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00:00 – The most useful prospecting you can do in November & December 00:55 – The Pocket Listing Dialogue01:37 – Buyers will drive you broke if you're not working with qualified people: Ask these 6 essential buyer questions to make more sales in this changing market.02:25 – Negotiating with buyers in this changing market - help them understand that their borrowing capacity is being re-rated03:11 – Script & Dialogue: When your vendors are rejecting a good offer, they’re essentially gambling away cashRemember, Christmas starts on the 25 December - not the 25 November.Let’s get to work! The Real Estate Gym doors are open for 2023 intake. Membership is around $2 a day. I look forward to being your coach for the next 12 months and beyond!
In this Prospecting Blitz, Jay Helprin reveals his best prospecting hacks for:How to stay focused and self-accountable when prospecting How to batch your calls depending on the day of the weekHow to make your calls hyperlocal and relevantJay Helprin is the Sales Associate to Michael Kollosche. As the real estate coach for the Kollosche group, I'm pleased to announce that the business wrote $51m in GCI, and Michael's EBU wrote $10m in GCI (within a 12-month period). You can join us for Prospecting Blitz every Tuesday as a member of the Real Estate Gym
Adam Joske is a multi-award-winning agent with a residential sales career spanning 25 years and a high-performance coach & trainer. In this webinar, he reveals his best hacks for using iD4me to:Prospect around current campaigns to find sellersMaintain long-term client nurturingHave engaging conversations when making OFI callbacksProspect daily and never run out of numbers to call, and more!This webinar is a sponsored collaboration between Tom Panos & iD4me
With over 30 years of industry experience, Ric Serrao is regularly ranked in the REB top 100, has frequently been awarded Raine & Horne’s #1 Salesperson and Principal worldwide since 2012, and has spoken at AREC.In this deep-dive interview, he reveals:05:44 – His EBU structure09:12 – Why the current market presents great opportunities for agents 13:30 – What is Ric’s definition of success?15:28 – Mental health: How to stay sane when you’ve lost a series of listings 17:00 – Best advice for young agents starting in real estate21:00 – The one-stop proptech platform that makes life easier: Realtair* 24:50 – How to manage the highs and lows of being a real estate agent29:06 – The best piece of life advice Ric Serrao gave me 25 years ago 31:40 – The best success quote For the month of October 2022, all new customers are eligible for 3 months of FREE extended access with Realtair*TechTuesday is a sponsored collaboration between Tom Panos & Realtair.*Terms & conditions apply. 
Kevin Buchanan from Manor Real Estate is a 26-year-old agent writing over $2m in GCI.In this interview, he reveals:02:27 – How tech can help you get into more doors & win more listings05:37 – His EBU structure: roles and responsibilities 07:47 – How he works with his videographer to produce social media content11:49 – How he uses Realtair to make the auction process efficient 14:50 – The sacrifices he’s had to make20:47 – Mental health Kevin Buchanan uses Realtair to be high-tech and high-touch. For the month of October 2022, all new customers are eligible for 3 months of FREE extended access with Realtair*TechTuesday is a sponsored collaboration between Tom Panos & Realtair. *Terms & conditions apply. 
The seamless process of getting deals doneHow tech can get you a competitive result at auctionHow to devastate your competitors at listingsWhat to send for database nurturing, moreStuart Bourne, Director at Raine & Horne - Lower North Shore, is ranked in the top 1% of agents in Australia. He's the #1 selling agent in Lane Cove for 5 years consecutively. The #TechTuesday training series is a sponsored collaboration between Tom Panos and Realtair
This has got to be one of Australia's best-kept secrets for traineeships within the real estate industry 🤫 Rosy Sullivan, Founding Director & College Principal at ACOP (Australian College of Professionals) reveals how the NSW and Federal Government can provide your real estate business with financial support for a trainee.Find out more:
UPDATE: Since this tool was featured on Tom Panos’ sponsorship platforms, iD4me are now limiting the number of agents who can get a licence to access the data. Find out if you qualify This is the most comprehensive data sourcing platform that every agent needs to use to find contacts, instantly. Originally designed for the debt collections industry, iD4me allows agents to access clean homeowner data that is washed every 24 hours.This prospecting tool can help you:Find the name, phone number and email of the homeowners in your core market (including expired listings and absentee owners)Get back in contact with past clients who have changed their contact detailsRecover lost contacts (e.g. orphaned data)Significantly increase your call connects, and generate more appraisalsDownload the list of homeowners of the whole street and export the listAccess consumer intel that you may not find on any other platformSimply put, 'iD4me - Data Software Solutions' will enable you to find anyone - anywhere – anytime!
