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Tyto brings you Without Borders, a regular dose of inspiration for passionate communicators, courageous creatives and entrepreneurial business brains. Expect candid chats with the wisest old hands, bleeding edge innovators and left field thinkers and doers.
23 Episodes
We speak to Mirakl (https://www.mirakl.com/) Co-founder Adrien Nussenbaum (https://www.linkedin.com/in/anussenbaum/) in this episode of our Without Borders podcast episode – part of our series speaking to European unicorn leaders. Following a recent $300 million funding round, the e-commerce marketplace platform is now using its advanced technology to revolutionise online B2B purchasing, helping companies to scale online. Having recently become a unicorn, we discuss with Adrien the unique company culture, communication challenges and the future of e-commerce. Listen to this instalment to find out the factors behind the company's recent success and what the phrase ‘platform pioneer’ means. Available now on your favourite podcast platform. The interview, as ever, was co-hosted with Russell Goldsmith (https://tytopr.com/russell-goldsmith/) of the csuite podcast (https://www.csuitepodcast.com/)
In this episode of the Without Borders podcast and part of our European unicorn series, we speak to Charles McManus, CEO of ClearBank (https://www.clear.bank/) . The UK's first clearing bank in more than 250 years, ClearBank eschews entrenched legacy platforms and instead utilises the cloud to make Banking-as-a-Service efficient, fast and cost-effective. Founded in 2017, it now supports over 80 financial institutions on its payment platform and is close to unicorn status. Listen to this instalment to find out about where ClearBank sits on passporting rights after the Brexit negotiations, a successful transition to remote working, communication challenges and why it took the UK so long to found a clearing bank. The interview, as ever, was co-hosted with Russell Goldsmith (https://tytopr.com/russell-goldsmith/) of the csuite podcast (http://www.csuitepodcast.com/) .
Part of our Without Borders podcast unicorn series, in this episode we speak to Avinash Rugoobur, President & Chief Strategy Officer of electric mobility provider, Arrival (https://arrival.com/) . We discuss partnerships, portfolio diversification and communication challenges. Following a recent €100 million investment from Hyundai Motor Group earlier in 2020, Arrival remains a very agile company. With only 1,200 employees, it is pioneering a new way of manufacturing transport, decentralising what is traditionally a deeply centralised process thanks to vertical integration of key technologies and the use of micro-factories. How are Avinash and the team avoiding Silicon Valley-esque hype circles and what effect does the current pandemic have on the business? Listen to our latest episode to find out more. The interview, as ever, was co-hosted with Russell Goldsmith (https://tytopr.com/russell-goldsmith/)  of the csuite podcast (http://www.csuitepodcast.com/) .
Part of our Without Borders podcast unicorn series, in this episode we speak to CEO and founder of Deposit Solutions (https://www.deposit-solutions.com/) , Dr. Tim Sievers. The pioneering open banking platform recently reached unicorn status after receiving significant investment from Deutsche Bank.  Currently operating in 20 European countries, we ask if expansion into the USA is on the cards, how challenging the COVID-19 pandemic has been and what was the primary focus for the business was in the early years. In this enlightening interview, Dr. Tim Sievers provides clarity as to what he thinks the future holds for banking and how Deposit Solutions got its big break. The interview, as ever, was co-hosted with Russell Goldsmith of the csuite podcast (http://www.csuitepodcast.com/) .
Find out what it’s like to be a disruptive company in a sector many previously believed could not be disrupted – the energy sector. Tyto Co-Founder and Managing Partner Brendon Craigie speaks with Greg Jackson, CEO of Octopus Energy (https://octopus.energy/) , to find out how one of the UK’s most recent unicorn companies has used technology to drive down energy prices, improve customer service and help in the mission to decarbonise energy generation and transmission systems. Jackson also discusses the company’s unique company culture, flat structure (no org chart!) and shares some wise words for business from country Western legend Kenny Rogers. As always, the interview is co-hosted with Russell Goldsmith of the csuite podcast (http://www.csuitepodcast.com/) .
