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Introduction: Minutes 0 to 11:15 We will be on for the next two weeks and off on March 28th. We complain about how boring the Golden Globes were. We saw Promising Young Woman, I thought it was too long and we both found it dark. (There are no spoilers in our talk!) Of the movies likely to be nominated, I really liked The Trial of The Chicago 7. I found Nomadland compelling but depressing. Chandra says everyone loves Chloé Zhao, who just won best director at the Globes and is directing The Eternals. I saw half of The U.S. vs. Billie Holiday and was disappointed at how she was portrayed. However I think Andra Day was incredible and should win Best Actress. I liked Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, especially Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman’s performances. You could tell it was adapted from a play though, which was also the case for One Night in Miami. Chandra’s favorite among the Oscar bait movies is Sound of Metal, for which Riz Ahmed gave an amazing performance. We both found Mank too long and the protagonist unlikable, but think Amanda Seyfried was excellent in it. Royals: Minutes 11:15 to 37 Prince Harry did an interview with James Corden that was released late last week when we were off. It was a lot of fun. Harry’s performance on the Spartan course was incredible and we wanted to see more of his athleticism. Late Sunday night we got the first two teasers for Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah. The teasers were just 30 seconds each and in the first two, Meghan didn’t even say anything! Harry said, of his late mom, that he couldn’t imagine what it was like to go through what she did on her own and at least they have each other. That made Chandra feel bad for Harry and the late Princess Diana. The royal rota criticized them by saying the timing was bad because Prince Philip is in the hospital. It was suspicious the way they kept using that as a cudgel against Harry and Meghan. We heard Philip had an infection and then we learned he had a minor heart operation. Minute 15:00: The Times of London smeared Duchess Meghan by claiming that she bullied staffers. Like all the stories smearing Meghan, we never hear the details of what she supposedly did. We heard for almost two years that Meghan made Kate cry before Meghan’s wedding. It wasn’t until last summer that we learned that Kate cried because Meghan didn’t take her suggestion that the little girls in the wedding should wear tights on a hot day. Meghan might not have even known that Kate was crying. The examples the Times gave seemed to be of Meghan asking people to do their jobs. The palace’s response to the upcoming Oprah interview has been a complete disaster and has highlighted how incompetent they are. So many people have realized how toxic and abusive the royal family is. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about this. Chandra says it must be so much better for Meghan and Harry because they’re free and able to deny these stories. The palace is now saying they’re going to do an investigation into whether Meghan “bullied” her staff. Omid Scobie wrote a denial piece for Harper’s Bazaar revealing that these alleged victims didn’t even file a complaint. It’s obvious that Prince William is waging a half-assed campaign against his brother and sister-in-law. I mention Scobie’s sourced quote about how Black women have this near universal experience of being characterized as aggressive at work. The smear campaigns against Duchess Meghan escalate when she’s pregnant. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen and Ameerah talk about their experiences at work. Outside of the royal bubble, everyone who has ever worked with Meghan adores her. She always seems so sweet and gentle spoken. Minute 26:00: That Times tried to smear Meghan by claiming that in 2018 she wore earrings gifted to her by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, three weeks after he ordered the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Prince William and Charles met with Mohammed bin Salman a few months before that. This story was so similar to the tiara story and seemed to come straight from Angela Kelly, who controls the royal collection. This brings up the whole issue of how the royal collection was obtained. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about this. Emily Andrews tweeted at Chandra claiming that Meghan bullied staffers. The Sussex Squad came for her, they are awesome. While this was happening, Meghan won her judgment against the Mail on Sunday for publishing the letter from her father and they’ve been ordered to pay her legal fees! Then, late on Wednesday night, we got another teaser for the CBS special where Meghan mentioned The Firm! CBS timed it perfectly. Comments of the Week: Minutes 37 to 43 My comment of the week is from EMc on the post about the peanut-butter only Reese’s Cups. Chandra’s comments are from Seraphina, LeonsMomma and Trillion on the post about Hilaria Baldwin’s sixth child. Thanks for listening bitches! Call us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.  
Intro: Minutes 0 to 8:30 We will be off next week and back on February 7. I went to the eye doctor and finally need bifocal glasses as well as readers over my contacts. I feel old but at least I can see now. We’ve been getting a lot of snow and feel so bad about our friends in Texas who are suffering without water and power. You can listen below! Royals: Minutes 8:30 to 26:15 We had huge royals news this week with the announcement that Harry and Meghan are expecting their second child. They released a beautiful black and white outdoor photo, where Meghan is lying against Harry and he’s looking at her adoringly. Chandra thought Meghan might be pregnant when she got an extension on her trial. Lainey pointed out that their photo is very similar to a scene in Notting Hill. Of course royal commentators complained about them asking for “privacy,” because they don’t understand consent. Harry and Meghan also announced that they’re doing an interview with Oprah which will air as a 90 minute special on March 7th! Meghan just won her summary judgment against the Mail on Sunday, announced a pregnancy and then an interview with Oprah. I think Meghan planned it all perfectly but Chandra points out that the summary judgment was just serendipitous timing.  After that, the British press started acting like Oprah was a tabloid talk show host when she’s beloved and massively influential around the world. They also made it sound like Oprah was desperate for this interview when that’s definitely not the case. There’s been so much hype ahead of Harry and Meghan’s interview when it will likely be a situation similar to Finding Freedom – the hand-wringing and the hype won’t match up with the actual substance of what they reveal. I think that it will be similar to their African Journey documentary and that they’ll just focus on how they feel and were affected without giving many details. Chandra wonders whether they will spill some tea, because Oprah is great at probing people. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Courtney and Ameerah talk about this. Chandra thinks that Oprah will be able to get Meghan to open up. We have a lot of respect for Oprah’s interviewing skills. Minute 20: We heard that Harry and Meghan’s patronages would be stripped from them by the royal family. (This happened on Friday after we recorded.) We also heard that Harry would be stripped of his honorary military titles, and that he won’t even be able to wear his military uniforms in public! Prince Andrew has kept his military titles and patronages. I like what Chandra wrote about the article about Prince William being concerned about the interview instead of ragey as usual. She wrote that there are “three standards which get played every time there’s a big breaking story about Harry and Meghan. ‘The palace was blindsided by the news,’ ‘Meghan made someone cry’ and, the most important one, ‘Prince William is incandescent with rage at the news.’” Minute 23:45: Prince Philip went into the hospital and was in two nights as of this recording. Chandra thinks it’s been hard for him being relocated from Wood Farm to Windsor Castle at his age. Chandra got a follow on Twitter from a royal columnist for the Daily Mail. User Feedback: Minutes 26:15 to 27 Thanks Zakia and Gil for your nice comments. Also thank you to Lisa from the Eat, Pray, Britney podcast for talking to me last week! Comments of the Week: Minutes 27 to 30 My comments of the week are from Rapunzel and Becks1 on the post about Salma Hayek saying her billionaire husband is discriminated against because he’s rich. We remember when Salma’s husband got with Linda Evangelista and had a baby with her around the same time he was with Salma. Salma lives in London with her daughter and a pet owl. In an interview I covered she made it sound like she’s not living with François-Henri or at least not sleeping in the same room as him. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Mika Rekai on the post about Oprah allegedly working for three years to get the interview with the Sussexes. Thanks for listening bitches! Text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 7:30 My parents had an alligator at their front door in The Villages, Florida! My mom sent me a photo and I tweeted it. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about it. I was right that you’re supposed to go for an alligator’s eyes and snout if you’re ever attacked. Politics: Minutes 7:30 to 17 Since we last talked, they’ve started Trump’s impeachment trial, which could proceed as it was voted Constitutional in the Senate by all the Democrats and six Republicans. We need 17 Republicans to convict so it’s not likely Trump will be convicted. The impeachment managers have been doing a great job presenting the evidence, and the footage has been hard to take. Representative Jamie Raskin from Maryland opened the trial. He had just had a funeral for his son the day before and he had his daughter and son-in-law with him at the Capitol on January 6th. Trump’s lawyers were so incompetent, especially Bruce Castor, who just talked a lot of nonsense. He kept going off script and suggested that Trump should be arrested. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about the impeachment trial. Josh Hawley had his feet up on the seat in front of him during the trial. He was sitting up in the gallery too. Delegate Stacey Plaskett from the Virgin Islands showed footage of Officer Goodman telling Senator Mitt Romney to turn around and move to safety. Officer Goodman then went back downstairs and then he led the crowd the other way to keep people safe. It was remarkable. Since we recorded, Officer Goodman has been awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and Trump has been acquitted.  