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Portland’s iconic  may move its headquarters from Southeast Portland out of state, owing to frustration with crime, drugs and street camping, said co-founder Kim Malek on Wednesday. That’s if Portland and Multnomah County leaders can’t help the company address the issues that are plaguing its operations.“We would consider all options,” Malek said. “We don’t have concrete plans. But our intention is to be at the table working with the city and county to find a solution and not move. Portland is part of the soul of our company. We love this city. This is about having a safe place for our team to work.”On Monday, a fire in an RV parked at Southeast 3rd Avenue and Ash Street near the company’s headquarters and kitchen shut down power to Salt & Straw and several other businesses after the blaze brought down a transformer.“If we can’t make it safe, I can’t stay here,” Malek said. “It’s just not responsible of me to put my team in that position.”Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
Elon Musk called a report on Antifa wanting to burn down Tesla “concerning.” The Tesla CEO responded to  on screenshots of calls to action. Andy Ngô, editor-at-large for the , shared screenshots of the calls to action by the now-suspended Twitter account . The account posted links to Tesla locations and encouraged followers to add their own.“Tonight in Portland! Every city, every town! Show up at your local Tesla dealerships in protest of Elon Musk!” one screenshot read with a photo of a burning Tesla. Ngô noted that the extremists wanted to get revenge on Elon Musk for suspending their accounts on Twitter.The new Twitter CEO banned a pro-Palestinian terrorist group that actively promoted and celebrated violence against Jews. The account, Ian Miles Cheong noted, has been active since 2021.Cheong added that he hoped more could be done to crack down on the violence, and Elon Musk agreed that the violence was “not okay.” In  Ngô, Elon Musk said, “Incitement to violence will result in account suspension.”Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
A Portland, Oregon, clothing shop permanently shut down this month after facing a string of break-ins that has left the store financially gutted, according to a note posted to the front of the store. “Our city is in peril,” a printed note posted on Rains PDX store reads, according to KATU2. “Small businesses (and large) cannot sustain doing business, in our city’s current state. We have no protection, or recourse, against the criminal behavior that goes unpunished. Do not be fooled into thinking that insurance companies cover losses. We have sustained 15 break-ins … we have not received any financial reimbursement since the 3rd.” The store’s owner Marcy Landolfo said that after 15 break-ins over the last year and a half, the business can’t survive the financial burdens the crimes have cost the shop. “The problem is, as small businesses, we cannot sustain those types of losses and stay in business. I won’t even go into the numbers of how much has been out of pocket,” she said.Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
On Wednesday, in Southeast Portland’s Cora Park Apartments, a man died in a shooting and one hour later a second person was killed in a shooting in Northeast Portland’s Parkrose neighborhood.Police said that on Thursday a third shooting outside a bar in St. Johns left a man in critical condition.Mayor Ted Wheeler told the Oregonian that his priority for the remainder of his time in office is to address homelessness and crime. In a statement issued to the outlet, Wheeler pledged to increase the staffing of sworn officers and unarmed public safety specialists.Wheeler also cited the Police Bureau’s Focused Intervention Team and Enhanced Community Safety Team, which concentrates on gun violence and community outreach."At the same time, we will redouble our ongoing street-level outreach efforts, revamp the work of the Office of Violence Prevention, and expand our community partnerships to offer actionable options to those now engaged in gun murders to step away from their violent lifestyle and make sustainable change," Wheeler said.Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
 San Francisco authorities have proposed a policy that would allow its military-style robots to use deadly force in situations where someone's life is in danger and other dangerous instances. A draft policy by the San Francisco Police Department outlines how it would use its 17 remote-controlled, unmanned robots, which are often used to defuse bombs and deal with hazardous materials. "The robots listed in this section shall not be utilized outside of training and simulations, criminal apprehensions, critical incidents, exigent circumstances, executing a warrant or during suspicious device assessment," the draft states. "Robots will only be used as a deadly force option when risk of loss of life to members of the public or officers is imminent and outweighs any other force option available to SFPD."Of the 17 robots, only 12 are functioning. Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
The full accounting of what it cost the city of San Francisco to provide emergency shelter in the form of hotel rooms to homeless individuals during the height of the pandemic is still likely many months away. But now there's the question of what actual damage was done inside these hotels, and how much the city should pony up for it.The assessments of actual damage inside hotels like the Hotel Union Square and the Tilden Hotel, which have filed millions of dollars in damage claims following the end of their use as shelter-in-place (SIP) hotels, is still somewhat opaque. But the Chronicle now reports that while there may be damage suits pending from four hotels and counting, a city agency has already recommended a payout north of $5 million to settle just one of them.We learned in May that multiple hotel owners were coming after the city for damages caused by individuals who lived in their rooms for months between 2020 and 2021 — and this was hardly surprising.As Supervisor Aaron Peskin puts it in an (under)statement to the Chronicle, "When we rapidly housed 3700 people, we were aware that some of them would be tough customers."Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
