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Official Podcast of Zuma Dogg.
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Here is my new classic rock style song, "Recall Gavin Newsom." Original Hip Hop Track by Zuma Doog from "The Zuma Dogg Show" (circa 2000). Lost Zuma Dogg hip-hop classic from 2000. Written, produced and performed by Uncle MC Zuma Dogg.
If I ever get a job at K-Earth 101 with my good friend Gary Bryan, I already made my own jingle! (
Here's a lost hip-hop song by Zuma Dogg, circa 2005. Just found this file on this podcast page. Here it is. (Explicit lyrics.) MUSIC BY HUMACHINE:
Someone played me a dope instrumental track, and I put a little something down on top. It's ZD's answer to Pussycat Dolls "Buttons". And now, on American Top 40...It's the number one song, for the twelfth week in a row, from the Malibu rapper, Zuma Dogg, coming hard on these industrial beats...And shouting out to that bitch in the "Buttons" video, complaining that she couldn't find someone to give it to her good enough. Tell that bitch to holla at her boy, Zuma Dogg. Cause I am Big ZD, I'll make her feel much exstacy.
Zuma Dogg LIVE Call-in TV Show (Los Angeles) It's mo g'd up, y'all. (
Official Website:
Recorded LIVE from the BBQ pit in the park after school in the bad part of Las Vegas. Hood Kidz is what happens when all the 8-15 year old kids, left unatttended by they parents, gather around Zuma Dogg's laptop for a little singing and trash-talking. A real eye-opener. Radio Disney meets G-Unit. Hood Kidz, the radio show that isn't for kidz.
The legendary, smash hit by Big ZD. If you like Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice', then you will love Zuma Dogg's "As U Can See."
Best of Zuma Dogg Radio Show. LIVE calls real Cali O.G.s. Fresstyle battles, comedy disses, original music and performances. Very funny. Explicit.
Check out this hilarious hip hop music and comedy radio show recorded LIVE in Las Vegas. Radio Disney meets G-Unit. The kidz show that's not for kidz. (Graphic Language.)
Zuma Dogg presents "Hood Kidz Radio." (Disney meets G-Unit.) Explicit rapping, singing and hilarious "trash talk" from these 5-15 year old kidz from the hood. Recorded LIVE on the streets of Las Vegas, for real. (