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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting off talking points and spin. The Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and explore the politically right way to think about the issues .

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Republicans seem to think that Democrats will spontaneously combust on their own. That is not true. Today, I make the case for pushing Trump to run a campaign on bold substance rather than shying away from our issues. He continues to make it clear that he will throw conservatives under the bus and feels that our issues will lose the campaign. The reality is the exact opposite. I also believe House Republicans should force a vote invoking the 25th Amendment to get all Democrats on record as affirming that Biden is fit to serve. They must also have a funding fight over the border NOW. A “run out the clock” strategy is not likely to win an election, and even if it does, watch out for what we will actually win. Larry Fink of BlackRock potentially in a Trump White House? Well, unless we build a movement to make the play calls in Trump’s ear, that is what is awaiting us on the other side of a “stand for nothing” campaign. Let’s actually stand for something and win this.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We begin by tying together looser observations on the RNC and the impending Democrat switcheroo of Biden. I’m concerned that conservatives have not war-gamed a scenario of Democrats bringing on a fresh face in contrast to Trump’s own image problems and fatigue from his age. We offer ideas for Republicans and Trump to strike while the iron is hot and actually indict Democrats on the key issues before Democrats make the switch. Finally, I discuss the fact that we need to focus on red states where we don’t have to worry about losing to the Democrats and where there should be no clamor to water down our beliefs in exchange for the promise of electoral success. However, there is a looming threat of using ballot petitions to abolish primaries and institute rank-choice voting. The Left has successfully turned Alaska blue using this convoluted method. We must put effort and resources into red states before they permanently turn them into blue states.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Many issues and events surrounding the RNC have brought out important debates among conservatives concerning the balance of principle with the need to appeal to voters. Today, I discuss the need for balance with most principles. We’re not all about workers or corporations. We’re not all about one group or the other. We have fixed principles that are for the “whole of the people,” that you pragmatically present to appeal to various people. But what we don’t need is an overindulgence of an extreme ascetic cosplay to pander to a specific group, all the while using the other extreme as the straw man to justify ridiculous behavior. I also show how Republicans continue to obsess over symbolism, cosplay, and abstract right-wing theory, while in practice, they are ironically continuing the same business as usual.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Today is one of our longest and most foundational shows. For all my life, we’ve been entreated to make the false choice of either voting for RINOs or risking Democrats winning and there is nothing you can do about it. Today, I go through the news of the day with the thesis that every day, conservative influencers, and often ordinary voters, get a vote by getting on the activism playing field and pushing Republicans to the right. I warn about the need to do this with Trump now before it’s too late. He is floating a trial balloon of keeping Jerome Powell at the Federal Reserve and appointing Jamie Dimon as treasury secretary, among a litany of disturbing trends we are seeing. Election Day is November 5, but every day before and after, we can build a movement that fights for our prerogatives. I give some examples of what it means to “vote” in this way and how it’s more powerful than your ballot on the official Election Day.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
A comprehensive discussion of JD Vance, my thoughts on the convention, and how we have an entire party and movement that are clueless about what they believe. Today is a foundational show where we discuss false dichotomies in populism and the difference between unbridled populism and conservative populism. Too many Republicans are now embracing straight-up socialism under the guise of appealing to the working class, when in fact there is a much better way. I offer some suggestions. With that, I explain the good and the bad with JD Vance. He’s good on social issues and foreign policy but is confused on economic policy. Overall, JD is the best of the names Trump was considering but will not move Trump to the right unless we build a movement around him. Most of all, the fact that Trump picked JD is evidence that he still cares about what the base thinks. We must use our clout with him rather than allowing him to drift.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We all agree that the near-assassination of President Trump should serve as a cathartic moment. But today I warn that it will not change things on its own unless we change our mentality. Now more than ever we have both the opportunity and the imperative to end all compromising with the Left. Fighting means we stop elevating RINOs and people like Mike Johnson. It means that in red states we politically kill the Left and destroy all their policies the way they want to physically harm us. If we believe the Left has blood on its hands, it’s time to ACT like it. We must not be like a groundhog that comes out once every two years to vote Republican and then goes back into the cave. Finally, the attempted assassination cannot be used as pretext to shut down those who raise concerns about a leftward shift of the party. Quite the contrary: It must be used as a galvanizing moment to unite behind an agenda and a strategy that will actually destroy rather than empower the Left. The sky is the limit right now, which is why we must demand change from the GOP in Congress even before the election.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We begin the show discussing the observation that left-wing lies of grave consequence are able to persist indefinitely without being challenged. That is due to the fact that we have no smart, effective, and principled political movement. One example is the COVID shots. Despite everything we know, they are still being expanded. We’re joined later on by Dr. Angus Dalgleish, one of the most accomplished and experienced oncologists in the U.K. He warns that the vaccines are causing an unmistakable rise in all forms of cancers and that they are clearly much harder to treat. He provides all of the science, data, and clinical observations showing how the same way the shots make you more vulnerable to viral infections because they degrade the immune system, they are also causing cancer. As a man who has spent a half-century in medicine, science, immunology, and oncology, Dr. Dalgleish has lost all faith in the medical profession.