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Matt Taibbi speaks with Eve Eurydice about America’s crises, now and past, and how crises upend trust in government as more citizens in different ways are learning the extremely painful lesson that all government is griftopia and we have nowhere to turn politically. We are watching the Breakup Of the American Empire happen as a Game of Musical Chairs played between the mainstream political parties fighting over the silent majority—the working class, the immigrant class, the middle class. ⚡️ We are at a time of reckoning. It’s a nervous time in American history. A year from now we may be in a two-front war with two other world powers; a couple of wars that will feel not real because we are not being invaded and we don’t live the trauma of war which cultivates pacifism. A Quinnipiac poll just showed that 66% of Americans believe that democracy may be coming to an end. America has scandal-mongering & warmongering instead of Governing—even with a Democratic President supported by the progressive wing. Whether it’s the Tea party or AOC, Jan 6th or the FBI raid, the theater of politics & the theater of war keep us distracted. Superstructure is politics elections cultural wars grift. Substructure is the plutocracy (the minority in control of the means of production, the 3,000 people who own 85% of the economy, the 1% that controls 85% of the wealth and runs the country that runs the world). America has a winner takes all economy that keeps wealth in the hands of a tiny minority. The people in the minority may change but not the minority system. Ten years after Occupy Wall Street, the household debt in the US is $15.8 trillion, more than the US deficit even, and that’s how are all beholden to this system. The Financialization of the Digital Network, the Monetization of Internet Technology, the growth of Crypto only accelerated the massive transfer of wealth to the few. The FED added $4.6 trillion to its balance sheet during the pandemic, hooking us deeper into the monetary feed. ⚡️Matt was an early critic of the big banks bailout under Obama & Bernanke. ⚡️Noam Chomsky just said that the US is tearing itself apart from within. The public hungers for objectivity as public trust in the media and institutions has been broken in our financialized digital era. What is the future of America? ⚡️ Matt Taibbi is a political author, journalist, podcaster, and a contributing editor for Rolling Stone. Matt publishes a popular newsletter on Substack at ⚡️ For more of this podcast, merch, art, go to and For Apple podcast go to ⚡️For videos, go to 💫 For in-depth, go to ⚡️Support Eurydice at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eurydice Eve speaks with the author and activist Ru Freeman about the Future of Labor, the Choice of Job, the Purpose and Meaning of Work, the Silent Resignation, the Quitting Generation. How will people make a living? What Happens to Labor under climate change? What happens to all the people who live by the land when the land is no longer usable or factories are run by machines and robots? How are people going to live? We must revisit the structure of our economy: what we put money into and what we get money for. The way we treat women is directly tied with the way we view labor and what’s wrong with the world. Our politics affects ordinary people. Incremental changes can lead to huge social changes that are destructive, or not. Every single one of us has the ability to change the system by refusing to participate and refusing to compete. We let Globalization happen. Begun by Reagan and continued by Clinton, it started with the gutting of labor unions; it brought down the cost of goods by sending labor out of countries that had labor unions. Now most people make less money and the super rich make more and the rest try to become super rich. In the 50s 65% of Americans 2 out of 3 belonged to a union. Now its under 20%. We go into recession once a decade because we no longer have a means of production in the US. We only have the 1%, the people who own the capital, the top of the pyramid. They own corporate real estate, industry, banking, and pay no taxes, because they don’t sell anything anymore, they have no income, they live off loans and acquire and acquire and invest. They spend and hoard. By not paying taxes they don’t contribute to society. The richest people don’t produce anything. In post capitalism, money begets money. ⚡️Ru Freeman is the Sri Lankan born author of the novels A Disobedient Girl, On Sal Mal Lane, Sleeping Alone, and the director of the Artists Network at Narrative 4. For more on Ru, go to⚡️ For merch, art, go to and ⚡️For Apple podcast go to ⚡️For videos, go to 💫 For in-depth, go to ⚡️Support Eurydice at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eve Eurydice speaks with Micheline Arahonian Marcom about the dramas of human life, the limitations of Reason, the dangers of a society presenting itself as the only arbiter of truth, the future of literature and of academic learning, and the hypocrisy of cultural wars and appropriations of other peoples’ identities and the Self imposed censorship that results. And we speak a lot about Kafka. We agree that the game of politics that’s in everything is misguided. Language permits magical deep communication at the soul level, intrahuman transmission at a high level. We regret that modern academia holds knowledge & knowledge makers hostage via a totalitarian gate keeping & privatization of knowledge. We celebrate motherhood and Kafka in one conversation! ⚡️Micheline Arahonian Marcom is the author of 7 books, incl. trilogy of books about the Armenian genocide and its aftermath in the 20th century. For more on Micheline, go to ⚡️For merch, art, go to and For Apple podcast go to ⚡️For videos, go to 💫 For in-depth, go to ⚡️Support Eurydice at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eve Eurydice speaks with Rene Steinke of our growing hunger for spirituality. In a culture that mitigates the shock of our mortality through NFT Blockchain dream states and meta-sublimation rather than divine ritual in sync with the cycles of nature, a society that has replaced magic with coding, math, and disembodied commerce, people are looking for paths to transformation using repurposed religion (see the shallow sentimentality of TED talks). We all have the religious impulse, the crucible where we alchemically meet and merge into one. Love requires trust, faith, and self-abnegation. Humans reclaim faith by self-sacrifice. We give something up to gain god. We cleanse the pressure of culture to regenerate it. Pre-institutional religion is transgressive. ⚡️We have lived through the thesis of patriarchy for 6 millennia. We are now in anthithesis—in messy overexcess and in decline. The genius of art is that it sees that the contradictions do not exist. The way we resynthesize will be painful. It’s how transformation works. (Read Ovid.) We can only rediscover faith in each other, in God, in Nature, outside the names we now use and narratives we parrot. America was settled by people of profound religious purity. But religion can be turned into dogma and the need for salvation into social control to preserve the interests of obscene capital. The Mary Magdalene gospel found in the old scrolls didn’t make it into the canon. The feminist reclaiming of Christianity failed. Rene speaks of the artist Hilma af Klint and her relationship to religion and spirituality. Like Blavatsky in the Theosophical Society, she held seances with female friends seeking an intuitive vision outside of patriarchy. Art used to be religious. Post Enlightenment, art became commerce. Embroidery is still a meditative practice. So is Hand-writing. Both counterbalance our Computational Culture. Eurydice sees the primacy of Mind over Body as indicative of civilizational decline. Enjoy! ⚡️Rene Steinke is the author of the novels The Fires, Holy Skirts, and Friendswood. Holy Skirts, a novel based on the life of the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, was an NBA finalist. ⚡️ For podcast, merch, art, go to and For Apple podcast go to ☀️For videos, go to 💫 For depth, go to --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Untangling the Dystopian Abortion Laws in Patriarchy. Eurydice Eve speaks with artist and writer Martha Raoli in a Socratic questioning of the motivations and goals of Reproductive law in America in the 21st century. The abortion debate continues to enforce the legal separation of the fertilized womb from the womb—a distinction that is manmade and imaginary. The fetus is integral to the expectant mother’s body, as an inextricable, inseparable part of her. the child inside her is like an organ. Motherhood is an occupation that begins at conception through birth motherhood begins and continues until the prefrontal lobe of the child is grown at age 26. What is the threshold where a human acquires a right to life? The threshold of the vagina as the exit point where the umbilical cord is cut is also imaginary. Mothers are the gate keepers of society. Mothers decide who gets to come in. Women’s rights have been around for a v short span in historical time and must be protected by financial investment. Nothing short of that will do. ⚡️Who’s paying for the babies? Single by choice mothers are anathema to patriarchy. Men are procreative penitents. They need procreative power over other peoples pregnant bodies for the purpose of Patrimony and Patrilineage which sustains this structure. Whoever controls the means of reproduction and the generational wealth controls the population. The whole construct of civilization is motivated by man’s Procreative Envy. ⚡️ For podcast, merch, art, go to For more episodes go to ☀️For Apple podcast go to ☀️For episode videos, go to 💫 For in-depth, go to ⚡️Support Eurydice at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eurydice Eve speaks with Abe Haak, multicultural linguist, education specialist, and polymath born in Jordan. We discuss feeling that we are headed toward a catastrophe. Major relations of trust have broken down since the New Millennium. Our institutions fan the flames rather than calm them down, as if programmed to create a permanent series of crisis that may justify extraordinary measures of intensified control. Their reach is global and we have no place to run away to. We are moving toward an impending apocalyptic clash. Who we were through the entire Agrarian era broke into antitheses in the Industrial era through an explosion of scientific and technological progress (which is our digital version of the industrial era) that exacerbates our quest for identity which we lack because we have lost agrarian stability. There will be a resynthesis that can come through a clash that will bring everything down and will rebuild. *Skepticism is the only posture of a true intellectual.