corcoran Group. We talked emerging NYC neighborhoods, tax benefits, and what it means to assemble the right team.
Everyone is constantly saying "now is the best time to buy a home!" What if it's not? In this podcast, I discuss the top 5 reasons why you should not be a home and rent instead.
Cari Rincker, Esq. is a divorce attorney in New York City. She's my go to whenever my clients are buying Real Estate and need to plan ahead in case of marital troubles down the road. In this podcast, we discuss: 1. What happens if you co-own a property in New York and get divorced. 2. Best practices in how to protect joint property before you get married. 3. The craziest divorce issues Cari has come across. Hope you enjoy.
Choosing the right mortgage broker in NYC is critical. It dictates whether you're going to close on your home in time, or whether you're going to be screaming at customer service reps. Daniel Gershburg discusses the things to look out for when you make your decision.
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