In this episode of Without Borders, Tyto co-founder and managing partner Brendon Craigie, along with Russell Goldsmith of the csuite podcast are joined by Arik Shtilman, CEO of fintech company Rapyd.  Find out how Shtilman built and led this ‘fintech-as-a-service’ platform to recently reach the billion-dollar mark, cementing its unicorn status, and why the long-term vision is to go even bigger.  Coinciding with Rapyd’s UK launch, Shtilman shares his wisdom around why mistakes are super valuable and why a good company is a company that knows how to fix mistakes quickly, why it’s good to have investors, and why you always need to hire people who are smarter than you. Don’t miss this latest episode in the series, where we interview unicorn CEOs and founders.
The latest of Tyto's online New Horizons events looks at how COVID-19 might be responsible for ushering in a new wave of automation in business and industry. We speak to AI and 'future of work' expert, Charles Towers-Clark, about whether the uncertain times we are living in might provide the catalyst for a new wave of digital transformation. Charles is Chairman of IoT specialist business, Pod Group, a regular Forbes contributor, international speaker, and author of 'The WEIRD CEO'. He is also an expert and regular contributor to the national and international press (BBC, Daily Express, City A.M.) about the future of work and the effects of AI.  Listen back to the live online webinar in podcast form via your favourite podcast app.
The latest of Tyto's online New Horizons events looks at how marketers can make the most of these times of more limited budgets and resources. We speak to WINGS Creative Leadership founder and creative expert, Gabriela Lungu, about ‘why creativity loves constraint’. Here Gabriela explain why such limitations can create breeding grounds for the most innovative of ideas. WINGS Creative Leadership Lab supports both agency and client teams from the marketing and comms world to elevate their creativity through training, workshops, bespoke consultancy, and uplifting talks. Listen back to the live online webinar in podcast form via your favourite podcast app.
The latest of Tyto's online New Horizons events looks at the future of work in a post COVID-19 world. We speak to Morten Brøgger, CEO of Wire -  the world’s most secure workplace messaging and collaboration platform that is transforming the way that organisations and people work. We will be talking to Morten about whether the acute coronavirus crisis may have changed the way we work forever, beginning a new era for the working world.  Listen back to the live online webinar in podcast form via your favourite podcast app.
In our series of conversations with founders of European startups, we speak with Martina King of UK-based machine learning software company, Featurespace, which is well on its way to unicorn status. The world leader in fraud and financial crime prevention, Featurespace is the creator of the ARIC™ platform, a machine learning software system developed out of the University of Cambridge.
The latest of Tyto's online New Horizons events looks at how the global economic landscape is changing as a result of the uncertain times in which we are living. We speak to finance expert, Andy Bryant, COO of the European arm of bitFlyer Group, the Japan's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. A expert in all things finance and the economy, Andy speaks to us about the changing economic climate, how to weather it, and if it has the potential to signal the end of money as we know it. Listen back to the live online webinar in podcast form via your favourite podcast app.
The third of Tyto's online New Horizons events looks at how businesses can navigate uncharted waters in this challenging times. Join us as we speak with business veteran, Stephen Kelly, ex-CEO of Sage, MicroFocus and Chordiant, and ex-COO of the UK Government. Stephen has enjoyed an amazing career -  leading three successful turnarounds as a ‘hands-on’ CEO and growing market value by approx. $10bn. In addition, he spent the early 2010s as Chief Operating Officer of the UK Government and has invested in over approximately 20 start-ups, where in some, he has been a Director and Mentor. He’s truly seen it all when it comes to business and offers invaluable advice for businesses and leaders when it comes to navigating the unprecedented situation in which we find ourselves today. Listen back to the live online webinar in podcast form via your favourite podcast app.
The second of Tyto's online New Horizons events looks at how can we be authentically optimistic at this time of crisis. Join us as we speak with a mental skills coach working with one of England’s top Premier League football teams, Simon Clarkson. Translating learnings on the pitch to the business world. Listen back to the live online webinar in podcast form via your favourite podcast app.