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Yes, out of nearly 2,000 podcasts, I can definitely say that this is the most important one ever, because it speaks to the most existential threat to our political future and, in turn, our civilization. I connect the dots of Trump’s liberal endorsements, liberal positions, platform change, obsession with Project 2025, and obsession with talking down pro-life and talking up homosexuality to prove how Trump is creating a long-term franchise to own America’s right and then brand it as a Macron- or Bloomberg-style coalition that is a big tent for the corporatist left minus the very far left. The one thing that stands in his way is a principled nationalist right, which is why he is actively waging war against it. I’m not saying not to vote for him; it’s not even Labor Day yet. I appeal to all my colleagues to get on the playing field and exert ourselves over him. He needs pushback before it’s too late. As always, I offer hope about budding endeavors in red states, but those budding successes will be crushed if we allow Trump to consolidate a long-term franchise around a center-left agenda.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
First, we begin today’s discussion with a critique of the new Con Inc., which claims to be a reboot of the old GOP but in fact is continuing to espouse right-wing philosophy in the abstract while being MIA or downright subversive when it comes to the raw use of power to implement said ideas. Next, we’re joined by energy expert Steve Milloy of who thoroughly debunks the entire premise of global warming being linked to carbon output and to our human activity. He notes that we cannot afford to allow Republicans to agree to the lie of the climate religion. It is too destructive. We discuss how the scientific consensus is just like COVID and how just as with COVID policies, wind, solar, and carbon capture actually harm their stated goals of an environmentally friendly universe. We also discuss how drilling for oil is not good enough if we don’t also expand refinery and delivery capacity and repeal all of the subsidies for the green grift.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The GOP has a massive tent. Everyone is in it except for people like us. Today, I explain the significance of the GOP platform changes — where the GOP is coming from and where it is headed. This is part of an effort to blunt our momentum against the Rainbow Jihad so the GOP can create consensus around left-wing ideas. I explain the need for conservative figures and groups to induce a “Harriet Miers moment” whereby they read Trump the riot act and move him to the right. This can totally be done. The only reason we have no red line is because we have no enduring principles, which is now reflected in the new GOP platform.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We are headed on a path toward Europe … unless we pressure Trump to the right and start building a parallel, independent movement in the red states. I begin by analyzing the French and British elections. Because the Right in those countries allowed the uniparty to fester for so long, conservatives are now in a permanent minority. We are headed in the same direction, except our system of governance has one escape hatch: federalism. We can still govern fully in large swaths of the country, if we only built upon the growing success of taking over state parties, electing better governors, and strengthening the state Freedom Caucuses. But this is where Trump comes in. Trump has now carpet-bombed Project 2025, which was an agenda on policy and personnel that would actually have made his administration MAGA. I explain how revealing and devastating Trump’s decision is and how he will betray us like there is no tomorrow unless we start holding him accountable. If we don’t, we will be worse off than Europe because Trump governs like Macron but has the adoration of the Right as if he were Le Pen.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
First, we begin with an analysis of the presidential race. Republicans continue to fight yesterday’s battle and beat a dead horse by going after Biden, with zero plan to fight what is coming next. Moreover, nobody has a plan to fight the uniparty, of which Trump is clearly an ally. Has the system made peace with a Trump presidency? Next, we’re joined by Jill Hines, co-director of Health Freedom Louisiana, who was the lead plaintiff in Murthy v. Missouri, the government censorship case. We go through the appalling ruling, which essentially makes it impossible to sue the government for working with private companies to censor our views. Nonetheless, Jill, as a model activist, believes the group will make progress in additional lawsuits. Also, she is working on a litany of model legislation pertaining to medical freedom and the vaccines, and she has already made enormous progress in Louisiana. She is the model of a stay-at-home mom activist who will build the blueprint for another 1776 revolution. Finally, I leave you with my annual July 4 message.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
First, we begin today’s show with a breakdown of two terrible Supreme Court rulings on abortion. We are now losing both politically and legally. Barrett and Kavanaugh continue their hypocritical behavior on the issue of judicial standing and are overturning the Fifth Circuit with lightning speed while allowing the Ninth Circuit to force novel legal theories on a federal right to abortion in red states. Next, we’re joined by my colleague Steve Deace for an in-depth discussion of what we should and shouldn’t do following the Biden meltdown. Steve rebukes those on the Right who believe we can just sit back reactively and allow Democrats to reclaim control over the environment by swapping out Biden. We need to force a vote on Biden’s competence via Chip Roy’s resolution today so that we now control the narrative they are using. We need to beat them to the punch. He also believes that Trump would be well served to engage in presidential-style events to acculturate the public to the idea that he is inevitable and will be commander in chief. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