* *Everything includes its opposite. That’s just how everything is.* *It is always the case that what we don’t know is greater than what we know. 💫For more podcast, merch, art, go to ⚡️For Apple podcast go to ⚡️For videos, go to ⚡️ For depth, go to --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eurydice speaks with the experimental writer Mark Leyner about writing the body, and language as an obstacle and a patriarchal weapon of social division and mistrust. We discuss Marriage, Ecstasy, Religion, Parenthood, Love and Relationships, Monogamy, Authority, Truth and Subversion, Mortality and Prophecy, and always the Love of Literature. Mark incorporates arcane esoteric medical references throughout his work. His books include “My cousin my gastroenterologist” “Why do men have nipples?” “Hundreds of questions you’d only ask your doctor” “Why do men fall asleep after sex?” “Let’s play doctor: guide to walking talking probing like a real MD” and his latest “Last Orgy of the Divine Hermit” now out in paperback retitled as “Daughter, Waiting for her Drunk Father to Return from the Men’s Room.” He doesn’t put science over intuition. Nor does he equate science with reason. He juxtaposes people, places and things in a Mad Lit postmodernist manner. At the sentence level, Leyner uses an extravagant vocabulary of prose poetry that makes fun of medical language while curious of medical anatomical vocabulary. In The Tetherballs of Bougainville, Mark's father survives a lethal injection at the hands of the New Jersey penal system, and is freed but must live the rest of his life in fear of being executed, at the discretion of New Jersey.⚡️For more podcast, merch, art, go to For Apple podcast go to For videos, go to --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eurydice speaks with Kendra on life, love, and her No-Man-Diet intestive. Who is I in Nature and Who is I in the World? Natural and Unnatural are more accurate definitions than right and wrong. But again do we know what’s natural and unnatural? After 6000 years of rewarding and prioritizing the unnatural? Integration is the goal. Our culture is still a patriarchy because our patterns and our meanings are stuck in the old patriarchy which teaches us to live split in half. Getting our self worth from external sources is one of the hooks that old culture has in us. In patriarchy we learn identity and language as a division (split) of ourselves: who we are told we are (our identities) and who we feel we are (our bodies) and the two become further and further removed so by the time we become sexual beings in puberty, when our bodies change? It becomes harder to know what our bodies say and pick up and alert us on, so a lot of our living becomes performative. We lose access to authentic reasons and so we behave to cultural reasons in order to get social reactions. We take advantage of our body as if it were a marionette or a puppet to get things we need from culture: work money approval success which is how our living becomes performative & that’s our chronic pattern now so it’s hard to switch out of cultural desire because self-objectification is culturally ingrained. How do we harmonize our body and mind, our nature and culture? Self integration is a warrior challenge. Syncing up ourselves is a worthy challenge. Kendra Cunov is a life coach who practices Circling in the Authentic SF community. She facilitates the No Man Diet (12 weeks of no dating) and the Beyond Boundaries practices. For more on Kendra & her work, go to⚡️For more podcast, go to ⚡️For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For the Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For our video episodes, go to and subscribe! --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
How do we create change? How we break the chains of war and words? How do we reverse the spell of patriarchy? How do we return to our selves, turn around off the roadmap of greed and competition and find personal and world peace? The war that’s outside is also inside us. Eve Eurydice speaks with Veronica Clark Veronica Clark, love coach educator who teaches sexual healing and inner intimacy—coming home to yourself. What is THE SPELL OF THE PATRIARCHY: “Turn it around” means to break free from the prison of our mind, which is really the prison of the patriarchy, which is really the prison of the words and signifiers that are so triggering. “Turn it around” means to reverse the assigned meanings of things. We can rebirth ourselves. Nature is the constant. Nature is Life. Our mind is our extra. Culture is manmade. We can change our perspective. We can change point of view. We can reverse the reason for war for conflict for vengeance for criticism and turn it into reason for Union for connection for acceptance for unconditional love. For more on Veronica, host of the liberate your orgasm podcast, go to⚡️For more, go to ⚡️For books, art, merch, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️Find our video episodes at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eve Eurydice speaks war in patriarchy with Dana Wahab, a Lebanese American writer and educator. We ask: What is war? What is logos? What is mythos? What are borders? What are words? What is the power of the past? Who are the warring sides? What’s keeping us from making peace? Why is America denying peace a chance by taking sides? Change