Here is what you can expect in our NEW course: The Changing Market Series 📣 In this 4-part series, I will reveal:The step-by-step processes on what the best of the best are doing to: Handle priceBe proactive with buyers and educate themManage vendors and get price alignmentsPrice properties to sell The essential do's and don'ts of prospectingHow to list a property based on the process, not on priceThe listing presentation agenda every agent should have, and more...The Changing Market Series is only available in the Real Estate Gym
Taney Jain is the Winner of Agent of the Year for Australia 2022 (REIA). He consistently makes 100 sales a year with an avg sale price of around $600K. In this webinar, Taney will reveal the prospecting system he is using to get more appraisals.The #TechTuesday training series is a sponsored collaboration between Tom Panos and Realtair
What do you do to win expired stock if the vendor doesn’t want to spend any more money on marketing?* One of the most innovative agents in Australia, Lisa Novak reveals how she’s been able to list 50% of the expired stock that other agents haven’t been able to sell - and achieve prices that are beyond the vendor's expectations. This solution can help you win listings in the next 30 days. Remember, your vendors need a dealmaker - not an order taker.Lisa Novak - Novak Properties is widely recognised as one of the most innovative agents in the industry. She’s ranked in the top 100 agents by REB 2022 and has been an AREC 2021 speaker.Download Lisa Novak's: Expired listings hand-written note, expired listings direct mail, and 3min SMS campaign in the Real Estate Gym *Terms & Conditions from The Pay On Sale option is only on Premiere All 60 contracts with available Campaign Flex Points. A Pay On Sale listing will incur a 20% premium on top of the Premiere listing cost.2. A 50% Change Agency discount is only available for a Premiere listing that was originally listed within the previous 6 months.
Make the comeback greater than the setback! Aman Gulia left real estate after 6 months. When he returned, this Real Estate Gym member wrote over $3.5m in GCI within 2 years, effectively 10x-ing his business. In this interview, Aman reveals: 07:40 – How he 10x-ed his business 18:04 – How to manage your personal brand when 80% of the comments on your social media are negative22:05 – How to decide if you should stay or leave real estate 26:55 – How best advice for struggling / new agentsAman is currently ranked #11 Agent for Harcourts Internationally (2021) and #1 Agent in Auckland for Harcourts (June21/June22).You can train with and learn from the top 1% of agents like Aman Gulia in the Real Estate Gym
The #1 agent at Stone Real Estate, Tristan Rowland used these $0 marketing strategies and wrote nearly $4m GCI for the last calendar year. Even if you have 0 contacts in your database, and $0 to invest in marketing, these simple strategies will help you become an Attraction Agent, and build clients for life. But here's the thing, whilst these strategies are simple, they can be the hardest to do.  Find out why...Tristan is a Real Estate Gym member and all of his 9 strategies + the download: "50 ways to get 500 contacts even if you have $0 to spend" is only in the Real Estate Gym
Agents often get very nervous when they're asked, "How much do you think my home is worth?" 😬 This is one of the best dialogues to handle price.When used correctly, this line will help you win the listing regardless of whether you're selling luxury properties or apartments.Michael Kollosche (Managing Director of Kollosche) opened his office in Jan 2019 with 8 people. As the coach for his business, the Kollosche office is now writing $50m in GCI with a team of 29, and Michael's EBU writes $10m in GCI with a team of 4 people.  Michael also reveals how to negotiate with buyers by educating them on the value.More training like this is available in the Real Estate Gym
Live with Peter Matthews (CEO of Realtair & President of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales)Remember, the real market is between your ears  The #TechTuesday training series is a Tom Panos and my sponsor Realtair
In this changing market, lots of agents are asking me:"Should I keep auctioning in marketplaces where there is significantly less buyer energy?""Should I keep auctioning if the clearance rate is dropping?""Should I keep auctioning if the result was so bad, I’m embarrassed to look at the vendor?"Well, let’s have a look at the facts. And the facts say we should be running TOWARDS auctions, not away from them 🏃‍♀️ This is why…
When your competitors slag you off, use Josh Tesolin's method to turn bad publicity into listings. This training includes what to do and say when you're face-to-face with the vendor.Josh Tesolin started training in the Real Estate Gym when he began his career. Today, he is the Principal at Ray White Quakers Hill, writing $7.5m GCI having sold 350+ properties in the last 12 months.You can train with and learn from the top 1% of agents in Australasia. The entire 'Josh Tesolin System' is only in the Real Estate Gym
My clearance rate: 1/6 SOLD. We had almost NO buyers today 😬 Yet I still think vendors should sell now (rather than wait until Spring), here’s why…This is my message to the Reserve Bank of Australia Plus, John McGrath told me that 25 economists across Australia agree on this one thing – the real estate market will get worse before it gets better. 
What I say to vendors before every auction: “What’s your Plan B if you don’t sell?” Remember, when you adjust the price, the magical buyer always appears.My clearance rate today: 2/9 SOLD
To get more scripts and dialogue to use in a changing market, join the Real Estate Gym. Doors close EOFY 30 June
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