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Author: Adrian Hildebrand

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On the Faith in Finance Podcast we discuss personal finance, intentional living, and value aligned spending by sharing inspiring stories and practical tips to help you steward your finances in a way that honors God and builds your faith (and wealth) for the present and generations to come.

Join me, Adrian Hildebrand, as my guests and I share our hearts and knowledge to teach you how to have faith in God, yourself, and your finances.
54 Episodes
Life has a way of pushing us into our destiny if you will. Some of us decide to take the path of least resistance and some of us decide to jump all in to what God has for us and is wanting to do through us. Today’s guest, Laura Coleman, is no exception to this. She took one of her biggest dreams, worst heartache, career, and passion and made it her life and business. Full episode show notes & links! Visit Laura at
Episode 52 Some of you read this title & thought, “Okay, Mom. Duh.” But do we really understand that all of our actions have consequences? Today, I'm sharing a personal story and 6 tips for you to use to get your financial life on track TODAY.   Links & full episode show notes.  Follow me on Instagram!
Episode 51 Rocky Lalvani an immigrant to the USA. His parents came to the USA with $25 when he was 2. He watched how you can gain economic success over a short period of time.  There was always money conversation between adults as he was growing up and success was just assumed. He didn't realize so many people had money scripts and hangups over money & he also found out money doesn't buy happiness. Now he helps people to achieve harmony in life with regards to health, wealth, time, relationships, and spirituality. You have to be clear on your purpose and create the right mindsets to have success. Check out Rock's website & podcast over at
Episode 50  Money Muse was founded in 2018 by Stephanie Xenos to help women save more and invest smarter, so they can experience true freedom. Stephanie promotes financial literacy and independence via budgeting, saving, and investing. Oh, and she's also retired to financial independence from a career in rocket science at 32. Got interested in money at a young age after watching her mother not be able to leave an abusive man for financial reasons.
Episode 49 interview with Hannah Winslow.
Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned


A quick update... the Faith in Finance podcast will be back very soon!!
Episode #48 Full episode show notes available at Being Content & Unconventional Investing.
#47  I know there are a lot of assumptions, preconceived notions, and "myths" about what God has to say about money. On the contrary, many Scriptures do give us direction and instruction about how to handle money, specifically, debt.  Today, I'm outlining four things the Bible does say about debt.  Full episode show notes are available at What Does The Bible Say About Debt?  Follow me on Instagram!
Episode #46 Are you acting as the owner of your life? Today's guests, George and Mary-Lynn Kreuger from Bigg Success believe that the entrepreneurial mindset can help you create your own personal economy, so you don’t worry about the future. Personal finance can help you find financial freedom in the long run. Personal entrepreneurship can help you get there faster.   Check out for today's show notes and all links discussed! ---
Episode #45  What does your "dream life" look like? Are you debt-free? Do you live in the country on a farm? What about your career? Are you working in your gifts and calling? Do you have children? Do you have enough money to live on for the rest of your life without working anymore?  In episode 45 of the Faith in Finance Podcast, I'm talking with Jen Smith from Modern Frugality and The Frugal Friends Podcast about these questions and more.  Full episode show notes and links for everything discussed at
Episode #44 How can we honor God with our finances? What does God have to say about how we handle our money? Listen in for 3 practical ways in which you can honor God with your finances. You can read the full article at the Dainty Jewell's Blog. Full episode show notes are at
Episode 43: There are some things we can do during a pandemic to alleviate the stress. I want to point out some ways in which we can deal with our money during a crisis. Everyone’s situation is different, but some key things can be done in these situations.  You can download my FREE checklist and full episode show notes at
Episode #42  If you're feeling like you'll never get out of debt and need a good motivation story, this one's for you!   Full episode show notes are at
Episode #41 This episode is a huge reminder of why I preach value-aligned spending. This week I'm sharing a letter from a dear friend of mine, Ross. Ross was the guy in school who looked as if he had everything figured out-- he was valedictorian, was accepted into a prestigious college, and was going into the STEM career field. Fast forward &, he’s living in a remote village in Guinea, West Africa as a volunteer for the Peace Corps. Listen in to hear how he fully embodies value aligned spending and living. And how life is truly worth the adventure! Full episode show notes at
Ep. #40  Today I am airing the first coaching call with one of my new clients, Breanna. She is a recent college graduate who wants to get a head start on healthy financial habits. We cover her current debt, expense, and income situations plus brainstorm ways she can get creative with her income stream. Toward the end, you’ll hear some simple but impactful action items that Breanna can take. This is a taste of what a financial coach can do for you! Sign up for my free online training: Full episode show notes:
Episode #39: Dustin Heiner, owner of Master Passive Income, asked himself this same question after the birth of his fourth child. He had just received a two-week notice that he was to be laid off from his government job. After reading a book on real estate investing, he decided to try it out for himself. He never looked back. Listen in to learn how you can get started with real estate investing today, too.
Episode #38: I'm sharing updates from my Intentional Spend Year for February but also sharing some really big and exciting news with some encouragement for you!! Visit my Website! Follow me on Instagram! Shoot me an email: Impact Junkie
Episode 37:  This week on the Faith in Finance Podcast, Andrew Kerr, owner of FIbyREI, is on the show. His money story is largely unconventional, which I think makes this episode so relatable. He also is a master of house hacking, which reduces his biggest monthly expense— his mortgage. This episode is for you if you’re ready to dip your toes into the world of real estate, or even if you want to be creative with your income. Full episode show notes and all the links discussed at
Our Debt Free Story!

Our Debt Free Story!


Episode #36: On today’s episode of Faith in Finance I am FINALLY sharing our debt-free journey.  You’ll learn how we did it plus a few things that I wish I would have known or done differently. Fair warning, I go on a few tangents because this is something that I’m 100% passionate about. I know it’s so easy to fall to the victim mentality and make excuses for why you cannot get out of debt, but it’s time to get creative with what you CAN do to take that first step forward. My goal is that you’ll leave this episode with hope and motivation to be more intentional with your own debt free journey! Full episode show notes at 
Episode #35: How does speaking fit into your life? You’ll love this episode if you’re thinking of adding speaking to your portfolio, wanting to gain confidence in public speaking, in any kind of leadership or management position, or if you’re thinking of making the leap to become an entrepreneur. Check out the full episode show notes at & get your preorder of Grant's book for some bonuses and free content!
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