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Conversations With A Yogi - A Woke Yoga Podcast

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Long format interviews with the best yoga teachers, movement professionals and spiritual leaders from around the globe. Our aim is that each episode educates, inspires or provides useful information for both yoga teachers and practitioners from the best minds in the field. Connect with us on Instagram at:@interviewwithayogipodcast@wokeyogasydney Or online at our
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On today’s episode I talk with Fuyuko Toyota. Fuyuko has been teaching yoga and sharing non-dual wisdom for over 20 years. She is also a certified iRest Yoga Nidra Trainer, retreat leader and mentor. Fuyuko also runs a small boutique yoga studio in the Gold Coast. During this episode we discuss how Fuyuko got Richard Miller ( founder of iRest ) to come to Australia, her own journey through depression and trauma, and how yoga nidra has helped her to welcome life exactly as it is. We also discuss how to create your own inner resource. I hope you enjoy the show. If you want to learn more about the people behind the show connect with us on InstagramHost: @coragerouxStudio: @wokeyogasydney
On today’s episode I talk with Jordan Thackray, local Sydney yoga teacher. We discuss How the Spice Girls influenced Jordan to start yoga, How Jordan, as an early adopter to Instagram has changed his relationship to the platform, Body Image + Yoga + Social Media, Why Jordan opened and closed two yoga spaces and Jordans best advice for new yoga teachersI hope you enjoy the show. To learn more about the people behind the show check us out on social media:Host: @coragerouxStudio: @wokeyogasydney
In this episode we discuss:How yoga helped Emmie manage the pitfalls of a ‘creative lifestyle’How Restorative Yoga found Emmie - rather than the other way aroundEmmie’s Teachers on the pathHuman Design - what it is, and how to find your typeHow each type needs to rest differently, and Emmie’s advice on rest for each Human Design typeHow saying no to whatever wasn’t a hell yes helped Emmie become more magnetic and make more moneyA few things / people we mention in this episode:Sarah PowersLacy PhillipsRoger coleHuman DesignJovian Archive - how to find your human design typeCriena Court - Be You Yoga & ReikiAbhyangaReikiYou can learn more about Emmie Rae via her website &  InstagramYou can connect stay connected with us below@wokeyogasydney@corageroux
In today’s episode I talk with Alex Mazerolle, or better know an Ally Maz. Ally is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur and soon to be author. Her work focuses largely around empowering young women through yoga, real conversation, and deep connection. Alex is also the co-founder of The Distrikt, a yoga & movement studio in North Vancouver that after 5 incredible years, recently closed its doors. Connect with the people behind the show@wokeyogasydney@corageroux@interviewwithayogipodcastTo find show notes and links from this episode visit our website
On today’s episode I talk with Amy Matthews. Amy has been teaching movement for over 25 years. Amy is a yoga teacher, a body mind centering teacher, a certified laban movement analyst, and an infant developmental movement educator. Amy also co-authored the book Yoga Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff, and was a director of the breathing project in NYC. Amy has since partnered with Sarah Barnaby to create the Babies Prohect -  a space in NYC dedicated to developmental movement for babies. So, in other words - when it comes to movement, Amy really knows her shit. Amy and I discuss, why knowing more anatomy & physiology is not what makes a great yoga teacher or prevents injury ( and Amy’s take on what does ), Amy’s perspective on if and how we should teach and practice headstand and shoulder stand in yoga, and how to navigate the pressure to be commercial as a yoga teacher. You can learn more about Amy on her website You can learn more about us via our social channelsYour Host: @coragerouxWoke Yoga: @wokeyogasydneyThe Show: @interviewwithayogi
In today's episode I interview Brea Johnson of Heart & Bones Yoga. Brea and I discuss the 'heart' of yoga, and why who you are is your superpower. We discuss what it means to with authenticity as a yoga teacher, and how to hold uncertainty with grace. Brea also opens up and shares some really practical and insightful tips about how to get started teaching yoga online, and even shares what camera she uses to film her yoga videos. If you want to learn more the people behind the show, check us out on social mediaMe @coragerouxWoke Yoga @wokeyogasydneyBrea Johnson @heartandbonesyoga
Katie has been teaching yoga for over 20 years, is an Ayurvedic Master Practitioner a doula, and an author. Katie is passionate about Ayurveda as a daily practice, womens work and making spiritual teachings relevant to modern life. Katie and I talk about a feminine approach to Ayurveda, and one simple dietary shift that can have an immediate impact on a woman’s health and fertility. We also discuss the concept of a constitutional dharma or how our life's purpose can be shaped by our Ayurvedic doshas. Connect with us in between episodes@corageroux@interviewwithayogipodcast@wokeyogasydney
In this episode, Rachel and I discuss all things Yoga Teacher Training. This episode is a great resource for all the yogis out there who've been asking questions like:- is yoga teacher training right for me?- what should I consider when researching a yoga teacher training course?But it's also full of goodies for yoga educators too. How to make sure you're delivering the very best content you can, and helping to create great yoga teachers. For links to things we discuss in this episode head to Connected:@corageroux@wokeyogasydney