Royals: Minutes 17 to 30 Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank had their baby this week. Jack doesn’t have a royal title and their baby won’t either. It’s a boy, he’s 11th to the throne and we don’t know his name yet. They made the announcement with a black and white photo on Instagram. It was similar to Harry and Meghan’s post for Archie, but the press reacted much differently to Eugenie. A summary judgment was handed down in Meghan’s case against The Mail on Sunday which was a victory for her. This was a long and arduous process, with The Mail conducting a fishing expedition so they could get more content about Meghan. Meghan won her privacy case however there could be another trial in March to determine if anyone else owns the copyright to the letter. It sounds like it’s just a formality. There’s also the issue of damages. Meghan issued a powerful statement about it. Prince William and Kate zoomed with a nursing student from Northern Ireland. I like what Wiglet Watcher commented about this story, that it was very sanitized and we only saw a fresh, happy side of the healthcare workers in a pandemic. I play a segment from a Zoom on January 27 where Karen, Courtney and Ameerah talk about how Will and Kate make it all about themselves. (Because we recorded this a couple of weeks ago, they mentioned the call that Will and Kate did to Scotland, where they sent food to NHS workers.) It’s frustrating how many missteps they’ve made during the pandemic. Meghan and Harry stopped by an online poetry class. All we have is a screenshot of that, which is awesome. They had prepared and knew the students’ biographies ahead of time. We got a couple of shady stories about how the senior royals lobby the government to protect their wealth. The Queen lobbied the government in the 70s to hide her wealth and Prince Charles helped ensure the people leasing property on his Duchy of Cornwall estate can never become landowners. Britney Spears: Minutes 30 to 45:45 The new Britney Spears NY Times documentary, Framing Britney Spears, came out. I interview Lisa from the Eat, Pray, Britney podcast. Lisa makes the convincing case that Britney never should have been placed under a conservatorship. She mentions the documentary The Guardians on Amazon, about people being placed under conservatorships as a means to take advantage of them. User Feedback: Minutes 45:45 to 48:30 Tanisha liked how we were giggling about Kate’s super secret project. LaUnica Angelina appreciated Chandra’s ownership of the fact that she likes dirtbags. A troll spewed some venom early in the morning and Chandra got a lot of nice support on Twitter. Comments of the week: Minutes 48:30 to end My comment of the week is from Chaine on the post about Hilaria Baldwin still not apologizing for lying and pretending she was Spanish. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Julie on the post about Prince William stamping out racist abuse in football. Thanks for listening bitches! Let us know if we’re not on your favorite platform yet. You can text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 5:45 During our week off I cooked and baked a lot. The SAG nominations had just come out when we were recording. I threw out my back working out on Zoom. Chandra said nothing makes her feel so old as throwing out her back. Chandra’s mom got the vaccine in her assisted living facility. A bunch of people there chose not to take it and many got sick with coronavirus after visiting family for Christmas. Royals: Minutes 5:45 to 21:00 The Sun discovered that Meghan’s name was changed on Archie’s birth certificate about 19 days after he was born. The Sun twisted this into some kind of snub from Meghan to Duchess Kate, because Kate’s full name is on her babies’ birth certificates. In response to that, Meghan’s people issued a very rare pointed statement saying that the change was dictated by the palace and that she has receipts, essentially. This led the palace to issue so many explanations which were often inconsistent. Rebecca English at the Daily Mail did this long piece trying to blame Harry and Meghan for this and claiming they made someone cry. This is the same narrative we’ve heard from the palace for years. The piece said that “Much of what we have seen unfold this week has its origins in Archie’s birth, which Harry became almost morbidly obsessed with keeping as secret as possible, even including where and when his son was born.” We’ve heard for so long that William is mad at Harry for wanting to keep Archie’s birth private however William hid his coronavirus diagnosis for months. The palace is trying to deflect from the fact that they tried to erase Meghan’s name from her baby’s birth certificate. We remember Harry saying in the African Journey documentary “if you knew what I knew.” I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Zakia and I talk about birth certificate gate. Minute 16:00 When we were away we heard that Kate was working on a secret new project, which may or may not be the same secret project she promised last year. Then Kate released a minute long video for children’s mental health week. She was outside in the video and looked sporty, but her message had nothing to do with that. She also talked to parents over Zoom where she it was “challenging” and she was “exhausted” homeschooling. There was an article in Vanity Fair claiming that she does so much work despite a full time nanny and “skeleton” staff. They wrote that Kate “chooses her own outfits and even does her own hair and make-up.” Chandra remembers the Vanity Fair article about how Kate threw herself a party before her Early Years launch. Golden Globes: Minutes 21:00 to 28:45 The Golden Globe nominations were very white this year. Black-led shows and movies like I May Destroy You, Insecure and Da 5 Bloods were snubbed. Emily in Paris got nominated for best television series musical or comedy, which is ridiculous. Chandra hate watched The Undoing. Nicole Kidman’s acting was inconsistent and the show was too drawn out. She agrees with Hugh Grant’s nomination. I loved Lovecraft Country and am glad it got nominated for best drama but am disappointed there weren’t any acting nominations from the show. Chandra watched a couple of episodes and got too scared to watch the whole series. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about The Undoing. Politics: Minutes 28:45 to 35:15 When we recorded this on Thursday, Marjorie Taylor Greene had yet to be removed from her House committees because Kevin McCarthy, the GOP leader, refused to do it. She has of course since been removed. Greene had a closed door meeting with Republicans where they gave her a standing ovation. The Republican party is now the QAnon party. As Chandra says, one side is advocating for working people and the other side is full of conspiracy theorists. It’s not like Biden is particularly radical or leftist, he’s trying to get policies passed that have widespread approval by the American people. I play a segment from Zoom where Ashley, Ameerah and Zakia talk about this. Jen Psaki got grief for making a mild inside joke about Space Force. Comments of the Week: Minutes 35:15 My comments of the week are from Xantha and L84Tea on the post about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston hanging out again. Chandra’s comment of the week is from SmCollins on the post about Morgan Wallen saying the n word. Thanks for listening bitches! Call us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 5:00 We will be off next week and will be back February 7. My goal this year is to do more stretching so I’m taking zoom classes for that. Chandra hasn’t stretched much either as she’s not going to the gym but loves walking outside. She’s feeling out of shape after the past year in lockdown and I went up a size. It’s hard to tell how much weight we’ve gained as we’ve been wearing sweatpants and leggings.  The inauguration: Minutes 5:00 to 21:00 The inauguration was a relief but I don’t know how to feel. We’re still processing the trauma from the last four years. We both love the new press secretary, Jen Psaki. Chandra mentions Sean Spicer, the first Trump press secretary who yelled at everyone. Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez performed. I thought Lady Gaga’s Schiaparelli’s outfit was too over the top for the occasion. People were making Hunger Games comparisons. Chandra liked it and said it was very Gaga. We appreciate that Gaga is a good Democrat and that she campaigned for Biden. Jennifer Lopez was in a sparkly white Chanel pantsuit. Chandra wishes Gaga and J.Lo would have worn American designers. I play a segment from Zoom where Courtney, Michelle, Ameerah and Alnaaze talk about Gaga and J.Lo. We remember when J.Lo was making herself cry at the Oscars. We like how it’s finally ok to talk about fashion again! During the Trump administration we covered Melania’s fashion when it was relevant but Chandra felt bad writing about superficial things in that era. Michelle Obama wore Sergio Hudson, he’s a Black designer from South Carolina, and she had absolutely amazing bouncy gorgeous hair. Jill Biden was in a blue tweed coat from Alexandra O’Neil for Markarian. I loved how sparkly it was and that it had a contrasting collar. People were also talking about VP Harris’ stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, who wore a really cool looking tweed Miu Miu jacket with sequins on the shoulders. It was very retro looking and striking. Hillary Clinton wore a purple ruffled top. I play a segment from Zoom where Sara, Zakia, Ameerah and Alnaaze talk about this.  The star of the inauguration was 22 year-old poet Amanda Gorman. She just blew everyone away with the poem she wrote and recited, called “The Hill we Climb.” She wrote it right after the Capitol siege and yet it was so optimistic. Her poem used simple language and was so elegantly constructed. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas: Minutes 21:00 to 25:30 Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas announced their breakup on Monday. At first we heard that it was her idea, but by the day after there were so many stories that it was mutual. Ben’s side blanketed the press with news about how he’s doing, how the breakup happened and what’s next for them. It was so ridiculous, but it was typical for him. We think they were growing apart and that Ben was probably treating Ana poorly while waiting for her to break up with him. We wonder who she’ll date next. Ben complained so much in that Awards Chatter podcast about the way the tabloids treated him in the Bennifer era, which was 16 years ago! We talked about that because Ben treated Jennifer Lopez like dirt! I play a segment from Zoom where Courtney, Sara, Karen and Alnaaze talk about this. Chandra and I think Ana’s pageboy is cute. Comments of the week: Minutes 25:30 to 30:00 My comments of the week are from Wiglet Watcher and janey on the post about bout Ben Affleck saying that he hates being famous. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Ariel on the post about Tiffany Trump getting engaged to a Nigerian millionaire. I tell Chandra I want to be happy but am worried something bad is going to happen. She tells me not to worry because bad stuff is still happening. There’s a story that the Trump administration left absolutely no vaccine distribution plan. Thanks for listening bitches! Call us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 6:30 I got a birdfeeder and have been watching the birds while I work. Chandra mentions how smart crows are. My mom got vaccinated, but she had to wait in line in her car for five hours. We hope the Biden administration ramps up the vaccine distribution quickly.  Politics: Minutes 6:30 to 20:45 Trump got impeached again, for incitement of insurrection. Just a few days before that he was caught on tape trying to commit election fraud in Georgia. The vote in the Senate to confirm the impeachment has been delayed until the Senate reconvenes on January 19th. The Senate can make the impeachment vote private with a simple majority vote first. The level of fear of Trump has gone way down since Trump’s Twitter account was shut down. The Senate can also vote, by simple majority, to block Trump from ever running for office again. I play a segment from Zoom where Ameerah, Karen and Alnaaze talk about the impeachment. Trump’s loans with Deutsche Bank are coming due. Trump owes $340 million dollars and his  businesses are failing because his name is mud. Plus brands are realizing it’s toxic to be associated with Republicans. There’s also news that some of the Republican Congress people gave support to the terrorists. The terrorists knew exactly where Rep. Pelosi and Clyburn were likely to be working despite the fact that these offices are not public knowledge. Two men were arrested who had “zip ties,” which were actually “flex cuffs” used as handcuffs by law enforcement. It’s thought that they planned to take hostages and barricade themselves in the Capitol overnight. Chandra and I are still upset that those people weren’t arrested on January 6th.  There are 20,000 National Guardsmen camped out in the Capitol ahead of the inauguration. The photos are stunning and we love the stories and photos of the National Guardsmen posing with statues and getting tours.  Royals: Minutes 20:45 to 23 There’s still a lot of fallout from the royal train tour. The Scotsman did information requests and found emails showing that two very high-level Scottish politicians warned them against doing the tour ahead of time. In response to that story Kensington Palace doubled down and issued a statement saying “The Duke and Duchess were travelling for work purposes and all rules were fully adhered to. The trip was planned in consultation with the U.K., Scottish and Welsh governments.” Sex and the City remake: Minutes 23 to 28 A Sex and the City limited series is coming to HBO Max with Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker & Kristin Davis. Kim Cattrall of course took a pass because Sarah Jessica Parker is an a-hole who created bad storylines for her and tried to bully her into coming back. I play a segment from Zoom where Michelle, Ameerah, Tanisha and Karen say SATC shouldn’t come back.  Olivia Wilde: Minutes 28 to 31 Olivia Wilde and her fiance/partner of 9 years, Jason Sudeikis, announced that they split in November. It looked like a quarantine split, but then we heard early this month that Olivia is dating Harry Styles. She’s 36 and he’s 26 and they met on the set of her movie Don’t Worry Darling, which she’s directing and costars in. It just looks suspicious like Olivia and Harry were cheating, which seems to be the case. There are sourced stories in People and ET saying Jason is hurt that Olivia was likely cheating and thought that they would reconcile. We wonder why people are so invested in this story because we find all of these people bland.  User Feedback: Minutes 31 to 34:30 Thanks to Esmom and M for your nice comments! Comments of the Week: Minutes 34:30 to 38 My comment of the week is from Merricat on the post about Ivanka returning to New York so she could get her hair done. Chandra’s comments of the week are from Ang on the post about Trump’s impeachment and Lucy2 on the post about Trump stiffing Giuliani. Thanks for listening bitches! Call us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 5:15 We’re on a new schedule where we’ll be on for three weeks and off a week. We’ll have episodes out the 17th and 24th this month, January, and will be off the 31st.  The domestic terror attack: Minutes 5:15 to 18:45 On Wednesday we learned in the morning that Raphael Warnock won his senate race in Georgia and later in the day we heard Jon Ossoff had won, giving the Democrats control of the Senate. When the takeover of the Capitol Building happened that afternoon it wasn’t surprising that they tried. The seeming ease of the takeover and the lack of arrests was in stark contrast to the treatment of peaceful Black Lives Matter protestors over the summer. There is growing evidence that the Capitol Police were told to stand down. The lack of security and police force was complicated because Trump refused to authorize the National Guard and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser didn’t have jurisdiction over the Capitol Police. Pence eventually was contacted by the joint chiefs of staff and he authorized the National Guard. The congress people were terrorized and scared for their lives. Chandra says the Capitol Police might have chosen to stand down to diffuse the situation. We wonder how the mob even got on the steps of the building. We don’t know whether the 25th Amendment will be invoked by Pence and/or if Trump will be impeached. I play a segment from Zoom where Alnaaze, Ameerah, Karen and Zakia wonder if Biden will go after Trump. Chandra thinks Biden is playing it smart and waiting to let the authorities prosecute Trump. What we’re watching: Minutes 18:45 to 28 We both watched a lot of shows over the break. Our absolute favorite was Ted Lasso on Apple+. The writing and characters were amazing and we both loved Jason Sudeikis in the lead. It was heartfelt and sweet without being sugary. We both watched Bridgerton and liked it but didn’t love it. I play a segment from Zoom where Zakia, Alnaaze, Karen and Ameerah talk about the terrible bangs on Bridgerton. We wonder why there were so many bad bangs on that show when it wasn’t typical of the era. Chandra mentions that Daphne and Eloise both had different kinds of bangs trauma. I didn’t think the actress who played Daphne could act. Chandra and I wonder whether she was supposed to be more charismatic. Chandra couldn’t get into Derry Girls. I watched the first season but couldn’t get into the second. The main characters were too mean and destructive for Chandra. We both watched Imposters but I stopped after the first season and Chandra watched both. Hilaria Baldwin: Minutes 28 to 32:30 The best story at the end of the year was that Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Balwin’s wife, got exposed as faking her entire Spanish background and accent. It started before Christmas and picked up steam at the end of the year as people discovered her old interviews and videos. Hilaria denied it by talking around it without directly addressing it. The NY Times interview with her was so shady. She said she could defend herself except for “boundaries.” Here’s a link to the photo I mentioned of Hilaria Baldwin laying on the stove with her head in a frying pan. It turns out that her parents retired and moved to Spain when she was 28, and that she grew up privileged in Massachusetts, both her parents are American and even her grandparents were born in the US. Royals: Minutes 32:30 to 38:30 I loved the Archewell Podcast and was inspired to use more music in ours.  The Sussexes are covering People Magazine one year after Sussexit. Harry and Meghan are happy and have no regrets, which is really pissing off The Windsors. The Mirror had a salty story about how The Queen had plans for the one year review but that Harry hadn’t even called to make an appointment. Rebecca English wrote a huge “takedown” story in the Daily Mail claiming that the Queen personally refused Harry’s wreath-laying request on Remembrance Day. The original story was that the courtiers refused the request without contacting her. She also claimed that William’s marriage is better now that the Sussexes are gone, which is just a bizarre story to push. Comments of the Week: Minutes 38:30 to 44 My comment of the week is from Oh_Hey on the post about Calliou being canceled. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Angel on the post that Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s divorce is imminent. 
Intro: Minutes 0 to 5 We’ll be off for two weeks and will be back with a new episode on January 10th. Chandra is doing well in lockdown, but it’s making me even more cynical than normal. Chandra is excited for the Moderna vaccine approval and we both have hope we’ll be able to get vaccinated by spring. Royals: Minutes 5:00 to 21:15 Harry and Meghan announced their new podcast on Spotify, Archewell Audio, on Tuesday. Before that they meted out the news expertly so that the press would freak out over that and wouldn’t have as much energy to focus on their podcast. Meghan did a video for CNN Heroes over the weekend thanking people who address food insecurity in their communities. Plus she invested in a woman-owned startup, Clevr Blends, and sent her neighbor, Oprah, a gift basket with their latte and matcha mixes. The royal reporters got in such a frenzy about that and were oddly silent when the news of the podcast came out. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Ameerah and Tanisha talk about this. We first heard in September that Harry and Meghan were going to do a deal with Spotify and now it’s come to fruition. There’s a lot of speculation about how much they got paid for it. I play a segment from that where they’re flirty with each other. I play a segment from Zoom where Laura, Ameerah, Tanisha and Karen talk about the new podcast.  The Cambridges went to a charity event and show called Pantoland for the children of essential workers. Will and Kate weren’t wearing masks on the red carpet, like the other guests and volunteers, but did wear them inside. They did a bizarre voiceover for a video about the event. It was very typical of them in that they were centering themselves when they should have been honoring frontline workers. This week Kate is covering People Magazine in a completely ridiculous profile that’s very similar to the cover story People ran after her Tatler puff piece backfired this summer.  