A group of vandals smashed the windows and doors at the Adidas headquarters in Democrat-led Portland in protest of the shoe company's support of the World Cup in Qatar. Nine people from Abolition Media were responsible for the vandalism that occurred at the headquarters on November 20 around 1.48am, police said. The group wore ski googles and masks as they smashed about 50 windows and doors, and poured blue paint around the building. FIFA controversially awarded Qatar the 2022 World Cup in 2010. Since then, more than 6,500 migrant workers have perished in the Middle Eastern country as it has fashioned cities, roads and stadiums out of the desert sand. The group claimed to have destroyed the property on the day the international soccer tournament kicked off since Adidas has been a longtime supporter of the World Cup that has led to 'death and displacement.' Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
Multnomah County’s top prosecutor Monday released a list of the cases of nearly 300 people who have had charges dismissed against them this year because no public defenders were available to represent them.People accused of car theft, fleeing police and illegally carrying guns were most likely to walk free, according to the list. But dropped cases also include accusations of lower level assaults, domestic violence, burglary, identity theft, intoxicated driving and hit-and-run driving.District Attorney Mike Schmidt said in a statement that he wants the public to understand the severity of the public defense crisis and that without a long-term solution the emergency will continue topose an “urgent threat” to the community’s safety.Schmidt’s move to publicize all cases that judges have dismissed -- believed to be a first in Oregon -- raises public awareness but also clearly is a gambit to put public pressure on the state to find a remedy.“This sends a message to crime victims in our community that justice is unavailable, and their harm will go unaddressed,” Schmidt said. “It also sends a message to individuals who have committed a crime that there is no accountability while burning through scarce police and prosecutor resources.”Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
New data shows Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt is prosecuting less than half of all misdemeanor theft cases sent to his office by police."When there's not prosecution for shoplifting — that's a big problem," said Steven Lien, owner of retail store UnderU4men in downtown Portland. The numbers come at a time when Portland business owners complain retail theft has risen to new levels. Shoplifting has become more frequent and brazen.A KGW investigation found thieves stealing armloads of merchandise and walking right out the front door with no fear of being caught. The rampant theft has driven some stores to close or reduce their hours."We have situations where a shoplifter will actually say, 'You're not going to prosecute me. I'm not going to jail," Lien said.So far in 2022, prosecutors in Multnomah County are prosecuting 46% of theft cases involving less than $1,000 in goods. That’s compared to an 84% prosecution rate in Clackamas County, and a 93% prosecution rate in Washington County for the same crimes, according to data provided by all three offices.Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
A California elementary school will introduce an "After School Satan Club" to its curriculum.Students at Golden Hills Elementary School will soon be able to attend the club, sponsored by the Satanic Temple and Reason Alliance, ABC 33/40 reported. The temple is a non-theistic religious group, not to be confused with the Church of Satan.The group describes its program as "self-directed education" that aims to support "the intellectual and creative interests of students." They set up the club at the request of parents, educators or "other community members," according to the temple’s website."While the classes are designed to promote intellectual and emotional development in accordance with TST's tenets, no proselytization or religious instruction takes place," a statement on the group’s website reads, adding that it is "not interested in converting children to satanism." Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was swiftly ridiculed for decrying the mass shooting in Colorado, while her own city is plagued with gang violence and fatal shootings.The Democratic mayor responded to the deadly shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado, where five people were killed and dozens of others were injured, by saying that it made her "sick.""I’m sick of this s---. How many people need to be murdered? How many lives torn apart? Until it actually stops? We don’t have to live like this. And we don’t have to die like this," she wrote on Twitter on Sunday.This past weekend at least 20 people were shot and three people were killed in shootings in the Windy City.Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
A business manager in Madison, Tennessee, said he is tired of the theft, harassment and aggressive panhandling in his area of the Nashville suburb.Mena Girgis, who manages Carlos Wireless off Gallatin Pike Road in Madison, said crime has been a major problem for months and is hurting the local economy, according to local Fox affiliate WZTV."They’ve been out there harassing people that are coming in the store or they’re going on the plaza," Girgis said of the panhandlers."They are asking people for money, harassing them for money, sometimes they’re stealing," the store manager continued. He said he still feels unsafe even after cameras were  installed and metal placed over the glass.Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
The head of a Chicago violence interruption group wants to make it illegal for people to wear ski masks outdoors in Chicago and across Illinois.“If a person is not going skiing anywhere here in Chicago, which we do not have any ski slopes in Chicago, it’s time to ban full-face ski masks,” Tio Hardiman, Executive Director for Violence Interrupters, said in a YouTube video Friday.“Today I’m coming to everybody with a special message … It’s time to ban full-face ski masks in Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois,” Hardiman said.“Too many crimes are being committed. Too many people carjacked, people are being killed, people are being robbed with people wearing full-face ski masks,” he explained.“Someone has to speak up and take this bull by the horn and make a difference in Chicago,” Hardiman continued. “Several states have banned full-face ski masks already. So let’s join the other states here in Illinois and do our best to keep people safe here in Chicago.”Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
