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Our podcast has had a silent partner for a while now and in this episode of the Job Spotlight she finally breaks her silence! Sonya, Situation's Communications Manager, joins Peter and Michael at the mic to talk about creating a new role at the agency and the importance of relating what we do to the world at large.
Ann from our HR team joins Peter and Michael to talk all about Situation's Internship Program. If you're looking for a way to get started in the world of digital marketing, this episode of Inside Situation is a must listen.
Peter and Michael are back in the studio, talking this month with Amanda from our Media team about the Digital Media Trafficker role. If you have excellent time management skills and aren't afraid of pushing out content that will be seen by thousands of users, this might be the perfect gig for you!
On this episode of the Job Spotlight Lexi spills the beans on what she looks for in a Billing Coordinator. Patience, tenacity and the desire to work with our clients to provide excellent service are the keys to being a star in this agency critical role.
Do you have a knack for keeping projects moving and making clients over-the-moon happy? You might make a great Assistant Account Executive! Peter and Michael chat with Meghan about the AAE role at the agency and what we look for when hiring.
Jeremy sits down with Michael and Peter to chat about the role of Senior Web Developer on this episode of the Job Spotlight. It's not just clean code that spells success for this agency critical role. Hear what our head developer looks for when adding to the team.
On this episode of the Job Spotlight, Peter and Michael chat with Ellen about the Copywriter position at the agency. Think being a writer is all about sitting alone in a room with a blank piece of paper? Think again! Ellen also shares some great recommended reading for aspiring copywriters.
Up next on the Job Spotlight, Peter and Michael chat with Rachel about the role of Media Planner. If you have a knack for putting the right message in front of the right person, you may be a great fit for our team.
This time on the Job Spotlight Peter and Michael chat with Randi about Project Management. Often thought of as the lifeblood of agency, we explore the different types of PMs we have at Situation and what it takes to excel in the role.
In this episode of our Job Spotlight series, Peter, Michael and Stephanie discuss the Creative Strategist position at Situation. If you think creativity and analytics are a match made in heaven, you might be a great fit for this role!
In the first episode of our Job Spotlight series, Peter, Michael and John sit down to discuss the Senior Designer position at Situation. You'll learn what we look for when hiring this role and how to stand out from the crowd if you apply.
Pull up a log and join us around the fire as we contemplate the future while staring into the last glowing ember of Inside Situation. Jordan, Kevin and Peter make s’mores while talking about endings and new beginnings, and we revive an old favorite; Things Not To Miss!
The Tony

The Tony


In an homage to The Daily, the amazing podcast from The New York Times, Peter does a series of one-on-one interviews with members of team Situation as we ramp up for the 2017 Tony Award Broadcast.
Lisa, Steph and Peter discuss the ethical implications of allowing algorithms to decide what prices we see online. We explore the gray areas of offering up choices based on consumer information and how that changes in marketing versus at the point of sale.
Fanning the Flame

Fanning the Flame


Sarah, Mollie, and Peter chat about fandom and how it plays a role in marketing live events. We also explore some of our own obsessions and ruminate on the rise of the fan influencer on social media.
Crunch Time

Crunch Time


Kev-heads rejoice! Kevin McAuley takes the reins this week and asks Mara, Mark, Nicole, Randi, Rian, Sarah and Steph how they deal with stress and the unknown during a particularly busy time of year for the agency. Share your coping strategies with us at!
Casting our Net

Casting our Net


We revive a popular segment form the early days of the podcast, Things You Can’t Miss, but with self referential twist. Listen to Peter, Nick, Caolan, Dana, Rian, Katryn, Tori, Mark and Sarah talk about their favorite podcasts (that aren’t Inside Situation). Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new audio obsession.
Kevin McAuley hits the ground again this year to bring back insights from TEDxBroadway 2017. We hear some of the speakers and facilitators who were part of the event (mere minutes after they were on stage) talk about the importance of dialogue in the arts and how to stay inspired in the face of adversity and artistic burn-out.
The Sweet By and By

The Sweet By and By


Jordan, Damian and Peter, fresh off the plane from South By Southwest 2017, sit down to recap some of the broader themes they heard at this year's interactive conference.  We discuss the growth of artificial intelligence, the continued focus on team diversification and the real challenges of sustainability in the workplace and how these topics will influence our industry in the months and years to come.



Is it lunch time yet? Peter chats with eight hungry members of our team about how they make smart choices around food at work. You’ll hear from Sarah, Caolan, Emily, Mark, Elizabeth, Adam, Jason and David about their food hacking strategies and their dietary kryptonite.
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