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Ready to unlock the mysteries of high interest rates in the real estate market? Together with investment guru Britton Begley, we'll show you how these rates can impact your estate planning and investments. Buckle up as we dismantle the fear-based approach to investing, and discuss why, when rates surge, it can be smarter to go against the flow. We'll reveal how high interest rates can actually cause a dip in housing prices and how you can seize this opportunity. It's time to understand why the housing market value appreciates - it's not competition, but the devaluation of the dollar.Switching gears, we'll venture into the intricate world of asset protection and estate planning. Listen closely as we examine the implications of increasing interest rates on your real property investments. Discover how a meticulously crafted, customized approach to estate planning can be your shield in these volatile times. We'll arm you with expert advice on the pros and cons of the market, potential pitfalls to avoid, and how to effectively use estate planning tools. If you're a real estate owner or investor eyeing the market, this episode is your roadmap to navigating the ever-changing economic landscape. Don't miss your chance to fortify your assets - tune in now!
Greg McIntyre and Brenton Begley emphasize the importance of proactive planning when it comes to safeguarding one's money and property. They discuss the challenges families face when they delay planning and the ease that comes with early action. Brenton highlights their offer of a free consultation to ensure there are no barriers to strategizing for the future. Greg concludes by urging listeners to seize the moment and schedule their consultation for a worry-free tomorrow.
Navigating the treacherous waters of Probate and Estate Administration can feel like a solo voyage in a storm. The intricate process can lead you off course, with potential pitfalls including court complications or even jail time if mishandled. Let us be your compass, guiding you safely through the intricacies of this legal labyrinth. We delve into the subtleties of what should and should not pass through probate, and expose the potential dangers of exposing assets to claims or seizures.We don't stop at the shore; we also venture into the complex terrain of dealing with claims. Uncover the secrets of recognizing a valid claim, and learn when it's appropriate to reject one. We also chart the statutory periods for making a claim and share strategies for negotiating claims to preserve the assets for the heirs. For those needing a more personalized map, we offer a free consultation to discuss your journey through Probate or Estate Administration. Tune in and let us navigate you through this potentially perilous journey.
Have you ever found yourself worried about the high costs of long-term care and how it could impact your life savings? The challenge of qualifying for benefits while protecting your assets is a real one and that's what we tackle in this episode. Join us as we venture into the often daunting territory of Medicaid crisis planning. We touch on the importance of having a sturdy plan in place and delve into the valuable tools you can utilize for this, including powers of attorney, trust deeds, and living wills. We also share insights into strategic asset protection, helping you understand how best to navigate the rules and work effectively with the Local Department of Social Services and the Department of Health and Human Services. More so, we urge you not to face the journey alone. With the help of a qualified elder law attorney, you can effectively protect your hard-earned assets and qualify for those all-important benefits. And don't forget - we offer a free consultation to help you discuss your needs and create a strategic plan. So, don't wait, tune in now for some peace of mind tomorrow.
Ready to challenge your understanding of elder law? Beyond the pages of estate planning and will signing, the courtroom battlefield awaits. This episode focuses on the less-explored facet of elder law, litigation - a crucial element often overlooked. As your host, I guarantee that by the end of this conversation, you'll see the value of a seasoned elder law attorney ready to assert your rights when they're infringed upon, and safeguard your hard-earned wealth, whether it's through estate, trust, or powers of attorney issues.Let's strip away the confusion surrounding litigation in elder law. We'll tackle the necessary measures you can take today to fortify your tomorrow, ensuring a peaceful future for yourself and your loved ones. Be part of the crucial discussion where we debunk misconceptions and offer you a free consultation to address any litigation issues that you or your loved ones might be grappling with, related to your estates. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation - it's time to protect, preserve, and plan.
Imagine setting the stage for your loved ones' financial future, ensuring they inherit your wealth seamlessly and without unnecessary hassles. Now imagine doing it with the guidance of an expert in estate planning, Britton. This episode offers a well-structured discussion on estate planning, starting with foundational documents, moving onto deed protection, and culminating in a detailed explanation of trusts. Britton takes us on a tour through the necessity of having a general durable power of attorney, the healthcare power of attorney, the living will, and the will itself. And there's more! Have you ever considered how deed protection could be a game-changer for your real estate assets? Our conversation with Britton delves into this concept, revealing how tools like ladybird deeds can secure your property and ensure a smooth transition to your children. Furthermore, find out how trusts, both revocable and irrevocable, can serve as shields to protect your assets from potential risks such as long-term care, creditors, and probate. Each step towards secure estate planning is crucial. To make this journey less daunting, Britton generously offers a free consultation to help you kickstart your peace of mind today and secure a better tomorrow for your loved ones. Tune in now!