The first of Tyto's online New Horizons events is focused on ‘Motivation in Isolation’ with Dee Caffari MBE – the first woman to have sailed single-handed and non-stop around the world in both directions. Having spent periods of months isolated at sea, Dee is able to provide valuable lessons and insights when it comes to coping with solitude as we isolate from each other both personally and professionally during in the COVID-19 outbreak. Listen back to the live online webinar in podcast form via your favourite podcast app.
In this episode, Brendon and Russell sit down with Sir Martin Sorrell, British businessman founder of WPP, the world’s largest advertising group, and current chair of S4Capital, a media company focused on building a modern digital advertising and marketing platform for global minded clients.     Direct from the offices of S4Capital, which as of this recording has reached US dollar unicorn status with a market cap of over $1.3 billion, the conversation with Sir Martin spanned topics ranging from mergers and acquisitions to unicorn valuations, to advertising in the age of the two-second ad.     A fascinating, uncensored conversation with one of the biggest influencers and legends within the advertising industry.
Poppy Gustafsson, OBE, Co-CEO of Darktrace joins Tyto CEO Brendon Craigie and csuite podcast host Russell Goldsmith as the first guest in a new series of exclusive interviews with European unicorn start-up CEOs. This new series aims to find out about the key issues, pain points and challenges that European start-ups face, and how they can address them with a strategic approach to marketing and communications.
Andrew Bloch, founder and managing partner of iconic and multi-award-winning agency, Frank, joins Brendon and Zoe in the studio to chat about creativity, the power of ‘talkability’ and working with amazing brands like gaming giant Call of Duty, as well as orchestrating cult campaigns like Compare The Meerkat.    Andrew reveals why he still believes in the enduring power of the “big idea”; discusses the ever-blurring lines of the industry; the importance of being present in the moment with family; why you’re still only as good as your last campaign and why, when it comes to keeping an agency on the radar and feeling fresh 18 years later, it all comes down to the work.   Part journey, part wisdom and part future-gazing; join us for a fascinating episode with one of the comms world’s greats.
In this enormously candid and generously open chat, Imogen Osborne - founder of research and insight house The Pulse Business - talks to hosts Brendon and Zoe about why truth and honesty should be celebrated at the heart of every business culture and how some of the most challenging events in our lives, be it death, divorce or debt can actually make us better and stronger people.   Imogen has had an illustrious, wide-ranging career in comms, spanning both in-house (inc. Skype, Cisco) and agency (inc. Edelman, AxiCom) before changing her focus to research and insights. Imogen shares her insights on the challenges of captaining your own ship; the truth about work/life balance and reveals why it’s vital for businesses to adopt an open culture that sees mistakes as a good and acceptable stop on the path to greatness.
Glenn Manoff has made of a career working to build purposeful brands and believes shared value is intrinsic to creating strong brands that stand apart from the competition. He joins hosts Brendon and Zoe to chat about his role as Senior VP Comms at Trustpilot and why he’s passionate about rebuilding trust in the internet and why openness and transparency matters more than ever.   Glenn, who worked as an aid worker in Paraguay before transitioning into communications via a career in journalism, reveals why we’re hitting a seminal moment when it comes to the importance of establishing core business values that can act as a driver of positive change in society, not only for now but future generations to come.    We collectively ask ‘Is "good” business, good business?’ and the answer may surprise even the most cynical of you out there.
Looking for the secrets to international expansion, building culture alongside recruitment and the ups and downs of the journey from launch to exit? Look no further.   With more than 25 years in technology recruitment and leadership as both a business owner, innovator and investor, Peter Gillingwater joins Brendon and Zoe in the studio to share his secrets for building winning teams and a few recruitment horror stories, of course.    Peter also reveals his top advice for expanding internationally and entering new markets; talks candidly about ambition and work life balance; the importance of culture for expanding businesses and why only around 8% of founders do the whole journey to an exit.    Peter Gillingwater is CEO of Radi8, Managing Director of Nexec Leaders, Business Mentor at London and Partners and UK Chairman and global board member of Kea: New Zealand’s Borderless Nation.
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