The piece is offensive because it barely acknowledges how privileged she is and how much help she has. Our favorite stories of the year: Minute 21:15 to 38:15 The top 20 most commented posts this year are all royals stories. Some of these are smaller stories that are mostly fun for us. Chandra mentions the outing of Lea Michele. She loved covering it because so many of Lea’s costars and collaborators spoke out against her.  Minute 25: Katie Holmes hooked up with celebrity chef Emilio Vitolo over the summer. Chandra loves how extra they were, making out and taking joy rides for the paparazzi. Her favorite story was one from Page Six which said Katie wasn't very deep. At least Katie and Emilio always wore masks. Minute 28: In October, Trump got covid after playing it down, going maskless and not social distancing. The drama over the announcement and then Trump’s behavior afterwards was outrageous. Chandra thinks that the spike in covid cases in mid and late November was tied to Trump’s superspreader rallies. Minute 30: Chandra has two favorite royal stories. Her first was the Sussexes’ “you coulda had a bad bitch” farewell tour in March.  Her other favorite story was the insane Tatler profile of Duchess Kate, which first came out in late May. The first excerpt sort-of sounded positive about Kate, but the quotes were double-edged. Additional quotes were even shadier. Chandra thinks that the Cambridges authorized people to speak on their behalf but that Tatler turned it around on them. The Cambridges started denying the piece and issued a statement that “This story contains a swathe of inaccuracies and false misrepresentations which were not put to Kensington Palace prior to publication.” However Tatler stood by the story and called the royals out!   Richard Kay in the Daily Mail had a whole point-by-point rebuttal of the piece that made it worse and managed to confirm so many details! Then Kate and William threatened legal action against Tatler and Tatler called them out again! In September, four months after the piece came out online and in print, Tatler first removed a section referring to Prince Williams’ alleged mistress, Rose Hanbury. People theorized that the story was Rose and her friends’ revenge against Kate. A couple of weeks later they removed more parts referring to Kate as a “top CEO” and shading her family. In June, People Magazine ran a cover story about how hard Kate works. It was just a sugary repackaged version of the Tatler story. The royals responded to The Crown just like they responded to the Tatler story, they confirmed details and brought more attention to them while denying them. Comments of the Week: Minutes 38:15 to 41 My comment of the week is from Rapunzel on the post about Vladimir Put acknowledging Biden’s win before Mitch McConnell did. Chandra’s comment of the week is by Summerlover on the post about Will and Kate’s bizarre Pantoland video. Thanks for listening bitches! Happy Holidays! Here’s hoping that 2021 looks up for all of us. Text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 5:30 We’ll have one more episode out next week, on December 20th, then we’re taking two weeks off for the holidays. I’ve been watching How It’s Made videos on YouTube and find them soothing. Chandra self soothes with dog and cat videos and loves watching videos of dogs greeting soldiers.  Royals: Minutes 5:30 to 18 Will and Kate’s big three day royal train tour lasted less than 48 hours. Last week I went off on Kate for her dumb five insights but this was so much worse. They traveled around to countries where travel is limited during the pandemic, didn’t wear masks consistently and interacted with other maskless people. The Scottish First Minister was terse when asked about their visit. The Cambridges may have known it would be politically controversial because they were in and out of Scotland quickly. The Welsh health minister, Vaughan Gething, was more direct though. Will and Kat didn’t announce an itinerary at least so there weren’t crowds to meet them. Minute 9:00: The Downing Street spokesperson wouldn’t comment at first about the tour but then they issued a sugary statement praising them. Chandra thinks Boris Johnson wanted something to deflect from Brexit. We think this is Will and Kate’s idea because it’s hard to convince them to do work. I play a segment from Zoom where Zakia, Karen, Courtney, Rhiannon and Ameerah talk about this. We agree with our friends’ points that they could have done so much more with that tour, like distributed PPE, gifts and food to people or highlighted specific groups, causes or workers. They’re not even modeling mask-wearing. The tour was estimated to cost over 100,000 pounds just for the train. User Feedback: Minutes 23:30 to 25 Thanks MLE and Tanisha for your nice tweets about the last podcast. Lucy2, Belli and LaUnica Angelina liked Chandra’s story about her cat giving her bangs. Comments of the Week: Minutes 25:00 to My comment of the week is from Detritus on the post about The Queen’s head housekeeper quitting because the other staff refused to sacrifice their entire holiday for her. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Heather C on the post about Brooklyn Beckham changing careers from being a photographer to a model. Thanks for listening bitches! Text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 7:45 I am feeling unsettled but Chandra is having a good week. Chandra’s kitten-ish cat has been grooming her and biting her hair off. She noticed a big piece of her hair missing like she had side bangs. My hair has been falling out.   Royals: Minutes 7:45 to 21:45 I say we need a good scandal and Chandra mentions the Larsa Pippen story, which didn’t get much traction on our site. When we were taking a break, Duchess Meghan published a powerful essay in the New York Times revealing that she’d had a miscarriage in July. It was called The Losses We Share and came out the day before Thanksgiving. She was careful not to give too many details and it was moving. She also didn’t focus on herself much and turned it around to the issue of mental health and asking people if they’re ok. Chandra thinks Meghan got less negative press for revealing her miscarriage because she waited so long to talk about it. Meghan’s miscarriage happened around the time Finding Freedom came out. We don’t think Harry and Meghan told Harry’s family around the time it happened because it would have leaked to the press. I pay a segment from Zoom where Karen, Ameerah, Zakia and Sara talk about this.  Minute 14:00: Duchess Kate announced the results of her really laughable five question online survey of children’s early years, which was conducted in late January before the pandemic. She released what they called “five big insights” from that but they were also drawn from another British survey of over 3,700 people conducted during the pandemic. There were several cutesy videos put out ahead of a five minute video of Kate speaking, which seemed to serve little purpose except to show she cared about this topic and was doing work. I love this line that Chandra wrote: “This is the crux of so many issues centered in Kensington Palace: their Trumpian need to tell instead of show, even when the telling is so plainly false.” The goalposts and nature of this work keep changing.  I play a segment from Zoom where Lisa, Sara and a bunch of us clown on Kate. Minute 21:45: Prince Charles and Clarence House keep bringing more attention to The Crown by continually complaining about it. British Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden called for Netflix to put a disclaimer before the show that it’s fiction. Chandra says this is obviously all coming from Charles and that it’s telling how they’re nitpicking the details and not denying the broad strokes. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Ashley, Rhiannon and Tanisha talk about this.  Politics: Minutes 27:30 to 33:30 Since we last talked, The Biden transition was finally authorized, but Trump is still clinging to his idea that there was voter fraud, even though his Attorney General Bill Barr has said there wasn’t. They’re having hearings in Michigan which are carried by OANN and are just a bunch of white people making unfounded accusations. We laugh about that crazy drunk woman testifying with Giuliani. It’s thought that Trump is going to fire Barr for daring to state the truth that there wasn’t voter fraud.  Trump is said to be considering preemptively pardoning his kids and Rudy Giuliani. Chandra thinks that Ivanka and Jared are the most likely to get preemptive pardons. There’s currently a justice department investigation into a potential bribe for a presidential pardon. The documents were released with the names redacted so it’s unknown who it is. Chandra thinks it could be Ghislaine Maxwell. Melania did the final White House Christmas decorations and they look normal. She looks so happy and relieved lately. Chandra thinks Melania might invite Jill Biden once the electoral college votes. User Feedback: Minutes 33:30 to 35 Loren on Twitter tweeted a photo of her Spotify wrapped showing she’d listened to NINE episodes of us in one day, which is crazy and thank you Loren! Renata in Brazil sent us a nice email. Comments of the Week: Minutes 35 to 38 My comment of the week is from Trillion on the post where Ozzy Osbourne says he’s not going to cheat on Sharon anymore. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Belli on the post about Helena Bonham Carter saying there should be a disclaimer before The Crown. Thanks for listening bitches! Text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 3 We’re both having aches from sleeping weird. We’ll be taking off next week for Thanksgiving and will be back on December 6th. We’ll also be taking off the two weeks after Christmas, on December 27th and January 3rd. The Crown and The Royals: Minutes 3:00 to 19:45 I’ve been watching The Crown and have seen the first four episodes of season four. I’d only watched a couple of episodes of the first season before. Chandra watched season one and two. I love the costuming, settings and how trashy it is. We talk about how unrealistic the dialogue can be, but we love it. Chandra says they’re getting the broad strokes right about the royals. Minute 7:00: After season four of The Crown dropped there were so many stories discrediting it. You could tell the palace was freaking out. The royal commentators bashed The Sussexes for making a deal with Netflix, just because The Crown is on Netflix. There are so many shows on Netflix and Prince William worked to promote David Attenborough’s Netflix series, which no one mentions. We also heard that Prince William was enraged “at the way his parents are being ‘exploited’ and ‘presented in a false, simplistic way to make money.’” Chandra says it sounds like Clarence House issued talking points for royal reporters to defend Prince Charles. They’re all denying that Mountbatten sent Charles a letter, but he did tell Charles to stop messing around and get married. There are also stories that Charles and Camilla stopped seeing each other when Charles married Diana. Camilla did try to befriend Diana as shown on The Crown, but as Chandra mentions she came at it from an aristocrat’s position that all husbands cheat. Minute 12:20: I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about The Crown. Sara has a personal story about Thatcher Thatcher Milk Snatcher and Zakia, Karen and Lisa talk about The Crown and the palace’s reaction to it. We agree with Lisa that the palace is reacting to The Crown like they did Finding Freedom. The Crown is blowing up 15 years of Charles’ positive PR trying to get the British people to accept Camilla. There was an article in Vanity Fair that claimed that Camilla is a fan of The Crown, that she’s watched other seasons and would be watching this one with a glass of wine. In that same article they quoted a royal biographer who half-blamed Diana for Charles cheating on her, it was outrageous. Chandra mentions this is the same false story they’ve told about Diana since the separation, that she’s “hysterical” and “crazy.” Minute 17:30: There’s an investigation into Princess Diana’s 1995 interview with Martin Bashir. This is getting renewed interest due to a new ITV documentary called The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess. The documentary claims that Bashir blackmailed Diana into speaking with him by using fake bank statements. That doesn’t mean Diana didn’t want to talk to him. She planned that interview for maximum impact. Prince William has gone on the record to support the investigation. Politics: Minute 19:45 to 29:45 I get Chandra to say my favorite new word she uses, ratf-cking. Rudy Giuliani gave a press conference in which his hair dye was dripping down his face and he tried to quote from My Cousin Vinny. He’s been making an ass out of himself trying to represent Trump in court.  Trump is tweeting a bunch of ridiculous crap as usual and insiders claim there’s a “bunker mentality” in the White House. Obama was on 60 Minutes to promote his new book. Chandra says he looks depressed about the state of the country. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Angelina and Ameerah talk about the election and Trump’s ratf-cking. Their whole legal strategy is that votes in predominantly black counties don’t count. Republicans can no longer hide under a veneer of respectability. They’re just racists. I play another segment from Zoom where Ashley, Karen and Ameerah say that the only difference in the Republican party now is that they’re saying the quiet part out loud. User Feedback: Minutes 29:45 to 32 Thanks Katrina and Jackie for your nice messages! Chandra explains the meaning of ratf-cker, which I thought was just a creative swear. Comments of the week: Minutes 32 to My comment of the week is from Scarlett on the post about Nigella Lawson’s two part toast buttering process.  Chandra’s comment of the week is from Josephine on the post about Rudy Giuliani representing Trump in court. Thanks for listening bitches!
Intro: Minutes 0 to 9:45 I’ve been taking hula dancing lessons and Chandra has been hiking. We’re so relieved that Biden is now officially the President Elect. I play a segment from Zoom where Michelle, Ameerah, Alnaaze, Karen, April and Zakia talk about Biden winning the election.  Royals: Minutes 9:45 to 24 One of the biggest stories this week was that Prince Harry’s request to lay a wreath in his name on the Cenotaph for Remembrance Day, which is the UK’s Memorial Day, was denied. It cost 1,000 pounds and was made by The Royal Legion. The story, which came out in The London Times, was that Harry called The Queen’s staff to request that the wreath be laid on his behalf. They turned him down, but the story was that they didn’t even ask The Queen about it. Chandra wonders who The Times’ source is. A source close to Harry went to People Magazine to say he was “saddened and disappointed by the decision.” That makes it look like he’s not The Times’ source, but on the other hand it makes Buckingham Palace look so bad that she finds it hard to believe it came from them. After that Harry and Meghan went to the National Cemetery in Los Angeles to lay flowers at the graves of commonwealth soldiers, accompanied by just one photographer. Chandra does not think they would have done this if the palace had honored Harry’s request, and I agree. People were criticizing Harry and Meghan for this thoughtful gesture, which annoyed me. Harry was in the British army for 10 years and did two tours of Afghanistan. He wanted to pay respect to his fallen colleagues. Chandra mentions how hypocritical it is to call Harry attention-seeking for this when it’s so much more attention-seeking to deny him a wreath and leak the news to the press. I play a segment from Zoom where Ameerah, Courtney, April and Tanisha talk about this. Minute 19: Will and Kate did Zoom calls to veterans serving overseas. Kate’s Zoom background is strikingly similar to Meghan’s, in that they’re both on their couches with art and flowers behind them. I watch a lot of MSNBC and it’s rare to see people calling from their couches like that. Here’s a link to the article Chandra mentions where the Daily Mail analyzed Meghan’s living room. They previously did calls from Anmer Hall and all you could see was a blank wall and one piece of art behind them. We talk about Kate’s ridiculous Peter Pan collar blouse, which received backhanded compliments from a celebrity stylist quoted by The Daily Mail. It was so dated and ugly! Politics: Minutes 24 to 35 Trump is refusing to concede and is shutting down all attempts to offer help to the Biden transition team, as is customary with a new administration. Trump’s people are refusing to pass along messages heads of state are giving to Biden, they’re refusing to release over 9.9 million in transition funding that is rightfully his, and they’re refusing to authorize Biden to get daily security briefings. Other Republicans are backing up Trump, like Mitch McConnell. Biden has said they’ll work with him and he called Trump embarrassing in that same Q&A segment. I play a segment from that. Minute 28: Chandra mentions that commenters have said Biden must be getting advice from psychologists on dealing with narcissists and pathological liars. We’re so impressed by Biden and how presidential he is acting. We don’t think he needs to go low and meet the Republicans on their own level because he has people for that. Kamala is particularly excellent at challenging people. Schumer and Pelosi have been calling out the Republicans. Minute 31: We talk about the Vanity Fair story where the atmosphere inside the White House is being described as Lord of The Flies. Everyone is walking on eggshells around sore loser Trump. Chandra doesn’t understand why no one in the Trump administration is working with the Biden transition teams. She says the only people left working there are the die hard believers. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was asked how he would work with the Biden transition team and he said “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.” Our allies are scared that he’s trying to subvert the results of a fair election. Chandra says Trump’s post-election life will involve multiple lawsuits and prison. Plus he owes hundreds of millions to creditors and they’re going to come calling. User Feedback: Minutes 35 to 36:30 Deirdre sent us a nice email about our political coverage and comments. Comments of the Week: Minutes 36:30 to 40 We both picked comments of the week, independently, from Phaedra about Rudy Giuliani’s press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.  Thanks for listening bitches! Call us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 2:30 Chandra stayed up on election night and I went to bed early. Our sleep schedules are screwed up from daylight savings time.  The election: Minutes 2:30 to 16:45 As of our recording on Thursday afternoon, all that was left to do was call individual states. It looked like Biden had won Nevada and Arizona and in Pennsylvania they were still counting the absentee ballots. Georgia was getting really close. Trump’s lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan had been dismissed. Trump always tells on himself by asking for the vote counts to be stopped. His speech early Wednesday morning made it clear he didn’t understand how early returns work. Chandra has been laughing since she saw the vote count in Arizona.  There are a lot of exit polls and demographics coming out about who voted for Biden. Chandra wants us to wait a few weeks until this all shakes out. I play a section from Zoom where Zakia assures April that Pennsylvania will go for Biden. Chandra has organized in Pennsylvania and they have a lot of blue pockets. I play a segment from Zoom when we had just learned that Michigan had been called for Biden. Courtney makes that announcement and Zakia says Trump no longer has a way to win. Chandra says Biden’s goal was to get Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin back to blue. I mention the Eminem ad for Biden and Chandra says it’s nice to see Eminem stand up for his beliefs. Chandra mentions that Biden is being saved by Black voters. I play clips of videos from Detroit where an organizer says that Detroit will deliver the state for Biden. Another guy went into a Trump crowd and trolled them, yelling “Black Lives Matter.” The best scenario over the next few months would be Trump going to one of his resort properties. Chandra saw Nicole Wallace say on MSNBC that Trump won’t participate in a civil transfer of power. Kardashians: Minutes 16:45 to 23:15 During our break Kim Kardashian flew her friends out to celebrate her 40th birthday on a private island. It was Marlon Brandon’s private island in the South Pacific and the flight was 11 hours. Kim’s tone deaf photos and posts about it launched so many memes. Here are the ones Chandra mentioned. The most disturbing part about the photos were the people in the background serving them wearing masks. Kendall Jenner had her 25th birthday at a rooftop bar at a club. There were reportedly 100 people there and there’s a video of a waiter in a mask moving back as he holds the cake for her while she blows out the candles. She supposedly had people take rapid covid tests, but those are not accurate. We clown on Kim’s budget-looking birthday cake, which looked like a basic tiered cake with a Barbie stuck on top of it. Chandra mentions the 60k people who voted for Kanye, which is despicable. We don’t know who Kim voted for. I play a segment from Zoom where Ameerah talks about the video of Kendall blowing out the candles and Jasmine wonders why they didn’t have the party at one of their giant mansions. Royals: Minutes 23:15 to 32 We heard early in the week that Prince William had coronavirus sometime in April and never disclosed it. Several royal commentators who are very pro-Cambridge were openly mad at William for hiding his diagnosis. We heard that Prince Charles had covid in late March. Around that time Boris Johnson also had coronavirus and was deathly ill. Prince William was still meeting with people around that time and wasn’t wearing a mask. No one knows when he had it and he had a duty to disclose. Plus of course they didn’t do contact tracing if he hid it. We wonder why this story came out now and why The Sun’s exclusive was so oddly worded. William supposedly made the announcement at an event, but no one knows the event. The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes did a story about this wondering about the timeline and how and why The Sun got the scoop. Chandra thinks William gave The Sun this story to hide a bigger lead they had, maybe about Rose Hanbury. I play a segment from Zoom where Courtney, Jasmine and Rhiannon talk about this.  