On today’s episode I talk with Danielle Begg. Danielle is the founder and CEO of ‘The Yoga Impact Charity’ which provides yoga at no cost to people of all ages who have suffered from trauma. Danielle has been working with refugees since 2014 by providing them with access to evidence based trauma informed yoga. Danielle also runs training programs for yoga teachers in Trauma Informed Yoga, and I feel super lucky that this year we have Danielle providing a trauma informed module in our 200 HR Hatha Foundations Training that starts starts in March. Danielle and I talk about: Why all yoga teachers need to understand trauma informed yogaThe physiology of traumaHow we, as well intentioned teachers may be unknowingly triggering our studentsHow you can make a general class more trauma awareDanielle's favorite resources for exploring trauma in the bodyYou can find the links to all the resources Danielle mentioned on the podcast via our website
On today’s episode I talk with Kathryn Bruni-Young. Kathryn grew up in her mom’s yoga studio in Toronto, she took her first teacher training when she was 17, and at 22 she started to notice aches and pains after her practice. In the years that followed Kathryn began to look outside the yoga world for answers to her physical symptoms, and along the way studied with Ido Portal, and began lifting weights seriously. In 2015 Kathryn won the Ontario Provincials in powerlifting. Since that time Kathryn has created all kinds of different resources for yogi’s who are curious about adding strength training to their movement practice, and is the host of the mindful strength podcast.  In many ways ( apart from the powerlifting championship ) Kathryn and I share a very similar story, in that I started practicing as a teenager, in my early 20’s my body was in a lot of pain while I practiced, and strength training has completely turned my world around when it comes to feeling physically stable, strong, capable and young. So, if you’re a long term practitioner who is suffering from niggles, aches or pains or even injury I think you’re really going to love this episode with Kathryn. Or even if your brand new to yoga, Kathryn unpacks some really great info about how to progress in your practice in a, safe,  intelligent and effective way. I hope you enjoy the show.You can find links to the resources we discuss on our website or to receive links to future episodes you can sign up to our podcast newsletter at Connect with us at:Instagram: @wokeyogasydney@corageroux@interviewwithayogipodcast
On today’s episode I talk with Judith & Lizzie Lasater. Judith has been teaching yoga since 1971, she’s dubbed the ‘restorative yoga queen’ and was one of the first independent yoga teachers in california. Judith is the co-founder of yoga journal magazine, and is currently writing her 10th book on yoga and related topics. Lizzie, Judith's daughter has been practicing yoga since she was in the womb, and now teaches restorative yoga teacher trainings all over the world. Lizzie and Judith have also created a depth of incredible online courses that you can find at lasater.yogaThis is such an incredible episode, and I was so honoured to have the chance to speak with both Judith and Lizzie together. It was so fun to witness their energy together, the lightness and love that Lizzie has for the practice, and judith’s wisdom after 50 years as a teacher. In this episode, we discuss:The difference between yin yoga and restorative yogaThe physiological benefits of restorative yogaThe emotional, psychological and mental benefits of restorative yogaRestorative yoga as a backdoor into meditationThe four conditions we need for relaxationHow dance can be a form of meditationHow to use restorative yoga to balance the Ayurvedic doshas - vata, pitta & kaphaLizzie’s yoga adolescence and her practice nowJudith & Lizzie’s experiences with the image conscious LA yoga scene, self loathing and eating disordersHow to create a long term, sustainable yoga practice - and what that really looks like Why you might need to seperate your yoga practice from your daily exercise routineHow to measure the success of your yoga practiceYou can find the full show notes, and links to a few resources we discuss at with us on instagram:@wokeyogasydney@interviewwithayogipodcast@corageroux
Sarah Powers - creator of Insight Yoga, and yoga teacher for over 3 decades shares her wisdom in integrating yoga, psychology and Buddhism. She unpacks why many long term yoga practitioners still struggle with neurosis and how to skillfully relate to parts of our life that our out of our control. Sarah also shares some incredibly practical and useful advice about balancing teaching yoga from the heart, and making a living as a full time yoga teacher. In this episode, we discuss:The reason why long term yogis can still struggle with neurosis and how we can change that How to work with our psychological conditioning through the bodyThe importance of dedicated mind training for yogisHow we can skillfully relate to the parts of our life that our out of our controlThe benefits of silent retreat, and why you don’t need to wait to do one, and how to survive your first How to balance teaching what’s popular vs. what’s in your heartSarah’s incredible business advice for yoga teachersHow Sarah is still in love with yoga after more than 3 decades of teaching and practiceYou can find full show notes and links to the resources we mention on our website at
