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Join Jez and Darren in the last episode of this season chat with Jeff Barr, Vice President and Chief Evangelist and listen to him talk about his illustrious career at AWS, his retreat with Jeff Bezos on brainstorming the birth of AWS, how re:Invent was launched, his views on where the cloud market is today and where it is going, and a bunch of anecdotes about his personal experiences at AWS. Get as close as you can to hear it from an Amazon veteran give us a real feel about the culture inside AWS and get to be the first in the know!
Straight talking John Finch, technology adviser to private equity funds & FSIs tells it how it is. Cloud FinOps, Cloud cost optimisation, cloud economics or the financial quotient, this challenge is not going away unless tackled from the ground up irrespective of the term applied to it. Join Darren, Jez and John to listen to them talk about this topic, providing the practical steps required to ensure that cloud cost is effectively brought under control at a micro level.
Darren, Jez and Mark Ross, Global Chief Architect at Atos round the circle by giving us a neat wrap up of the new offerings that AWS announced at re:Invent. More exciting functionality is coming our way to implement for our customers so fasten your seat belts and get listening as you'll hear it first here on Cloudbusting!
Decarbonizing digital assets directly impacts 2% of global energy consumption. But how can it help us impact the 98%? We believe climate action makes commercial sense, but it can’t happen without the cloud. Public cloud offers the opportunity to diminish carbon footprints for organisations to become sustainable. The sixth and last episode in the series of the cloud trends for 2023 features guest speaker Keisha Garcia, VP Digital Foundations Programmes at bp who discusses this pertinent topic of our time with Darren & Jez. Don't miss out on what promises to be an invaluable session on sustainability. AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community.
In 2022, over 50% of organizations reported the skills shortage to be severely impacting growth or posing an existential crisis to business. While organizations look to solve the problem with new academy programs, training incentives, and personal development time, we’ve barely scratched the surface. The fifth in the series of six cloud trends for 2023 is entitled The Talent Crisis featuring guest speaker Faye Ellis, Principal Training Architect - AWS at A Cloud Guru. Grab your earphones to listen to Darren & Jez together with Faye debate The Talent Crisis in technology. AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community.
Join Darren and Jez from the conference floor at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas as they continue to unveil the Cloud Trends for 2023 one at a time through a series of six live podcasts. The fourth in the series is entitled Evolution of the CIO with featuring guest Phil Le-Brun, Director, Enterprise Strategy at AWS. Tune in to hear them debate whether the role of the CIO is dead and what is required for technology leaders to elevate their business and financial acumen and align to business priorities and outcomes rather than only evaluating and managing technology. AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community.
This week the Cloudbusting team is in Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent, a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community. Join Dave and Jez as they present Cloud Trends 2023 through a series of six Live podcasts, the third in the series is entitled The Financial Quotient featuring guest Andrew Hillier, Global Strategic Brands at IAS, Integral Ad Science. Tune in to hear them talk about how enterprises are navigating the reality of cloudflation in an increasingly cost-pressured world and how leaders need to increase their Financial Quotient (FQ) and implement cloud economics to drive accountability and alignment to business priorities if they are to manage rising costs.
This week the Cloudbusting team is in Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent, a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the global cloud computing community. Join Dave and Jez as they present “Cloud Trends 2023” through a series of six Live podcasts. The second in the series “The Cloud Native Enterprise” featuring guest Drew Firment, Chief Cloud Strategist at Pluralsight and addresses the cloud-native enterprise as an organization that has aligned business and technology teams to modernize not only its tech, but also its people, processes, and value chain to be more diverse, sustainable, agile, and secure.
Live from AWS’ re:Invent conference floor in Las Vegas this week is the Cloudbusting team receiving various expert guests to talk about our 2023 Cloud Trends in a series of 6 live podcasts. The first in the series is - Connected Worlds - featuring Simon Withers, Atos Global Head of Portfolio & Engineering, hosted by Jez and Darren and together unpick the opportunities that the connected worlds bring for large-scale industrial 5G and broad based IoT usage catapulting the connection of remote regions making meaningful strides toward operational efficiencies to drive decarbonization and sustainability efforts forward.
It's countdown time to re:Invent: Jez and Darren together with Mark Ross, Global Chief Architect AWS at Atos go through a preview session of what to expect at re:Invent and also provide some invaluable tips and tricks on what to wear, where to eat and how best to optimise one's use of time while there. If you're packing up to hit the Vegas strip, make listening to this episode of Cloudbusting an essential part of your prep time.
This week’s guest is Marcos Cadena, CTO & CDO of Jollibee Foods, owners of fast food brand Jollibee, the equivalent of McDonald’s in the Philippines and franchisees of Burger King and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf among many other retail brands in Asia. Marcos makes the case for a data-driven enterprise, explains what makes it tick in the cloud and reveals the nucleus team required to start the transformation and become truly driven by intelligent data that drives clever decision making throughout the organisation.
Day II at the Gartner Symposium Jez and Darren report on what they saw and heard covering new tech, how the future could look like in the metaverse, digital autonomous organisations, flying cars and so much more not to miss out on. Grab your earphones and press that play button.
Jez and Darren are in Barcelona at the Gartner Symposium finding out the latest and greatest in cloud world this week. Tune into part I of two episodes to hear about it all and be the first to be in the know.
In the hot seat this week, Jez and Darren receive Stuart Lemmon, Managing Director of ecoact, an atos company to learn about his endeavours to help clients cool off the planet. He explains in absolute clarity what sustainability is about, dives into humanity's greatest challenge yet and dissects what society at large can do to help limit earth's temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius before the end of this century.
Returning guest Paul Crichard, Chief Information Security Officer at Serco UK and Europe is back in the hot seat with Jez and Darren to unpack Security and debate whether ramping up security at all times is necessary, discuss the security required for remote working and reveal some interesting insights from hacker world. Another Cloudbusting episode not to miss so grab your earphones and listen away!
Jez and Darren are going on a digital trailblazing adventure this week with Isaac Sacolick, StarCIO founder, digital transformation influencer, strategic advisor and author of his new book: Digital Trailblazer. The panel discuss what digital transformation is all about, what the end-to-end process of a digital transformation looks like and debate whether cost savings as a key driver alone is enough for organisations to migrate to the cloud. Certainly another Cloudbusting episode not to miss.
Jez and Darren are back to get into the weeds of cloudflation with this week's guest David Linthicum, Influencer and Chief Strategy Officer at Deloitte straight-talking his way into an abundance of insights, tackling the drivers that inflate the cost of cloud migrations and identifies what helps deflate them.
Jez and Darren are at it again this week with our guest speaker Simon Withers, Global Head of Cloud Portfolio & Engineering at Atos, picking the bones of cloud modernisation and tapping into the importance of FinOps in a recession challenged world.
In this week's episode Darren makes his return as podcast cohost and we welcome Chris Gabriel, Chief Strategy Officer at Sapphire to unpack recent research showing that 85M jobs will be unfilled by 2030 in cloud computing. The team take a hard look at how the industry has contributed to the problem, how old recruiting practices are hindering progress, and the need to reframe the perception of technical roles.
We are so glad to be back with a brand new season of Cloudbusting! This week we welcome new co-host, Darren Bowling, a Senior Cloud Advisor at Cloudreach, and spend some time with Floor Bleeker, Group CTO at Accor. In this episode, Jez, Darren, and Floor discuss the evolving role of the CIO, how it's changed over the last few years, and what the future holds for CIOs looking to retain influence and relevance within their organisations. 
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