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After a 10 year journey through the challenges of depression and anxiety, Karly Nimmo (host of the No.1 iTunes hit, Karlosophies) is exploring all things creativity, self expression and mental wellbeing on this brand new podcast, Make Some Noise.In future episodes, Karly will be chatting with Psychologists, Art and Music Therapists, and people who have experienced mental illness, about the impact of creativity and self expression on mental health and an overall sense of meaning and purpose. But in this episode Karly shares a little of her own story and what brought her to start Make Some Noise.Head to to access Karly's free Find Your Freq audio course.
Karly chats with Emily Ann Peterson - songwriter, creative consultant, bestselling author of “Bare Naked Bravery” - about the bravery and courage it takes to be your creative self.3:15 Karly introduces her guest and Emily provides a little background on how she came to write Bare Naked Bravery.6:50 Emily provides the elements needed for an act of bravery.9:25 Karly and Emily riff on the relationship between courage and creativity.15:50 Emily shares how powerful it can be to give yourself permission to make a small change. Karly uncovers the simplicity of being the thing you want to be.21:55 Karly and Emily chat about where the enjoyment in creativity lies and how expectations can affect it.25:25 Some common misconceptions about the way engaging in creativity and bravely might look.30:30 Karly and Emily shed some light on the imperfection and frustration that exist in the natural progression from sucking to skilful.36:40 A beautiful reframe for those who judge the fruits of their creative labour harshly.40:15 Karly and Emily share their own experiences of holding on too tightly to the outcome.46:30 Emily delivers an important perspective for those using creativity to care for their mental health.49:45 Information on how to connect with Emily, her book and her music.Connect with Karly Nimmo at, Facebook and InstagramConnect with Emily Ann Peterson at, Facebook and Instagram
Allison Davies is a brain care specialist, Neurologic Music Therapist, educator, advocate, speaker, mum and wife. Today Allison chats with Karly about her lived experience of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder, and shares tips and tricks for reducing overwhelm and tools for managing anxiety.Allison was named a 2016 National AMP Tomorrow Maker for her contribution to creating a better tomorrow for Australian families. In 2018 Allison received third place in both the ‘Women Will Change the World’ and ‘Making a Difference’ National AusMumpreneur Awards.2:04 Karly and Allison agree on the value of sharing lived experiences of mental health challenges.4:42 Allison uncovers the limitations with the current therapeutic model in which children are helped with their sensory processing disorder. She shares her fresh, educational approach focused on brain care and empowering parents to be the changemakers for their child.8:01 Allison gets technical and helps us understand the difference between music therapy and neurologic music therapy.10:08 There is no more powerful support tool for the brain than music!15:00 Karly and Allison chat about the impact singing has on our bodies and how every single one of us can and should sing.17:26 Expression and brain health – Allison and Karly riff on the importance of non-verbal communication.24:46 Karly and Allison look at survival mode and what is happening in our bodies in that phase. Allison shares candidly about a big meltdown.26:47 It’s actually okay to smash shit. The lack of social acceptability of anger.32:22 Allison breaks down the difference between sensory overload and sensory processing disorder.35:13 The brain’s age-old purpose and how modern-day living has totally overwhelmed it.37:52 Karly asks Allison how we can protect ourselves from the enormous sensory input our brains receive every day.42:44 Karly and Allison look at expression of emotions and emotional release. Allison links melody, long term memories and emotions.46:25 Allison shares her favourite form of expression and the chat moves to chanting and the power of repetition and simple melodies.51:25 Allison provides the lowdown on her incredible e-course Brains = Behaviours and her online music store.Connect with Karly Nimmo at, Facebook and InstagramYou can find Allison Davies at, Facebook and Instagram
Karly brings you this bonus episode sharing more of her own personal journey through depression and anxiety and dives further into what brought her to open up these conversations around creativity and self expression. For Karly, her chosen vehicle for creative expression, is her voice. And this whole 'speaking up' adventure started where she drops in from today, the beach.To hear Karly's other podcast, Karlosophies, visit
Lilly Wang is a social entrepreneur and mental health advocate who has discovered the magic of moving her body to move her mental state. In this interview with Karly Nimmo, she shares her experiences with grief, depression and anxiety, and lays bare all the tools that have supported her.2:03 Karly shares the public dancing that brought Lilly into her world and together they discuss the impact that ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron has had on them. 7:32 Lilly delves into her backstory and shares what brought her to Australia and the creation of the Wiggle It project.14:40 Lilly shares how the death of her father affected her and the support that helped her through.19:50 Karly gives her take on depression and the suppression that precedes it.23:26 Shutting down your creativity and finding your way back to authenticity.27:00 Lilly traces her bouts of depression to the trigger and looks at the different support, treatments and tools she leans into.34:38 The interconnectedness of depression and isolation.37:39 Karly and Lilly riff on the power of vulnerability to combat shame and to give permission to others to open up.41:48 Experiencing joy without booze.45:17 Lilly shares her vision for her life 20 years from now.49:38 Karly and Lilly offer you the opportunity to tap into your own 20 years of joy.53:10 How to connect with Lilly and all the awesomeness she has planned for 2019.Connect with Karly Nimmo at, Facebook and InstagramYou can find Lilly Wang at and Instagram