is so difficult because we are so plugged in to the past. And to the $ invested by the past. These loyalties run deep. No one makes Independent decisions and businesses free of fear, intimidation, threat, punishment. National borders are old stories. What are our borders if not our stories? They come from our mythos of lineage and of patrimony. The war in Ukraine is yet another war over inherited Identity like the wars in the Middle East have been. Story has been used as a tool of war, conquest, indoctrination and colonization. America is the nation that hasn’t been conquered before, so people of all nations come here in hopes that she will deliver us from our ancestral enemies, by the accidents of our birth, by which we are born sworn to hate a certain other people. But America keeps taking sides in conflict, instead of taking the side of peace & enforcing peace, it picks sides & enforces wars, abdicating her posthistorical duty. She enforces ancient binaries of who’s good & who’s bad though she understands v little of these conflicts that aren’t rational; she perpetuates & magnifies old conflicts rather than help resolve them. Rather than use money to end all war in the pacifist ideal, America jumps into war. From WWII on, America has been corrupted & poisoned by participating in far-flung wars. In war no one is innocent. We should promote peace on all sides, but our news tell us, “this is who we hate this is who we like Saddam dislike Al Sadr good, no, bad, This warlord is our warlord, The Shah good Khomeini bad.” We wanted to escape this by coming to America. This country has a grave responsibility to change the world & fails at it. It can change the storytelling & fails at it. We may be in the minority or majority who gets demonized next. These conflicts are multigenerational. Every new hatred gets passed on for three generations even after migration to the New World. The war in Ukraine is another opportunity to see how the exceptionalism of American imperialism cancels out dissent. The criticisms of America’s fanning of the flames of war in Ukraine by flooding the young country with massive amounts of weapons, acquired by taxpayer money paid to multinational corporations that maintain the world’s permanent war economy, are silenced as unpatriotic. Our inheritance of war, and the stories of war create the future of war. War is the mold and lock of patriarchy. It’s not a new heartbreak. Young men kill old men. War is the only way to vie for power and ownership in the pyramid of patriarchy. It’s the pattern of our social fabric. War is familiar. War is the other face of Sex for the last 7000 years when humanity has been organized in patriarchies. Borders in terms of territorial ownership and inheritance in terms of financial ownership and lineage in terms of patronym-recognition are the triad of tools of the self-perpetuation of the patriarchy. The violence of war & the binary structure of language are the twin enforcement tools of the patriarchy. Our mythos the narratives it constructed to keep us plugged into the past so that we can’t turn around & go into the future. If we can switch & become a generation of difference, of Reversal, & enter our future, we will be able to evolve & move on. For more, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️Find our video episodes at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eurydice speaks with Michelle Anonymous, a Senior at a Southern University about her research into fraternity life. 50% of young men in American Colleges are in fraternities. Most frats are rich people gangs. The difference is that gangs are criminalized and frats confer respect and honor. Society demonizes one and permits another. Both could be categorized as gangs under the law if judges challenged fraternities’ legal status. Mainstream culture supports «Greek culture» and portrays academia as a bastion of liberalism and wokeness, which Greek culture is not, or it portrays academia as the aspirational apex of a young person’s life. Patriarchy’s Survival depends on this perpetuation of old Rites of Masculinity. Frats propagate the patriarchy in college. Fraternity culture blazes its way through our elite institutions. Shaming and degrading young people teaches them how to become future autocrats. “Greek Culture” provides freshmen with social humiliation, alcohol and drugs; it does not teach them self-defense or survival, but the psychology of obedience, assimilation, and self-negation. Fraternities pass down obsolete hierarchical constructions of meaning in our formal educational setting, copying the military model where initiation requires the loss of individuality. Vows of silence and exclusivity connect fraternities to the camaraderie of recruits, the team fidelity of sports, the fixation on fraternal bonds of freemasons or the Proud Boys—groups that thrive in secrecy. The frat “manspeak” is an intro to the language of men in business. Old patriarchy is reiterated and remodeled via behavior modification that prepares young men to cross over from the role son to that of patriarch.