A wedding photographer fought off a brazen daytime attack by two armed men in San Francisco to save the filmed memories of his clients.The attack happened right in front of the horrified bride and groom.And it was one of two separate assaults on photographers on the same day at the same location - San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts.Both incidents were caught on video.One photographer from Dallas, who requested anonymity for his safety, says he flew into San Francisco for the day to take a couple's engagement photos the afternoon of Nov. 9.In video taken by an eyewitness, two masked and armed men suddenly approach the photographer, right in front of the bride and groom.The would-be victim, a new father who acknowledges he wasn't thinking carefully about the potential consequences, successfully wrestles his camera bag back out of the suspects' hands.At one point, he was even pistol-whipped during the incident.Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
Oregon Homeless: The members of the City Council in Portland, Oregon, postponed a vote on a contentious budget measure that would finance the construction of designated camping areas for homeless people after residents voiced strong opposition during public testimony. The measure in question would provide funding for the construction of such areas.It has been proposed by Mayor Ted Wheeler that $27 million of the city’s budget be allocated to the construction of a network of huge outdoor locations where homeless individuals would be permitted to camp. A prohibition on camping would be implemented gradually once six authorized camping places had been developed over the course of 18 months.Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
A wedding dress and other crucial things from a couple’s wedding were stolen in Portland just two days after they exchanged vows.After Abby Paterson and David De Leon got married in Napa, Calif. last week, they decided to turn their 1200-mile journey back home to Vancouver, British Columbia into a mini honeymoon.“It was our dream come true, everything came together, and it was perfect,” Abby said. “Just to kind of make a bit of an adventure out of it, and, in doing so, we packed our car full of everything.”The newlyweds drove into Portland on Monday and stayed overnight at the Worldmark Waterfront Hotel downtown.When the couple woke up the next morning to grab brunch and hit the road, they were shocked to find a window on their SUV shattered and several items are gone, including an apple laptop, the couple’s passports, David’s wedding attire, including the blazer, which Abby says is worth $500. Abby’s wedding gown also got stolen.Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot is taking a beating on social media — from cycling enthusiasts and their City Council champions — for allowing her bodyguard detail and security tail car to park both SUVs in a bike lane so she could run into a North Side doughnut shop.During the pandemic, Lightfoot was accused of do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do hypocrisy for getting her hair cut at a time when beauty parlors were shut down. The mayor defended it after photos surfaced on social media showing her getting her hair cut without wearing a mask.Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
Target stores are getting looted, and it's taking a huge bite out of profits.The discount retailer told reporters on a call to discuss its third quarter earnings results that inventory shrinkage — or the disappearance of merchandise — has reduced its gross profit margin by $400 million so far in 2022 compared to 2021."At Target, year-to-date, incremental shortage has already reduced our gross margin by more than $400 million vs. last year," Target CFO Michael Fiddelke said on the earnings call, "and we expect it will reduce our gross margin by more than $600 million for the full year."Fiddelke detailed how there are "a handful of things that can drive shrink in our business and theft is certainly a key driver. We know we're not alone across retail in seeing a trend that I think has gotten increasingly worse over the last 12 to 18 months. So we're taking the right actions in our stores to help curb that trend where we can, but that becomes an increasing headwind on our business and we know the business of others."Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
Thousands of text messages from Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s city-issued iPhone and the phones of other top officials are missing from the public record, including texts he sent after former President Donald Trump directed federal agents to the city to quell nightly racial justice protests.Oregon Public Broadcasting reports that the city uses specialized software to capture text messaging on city-issued phones so they can be retained for public record requests, but the software can't capture encrypted messages sent using Apple's iMessage service.OPB's investigation found the mayor and his staff sent and received thousands of iMessage texts between 2017 and 2021 and those messages were not captured — and therefore not included — in key public records requests about the protests, policing and other issues.Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
An Oregon man was sentenced to spend more than six years in jail after prosecutors said he tried to steal a car using a lit blowtorch.Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt said in a news release that Michael Scott Walton was sentenced to 80 months in prison for attempted robbery and attempted assault.Schmidt said that Walton attacked a man who had just picked up a DoorDash order for delivery from a 7-Eleven. As the victim got into his vehicle, prosecutors said “Walton approached him from behind with a blow torch that was aflame.”Prosecutors said that Walton used an aerosol to make the flame more powerful, and pushed the flame toward the victim’s head while saying, “Give me your keys!” The victim’s hair was singed by the fire, and parts of his jacket were burned and melted.“The facts of this case are terrifying. To sneak up on a person from behind with a blow torch and then threaten them is absolutely unacceptable,” said Deputy District Attorney Christopher Shull. “I am satisfied that today’s sentence will serve the interests of justice in this case.”The victim refused to give Walton the keys, and police arrested him nearby after the victim identified him, prosecutors said. In the news release, prosecutors said there was video surveillance of the incident.Support the showSign Up For Exclusive Episodes At: & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day.
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