Karly speaks with the wildly creative and intelligent Anna Kellerman – educational psychologist, registered art therapist and entrepreneur who is passionate about art, kids, sharing and disrupting mother guilt. The women explore the process and benefits of art therapy for children and inspire you to return to your creative heart to bring more joy into your life.2:41 Anna shares how she came to specialise in art therapy and provides an outline of her work in this space.6:48 The potential effects of not externalising anxiety and the role creativity can play in moving things from the inner to the outer.9:45 Anna places children into two basic categories and shares how she approaches therapy with them.17:51 Case example – one boy’s journey through art therapy with generalised anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.24:42 The process and flow of art therapy.28:19 Karly shares her freeing experience of returning to singing.31:51 Anna provides an insight into her Mama Creatives community and why she created it.34:42 Motherhood doesn’t need to hold you back from your creativity.37:21 Bringing back your childhood joy.41:09 Karly shares how she has brought creativity into her parenting.43:04 Karly and Anna touch on the emotions good art can create and the prevalence of numbing ourselves.47:29 The connection between art therapy for children and the mama creatives community.48:44 The cost of suppressing our emotions and who we are – and the flip side of that.51:01 Parting thoughts from Anna Kellerman and a discussion on finding joy again.Connect with Karly Nimmo at, Facebook and InstagramYou can find Anna Kellerman at and Facebook
After spending thousands on conventional therapy and hitting many road blocks in her own healing journey, Rachel Penn met an art therapist, who turned her life around in just two sessions. Rachel swore to herself that she would follow a similar path once she felt she had healed enough to be of service to others. 5 years later she began her journey into creative therapies.Rachel felt there was an important piece missing in her training: the incorporation of the body, the nervous system, a sense of hope, connection and the incorporation of a souls mythology. So she went back to study Somatic Experiencing and now specializes in providing this unique creative therapy to people in addiction recovery and torture survivors.1:20 Rachel shares her story of anxiety and recovery through art therapy.4:30 Rachel provides an introduction to somatic experiencing.9:37 Karly shares how leaning into artful expression of her feelings has been helpful.11:16 Karly and Rachel chat about anger: the need to express over repress and society’s discomfort with angry displays.14:33 The fine line between embracing emotions and being engulfed by them.17:14 The loss of creativity and identity through the teen years and finding a way back.20:37 Karly and Rachel discuss the current day focus on turning “passion into profit” and the need for an end goal for all pursuits.25:45 Rachel delves a little deeper into the benefits of somatic experiencing.28:02 Rachel shares how she has seen art therapy to help with trauma and addiction. Karly shares her own experience of writing her memoir and getting a new perspective on herself.34:11 The benefit of slowing down the process of making art to allow the therapeutic benefit to occur.36:14 Rachel provides a beautiful perspective on allowing our bodies to be a container for our feelings.40:48 Karly asks Rachel what her chosen creative expression is at this stage of her life.42:25 An invitation from Rachel to get started with a squiggle drawing!Connect with Karly Nimmo at, Facebook and InstagramYou can find Rachel Penn on Facebook
Today, on Make Some Noise, we meet Bel Ryan, an Art Therapist with a wealth of experience in supporting youth, cancer patients and patients in palliative care. Bel has a passion for providing innovative workplace wellbeing programs after witnessing burnout and vicarious trauma in her own work. Today’s discussion is an exploration of the connection between creativity and burnout, and the benefits of art therapy to access and process our internal world.2:14 Bel shares her passion for art therapy as a tool for exploring what is happening in a person’s world, and her current focus on workplace wellbeing.7:36 Karly and Bel look at the common threads between those who work themselves to burnout.10:15 The power of art therapy to allow exploration of the grey space, outside of structure, plans and certainty.11:55 Karly and Bel riff on the link between losing touch with our creativity and mental health issues.17:59 The discussion turns to the power of creativity in conjunction with connection with ourself and others.21:27 Bel speaks about offering support - words said with love that can actually discount a person’s experience and ways in which we can sit in genuine support of another.28:59 Karly asks Bel for the signs of burnout and when to take action before it leads to an implosion.33:15 Karly and Bel recognise the benefits of curiosity and questioning what is happening for us, within a safe space.37:12 Bel shares her beautiful daily practice of connecting inward to process her stuff.44:49 All the details you need to keep up with Bel and her work.Connect with Karly Nimmo at, Facebook and InstagramYou can find Belinda Ryan at, Facebook and Instagram