⚡️ For details on frat legacies, hazing, Big and Little relations, fraternity and sister sorority relations, rape culture and Abu Graib-style punishments, listen to the episode. So how can a boy stay in a frat and survive it with his values intact? ⚡️ For more, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️Find our video episodes at ⚡️ Support Eurydice at #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eurydice speaks the romantic call of the drumbeat of war with the author Robert Steiner. This is how patriarchies survive: not rationally. So we are not posthistorical? The contradiction: the West is saying “How can Putin do this we are post war” & at the same time we take sides & send weapons & money to one side so as to escalate the war & the numbers of the dead. We discuss the war in Ukraine in the context of history of patriarchy, the False Promise of the EU and of global capitalism. Corporate globalism promised that war would end. We would all be Europeans. Prosperity would put an end to inherited racist animosities. But Patriarchy is our Drug and our Fatal Romance. ⚡️ A decent human puts the good of others above his own. A strongman sacrifices numerous lives to what he thinks is right, ie, to his self-interest. When two strongmen go at it, they don’t care of the cost in lives. This war theatre is primal patriarchal drama: the younger strongman wants to castrate the older strongman, as Zeus did to Kronus, & Kronus to Uranus. Zelensky is not the face of freedom. He’s the younger face of nationalism. He’s adept at guilt-tripping the West, replaying the familiar drama of patriarchal family. He would not placate the patriarch. He chose to fight the tyrant to death. Mothers have placated patriarchs for millennia. That’s the difference between patriarchy and non. The self fulfilling prophecy is fear. Patriarchy is irrational. And it calls Nature irrational. Change comes as Reversal of Fortune. Nothing lasts forever. Patriarchy wagers that it can last forever so long as it cares not which patriarch wins. The only good thing in democracy is change: the rulers change, the more often, the better.⚡️Robert Steiner is the author of Quill, Bathers, Passion, Dread, Matinee, Toward a Grammar of Abstraction and more books of fiction.⚡️ For more podcast content, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️Find our video episodes at ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eve Eurydice speaks with Pulitzer-winning writer & war correspondent Chris Hedges about war as collective madness. Chris knows the intoxication of war, even addiction to war, first-hand. Chris gives us his take on what is happening in the world arena right now and why it is happening. We discuss the return of war in Europe caused by flawed past peace treaties. We discuss war as patriarchy’s rite of initiation into adulthood, Eros & Thanatos, the Life instinct & the Death instinct. War as seductive, enticing intoxication because it’s an expression of virility, of pride. War is emotionally driven, not rationally driven. The patriarchy conflates war with sex, since patriarchy began in the conflation of procreation with domination. In 6,000 years man’s instinct of domination has become inexorably confused with man’s instinct to mate. War is ultimately self destructive. Thucydides wrote that The tyranny that Athens imposed on others, it finally imposed on itself. The instinct to control is self destructive. Every action has a reaction; we are all connected as part of the mass brain. War disconnects the people in one country from another. Nationalism unleashes forces of indoctrination based on the dualism of ‘With us or against us,’ patriot or traitor. When politics surrenders to HyperNationalism in the name of the fatherland, millions die. Only the uber-rich profit from the slaughter.⚡️Chris Hedges is a journalist, minister, author, television host. He was a correspondent for The New York Times in Central America, the Middle East, Africa, the Balkans. He is the author of a dozen books, including America the Farewell Tour; War is the Force that Gives us Meaning; Empire of Illusion; Death of the Liberal Class; and Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt. Chris Hedges covered war up close in the Balkans, the Middle East, and Central America. For more on Chris, go to ⚡️For more, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️Find our video episodes at ⚡️ Support Eurydice at #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice #ChrisHedges --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eve Eurydice speaks with the acclaimed writer William T. Vollmann in a Valentine-special interview. We discuss Creativity as Transgression. Erotica. The Sexual Revolution. The Liberation of Man. Jung’s Anima & Animus. The Union of Opposites. Desire as unspeakable freedom from the bounds of the self, connection to timelessness, to the divine, to awe in nature. Love as submission to nature, especially challenging for the male who has been trained to conquer nature. The challenge for those who speak sex is to find balance between nature & culture, to overcome culture’s taboo separation between mind & body, to invent a new language that’s neither sentimentalism nor smut.