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Author: Jeff Shepherd

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We get curious with artists, therapists, entrepreneurs, teachers and community builders to explore how they became powerful change makers in their own lives and communities. This is a podcast for people who want an inside look at the lives of people living their truth, embracing creativity and making an impact in the lives of others. Our goal is to inspire you to think differently, embrace discomfort, develop better relationships and find a way help yourself and other people feel more empowered and connected.
31 Episodes
This episode is all about discovering and connecting with your higher self. You can find Kara on Instagram at @kara.nerissa  and online at Her Intuition. 
Melissa and Jeff share six insights from their graduate training in psychotherapy. This episode is all about mental health, what it's like to be a therapist and finding beauty and healing in embracing the complexity of the human experience. 
Brenda and I share insights from one of our favourite books, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. We talk about the power of mindfulness, becoming an observer of our thoughts, letting go of resistance and the importance of staying curious in moments of discomfort.
Jeff and Kassandra each share 3 insights learned from the pandemic so far. Interested in connecting with Kassandra? Find her podcast here:
Nigel is a yoga entrepreneur, personal discovery facilitator, writer and speaker based in Toronto. This episode explores his evolution as an entrepreneur, what vulnerability has to do with leadership and many other powerful insights for living a wholehearted life. Check him out at
All the way from Ottawa City Hall, Catherine McKenney is on the show to talk about the Ottawa Housing Emergency, their journey as a city councillor and how this global pandemic is an opportunity for big change in the community.
Melissa Payne is a writer and soon-to-be Psychotherapist with a passion for sharing her insights with the people around her. Mel radiates love and positivity and shares some powerful truths about the power of embracing the mystery of the human experience. Check out her writing at
This episode is all about Instagram, entrepreneurship and overcoming our inner critic. Tara Porter is a social media manager for several successful small businesses and shares some hard truths on becoming your best self on and offline. Follow Tara on Instagram @taraamberporter and check out her food business
Brenda is a spiritual teacher, former-chaplain and restorative practice facilitator that is passionate about helping young people develop their spirituality. This episode is full of hard truths about the human experience including the power of letting go, building a relationship with our ego, and choosing love over fear when life gets difficult. Check out Brenda's restorative justice work at
Listen to Jordan McIntosh share his writing process, how he deals with the critics and what it's like being an artist in 2019. As an introverted-extrovert he's learned how to balance high energy performances with the need for downtime, and he's never afraid to spill some truths about living a very public life. Follow Jordan on Instagram:
Jonathan is a fitness trainer and the owner of two fitness centres in Ottawa, Canada. Together we explore how to stay fit, why we should stop comparing ourselves to others and why setting clear intentions is the key for living a healthy, fit and happy life. This phenomenal episode is for those who are interested in becoming more fit or interested in making their fitness goals sustainable. Yet again, it's all about balance and the people we bring with us on our journey. Check out Jonathan's fitness centre's "Opex" and "CrossFit Actus" in Ottawa!
Trust your gut! Kara Roberts helps us connect with loved ones who have passed on and is in the business of empowering us to find our authentic power. Kara knows we have the ability to develop stronger intuition to find solutions to change maladaptive thoughts and behaviors such as anxiety and depression. And hundreds of her clients couldn't agree more. Looking for answers? Look inside! Find Kara on FB, Instagram, and
What's the third wave coffee movement? What does setting intentions in business look like? How do we balance discipline and creativity? Listen to the owner and operator of Grounded Kitchen and Bar Amir Rahim explore the big ideas behind running a small business. Check them out online:
Life Coach and Yoga Teacher Jessica Magnan is in the studio to share her experience of guiding others in their journey of self-awareness and growth. Together we explore the power of building a relationship with ourselves, understanding "God" as Love and why it's never too late to change our story. This is one of my favourite episodes yet! Check out her podcast "Magnanimous Warrior" to hear more of Jessica's phenomenal work and insights.
Lawrence is the owner and operator of LiveOnElgin, a popular and unique performance venue in Ottawa, Canada. Together we explore why it's important to support local entertainment venues and learn more about Ottawa's live entertainment scene, including Ottawa's growing theatre community!
Executive Director of the Bank Street BIA Christine Leadman is in the studio! Together we explore the power of grassroots community building and take an inside look at running for public office. We also explore the importance of investing in our communities and how business improvement associations contribute to a healthier, safer and more connected city!
Jennifer is back on the show to share her message of embracing discomfort, empowering young people and learning to choose love over fear when life gets hard!
Kevin Martin owns Stroked Ego, a Men's clothing store in Ottawa, Canada. We take an inside look at Kevin's experience opening and managing a small business, the importance of finding work-life balance and why contributing to the community is a vital part of running a successful shop!
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