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Guest Speaker Eva from Atlanta, Georgia shares her story when it comes to her growth from 2021. Tune in as we have girl talk about our Visions, Goals, and how to set the bar high for your life in 2022.
Guest speaker Rachel shares her story and her expectations for next year. Tune in as we talk about vision, goals, and how to surround yourself with positive friends who will cheer you on with your goals. Rachel is a Wife, Writer, and Blogger.
Guest speaker Ella from Tennessee, shares her views on vision and how to set goals for next year. Tune in as we get real and raw. And how to encourage you set set the bar high, and have faith that God can do the impossible in your life in 2022.
Guest speaker Michelle from Los Angeles shares her story when it comes to letting go, and building confidence. She shares 3 key values about healing and growth. Tune in as we have girl talk about things we are thankful for that did not happen.
Guest speaker is from Alberta, Canada. Tune in as she shares her story when it comes to things that she is thankful for that did not happen. What fear can do to us, and learning how to let go in order to walk in our purpose.
Guest speaker Kayla from San Diego shares her story when it comes to things that she is thankful for that DID NOT happen. Kayla is “Deaf” and talks a little bit about her journey with speaking, and how she found her purpose.
We are launching a new series today called “Thank You, Next”. Guest speaker Abby, shares part of her story when it comes to being thankful for things in her life that DID NOT happen. Encouragement about growth, and being thankful God allowed certain things to happen for her protection. Abby is a singer and songwriter, and lives in San Diego, CA.
Hanna from Denver, CO shares her story and some struggles she went through in order to take off her mask. Finding freedom from being a “yes girl”, and how to step out and be authentic. Hanna is a Podcaster and the founder of “Say What”, where she shares about her faith and how to have a healthy sex life in your marriage.
Guest speaker Tori from Charolette, NC shares her story on how we can walk in confidence, and be who God created us to be without carrying the weight of what other people think. 3 things she would tell her old self, and lots of wisdom when it comes to taking off the Mask. Tune in!
Guest speaker “Haley” from Arkansas shares her story when it comes to wearing a mask, and things she had to walk through in order to be who God created her to be. She shares 3 tips on how we can gain confidence. Haley is a Photographer, Artist, and Realtor. “In order to be who God created you to be, you have to remove the Mask”.
New series for October with guest speaker Gabriella from Dallas, Texas. Gabriella shares 3 things that she would tell her high school self, about putting up a front and wearing a mask that could have stunted her purpose. And ways we can be our true self, and how to become bold in our faith. Girl take off your mask!
Closing out this series with guest speaker “Adrienne” from Mobile, AL. She’s an Author, Speaker, and creates women’s events. Tune in and hear her story when it comes to setting healthy boundaries, and getting the closure you need from your past relationships. The do’s and don’t’s.
Guest speaker “Lauryn” from San Diego, shares her story when it come to getting closure from past friendships. 3 tips on how to get closure the healthy way. And things to be aware of when having those tough conversations.
Guest speaker “Sadie” from Montana shares 3 tips on how to get closure. Whether that is from past friendships or relationships. How to heal from our past trauma and family hurt. And 3 ways to use wisdom when choosing healthy friendships. She’s a mother, blogger, and entrepreneur. Tune in!
New podcast series for the month of September. Our guest speaker is from Los Angeles. Danielle is a blogger, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Tune in as we share the healthy ways to get closure from your past relationships or past friendships. Danielle shares 3 tips on how to be bold and confident when getting the closure you need.
Q&A with Holli Wright

Q&A with Holli Wright


We did a questionnaire on Instagram last week, asking girls to send us questions that they want us to answer. Tune in with guest speaker Vivian Torres, as we answer these when it comes to life, relationships, singleness, and our past hurt.
This is our last episode on our series called “Construction Cones”. Tune in and hear from guest speaker Kohlie. She is from Pensacola, Florida. She shares 3 ways to set healthy boundaries. The do’s and dont’s in high school. And her experience when it comes to staying healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually.
LIVE interview with Amira in New York City. This episode is all about “mental health”. Setting healthy boundaries when it comes to social media and body positivity. Amira is a entrepreneur, model, and influencer. She shares with us 3 examples of how to stay healthy mentally.
Continuing our series “Construction Cones”. Tune in as we have girl talk when it comes to setting healthy boundaries. 3 tips on how to be an example on social media, and how to overcome your insecurities.
Tune in as we kick off this new podcast series called “Construction Cones”. Guest speaker from Canada speaks on mental health, how to set healthy boundaries, and motherhood. “You don’t have to live the way you were taught.”
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