User Feedback: Minutes 32 to 36 Thanks to my aunt's neighbor, Meghan, for the nice email. Thanks Stephanie for your tweet about the photos Chandra picks.  Comments of the Week: Minutes 36 to 40 Chandra’s comment of the week is from Snuffles on the post where Chandra joked that Duchess Meghan should be Senator Sussex. My comment of the week is from Lemons on the post about Alton Brown
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 3:45 We’re going to take next week off due to the election. Our next release will be on November 8, 2020. Chandra has been laughing at social media, like Trump releasing his 60 Minutes interview thinking it made him look good. Giuliani got caught in a hotel room with his hands down his pants with a young woman. Both Chandra and I have already voted. Please make a plan to vote if you haven’t already. You can do that through Royals: Minutes 3:45 to 11:45 Harry and Meghan did a Time 100 talk where they talked to experts about online media and mental health, and the fact that disinformation and hate is spreading. In one section Meghan and Harry talked to two experts, one was one of the main experts from a documentary on Netflix called The Social Dilemma. His name is Tristan Harris and he founded The Center For Humane Technology. The other expert was UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry co-director Safiya Noble. She wrote a book called Algorithms of Oppression, How Search Engines Reinforce Racism.  I watched The Social Dilemma and was floored at how Facebook specifically led to the rise in QAnon, misinformation and the genocide in Myanmar. Chandra points out that Harry and Meghan are making this a larger conversation instead of focusing on the hate they get. Minute 7:45 We got a lot of promotional interviews with Robert Lacey, the author of Battle of The Brothers. He’s been talking out of both sides of his mouth about The Sussexes and The Cambridges. Minute 9:15 Will and Kate did a couple of events on Tuesday and they’re not consistently wearing masks. They only wore masks while meeting hospital workers. The Queen did an event for the first time in seven months and did not wear a mask. They made a big deal about the fact that The Queen and everyone around her was tested, which is still a bad look. She should be promoting mask wearing. Chris Pratt: Minutes 11:45 to 18:30 We had the big Avengers GOTV fundraiser with Kamala Harris this week. Right before that, there was a mild meme with the four famous Chrises asking which one had to go. Everyone picked Chris Pratt because he’s a member of an anti-LGBTQ church and once gave away his cat on the Internet. This conversation has been around for years, but it got picked up by major outlets. Chris’s wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, and other celebrities including Robert Downey Jr., Zoe Saldana and Mark Ruffalo jumped in to defend Chris in an over-the-top way which was not warranted by the meme. Because the tweet got popular right before the Avengers Biden event, which Pratt did not participate in, people conflated the two things. The defense of Chris was ridiculous. It’s very privileged of white men to be “apolitical,” especially at this point in history. It reminded Chandra of the defense of Chris Evans for leaking his own pics. When Brie Larson got so much hate online hardly anyone defended her except for Don Cheadle. I play a segment from Zoom where Ameerah, Lisa and Zakia talk about this. Ghost stories: Minutes 18:30 to 30:00 We told ghost stories in episode 34 if you’re looking for another spooky episode. Chandra read an article in People about haunted roads and was reminded of a incident when she was driving home late at night on back country roads after visiting her mother. You have to listen to hear the details of that! I play a segment from Zoom where Amber, Karen, Alnaaze and Kimberlyanne tell stories of encounters, coincidences and loved ones visiting them. User Feedback: Minutes 30:00 to 32:00 Thanks Bianca for your nice email. Thanks Diane for your fun message on Instagram! Comments of the week: Minutes 32:00 to 35 My comment of the week is from FancyPants on the link post about Jeffrey Toobin. Here’s a link to the tweet I mentioned. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Midnight@theOasis on the post about Obama’s rally for Biden. Thanks for listening bitches! Text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 3:45 I asked Chandra if we could talk about stupid sh-t this week because I’m burnt out and angry at the news. Chandra says Trump looks and sounds sick, she’s been watching the videos that Vox’s Aaron Rupar posts to Twitter.   What we’re watching: Minutes 3:45 to 13:45 I’m watching The Great British Bake Off (I call it Great British Baking Show as that’s the original series) season 8 on Netflix. They’re only releasing them one episode at a time, which is rare for Netflix. One of our Zoom members, Alnaaze in Switzerland, had seen episode four ahead of the rest of us. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Ameerah and Alnaaze talk about GBBO. Chandra watches tennis constantly and tells me the story of American player Sam Queerrey, who tested positive during the St. Petersberg open. Instead of quarantining in Russia as required he fled the country with his wife and baby in a private jet! She’s also watching Archer and has taped the latest season of Fargo. I’m watching Lovecraft Country on HBO, which can be shocking and super scary. Lisa in our Zooms only watches it during the day. Chandra tells me how traumatized she was by Jezebel’s three minute video recalling one of their scariest supposedly true stories.  We find squirrels annoying: Minutes 13:45 to 23 I play a clip from Zoom where Ameerah, Karen, Alnaaze and Sara talk about how annoying squirrels, raccoons and swans are. We say they’re all awful.  Chandra remembers the Sex and The City episode where Carrie called squirrels “rats with cuter outfits.”  I especially hate geese because I got attacked as a child. I remember a surprisingly controversial article Chandra wrote in 2011 where she essentially shrugged about Jennifer Lawrence gutting real dead squirrels for Winter’s Bone. I agreed with her and didn’t see anything wrong with that story, but a lot of people got mad at her and she issued an update about it.  Chandra agrees with me about geese. She tells the story of her dear departed dog hunting groundhogs in her yard. He killed at least five one summer. Her cat, Dexter, catches moles and birds. Lily James and Dominic West: Minutes 23 to 31:30 The Lily James and Dominic West cheating story is a dumb old fashioned cheating story. She’s 31 and he’s 50 and they’re working on a movie together where he plays her dad. They were photographed kissing in Rome, outside at a restaurant, while with their agent. We also saw him grabbing her ass and heard that they’ve been having an on-set affair and were staying at a suite together in Rome. After that Dominic went home to his rich aristocratic wife in England. They have three kids together and West has an older kid from a previous marriage. They’ve been married 10 years and the kids are aged 11 to 22. Dominic and his wife did a photoshoot outside the house where they kissed for the paparazzi. They showed a handwritten note that said: “Our marriage is strong and we’re very much still together.” Lily supposedly called Dominic’s wife, Catherine, to try to convince her that nothing was going on. There are conspiracy theories about this but it seems pretty cut and dried to us. We talked about this on Zoom and the consensus was that even if this was an open marriage this is very disrespectful to his wife. We don’t think this is a publicity stunt, especially because Dominic is probably going to stay married. I play a segment from Zoom where Alnaaze, Lisa, Michelle, Sara, Ameerah and Angelina talk about this. This is an old school gossip story that reminds people of Kristen Stewart and Meg Ryan’s scandals. Meg Ryan used Russell Crowe to get out of her marriage to Dennis Quaid. This is more like Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders. User Feedback: Minutes 31:30 to 32:14 Thanks Little Penguin for the nice comment! Also everyone loved how much we were busting up laughing at Trump. Thanks Zakia and Angelina. Comments of the Week: Minutes 31:30 to 38 My comment of the week is from bluemoonhorse on the article where the Daily Mail noticed that Kate wore a black tuxedo pantsuit that was very similar to one Meghan wore.  Chandra loved all the comments on the post about Joe Biden going to Dairy Queen.  Chandra’s comment of the week is from Jessica on the post about Queen Elizabeth doing her first public event in seven months and not wearing a mask.  Thanks for listening bitches! Text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 4 I got a haircut this week on Monday and my hairdresser told me to have a good weekend. Chandra remembers the fourth anniversary of the “grab ‘em by the pussy” tape. Politics: Minutes 4 to 17:45 Trump got covid, was moved to Walter Reed on Friday, insisted on taking a ride around the hospital Sunday in a hermetically sealed car to wave to people, and then on Monday he walked up the stars of the White House ripped off his mask and was gasping for breath before going inside. So many people around Trump got covid including that Nazi barbie, Kayleigh McEnany, Kellyanne Conway, whom we know about because her 15-year-old daughter revealed it on TikTok, Stephen Miller and Chris Christie. As of our recording 34 people around trump have tested positive. Those are just the ones we know about and I’m sure they’re hiding more cases. They refuse to contact trace either because they’re horrible people. Plus Trump recorded videos downplaying covid and acting like he’s super healthy. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen and Sara talk about Trump’s risk factors and roid rage. Karen mentions Herman Cain’s timeline. We talk about Trump’s roid rage and the fact that he’s even more Trumpian than ever. In the debates Kamala didn’t bring up a transition plan. Chandra thinks journalists should be asking about the 25th amendment every day. I say that they know that the Republicans running the Senate aren’t going to enforce anything. The VP debate was insane. Pence, the mansplainer, had pinkeye and kept interrupting the moderator and Kamala. The fly which sat on his head made him look like a reanimated corpse. Chandra’s title to the debate post was genius. Under His Pinkeye: Kamala Harris wins debate against fly-covered misogynist.  The Republicans are blocking a stimulus package while trying to push a Supreme Court nominee through. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen and Ameerah talk about how evil and out of touch the Republicans are. Royals: Minutes 17:45 to 30:45 We’re surprised how much dirt there is against the Cambridges in the new royal biography by Robert Lacey, Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult. Chandra thinks the book overstates how mad The Queen supposedly was at Meghan and that the courtiers were the ones who had a problem with her. The Queen and Prince William were said to be super mad that Meghan and Harry kept the details around Archie’s birth private, especially the fact that they’ve never revealed the godparents. Chandra thinks this was William’s issue. When The Queen did her 2019 Christmas message she had no photos of Harry and Meghan on her desk and she didn’t even mention Archie’s name, just saying she welcomed her eighth grandchild. The Queen did that heir photoshoot with Charles, William and George meant to show the order of succession. It was said to be Charles’ idea and sent a clear message to Harry that he wasn’t needed. We also heard more details around William telling Harry to go slow with Meghan. William apparently asked their uncle, Diana’s brother Earl Spencer, to talk to Harry about Meghan and of course Harry didn’t like that at all. Chandra mentions that Earl Spencer is on his third marriage and has a dozen kids. (He has seven.) The royals were also upset about Meghan’s British Vogue cover, which featured activists and women of color, because that was supposedly “political.” We agree that they wouldn’t have liked it if she posed for an editorial like Kate did either. The rest of the royals apparently found Meghan too “woke” and not in step with the monarchy. The good dirt we heard from the book was around Kate and William’s early relationship, in which Kate organized her entire college career around William. This information was known before, but I didn’t know the extent of it.  We heard a lot about William’s temper too.  I play a segment from Zoom where Courtney and Karen talk about this book. User Feedback: Minutes 30:45 to 33 Thanks to Darla for pointing out that I was thinking of Callista Gingrich last week when I brought up Republican hair. Charfromdarock loved Chandra’s giggling during the Trump update. Comments of the Week: Minutes 33 to 38 My comment of the week was from Vanessa on a post about Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Seraphina on the post about Kate putting herself in William’s path at every turn.  Thanks for listening bitches! Text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 6:15 We took last week off as I had company. I’ve been watching a show called Alone where survivalists compete to see who can last the longest in the wilderness. Chandra has been watching the French Open.  Royals: Minutes 6:15 to 24:45 Meghan and Harry have done some general get-out-the-vote videos which have been completely mischaracterized by the British press and met with outrage. Harry did a video for Time 100 in which he urged people to vote and reject hate and misinformation. This was of course construed as Harry telling people to vote for Biden, which is logical given that the Republicans are the party of racism, lies and hate, but he didn’t actually say that. Trump shaded Meghan when a Daily Mail reporter told him Harry and Meghan “essentially encouraged people to vote for Joe Biden.” This says so much about American politics when telling people to reject hate is the same as telling them to vote for Biden. Minute 9:15 Meghan was asked in a Fortune Magazine summit what it was like to be targeted and attacked. Her response was amazing as usual. She said that what she says is not controversial at all, it’s the interpretation of it. Minute 11:15 Harry and Meghan also did an interview with The Evening Standard. Harry spoke about how he came to an understanding of structural racism and white supremacy, which he’s mentioned before. It was like he was talking about the royal family and colonialism without directly saying it. Minute 12:30 We got all these stories saying the Sussexes are doing a reality show, which is not true. The tabloids heard that they were doing a docuseries and reported that it was a reality show. This is ridiculous considering that Prince William had cameras following him for two years for an environmental documentary. I play a segment from Zoom where Zakia, Alnaaze and Sara talk about the double standard for William’s docuseries vs. Harry and Meghan’s docuseries. Minute 16:00 The Cambridges and their kids met with Sir David Attenborough to get a screening of his new Netflix film. Attenborough gave Prince George an ancient shark tooth he found in Malta in the 60s. Malta’s cultural minister said they would like it back. Malta then said that the laws didn’t apply to that fossil and they weren’t pursuing it. Chandra thinks someone in the British government made some calls to Malta.  Minute 19:45 Duchess Kate got named co-president of The Scouts. She met with kids while wearing gifted jewelry, which is against royal protocol. Both of us question why she continues to not wear a mask while meeting with people.  I play a segment from Zoom where Jasmine and Sara talk about Kate not wearing a mask. Minute 23:15 We heard that Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank are expecting their first baby. Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl explained that Jack declined a title, meaning their children won’t have titles either. Trump and Melania have coronavirus: Minutes 24:45 to 33:00 We recorded this section on Friday afternoon, after we had heard that Trump and Melania had tested positive and before it was known that Trump was hospitalized. We remember all the things Trump has said to downplay the virus and spread misinformation. We don’t think it’s a conspiracy at all or that Trump is lying, particularly because so many people around him are testing positive. Chandra points out that Trump would never give up his Nazi rallies. We wonder what took so long for Trump to get coronavirus.  It looks like Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination announcement at the White House is the superspreader event. We first heard about Hope Hicks testing positive. Several people from that nomination event, including Senator Mike Lee, have tested positive. Amy Coney Barrett had covid over the summer. All the Democrats are testing negative because of course they take more precautions.  The Rock: Minutes 33:00 to 37:00 The Rock endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and did a video conference with them. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Zakia and Ameerah talk about The Rock’s endorsement. There were a lot of maga comments on The Rock’s Instagram. Chandra says a lot of them were bots. Comments of the Week: Minutes 37:00 to 42 My comment of the week is from C-Shell on the post about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Chandra’s comment of the week is from lucy2 on the post with the beautiful photos of Alexander Skarsgard. Thanks for listening bitches! Call us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 3:45 We can’t believe how quickly September has been going. I’m still angry at the non mask-wearers in stores. We’re worried about the election and are trying to be prepared.  Royals: Minutes 3:45 to 12:15 Meghan and Harry continue to live their best life. They just gave $130,000 to Camfed to match the Sussex Squad’s donation and send African girls to school. They also did it with their own money. Chandra brings up the point that we never hear about royals giving their own money to charity. It was Prince Harry’s birthday last week and so the Cambridges, Prince Charles and The Royal Family posted photos for him. None of them included Meghan and the one the Cambridges posted was literally of Harry running away from Kate and William on a track. Minute 6:00 Richard Kay ran a dumb story in the Daily Mail claiming that Prince Harry never smiles when he’s with Meghan, that he’s super sad in general, and calling Harry “woefully out of touch to the problems faced by modern Briton.” This is ridiculous considering the other royals live in castles and Harry is paying his own way now. Richard Kay also said that it’s protocol that you’re not supposed to include photos of spouses in birthday wishes on social media. Courtney in our Zoom meeting found a photo from Prince Charles for Kate’s birthday that disproves this. I play a segment from Zoom that includes Alnaaze, Tanisha and Courtney. Minute 9:45 Another shady story in ET claimed that the royal family is not pleased about the Sussexes’ Netflix deal because of the one year review period. Also the senior royals don’t want their work to be eclipsed by the Sussexes. This has been clear for years, as the Cambridges have been actively trying to step on the Sussexes’ press cycles. Also we heard in The Sun that Prince William is “livid” that Harry is working with Netflix, since they put out The Crown. Prince William only has one emotion apparently.  Cardi B and Offset’s divorce: Minutes 12:15 to 16:45 Cardi B, 27, filed for divorce from Offset, 28. They have a two year old daughter, Kulture. He was predictably cheating on her. She’s taken him back when he’s cheated before and she’s been open about that and about all the work she did. They’ve been married three years, they last split in late 2018, and then he crashed one of her performances and begged her to take him back. There were stories for years that he was cheating on her and Chandra calls it a compulsion. We think she has more money and assets than him and are worried about her. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen, Ameerah, Rhiannon and Tanisha talk about Cardi B and Offset’s divorce. Chris Evans: Minutes 16:45 to 22:00 Chris Evans accidentally posted his own dick pic. It came up in his camera roll at the end of a video he posted to Instagram. Chandra retweeted that video and took a screenshot, which she posted on Twitter. That got her put in Twitter jail for a day where she wasn’t able to post at all.  After that accident, Chris posted a message with a facepalm and shrug emoji saying “now that I’ve got your attention, vote November 3.” Chris has one of those “Guard that Pussy” memes on his phone with a picture of himself and everyone loved that. I play a segment from Zoom where Zakia, Tanisha, Karen and Rhiannon talk about Chris Evans. User Feedback: Minutes 22:00 to 25:00 We got a question on Twitter about whether we think Will and Kate will be in it to the bitter end no matter what like The Queen and Prince Philip. This was in response to a story about how Prince Philip’s cheating is being glossed over and denied in a new biography about him by Ingrid Seward. Comments of the Week: Minutes 25:00 to 29:30 My first comment of the week is from Ms. on Hecate’s post about the mob of anti-maskers at Target. Chandra’s comment of the week is from lucy2 on the post about Nico Mary responding to a comment that she’s hating on Angelina Jolie. My second comment of the week is from BeyondTheFringe on the post about Brad Pitt’s girlfriend’s husband carrying Brad’s wine at his restuarant. Thanks for listening bitches!
Intro: Minutes 0 to 2:30 We’ll be back next week but are taking the last week of September off and won’t have a podcast on September 27th.  Royals: Minutes 2:30 to 15:45 The Sussexes got a development deal with Netflix, thought to be worth around $100 million although that’s just speculation. Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings gushed about them and said that he’s so excited for that deal. You can tell that they’re modeling themselves after the Obamas Netflix deal. Minute 4:15: Harry and Meghan paid off the $3.1 million spent for the renovations of Frogmore cottage. How run down was the cottage if it cost over $3 million to renovate it? Despite the fact that they paid it off, royal commentator Richard Kay wrote a snide article in the DM bringing up some old resentment about Harry and Meghan keeping details about Archie’s birth and christening private. He also made it sound bad somehow that Harry and Meghan paid off the renovations and like there’s mystery around it. There’s so much undue criticism of Harry and Meghan. Chandra wrote an article titled The Mail is sure that the Sussexes’ Netflix deal is horrible, but they can’t figure out why, which summed it up so well.  Minute 8:00: Royal biographer Angela Levin, who wrote Harry: Conversations with the Prince in 2018, told The Daily Mail: “This is the biggest exploitation of the Royal Family that has been in our lifetime. I think this was plotted right from the beginning, before the wedding even. Meghan has used the Royal Family…” Of course this wasn’t Meghan’s plan. Katie Nicholl at Vanity Fair wrote an article about Frogmore Cottage describing dust covers over the furniture and expensive art, as if that’s a bad thing. We wonder if they’re just going to leave it like that, which would be their prerogative. The Queen could technically take Frogmore Cottage away from them as it’s a crown property.  Minute 10:30: Now there are calls from a Tory MP named Henry Smith (along with Piers Morgan of course) to strip the Sussexes of their titles. This can’t be something anyone is considering seriously. Minute 11:30: In May, Tatler ran a shady cover story about Duchess Kate titled Catherine The Great, which we’ve talked about quite a bit on the podcast. Newsweek recently found that the palace never sued Tatler or issued a formal complaint about it but that there was a paragraph removed from the article online. That was about Rose Hanbury's rumored affair with William, and the Turnip Toffs. Either Prince William didn’t want the public reminded of his affair or Tatler didn’t want to reveal their source.  Brad Pitt: Minutes 15:45 to 21:30 Brad Pitt, 56, is dating a 27 year-old German model named Nicole (Poturalski) Mary whom he rolled out in the celebrity press like he was super proud to be with a millennial wannabe Instagram influencer. We have heard that she’s in an open marriage with a 68 year-old restaurateur with whom she has a child. Pitt’s people clearly didn’t do their research on her.  Brad’s side is trying to paint Angelina as jealous, all while the judge in their divorce case is being accused of having ties to Brad’s lawyers. Brad clearly thought this girlfriend rollout would make him look like a stud. Of course they’re now saying it’s casual and the “Brad doesn’t want a girlfriend that he’s with every day.” I play a segment from Zoom where Karen and Zakia talk about Brad’s bad PR game. Tiddles was Real: Minutes 21:30 to 25 I play a segment from Zoom where Rhiannon said that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston didn’t have a real relationship. Ameerah and I disagree. Courtney says he’s a sweet earnest man and remembers when he quoted Shakespeare to ducks. (That interview was in 2013, Tom and Taylor got together in 2016.) Amber mentions that the song “Getaway Car” is about how Taylor used Tom to get out of her relationship with Calvin Harris. Chandra and I agree that Tiddles was real and that Tom cared about Taylor. We think she used him though. She mentions that Tom is now dating his former costar, Zawe Ashton and that they’re living together in Atlanta. User Feedback: Minute 25:00 to 25:30 Thanks Darla and wildwaffles for your nice comments about our signoff. Comments of the Week: Minutes 25:30 to 30 Chandra’s comments of the week are from lascivious chicken and ce on the post about Trump spending $800 million  already. My comment of the week is from eezer on the post about Kerri Walsh Jennings being an anti-masker. Thanks for listening bitches! Text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 7:30 I’ve been walking and I really like it. Chandra has always liked walking. She’s also been watching tennis, which is back finally. We will be taking next week off for Labor Day and won’t be putting out a podcast on September 6th. We will be back on September 13th but may take another week off this month, most likely on September 27th.  Royals: Minutes 7:30 to 17:00 Meghan has been doing general get out the vote appearances. She is working hard to be non-controversial and to lend her voice to generally good causes. It’s not particularly political and she didn’t endorse Biden. The British royal commentators went crazy over that. Dan Wootten called it “completely inappropriate and a massive diplomatic embarrassment” and Piers Morgan said she should be stripped of her titles – just for telling people to vote! Meghan also did a video with Gloria Steinem encouraging people to vote. She said she was excited to see Kamala Harris running and revealed that Harry introduced himself to Gloria Steinem by saying he was a feminist.  Omid Scobie, the author of Finding Freedom, said on his Heirpod podcast that Kate and Meghan were never close and that Kate disappointed Meghan by not reaching out to her. Kate saw Meghan as competition and we knew that back when it happened. Of course there are more stories embiggening Kate and pointing out how keen she is. Chandra pointed out that we hear that Kate is keen just about twice a year every year. Kate’s biographer Katie Nicholl also wrote a shady article in VF heavily insinuating that Meghan is doing these get out the vote awareness videos because she can’t get paid speeches. Republican National Convention: Minutes 17:00 to 27:00 I can’t stand listening to the speeches at the RNC and turn off the sound when I need to get screenshots from the videos. Chandra makes fun of Don Jr. and Jared Kushner’s dippy voices. Kimberly Guilfoyle and Don Jr. were coked out. Tiffany Trump got Ivanka-style veneers and is copying Ivanka’s lispy voice. Her makeup was so overdone and she looked like a raccoon with sparkly eyeshadow. There was a joke tweet that Brock Turner was going to speak at the RNC, but because of all the other terrible speakers people believed it at first. There was the couple from Missouri who brandished guns at BLM protestors and the obnoxious 17-year-old kid from Kentucky who mocked a Native American Man. I especially loved when that healthcare advocate for the Republicans said that Democrats were for “a right to marijuana, opioids, and the right to die with dignity.” Well yes we are. We remember when we thought Bush was the worst. I play a segment from Zoom with Ameerah, Angelina and Rhiannon talking about the RNC.  Rhiannon was particularly bothered by Nick Sandman, the 17 year-old from Kentucky. Chandra agrees with Rhiannon that the Republicans’ entire message is racism, and that was particularly obvious in the speech from the gun-toting couple from Missouri, the McCloskeys. We also talk about the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Cops let 17-year-old terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse walk away after he murdered people at a protest. The Kenosha police chief’s speech was despicable and sided with Rittenhouse. The conservative commentators are disturbing and predictable in their defense of Rittenhouse, especially Tucker Carlson. Jerry Falwell Jr.: Minutes 27:00 to 31:00 Former Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell Jr., is in a scandal with his wife, Becki, after a now 29-year-old man and former pool attendant, Giancarlo Granda, said that he had a relationship with the Falwells from 2012 to 2019. Giancarlo, who was in business with the Falwells and often traveled with them, would have sex with Becki while Jerry watched. Jerry tried to blame it on Becki, who has said that it’s not true that Jerry watched. I play a segment from Zoom where Rhiannon, Zakia, Tanisha, Karen and Courtney talk about this. Jerry is blaming this on the fact that it’s an election year and he endorsed Trump. User Feedback: Minutes 31:00 to 32:30 Thanks Sandra for the nice text message. Dog Obsessed Girl let us know that our intro music is in a Bravaa kitchen appliance commercial. I paid $75 for the rights to that song, so I guess I can’t expect it to be ours alone. Comments of the Week: Minutes 32:30 to 36:45 My comment of the week is from Pamspam on the post about Melania ruining the White House Rose Garden. Thanks for listening bitches! Call us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
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