⚡️To buy Eurydice’s new erotica, titled “Eve’s Academy,” follow this link to New Urge Editions:⚡️ For more, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️Find our video episodes at ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice #williamtvollmann #interview #podcast --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eve Eurydice speaks with Danié Gómez Ortigoza, a Mexican-American multi-media artist who practices braiding with intention. We discuss revisiting our relationship with our bodies and revaluing our natural bodies rather than leaving them behind and supplanting them with avatars. Danié sees our hair as a connection to our soul; as our body’s antennas or whiskers; in the manner of native peoples who are more attuned to nature. She uses braiding circles to create Portals of human connection and chakra protection and to set the mental frame for the day. When we give ourselves away without ego, we receive. We also discuss mothering. Motherhood is the work of not breaking continuity. Legally mother still belongs to patriarchy, bears the man’s name, lives in the man’s house, for the system of families has gone on after the Patriarchy, when the man was inserted in the center like the rooster and the family worked around him. Families existed before patriarchy and the dynamics between mothers and children have stayed constant despite the cultural interventions. Daily rituals centered mothers and children for millennia to earth herbs feminine time the cycles of nature and have survived the cultural war in various adaptations. The Knowledge in ancient native rituals is important for our survival especially if we end up having to become climate nomads. The metaverse will be extinct then. ⚡️For Danié, braiding is a portal into the soul and the main subject of her exploration of rituals and ancestry. Her project ‘Back to nature’ is a call for union and understanding the importance of reconnecting to Earth; in ‘Braiding Ceremony,’ she explores the act of braiding women into one hand-sewn fabric that brings all the braids together as one. Danié has worked as a television host for Disney, an advertising Copywriter and Digital Strategist in Mexico and Canada, Marketing Director for a media publication in Sweden, and correspondent for Glamour Mexico and Latin America in Miami, where she received a Fashion Group International Award. Danié sees community as the structure to re-engineer the world, and co-created ‘The Bazaar for Good,’ a philanthropic venture that uses fashion to raise funds for projects with social impact. For more on Danié, go to ⚡️ For more, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice #journeyofabraid --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eve Eurydice speaks with Ingrid D’Aquin about what it’s like to be a Woman & separately a Sex Worker in 2021. We shed light on issues of choice, freedom & responsibility, youth & experience, & sexual exchange in capitalism. We agree that most people have one identity for life. Culture is manmade. We can shift our cultural allyship as we grow our boundaries change and accepting that we self judge less. We self update our operational system. Money affects our psychology. Money modifies our life choices. Money controls our behavioral patterns. Money determines what we consent to. Money informs our morals. Money is our promissory note. Money also muddles up our social contracts. We discuss marriage and dating, and Ingrid shares stories and insights from her decades of work in psychotherapy. For more on Ingrid D’Aquin, go to ⚡️ For more on Speak Sex, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice #sexworkerpsychology --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eve Eurydice speaks with Silvia Dopazo, an aerialist dancer from Galicia, Spain, who worked for Cirque du Soleil and Barnum, and is now creative artist of Aerial Move at Palapa Miami, and her creative partner, Oscar David Sanhueza Almonacid, a choreographer pole dancer aerial performer from Chile. #CirqueduSoleil is a global mentorship for circus performers, musicians, stage designers. Exercises involve core, flexibility, strong grip, mental focus, tope and tissue balance, solo silks, acro duo, strap dancing, stick manipulation, chains and group bungie, aerial tissues, acting, and pantomime.⚡️For more on Silvia & Oscar, buy tickets to see them perform at ⚡️Speak Sex, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice #cirquedusoleil --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Human Social Liberation can only occur at the Intersection of Sex and Money where the Patriarchy Hits Us the deepest, and longest; at the intersection of our boundaries which is where we humans are most fecund. Eve Eurydice speaks with Po-Hong Yu, an Energetic healer, Daoist author, spiritual embodiment healer, acupuncturist and founder of COIN Money Manifestation Membership Groups. The truth is where the unspeakable is. The truth is what we don’t have a lexicon for. Stroke the truth. The more we stroke, the more we thaw, the more we unlock. The feminine is the most powerful force. It’s in a deficient space as the masculine has been in excess. We of the rising feminine self contract in order to appear masculine enough to be given a job a name a voice that’s not our male owner’s voice. We compress oppress camouflage gain weight hide our body everything about us that doesn’t fit in. We shut down. We can’t feel. Because this language isn’t our language, it’s the language of patriarchal authority. This 24-hr news cycle isn’t our time, it’s masculine time. The law, the medicine, the science isn’t ours. The global economy wants replaceable workers, & that’s why neoliberal feminism was permitted. Our procreative function is fully formed before our brain is fully formed because we have created so much excess culture that our brain takes longer to develop. A woman has 20 years to procreate. A man can inseminate for life. Yet women