Join us in a crucial conversation with Greg McIntyre, the brain behind McIntyre Elder Law. Greg's life-changing mission to protect the hard-earned properties and retirement savings of families was fueled by his own grandfather's experience. He's spent years safeguarding thousands of assets and setting up estate plans, witnessing firsthand both the relief of those who plan ahead and the despair of those who don't.In sharing his wisdom, Greg underscores the importance of maintaining dignity, and shielding oneself from any potential exploitation that comes with age. His tireless work is motivated by the desire to help individuals secure their earned wealth and property, creating a lasting legacy for their loved ones. If you're curious about fortifying your financial future, Greg is generously offering a free consultation. Tune in, schedule your consultation, and set out on your path towards a secure and serene tomorrow.
Imagine losing your home or assets to probate, the court process that reassigns assets after death. It’s a risky area where creditor claims can attach, and our expert guests Britton Begley and Greg McIntyre from McIntyre Oda Law are here to shed light on how to avoid this. We kick off the conversation with a clear explanation of probate and its potential risks, including the significant cost and time implications.But it's not all doom and gloom, as Britton and Greg also share three practical strategies to circumvent probate. We unpack the concept of a living trust and discover the protection a ladybird deed can offer your home. Additionally, we learn the importance of designating a beneficiary for assets such as bank accounts and life insurance. Be warned though; certain accounts can still be sucked into probate to satisfy claims. For a candid and insightful conversation, join us and learn how to protect your assets and secure your family's future.
What if we told you there's a vast and misunderstood aspect of estate planning that often leads to the loss of assets due to high long-term care costs? And that, contrary to popular notions, you might not necessarily have to pay hefty taxes upon death? In our warm and enlightening chat with Greg McIntyre and Attorney Britton Begley, we unmask the myths and complexities of elder law and estate planning.From the moment you set foot in McIntyre Elder Law office, you're made to feel right at home - greeted with homemade cookies and a friendly smile. Greg places immense importance on creating a comfortable environment for his clients before diving into the intricacies of their legal issues. We delve deep into the scary scenario of long-term care costs siphoning off an individual's assets, and Greg provides valuable insight on how to evade and manage such situations. Switching gears to taxes, Britton simplifies the often convoluted topic of estate tax, assuring most listeners that it won't be a factor for them, and divulges the secret weapon trusts can be to avoid federal estate tax. The episode rounds off with a touching concern for maintaining control and independence of elders, while also having a secure plan for future protection. So, tune in for an episode teeming with indispensable advice to help you negotiate the winding roads of elder law and estate planning.
Are you prepared for the shocking escalation of long-term care costs, now soaring to over $17,000 a month? Has the increasing cost of elder care and its potential impact on your financial health kept you awake at night? In this critical episode, I, Greg McIntyre of McIntyre Elder Law, walk you through this escalating concern and how best to safeguard your assets and those of your loved ones. I provide a comprehensive guide on foundational planning tools such as general durable powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, wills, and trusts - all designed to protect your assets from the high costs of long-term care.I delve into the significance of proactive planning and the criticality of appointing a trusted person to manage your financial and legal affairs, should you become incompetent or incapacitated. We explore the nuts and bolts of practical tools like ladybird deeds that can protect your home and control until you pass, allowing assets to be transferred to loved ones without a claim for recovery from a benefits program. Remember, the key lies in planning ahead, and I offer a free consultation to discuss strategies to preserve your assets, control, and how to offset the high cost of long-term care. Tune in to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to face the financial challenges of elder care.
What if you could protect your assets and ensure your family's security with a flexible estate plan? Our special guest, attorney Brenton Begley from McIntyre Elder Law, provides essential insights on estate planning and how it can prepare you for the future. In our discussion, Brenton highlights the two main risks people face with their money and property: the cost of long-term care and probate. He breaks down the probate process and explains why it's crucial to have a plan in place to protect your assets from government control.Don't be part of the 70% of individuals over the age of 65 who need long-term care and are unprepared. Britton shares valuable information on how to plan ahead, creating a flexible estate plan that safeguards your family and property in case of life-changing situations. Plus, learn how you can schedule a free consultation with Brenton and his team at for personalized advice and guidance on your estate planning needs. Tune in to this crucial conversation and take control of your financial future today!
