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Mark Ross, Lead Cloud Architect at Atos, joins the podcast to discuss the “Coaching Hub” at Atos and the importance of continuous education in retaining current employees. Find out why the coaching hub started and how employees transition through it during their tenure. He goes on to stress the importance of building a community and a cloud native culture to bridge the gap between online learning and real life.  When employees engage with other like-minded individuals and apply their work to customer engagements, they gain the experience and confidence to go further in their continuous Cloud Education.  Interested in getting into the Cloud Industry?  Mark remarks that anyone can do it, it just takes a good education program and the support of business leaders to upskill their teams. 
This week, Jez and Dave are joined by Adam Carmel, Founder and CEO of Polly, a cloud native disruptor to the mortgage industry. In this episode, we discuss how cloud is enabling greater flexibility, faster and continuous deployments of new features, and faster time to market for Polly. Adam gives insight into how building a backend from scratch, maximizing customization for users, automating workflows, and leveraging cloud based analytics, machine learning and AI are all helping drive better ROI and benefits for customers.
During today’s episode, we discuss FinOps with our very own Head of FinOps at Cloudreach, Stephen Old.  Stephen made an interesting segway into the tech and FinOps industry, which he covers in the first portion of the podcast. Since his entry into the growing industry he’s learned quite a bit about the real definition of financial management of the cloud.  He explains it’s more than just financial optimization.  A true FinOps consultant should know what ‘good’ looks like and really help customers make decisions about their spending and the business value that can be extracted from metrics. Dive into this episode to learn why FinOps is far from traditional IT Finance. 
Maggie Fox joins us to further explore what we really mean by Digital Quotient - one of our 2022 Cloud Trends.  Maggie is very experienced in the digital marketing space with credit for starting the first social media consultancy, Social Media Group, business advisor to many high-growth companies and a frequent speaker on digital transformation.  During this discussion with Dave and Jez, Maggie dives into the massive digital changes organizations experienced in 2020 and how company cultures were able to adapt and change quicker than ever before, setting the standard going forward that many projects that used to take months or even years to plan now have the expectation of being completed in a matter of weeks!  While we might still be coming up with the exact definition of digital quotient - we’re all experiencing it in our daily lives.  Listen to this episode to hear why.
Jed Yueh joins us on the Cloudbusting podcast this week to discuss his journey towards engineering disruption through his previous and current companies.  He goes into describing a wide variety of scenarios to our listeners on what it takes to disrupt the digital space in a big way and how he’s seen success using data.  Using examples like TikTok, Snapchat and the like, he describes why these companies are so successful in their niche.  Find out what it means for a company to be carbon negative and not just talk about sustainability but take action.  It’s no longer a trend to talk about the environment but time to take real action. Of course, we wrap up the episode with some really interesting and personable ten-second recommendations this week.  Any guesses on the latest sport to take over America? 
What is the real difference between Automated Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)? This week, Dave and Jez are joined by returning guest, Phil Le-Brun, Enterprise Strategist at AWS, as they unpack data strategies, machine learning use cases, and some practical advice to get enterprises started on their data journey. Drawing on experience working with LexusNexus, Moderna, Formula 1 and more, Phil talks us through how these organizations have delivered better customer experiences through AI and ML. If you’re looking to get started in the AI and ML space, listen in for Phil’s guidance on your next steps.
Is your enterprise just getting started on its cloud security monitoring journey?  Hear from our guest and CEO of Panther Labs, Jack Naglieri, on some of the biggest challenges he sees in the data security space and even an example of a recent public data breach.  Panther labs provides a cloud native threat detection platform that uses services to scale up workloads as needed by customer demands. He shares with us how he got his start at some of the leading silicon valley tech companies and where the idea and need for Panther Labs came from.   Finally, he provides his view on how to implement a threat detection platform on a cloud environment and the benefits of this compared to traditional, off-the-shelf software.   Not sure where to get started?  Jack provides advice on where to get started and precautions you can take today with your employees to ensure phishing, the easiest way to hack an environment, is prevented. 
Let’s talk about today’s Cloud Trends! In this episode, Dave and Jez are joined by Carla Arend, a lead analyst for IDC’s (International Data Corporation) European cloud research. IDC and Cloudreach recently partnered in interviewing over 610 IT leadership professionals across North America and Europe to learn their thoughts on cloud modernization topics.This discussion summarizes some of the most interesting finds, including how digital leaders feel about public cloud being essential for their organization along with the reasoning for investing in digital transformation.  Cost savings no longer appears to be the primary driver.  Listen to the episode for a summary of the research findings and check out our Cloud Trends page for a fully readout on the research.
The cloud skills gap is a well recognized reality, but are we having the right conversation to solve it?  Let’s change the narrative - Are the skills needed today going to be the skills needed tomorrow? Join us as we talk with Sally Eaves, Chair of Global Cyber Trust and CEO of Aspirational Features, to discuss the talent challenges many companies are facing today.   The expectations of not only consumers are changing, but the expectations of employees are changing.  Find out what areas employers should focus on offering to their workforce.