We all grew up with Rush pining for the day we’d have a strong, bold leader who implements our agenda and moves the people and culture over to the right while doing it. Well, this is exactly what DeSantis has done in Florida, which is probably why Rush poignantly mentioned DeSantis on his final broadcast as “the closest thing” to a Limbaugh graduate. I go through the economic news of Florida to show how this is the best example in our lifetime of a paradigm for a strong, sovereign, and prosperous red state that could potentially go toe-to-toe with the federal government. Next, I show how the GOP agrees with the anarcho-tyranny of the Left by continuing to push weak-on-crime bills. DeSantis just vetoed a particularly bad bill passed by his legislature. At the same time, Biden is allowing in radical Islamists from countries that actually repress Sharia law. We need to make red states autonomous. Otherwise, every state will look like Europe and America’s big cities, with roving bands of Islamists attacking Jewish neighborhoods.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
First, I discuss the most important policy Trump can announce at the debate: “No border, no budget.” He must call upon Speaker Johnson to block the budget funding unless lawmakers agree to allow state-based deportations. Next, we’re joined by Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) for a freewheeling discussion on what to expect on the back side of the GOP electoral victory. Nothing will change unless the people set the expectations now before the GOP leaders can employ their failure theater. Chip also discusses his fight against the demonic effort to draft women in the latest NDAA. We must make the demands precisely when and where we have the leverage. The good congressman also notes how Democrats continuously succeed in cementing their agenda in a durable way because Republicans always adopt the posture of preserving the key elements of the worst policies from the prior administration. Finally, we discuss the need to change our modus operandi on tax policy and not give the corporations selective tax cuts while they turn around and enforce cultural Marxism and government-sponsored economic monopolies on the rest of us.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
First, I delve into Trump’s shocking embrace of the Mitt Romney “staple green cards to diplomas” policy. This proposition takes two of the worst policies and puts them together at the worst possible time — when we need an immigration moratorium and when we need to disempower corrupt universities. Next, I’m joined by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, who discusses his new lawsuit against Pfizer alleging fraud and civil conspiracy. His lawsuit very tightly and brilliantly uses the state consumer protection law to trap Pfizer based on its own statements about safety, efficacy, and use of the vaccine for pregnant woman. He believes this is the most auspicious angle to finally get judicial discovery over a host of fraudulent behavior on Pfizer’s part that will likely open up legal avenues to finally take down its dangerous operation. This is why state attorney general offices are so important and why we need to use red-state legal systems the same way Alvin Bragg and blue-state prosecutors are doing against Trump. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Of all social trends, the only positive momentum we have now is the movement in red states to uproot the rainbow jihad. Public opinion is now moving back our way, but there is an effort within the Republican Party to short circuit our success and limit our policy victories to merely protecting female sports. We’re joined today by Joy Pullmann, executive editor at the Federalist, who is out with the most important book on this issue: “False Flag: Why Queer Politics Mean the End of America.” She explains why transgenderism is not a standalone issue and is rooted in the spectrum of feminism that embodies everything from gay marriage to eradicating traditional gender roles and norms. Unfortunately, too many people on the Right are only fighting transgenderism, ironically, because they want to protect Title IX, which itself is the forerunner to this entire agenda. Pullmann makes a passionate case for conservatives to fully uproot the entire premise of feminism and the rainbow agenda, and why even those who are not particularly religious should share that goal.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Today, I give a postmortem not just on the Bob Good race but on a decade worth of negative efficacy of the Trump shot that was supposed to vaccinate us against the establishment swamp. Make no mistake: Trump is crushing the Right in a way nobody else can, and I prove it with a wealth of information on election outcomes. Nonetheless, God is probably doing us a favor by cursing our work at a federal level because it’s a lost cause. At the same time, we are making strides in red states. Last night, we won more seats in Oklahoma. I discuss a huge political opportunity against the green energy agenda in South Dakota as well. However, we will need people with courage to keep Trump from doing to our state endeavors what he has done nationally.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Today, I explain how the corporate interests are ensuring that, even if Trump wins, not much will change except for a couple of tax issues. It’s not just about the endorsements. The party has not and will not change at a federal level. Part of making red states sovereign is ensuring that the federal government doesn’t control western lands. We’re joined today by Utah state Rep. Phil Lyman, who is challenging liberal Gov. Spencer Cox in the GOP primary. Cox is a global warming Republican who supports illegal immigration and the transgender agenda. Lyman has fought the federal government on its death grip over Utah’s lands. He warns that thanks to Gov. Cox there is nothing standing in the way of the feds forcing rural Americans into cities and then locking up the state’s water, roads, and natural resources. We also discuss how Utah has become a magnet for illegal aliens and the need to make Utah’s convention model great again.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It doesn’t have to be this way. If we actually had a focused movement involved in red-state public affairs, we’d change the country overnight. On Saturday, Indiana pastor Micha Beckwith shocked the political establishment by beating the party apparatus, which has the backing of Trump to secure the nomination for lieutenant governor. He joins us to discuss how he was propelled by churchgoing delegates who were highly engaged and sick and tired of a red state being governed like California. We engage in a free-wheeling conversation about how pastors need to motivate their congregants to get on the political playing field, the need to inject more godly virtue into an increasingly secularized right wing, and how his voice can serve as a beachhead for our values in a state that has been devoid of conservatives. Most of all, Beckwith’s victory proves once again that switching primaries to conventions is the only way to break the uniparty.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Claudia Smith