Meet Shawn Madden, a talented musician who brings the gift of song to his clients by collaboratively writing the song their heart is calling to have written.In this episode, Shawn and Karly talk about the role of music and community in our lives. Shawn inspires us to acknowledge and connect with our own voice and innate music. The value of music at a familial and community level is brought into the light and Shawn plays live two songs from his storytelling collaborations.0:33 Meet Shawn and discover his relationship with music.2:10 Shawn shares his refocus from fostering community to actually experiencing what it is to be rooted in community.6:26 The link between our separation from music as a language and the fracturing of family and community in our society today.10:13 Hip hop is a re-indigenisation of music and a return to authentic storytelling.12:37 Shawn talks about his focus on song writing with and for individuals who want to connect with their own story. Karly and Shawn also riff on our disconnection from our ancestry, including Indigenous Australian culture.20:04 Karly and Shawn discuss how divorced we are from music and the effect of competitive singing shows on our individual ability to connect with and enjoy our own music.24:42 Shawn shares his personal experience of depression and delves into the work he is doing with individuals to tell their stories through songs.28:33 Hear Shawn play “Here for a Reason”, one of the first songs that came of his storytelling project.32:48 Shawn chats about the opportunity his song writing gives both himself and his clients.36:58 Discover Shawn’s offerings as Karly asks him to share what it looks like to work with him.40:34 Hear Shawn play “The Only Thing That Matters”, a song written for a client suffering Parkinson’s Disease.46:45 Shawn gives you his best advice for bringing music back into your life.47:38 Get the details on where to find Shawn (see the links below).Connect with Karly Nimmo at, Facebook and InstagramFind Shawn Madden at and Facebook
Meet Bronwyn Ward, a drawing and printmaking artist and arts and health practitioner. Bronwyn lived in England for thirteen years where she worked as both an artist and a palliative care therapist. And today's conversation explores the huge role that art can play in helping improve our death literacy. Karly and Bronwyn chat about everything from how to talk to those dealing with loss, to creating compassionate communities, to the importance of cultivating creativity in your life - especially if you are not artistic.2:00 - An introduction to Bronwyn and bit of the backstory about what lead her to work in palliative care and her commitment to death literacy.7:40 - The parallels between birth and death, connecting and supporting those dealing with loss, and how art can open up conversations that may otherwise be left unsaid.18:50 - The complexities of grief and the grief loop24:00 - How Bronwyn brought together her palliative care history and art... the idea of a compassionate community.29:20 - The importance of prioritising, cultivating and encouraging creativity and creative thinking.38:00 - Art as a process, not an outcome. 40:40 - An invite to take up the #deskdrawerchallengeDetails on where to find and connect with connect with Karly Nimmo
Lina Carvajal is a professionally-certified Life Coach, Art Therapist and Counsellor. She has worked as an Engineer in Colombia before coming to Australia and begun her journey through art therapy.In this episode, Lina and Karly chat about making positive changes in life. Lina inspires us with her incredible story to get creativity back in our lives and accept ourselves as who we are instead of trying to fulfill all these unnecessary expectations.2:18 - An introduction to Lina and her path of being an engineer to becoming an artist.8:25 - Lina talks on how language barrier made things harder for her.13:10 - First contact with art therapy and struggles to get your creativity back as an adult.17:01 - Lina and Karly discuss expectations and how they can get you on the wrong path when you search for happiness.23:01 - Creativity is all about the process, not about final product.34:30 - Karly and Lina discuss how accepting yourself as an artist and the best version of yourself is actually helping you to improve both your physical and mental health.43:15 - Exercise your creativity and feel free to embrace discomfort. Karly and Lina give their examples of how to exercise creativity.To learn more and connect with Lina check out:www.linacarvajalb.com connect with Karly Nimmo
Today, on Make Some Noise, we meet Kim Werker, a writer and editor. She is the author of half a dozen crochet books and Make It Mighty Ugly, a guide to vanquishing creative demons.In this episode, Kim and Karly chat about the ways to realize that there are no rules in creativity other than those rules that you’ve set up for yourself. They talk about fear, expectations and the fact that art is anything that you create no matter what majority of people would think about it.2:09 – An introduction to Kim and reasons why she started to express her creativity7:20 – Mighty Ugly and what was the story behind the project23:10 - Kim and Karly talk about the fact that art does not have to avoid the ugly side30:19 - The way that lack of expectations to create something beautiful is giving you more freedom to express your creativity37:30 – Kim and Karly chat on how fear shouldn’t stop people from trying to create anything46:35 - “The value of a creation is the value that you experience creating”48:51 - Kim gives her advice on how to start exploring your creativityTo learn more and connect with Kim check out:http://www.kimwerker.com connect with Karly Nimmo
