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Author: Heavy Lies the Helmet

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After the Call is a Heavy Lies the Helmet podcast meant to serve those beginning their plunge into critical care, or those who are simply seeking a refresher on certain topics. Hosted by Flight Nurse Jordan White, our goal is to provide easy-to-understand critical care concepts and content that you can integrate into your current practice. We are focused, not only on critical care topics, but also topics that are relevant to the pre-hospital critical care and emergency environment. From rookie to seasoned veteran, we hope everyone can enjoy and take away something from our content.
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In this episode, Jordan has Dan Rauh, ACNP and medical director for Heavy Lies the Helmet and After the Call on the show to discuss ABG interpretation. Show Notes: Rauh's email:
Where's The Standard?

Where's The Standard?


In this episode, Jordan is joined by flight paramedics Joe and Zack, who discuss the lack of industry standards when it comes to new hires entering the air medical profession. From new hire qualifications to minimum experience requirements, the guys have a round table discussion related to their thoughts on how to improve the system and set each candidate up for success!
Jordan gives a brief look into the year 2020 and shares his visions and goals! Changes, updates, events and more are discussed as well as upcoming topics!Links to events:
In this episode, Jordan breaks down the three components of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS). References: National Clinical Guideline Centre (UK). Myocardial Infarction with ST-Segment Elevation: The Acute Management of Myocardial Infarction with ST-Segment Elevation [Internet]. London: Royal College of Physicians (UK); 2013 Jul. (NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 167.) 1, Introduction. Available from:
In this episode Jordan is joined by Jessica, AKA the CombatMidwife. This is a fun discussion regarding various OB topics. Stay tuned for round two!
In this episode Jordan is joined by Dr. Mike Hudson to discuss finger thoracotomies and the data surrounding this procedure. Resources:
There has been a lot of toxicity rising up from the social media outlets, specifically related to flight nurses and paramedics. One topic was the discussion of using chest rigs, survival kits etc. Heavy Lies the Helmet and After the Call is joined by Jimmy Jungle and Chris Gibson from Black Wolf Helicoptors and SOS Servicos Medicos. Both Sharpe and Gibson are experts in survival and have thousands of hours working in the air medical transport industry as well as the rescue industry. We explore this "culture" as it relates to safety to see how the professionals think. Head over to Heavy Lies the Helmet for PART II! 
In this episode Jordan is joined by Mike and Bryan Boone of Heavy Lies the Helmet! We look at DKA and how it relates to the transport environment. By breaking down the key concepts we are able to provide better clarity regarding the treatment as well as the course of treatment these patients require. 
Jordan and Dr. Sean discuss damage control resuscitation in the trauma patient. This conversation style discussion touches on many of the hot topics of evidence based practice. Dr. Sean brings a lot to the table with his expertise. 
Jordan discusses critical elements of intubation and the different forms of intubation. From rookie to veteran, medicine is a dynamic art that is always changing. This podcast looks at current evidence based practice for intubation. Setting up for success is the goal!Studies Referenced: One Destination, Two Journeys by Alexander Nakarada l Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Super stoked to have the one, the only, Tyler Christifulli, from FoamFrat on to discuss some ventilator/ventilation pearls! Pressure vs Volume? Does intrinsic PEEP exist? Asthmatics vs Obstructive? I:E ratios? Driving Pressures? We discuss some common misconceptions regarding mechanical ventilation. We took listener submitted questions and broke them down and applied them to real life scenarios.
Breaking Into Flight Q&A

Breaking Into Flight Q&A


Jordan answers listeners questions regarding the paths to becoming a flight clinician and more. 
On this episode, Jordan and Jeremy explore mental health as it relates to public safety. Jeremy Beatty shares his story and testimony on how his struggle led him to become an advocate for others. 
Key Points: What is Decompression Sickness (DCS) and what causes it? Assessments are crucial in determining DCS. DCS can be difficult to identify. Use your resources such as dive buddies, dive watches/computers, as well as the Divers Alert Network (1-919-684-9111). Understand common symptoms such as a rash, joint pain and fatigue as well as the average time of onset for symptoms.AGE (arterial gas embolism) and CAGE (cerebral arterial gas embolism) signs, symptoms and treatment. Immersion Pulmonary Edema (Onset and treatment)Treatment of DCS after recognition (Oxygen, fluids, NSAIDS, recompression therapy)Transport ConsiderationsResources:Dr. Christopher Logue (Hyperbaric Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania) lecture on DCS. Divers Alert Network (The Bends)
This is a brief intro the the new podcast, After the Call. This is a podcast for the medical transport provider and will dive headfirst into industry related topics, evidenced based practice and listener submitted case studies!
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