VP goes to funerals just like Biden did.

Jul 16th


Daniel is a true thought leader 4 conservatives. Always identifying opportunities for the feckless republicans and providing strategies. If they listened, they might stand a chance. As the status quo goes, R's moving left, they'll soon be extinct like the non-communist parties are in Europe. If the R's are to act as weak socialists, they'll never again govern, when one can have the actual thing the D's provide in being strong communists. He could have and should have replaced Rush.

Jul 11th


was Wednesday 4/10 a holiday? is that why there wasn't a show today?

Apr 10th

Fred W.


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Ameri Prayer


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Son of Aragorn

Another A+ show from Daniel. No one hits the mark like him....

Aug 26th

Christina Mancini

surely he means kill the vulnerable, not protect

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Marylou Fulton

what do Republicans care about then?

Jun 14th


Funding neo nazis? You lost me. Typical gay-op talk

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Nate M

Stay tuned to this important episode where host Doug McKenty discusses vaccine ingredients with Dr. Robert Young. Dr. Young's recent published paper describes many ingredients not typically available to the public, including the controversial graphene oxide. You can read the paper for yourself here: Go to where members receive pre-legal advice and intake in the case of mandate harassment or abuse. Also, go to to sign up for the newsletter and find hours of free content produced at Doug McKenty studios.

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Kelly Petruzzi-Hiller

amazing, we had a local gym go thru hell for keeping their gym opened during lockdown yet these gym owners took so many precautions that their gym was cleaner then a grocery store yet this business is practicing unsanitary measures like this?!

Feb 23rd

Gina Michalak

"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it." Mark Twain

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Pam Orphanides

great to hear about doctors who still care and are actually doing their jobs

Jan 24th

David Haske

The wife and I got the 2 shots (April 2021) but refuse to get anymore. we never got COVID-19 and we are prepared if we do... I'm very very interested in knowing if our bodies will repair themselves in time? Will my T cells get back to normal over time or are we screwed for life? We hear about the unvaccinated and what they have to look forward to and about the multiple vaccinated, how bout the 2 shots and done? What can we expect? thanks great show....

Dec 10th

adrian woodbury

love the show sir. I did find it funny how during ur raycon read u pronounced bass (the sound) as bass (the fish). gave me a chuckle right after thr depressing news of mitch (yet again).

Dec 10th

Maynard Cortes

where can or how can we get 25 hydroxy vitamin d? I felt like we were left in the air. pharmacist will not make it and the doctor said he doesn't know of any hospital using it. why mention it of we can't get it.

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Marylou Fulton

Daniel... it was so amazing to see you over the memorial day weekend in Pahrump! I wished I personally met you.. it was because I heard it from you that I went to the Patriot Academy Constitution Defense course! I want to go again! God bless!

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Elliot Axelman

I said this months ago :)

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Paul Sansonetti many of the screenings for cancer actively cause harm, biopsy can sometimes spread cancer, mammograms actually cause women to get slightly more breast cancer, colonoscopy misses much cancer because the flat lesions that are like 5x as carcinogenic than polyps are much harder to spot , kills people from perforated colons, actively ruins the microbiome,ct scans have as much radiation as 80-200 x-rays.

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Paul Sansonetti lead time bias explained

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