Today, on Make Some Noise we meet Sharon Pakir, a speaker, trainer, coach and facilitator. She is a director of The Trailblazer Tribe — a company that helps its clients achieve personal, professional, and business growth.In this episode, Sharon shares her incredible story with us. Sharon and Karly discuss trauma after an experience with death and huge medical trauma during the birth of her 2nd son and the way that art can help you overcome the worst periods in your life. 1:33 – An introduction of Sharon Pakir and a little background of what she does 3:48 – The beginning of her incredible story27:25 – Sharon speaks about using art to help you with your trauma33:00 – Karly and Sharon talks about how we all feel lonely which is the reason why we want to do anything so our kids doesn’t feel the same38:00 - The rough period that we are going through is often reflected on our bodies.48:40 – Sharon talks about learning to love your body again after trauma54:34 - “We can use all of our experience and pain to create things”To learn more and connect with Sharon check connect with Karly Nimmo
Meet Sanchia Marshall, a watercolour artist from Brisbane. After having children, Sanchia went through post-natal depression which led her to rekindle her love of drawing, and she rediscovered the joy of painting with acrylics and watercolours.In this episode, Karly and Sanchia talk about the way that art can help you when you experience depression. They chat about turning art into business and ways to deal with pressure.3:56 – An introduction to Sanchia and role of creativity in her childhood9:58 - The reasons why Sanchia started to explore creating15:20 - Karly and Sanchia talk about pressure being the reason why people don't want to turn their art into business18:26 - Sanchia talks about the first time that she has experienced depression30:55 – “People are so uncomfortable with other people feeling shit”39:16 – Karly and Sanchia talk about learing more about yourself through the process of creating artTo learn more and connect with Sanchia check connect with Karly Nimmo
Today, on Make Some Noise we meet Karine Bell, a Somatic Educator and Certified Mindfulness Instructor. She is also an anthropologist by training bringing culture and history to bear on an understanding of how a disconnection from the body has shaped our lived experience.In this episode, Karly and Karine talk about the role of creativity in communities. Karine shares with us her incredible story about her time in Black Baptist Church where she was doing a dance program. She inspires us with her story to embrace our emotions and feel free to express them.1:45 – A short introduction to Karine Bell5:50 – Karly and Karine talk about how sometimes people leave with anxiety so long that they start thinking that it’s normal13:14 – Karine tells her story about doing dance program in a Black Baptist Church38:54 – “How we meet the experience like grief is going to influence how we are going to experience those moments”47:12 – Karine talks about helping people learn to be with emotions as they come up56:28 – Karine Bell tell us about the work that she is doing nowTo learn more and connect with Karine check out:http://www.karinebell.com connect with Karly Nimmo
Meet Lisa Orkin, an award-winning comedy radio producer and filmmaker. In her role as Creative Director for the award-winning Radio Ranch, Lisa has over 15 years experience in copywriting, scripting, audio production and voice acting in both traditional and digital media.In this episode, Karly and Lisa share their stories about podcasting and creativity in general. They talk about rejection and the best way to deal with it, but they also share some interesting stories and opinions for people that are trying to get creativity back in their lives.1:30 – Lisa Orkin makes a small introduction to herself10:44 – Lisa talks about the role of creativity in her childhood and her relationship with creativity today22:49 – Karly shares her opinion about why most podcasters only make it to seven episodes32:46 – Lisa speaks about the relationship between creating, rejection and vulnerability38:22 – Lisa shares an interesting story when she was working on her first film41:57 – “Being vulnerable is not being a victim” To learn more and connect with Lisa check out:www.projectwoowoo.com connect with Karly Nimmo
Today, on Make Some Noise, Karly chats with Shaun D'souza; an LGBTIQ+ artivist and youth worker. Shaun is a non-binary, bisexual, patriarchy smashing person of colour and migrant from India who has been thriving in Brisbane for the past two years. Their current projects include advocating against trans and gender diverse homelessness, creating accessible and safe spaces for people from minority groups for creative expression and exploration and occasionally getting a good night of sleep. If you'd like to explore and educate yourself further on all things gender diversity, you'll find some great links and resources below. In this conversation we explore;2:30 - Shaun introduces themselves and explores the terms that make up their identity (including but not limited to; LGBTIQ+, youth worker, artivist, non binary, trans, bisexual, person of colour) and how artivism plays a role in their life.10:00 - Shaun explores the pros and cons of living in Australia as a minority and the discrimination they can experience.20:00 - Shaun explores creativity and how it's always been a part of their life. They talk about art as a form of healing. 26:40 - Karly and Shaun dive into the concept as art as a form of protest and activism.32:00 - The concept of safe creative space and it's role in bringing people of minority together. We explore why privilege is not a bad thing and how we, as people with privilege, can be facilitators of change.If you'd like to learn more about gender diversity and how you can be a better ally:Here you'll find an article from Shaun on how to be a better ally to gender diverse people of colour. The book we chat about can be found on Booktopia, Amazon and Audible (no affiliate links used).And check out this amazing vid Trans 101 - The Basics; from Minus18.You can connect with Shaun on instagram and check out their episode of Queer Stories podcast on Spotify or here.