This week, I celebrated 24 incredible years of marriage with my incredible wife, Stephanie, and I couldn't help but reflect on our journey together - raising our beautiful children, pursuing our passions, and expanding our law firm. In this episode, I share some of those cherished memories, as well as the importance of fostering individuality in our children, embracing the adventure of marriage, and learning from the lessons life throws our way.As our firm continues to grow, with offices in Shelby, Charlotte, and Hendersonville, I'm incredibly proud to have one of my sons working alongside me in his own pursuit of a law career. Listen in as I discuss the value of planning, striving for excellence, and finding balance in our hectic lives. I also share my secret for de-stressing through exercise. So, join me for this heartwarming and inspiring episode, and remember that nobody's life or decisions are perfect, but we can always do our best to manage our situations and make the most of them.
Why a WILL could mean the difference between controlling assets or having zero control. Get Peace of Mind today with a FREE consult with McIntyre Elder Law today.Call: 1-888-999-6600Schedule Online @ #probate #EstatePlanning #ElderLaw #CharlotteNC #ShelbyNC #HendersonvilleNC
Attention all business owners!  Are you aware of the unique challenges your business can face when it comes to estate planning?  Estate Planning Attorneys Brenton Begley and Greg McIntyre have got you covered!  Check out their informative video now to learn more about the special considerations and planning strategies to protect your business and preserve your legacy. Schedule your FREE consult today! #businessowners #legacyplanning" #charlottetoday #charlottetodayshow #CharlotteNC #ShelbyNC #hendersonvillenc
Attention business owners! Estate planning is especially important for those with businesses, and we've got you covered. Check out our latest edition of the Elder Law Report on "Business Ownership & Estate Planning" featuring Estate Planning Attorney Greg McIntyre discussing special concerns for business owners. Watch the video now and learn how to protect your business and plan for the future. And if you have questions or need guidance, reach out to us for a FREE consultation at 1-888-999-6600 or visit our website at Let's work together to secure your legacy.#estateplanning #BusinessOwnership #AssetProtection #ElderLawReport #FreeConsultation #AttorneyGregMcIntyre #McIntyreElderLaw #ElderLawReport #shelbync #charlottenc #hendersonvillenc #estateplanning #elderlaw #fyp 
This morning in our Senior Spotlight, we focused on Why Estate Planning is Right for You and Your Family. We were joined by Greg McIntyre & Brenton Begley from McIntyre Elder Law, and began our conversation with the basics of estate planning.Schedule your FREE consult today!1-888-999-6600 #elderlaw #lawyer #attorney #charlottenc #shelbync #hendersonvillenc #wills #trusts #estates
On the Charlotte Today show we’re talking about Estate Planning and the important role it plays in so many people's lives, here to walk us through our Attorneys, Greg McIntyre and Brenton Begley from Mcintyre Elder Law. Before we start talking about estate planning. Let's talk about a typical day and what that looks like. CALL: 888-999-6600 for a FREE consultation or online at
Check out this informative video where estate planning and elder law attorneys Brenton Begley and Greg McIntyre discuss the importance of probate and explain the process in North Carolina! As they point out, understanding probate is crucial to ensure your loved ones are taken care of and your wishes are carried out after you pass away. Don't miss out on this valuable information!Schedule your FREE consult today! #ElderLaw #ProbateProcess #NorthCarolinaLaw #ProtectYourLegacy #LeaveALastingLegacy #BegleyMcIntyre #LegalAdvice #EstatePlanningAttorney #ElderLawAttorney #LawyersOfInstagram
3 MUSTS when applying for Long Term Care benefits:Qualifying for long term care benefits doesn't have to mean sacrificing assets. Here are 3 things to do to protect your hard-earned savings.#1 Avoid Probate.#2 Protect assets under the benefit rules.#3 Have the Elder Law Attorney/Firm submit the application and explain the planning.Schedule your FREE consult today! Call: 1-888-999-6600 Online: #AssetProtection #elderlaw #estateplanning #medicaid #nursinghome #assistedliving #trusts #irrevocabletrust #ladybirddeed #probate #attorney #lawyer
Eugene, Brenton, & Greg sit down to discuss how trusts work and why they may be a great addition to your estate plan.Schedule your FREE consult today! 1-888-999-6600 #hendersonvillenc #shelbync #lawyer #elderlaw #protection #guardianship #powerofattorney #wills #trusts #assetprotection #medicaid #longtermcare #retirementplanning #retirement #nursinghomecare #assistedlivingcare #charlottetodayshow
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