In this episode, we discuss:What brought Adam to yoga in the first placeHow Adam stays sane as a traveling yoga teacherAdam’s struggle with anxiety, his journey on and off medication and how yoga and meditation helped him take a different pathAdam’s recent injury and back surgeryAn honest conversation about yoga and body image for menFor show notes and links to a few things we mention in this podcast head to
In this episode, we discuss:Cecily’s departure from the Ashtanga Yoga SystemWhy not to freak out as a yoga teacher if your class numbers drop when trying something newWhat the fu*k “engage your core” actually meansHow to develop a balanced, reflective & responsive coreCecily’s insights on the main blind spots in modern yogaWhy we need to train our bodies to their full range capacityHow we can reappropriate traditional yoga props to make our practice more functionalCecily’s unique tips for new teachersCecily’s personal movement & mindfulness practiceFor links to a few resources we discuss in this episode head to our website at
In this episode, we discuss:How J created an online presence even while bucking the mainstream trends in yogaHow one’s personal practice evolves over time from something purely physical to something more contemplativeThe tantric idea of how often one should practice in comparison to the classical yoga ideaWhy a high level of ability in a physical practice doesn’t always translate to having your inner shit togetherA new definition of disciplineWhat a breath centered yoga practice actually isWhy the “rules” of alignment in yoga aren’t backed up by scienceHow to teach large group classes with the knowledge of individual variationHow to create a sustainable professional life as a yoga teacherReal talk about the business of yoga, studio ownershipWhy J closed his Brooklyn studio Abyasa, after being open for 9 yearsFor full episode show notes, and links to the people and resources we discuss visit our website:
In this episode, we discuss:The definition of yin and yangHow yin yoga works on a physical bodyThe theory of exercise and antifragility theoryWhy the body needs stress to be healthAesthetic vs functional yogaWhy you might not need to feel the pose to get the benefits of of your yin practiceWhat’s stopping you from going further in your yoga practiceCreep in yin yoga - what is it, how to reap benefits from creep & how to stay safe after creep has occurredWhy standardized alignment cues don’t work - and what to do insteadWhy “hyperextending” your joints might not be as bad as you thinkA few things / people  mentioned in this episode:Nassim Taleb - Antifragility theoryStuart McGill - Spine biomechanistCreep in yin yogaYou can find out more about Bernie on his website
Today’s episode is a little bit different, as the three co-owners of WOKE Yoga, Cora Geroux, Lyndsey Benn and Em Cruickshank sit down to discuss the spiritual background of their upbringing, what brought them to yoga in the first place and how that journey unfolded. They also share what is currently on their leading edge in the realms of yoga, spirituality and health. In this episode, we discuss:All three guests share:The spiritual background & upbringing of their childhoodWhat brought them to yoga in the first place, and how that journey unfoldedWhat is exciting and on the leading edge in relation to yoga, spirituality and healthA few things / people mentioned in this episode:Bihar School Of YogaMoksha / Modo yogaAshtanga yogaFrank Jude BoccioTo find out more about The Women Of WOKE connect with them on instagramEm - @the.yin.crowdCora - @coragerouxLyndsey - @lyndseybenn
This episode introduces your host, Cora Geroux, the topics that will be covered as the podcast grows, and the guests for our 7 day launch week. We even share a sneak peak into three of our best interviews. Welcome - and thanks for stopping by. Interview With A Yogi is a brand new WOKE Yoga podcast, hosted by Cora Geroux.  At WOKE we realised that the container of a typical yoga class is limited by time and expectations -  during a class, we simply don’t have the opportunity to share some of the deeper or more subtle conversations and practices of yoga and we realised that you,  our students wanted more. More insights into life on the spiritual path. More understanding of the biomechanics of the bodyMore depth and detail about what teaching yoga is really likeMore practical tips about how to maintain a sustainable, long term practiceEnter - Interview With A Yogi… A bi weekly podcast where Cora Geroux interviews some of the best yoga teachers from around the world to unpack exactly what you’ve been asking for. In this episode, we discuss:Our incredibly launch week guest lineupA sneak peak into 3 of our favorite interviewsA special contest for the month of January
Devashi Shakti is a feminine mystic, creator of Sacred Female Yoga and has amassed over 11 000 hours of tantric body work with men, women and couples. “Letting women know that this part of ourselves exists, because it completely changes our lives. It’s such an extraordinary thing to be a woman on the planet at this time, and what we can all achieve together is extraordinary.”— Devashi ShaktiIn this episode, we discuss:The his / her story of modern yogaSacred female yogaFeminine vitality cultivation practicesThe four phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle - and why a woman needs to adapt her yoga practice around those phasesThe benefits of cultivating a relationship with your feminine energyHead to our website for links to things we mention in this episode, and to sign up for our Interview With A Yogi newsletter so you never miss one of our incredible guests. 
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