Today, on Make Some Noise we meet Nicole Gibson, a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, but she prefers to see herself as an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential. Nicole's mission is to gain collective participation in conversations that offer new possibility and new vision; let’s turn up the love. Nicole is a fierce ambassador for mental health, innovation and connection after recovering from her own terrifying lived experience with anorexia nervosa through her teenage years.In this episode, Karly and Nicole talk about cultivating a healthy relationship with yourself. They speak about the importance of trust and the best ways for people to start believing in themselves. Nicole shares her experience and inspires us to start asking questions.1:27 – An introduction to Nicole Gibson and how she started her mission8:18 – Nicole gives her advice to people that feel scared of doing something they love14:56 - “The way the most people shut themselves down, if they were to do that to somebody else, they never would”24:04 - Karly and Nicole talk about waiting for other people’s permission being one of the reasons why people never start on their dreams34:00 – How many people are in your life out of the pure conscious consideration?38:48 - Nicole speaks on how important it is to understand that no one can save you from yourself47:26 - “Sometimes silence speaks way louder than words”To learn more and connect with Nicole check connect with Karly Nimmo
Meet Dr. Marianne van den Broek, a psychiatrist and coach who helps ambitious women achieve their goals by remembering who they truly are. Marianne spent 9 years working in academia as a researcher (PhD) and clinician (MD). Meanwhile, she had 2 children in 1 year.In this episode, Karly and Marianne share their stories as they talk about mental health. Marianne explains us what psychiatry is and talks about mental health from a psychiatrist perspective.1:52 – A small introduction to Marianne van den Broek6:05 – Marianne talks about the difference between psychiatry and other therapies14:56 - “Looking at the person gives you more insights than looking at the brain”19:50 – Karly and Marianne talk about what can we do to stop the lineage from affecting our kids32:45 – Marianne speaks about what made her go into mixing Eastern and Western medicine45:28 – “We are all plugged into the same cloud”To learn more and connect with Marianne check out:http://www.mariannevandenbroek.com connect with Karly Nimmo
Today, on Make Some Noise we meet Julie Neale, a podcaster and founder of Mother’s Quest. Julie honours both the meaning and the mess of life and parenthood and believes our children and youth challenge us to grow into our best selves. She is on a mission to live a truly E.P.I.C. life and, through her example, inspire her children to do the same. Her for-purpose and profit venture, Mother’s Quest, provides inspiration, coaching and community so that mothers, and those who work with young people, can connect to support and resources, fulfil their unique purpose, and live their E.P.I.C. lives.In this episode, Julie and Karly chat about podcasting as a tool of expression, activism and impact. They speak about perfectionism and inspire us with their stories.1:38 – An introduction to Julie Neale and what her podcast is all about12:36 – Julie talks about the idea of “hundred day project”19:55 – Julie shares an interesting story about recording her first episode28:48 – “To do this work you have to be willing to be uncomfortable and you need to let go of perfectionism”37:03 – Julie explains something that she calls “spark moments”53:15 – Julie Neale talks about what she have learned about herself throughout her journeyLink to the Mother's Quest Facebook Group where the five day Mother's Quest Manifesto Challenge will be taking to the episodes mentioned: learn more and connect with Julie check connect with Karly Nimmo
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