are judged by the same cycle where in our twenties we must study in our thirties begin a career. And the economy shows no respect for the work of a mother. Culture is geared toward one nonprocreative functionality. When we conceive we lose our freedom because we are no longer a dude. The assumed lack of control and agency that comes with the procreator body proves that our norms are masculinized. Our culture was set up to reverse man’s procreative disadvantage and has made up for his procreative dependency in a myriad ways. Even now that science and law have separated sex from procreation, society is stacked against the procreative feminine. Let us tap into our feminine and our procreator, awaken our non-masculine, and demand Radical Social change, a social programming update. ⚡️ For more on Po-Hong Yu, read Stop Hiding Behind Your Weight. ⚡️For more Speak Sex, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eve Eurydice explains the differences between Nature and Culture and the difference between love or lust and financial transaction. Eurydice believes we have entered in the West the era of Post Patriarchy. It is an era of chaos and confusion until we open a path toward a new social organization that’s no longer patriarchy. Humanity separated sex from procreation since the 1970s in silence and in law. It has yet to recognize this separation in mores and customs, in organized dynastic human relations. The power advantage of the mother has been denied and reversed through the thousands of years of Patriarchy. The reason for this was the procreative disadvantage of man, both biologically and epistemologically. Patriarchy was set up to reverse the procreative neediness of man and to provide man with access to means of genetic lineage. ⚡️WWII was a moment of reckoning that war among men was species-wide suicide. This led to technological and scientific development including the genetic sequencing, the key to paternity, the unraveling of the mystery of procreation. ⚡️We are all non procreators until we birth. All gender is social gender. ⚡️ Feminism has been another way for nonprocreators to control procreators. We need to revisit our history in order to begin to understand our future. Eurydice unpacks our romantic relationships and breaks down the precultural reasons of our love lives. ⚡️For more Speak Sex, go to ⚡️ For books, art, merch by Eurydice, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to ⚡️#speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice #Eurudice #motherhood #procreativerelations #procreativedynamics #history #patriarchy #agrarianera #love #mating --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Eve Eurydice speaks with Dinna Alexanyan. A man needs to go to a woman to have children. A man needs to Own exclusive rights to a womb. That’s the real reason for the Patriarchy. The primal Reason for Marriage & Monogamy. We eliminated that reason long ago with DNA and paternity tests. We are going through the rituals of marriage and monogamy but the Meaning and the Necessity is absent. The Real Justification is Missing. It’s a Cultural Lie. The old Need for Marriage for the Perpetuation of Species is no longer. It’s a primordial Habit. It’s a Bad Habit we can Break. We have legally and scientifically separated Sex and Love from procreation. It’s a legal & scientific fact, but it’s not a social & moral fact yet. Socially we are lagging far behind our own science. We must update our mores and conventions. In Patriarchy, we understand Relationship as Ownership. Because our knowledge of it all starts with man seeking an exclusive ownership of the womb. And man’s urge gets mirrored back by women in love. We now conflate possession, esp. monetary possession, with love. We understand love as ownership, and love choice as risk ratio (the more you’re willing to risk, the more you show your love). Monogamy is procreatively obsolete but in our Patriarchy, love is driven by who’s the highest bidder. If we want true love, we must get the Government Out of Marriage. In place of Marriage, a couple can Come up with a public Marrying (& need be an advance Unmarrying) Ritual. If society takes the $ & perks out of Marriage, and if neither partner will lose the children, the property, the inheritance if they separate, if neither partner gets punished, if there’s a preexisting legal agreement in case of an uncoupling, only then can a coupling begin to be authentic and not enforced and transactional. ⚡️ Dinna Alexanyan is a licensed Psychotherapist, Theta Healer, teacher, Mediator, ordained Minister with a private practice of over 18 years serving clients nationally and internationally clients coping with trauma. Dinna is the Founder and Director of Sybarite Productions, a nonprofit organization committed to the mentoring and employment of youth in the arts, while teaching the importance of mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, including its infamous, 15+ year running, quarterly music, dance, film and art festival event - LOVEisLOVE Miami 10/16/21 and LOVEisLOVE WORLDWIDE. @sybariteproductions⚡️ For more Speak Sex, go to ⚡️ For books, art, go to ⚡️ For Apple podcast, subscribe to ⚡️For video episodes, subscribe to ⚡️ For support, go to ⚡️ #speaksex #eveEurydice #Eurydice @eveeurydice #psychologyofmating #lovelanguage --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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