Michael Davis, CEO and Founder at Merek Security Solutions, walks us through his journey to building his business around mindfulness and cybersecurity.  Michael uses proven mindfulness directives and exercises to best align Information Security posture for clients, taking a proactive vs. reactive approach to cybersecurity for business continuity.  Find out about how mindfulness in the corporate world can connect to an improved security posture. And get the answer to what ‘digital pausing’ is along with how many times more likely you are to experience a cyberattack if not using multi-factor authentication.  Listen in to learn more.
Join Jez as he runs us through a recap of the 2022 Cloud Trends and alludes to our impending ebooks and podcasts set to publish around the research that went into these predictions imminently! This episode takes a bit of a break from our regular topic-based discussions.  Instead, we recap the Cloudy Cliffhangers from our Cloud Trends-based boothcasts at AWS re:Invent 2021 as we look ahead to release the IDC research behind the Cloud Trends.  If you want to re-listen to any of the specific trend podcasts with our cloud enterprise guests, go to the podcasts posted from Dec 1 - 6, 2021. 
What an episode!  What are containers, anyways? This episode provides an overview of not only containers, but Kubernetes, something called GitOps and Azure Arc.  Have a listen as Steve Buchanan, Principal Program Manager at Azure, defines this all for us. He tells us why GitOps is becoming the center of the universe and names some great resources on where to go to learn more about all of these topics.
This episode, Jez and Dave are joined by Michael Krigsman, publisher of CXOTalk, for a discussion on the impact the customer has on digital transformation.  Michael emphasizes why thoroughly understanding your customer puts you in a better place to create effective products and implement ideas that ultimately result in closing sales. The more data you have on your customers, the better customer experience can be created, and the pandemic revealed many examples of this.  Give this episode a listen to find out why Michael transitioned from consulting into the podcast space and more about his thoughts on business disruption in the world today.
In our second episode of the new season, “Cloud Migrations, What Have We Learned?” Marc Weaver joins the Cloudbusting team for a lively talk about Cloud Migrations. Marc was named one of 2020’s “Top 20 Cloud Influencers” and in 2021 he was recognized as a top influencer in cloud computing by Simplilearn, the world’s #1 online bootcamp. Today, Marc is an AWS cloud migration expert and top-ranked AWS solutions architect who founded the company “databasable,” after 15 years experience working for large financial institutions in London, Sydney and New York.  Join our hosts Dave and Jez as they leap into and unravel cloud migration archetypes while taking a detour through data centers, databases and close with the beloved Ten Second Recommendations. 
The new season of Cloudbusting starts with “Gaming and the Cloud” as our team chats with Theo Priestley, technology evangelist, futurist and creator of the Metanomic Engine™. Theo is also founder of Carbon Based Lifeforms whose Project Gateway, a sci-fi open-world MMO (massively multiplayer online),  looks to redefine what it means to create virtual worlds. Join Dave and Jez as they chat about Web3, Metaverse and Gaming-as-a-Service among other topics. It’s a special episode complete with a Cloudy Cliffhanger and in-depth history of gaming with a twist. 
This Cloudbusting podcast season finale, "A How-To Guide for Digital Product Launches," features Todd Kiehn, Sr. Vice President, Product Management at GTT. Kiehn shares his insights on bringing products to market and, together with our team, takes a deep dive into product development as a discipline. Listen in as this episode explores the big challenges beyond the general mechanics of product development into the art and balance of speed to market versus product quality. Finally, it's our Holiday Edition with special TSRs. Happy New Year! 
This week the Cloudbusting Podcast Team meets with renowned Futurist and Humanist, Gerd Leonhard, "one of the most influential people in Europe," for Episode #125 "The Future of Technology and Humanity." Listen in and find out why The Wall Street Journal called Gerd "one of the leading Media Futurists in the World" and Wired Magazine appointed Gerd #88 of the top 100 influencers  in Europe. Leonhard has written 5 books including the best-selling ‘Technology vs Humanity" and his films on the future of technology and humanity, digital transformation and artificial intelligence have reached millions of viewers. 
In this week's episode, "Google’s Sustainability Initiatives," Jeff Sternberg, Technical Director, Applied AI at Google Cloud Office of the CTO, joins our Cloudbusting Podcast Team to chat about the COP26 Conference, carbon free versus net zero, sustainable finance and we get an update on Earth Engine from Google's Cloud Next '21 announcements.
“Security Implications of Cloud Trends” is a bonus segment to our annual Cloud Trends miniseries.  Recorded LIVE from the Cloudbusting “Boothcast” at AWS re:Invent, in Las Vegas, our hosts are joined by Clarke Rodgers (AWS) Enterprise Security Strategist.
Cloud Trend #5, recorded LIVE from the Cloudbusting “Boothcast” at AWS re:Invent, in Las Vegas, is “The Talent Crisis” and features Cloudreahers Tara Tapper, Chief People Officer and Holly Norman Head of AWS Marketing. Together they offer insight into an industry-wide challenge that includes a lack of investment on the supply side as well as diversity issues for the tech sector in general. As the cloud scales, the need for talent at all levels has risen exponentially, demanding the next level of recruitment, education and services. A cornerstone responsibility of all of us is to unlock potential from all backgrounds and unleash the next generation of cloud super stars.
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