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Voice Marketing - Daily Beetle Moment
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Voice Marketing - Daily Beetle Moment

Author: Emily Binder

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Short insights and tips about marketing and voice technology.

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With Emily Binder, Chief Strategist at Beetle Moment Marketing. Visit to read the blog or find out how to consult with Emily.

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Voice Marketing definition: Voice Marketing is the strategies and tactics used to reach your target audience through audio content and/or voice-enabled devices powered by AI voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri. It includes recorded audio content such as podcasts, Flash Briefing, and all branded audio including sonic logos, audio marks, and IVR phone systems. An evolution of search engine optimization (SEO), voice search optimization (VSO) is an important aspect of Voice Marketing wherein brands, products, and services optimize content to be found through spoken searches.Read more: Definition of Voice Marketing#voicefirst
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Equinox - Gym Story

Equinox - Gym Story


Equinox: is it a good value? Or are we paying Bergdorf's prices for a Nordstrom experience? Thank you Heidi for the updated analogy.
Primacy Effect

Primacy Effect


Inspired by Daniel Crosby's book "The Behavioral Investor"
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Voice control in OS CatalinaVoice Natives are the new Digital NativesDemands a lot of CPU but worth experimenting to learn voice commands for total voice dictationIt's better than your typical Siri experienceSubscribe free to this briefing anywhere1-click enable this briefing on Alexa
Binge Netflix vs. Podcasts

Binge Netflix vs. Podcasts


Evergreen podcast how-to idea inspired by Michelle Excell
Featuring a quote from Daniel Crosby's book "The Behavioral Investor" - a look at how psychology should inform the average investor. Grab your copy on Amazon here.Our brains are hardwired to be lazy. Sound is the fastest and easiest sense to process. You'll reach your audience with less mental friction if you use voice.
Tools: How to Sound Good

Tools: How to Sound Good


Get the podcast and Flash Briefing equipment that will make you sound good.Subscribe to this free daily Flash Briefing on Alexa or any podcast player.
Kate O'Neill Podcast Clip

Kate O'Neill Podcast Clip


Guest: Kate O'Neill, The Tech Humanist. Hear the full interview on Beetle Moment Marketing Podcast ep. 56: to this free Flash Briefing on Alexa
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