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Introduction: Minutes 0 to 5:00 I saw a bear in my neighborhood while walking my dog. Chandra saw an otter in person. She wonders why humans haven’t domesticated chipmunks yet.  Royals: Minutes 5:00 to 19:30 Since we recorded last week, the Invictus Games wrapped up in Dusseldorf. The next Invictus Games will be February, 2025 in Vancouver. We got to see Harry and Meghan looking loved up and happy and interacting with spectators and competitors. It’s obvious how popular and respected they are around the world. The Invictus Games always make the royals look bad because Harry’s work is impactful and important. We talk about the NATO delegation to the Invictus Games. William went to New York for two days to announce the Earthshot finalists as the UN General Assembly met. He was not invited to the UN, which Harry was invited to and addressed last year, but he did do a photo op with UN Secretary General Guterres. He also went to FDNY Ten House, across the street from ground zero, which Harry originally visited in 2009. Mayor Eric Adams was supposed to meet William there but he canceled a half hour before it was scheduled. When Meghan and Harry were in NY in 2021 they did a photo call at One World Trade center with NY Governor Hochul and then Mayor De Blasio. Both Harry and Meghan have spoken at the UN as well. At the end of his trip there were two pieces in the Daily Mail claiming that Americans find William sexy and amazing and it read like such propaganda. The purpose of the trip seemed to be to convince British people that Americans love William, but it didn’t work. Chandra wonders if this is a rollout for William being single. Kate stayed back in England and did a bunch of stunt queening events. It really looks like she’s trying to upstage William. On Monday she visited a naval base and then on Tuesday she wore a beige suit to visit a youth charity in London. We wonder what’s going on with her hair. The Earthshot Awards are scheduled for Singapore on November 7th. We heard this week that Kate is not expected to go. She had been scheduled to go for months. We got stories about how Kate took a helicopter to the naval base and how environmentally unfriendly that is.  Charles and Camilla arrived in France on Wednesday. It was rescheduled from March due to the protests in France and the threats against Charles. They went to a state dinner with the Macrons and Camilla wore a navy Dior gown and sapphire jewelry. Charles addressed the French Senate, in French, about the urgency of addressing climate change. I think Camilla got a thread lift but Chandra thinks it’s just photoshop. Comment of the Week: Minutes 19:30 to end Chandra’s comments of the week are from Waitwhat on the post about the royal press being incurious about the royals and Pinkosaurus on the post about Kate taking a helicopter to the naval base. My comment of the week is from BlueNailsBetty on the post about Drew Barrymore defending herself on video for bringing her show back during the strikes. She’s since reversed that decision. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00 I’ve been watching Los Espookys on HBO Max and I love it. Chandra says this season of What We Do in the Shadows was really good. She also watched the US Open and loves Coco Gauff and Daniil Medvedev.  Royals: Minutes 6:00 to 22:45 The Invictus Games are happening in Dusseldorf. Last week we mentioned that Prince Harry stopped briefly in the UK to attend the Wellchild Awards. He also visited his grandmother’s crypt at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor to quietly pay his respects on the anniversary of her death. He tried to stay under the radar but of course the royal rota threw a fit and said he was trying to upstage William. Meanwhile William and Kate were over an hour late to their event honoring the Queen on the anniversary of her death. Harry got a standing ovation in Dusseldorf and was greeted by the mayor. He’s getting glowing coverage in the German press, especially now that Meghan is there. The Windsors are doing a ton of events as counterprogramming. Will and Kate were on Mike Tindall’s rugby podcast, and the reporting afterwards was that they “torpedoed Harry’s launch of the Invictus Games with the release of a podcast featuring them and Princess Anne.” They always do things with Harry and Meghan in mind. Kate’s entire look at the Rugby World Cup was a copy of Meghan’s at the Invictus Games opening a year prior. Kate visited a prison and wore a fluffy new wig that the press praised the next day. We also heard she had a meeting. William did an event for suicide prevention and mental health issues affecting construction workers. Meanwhile the royals have not acknowledged Team Briton or the Invictus Games, although they’re trying to partially take credit for it by stating that Harry started it through the Royal Foundation. Meghan joined Harry at the Invictus games on Tuesday and attended her first event on Tuesday night. She was in a black Banana Republic shirtdress. On Wednesday Meghan wore a cardigan from J.Crew and dress shorts. She’s also worn black jeans with a black sleeveless top and white jeans with a white sweater vest. She is doing her own hair and makeup. Thursday, Meghan and Harry did an event with Nato personnel. Meghan wore a silky brown blouse and dress pants. Chandra’s favorite outfit she’s worn is her travel outfit. The Nigerian team has given Meghan a traditional Nigerian name. She’s been embraced by Invictus competitors and attendees. There are photos of Meghan holding Taira’s hand, the Ukrainian Invictus competitor who was held in a Russian prison camp.  The British royals haven’t acknowledged the British Invictus team with a tweet or message or reception and even the British press is noticing. The British defense minister is there and has been in meetings though. We remember the story about how the British government pressured the Bidens not to support the Sussexes. The Windsors are so obvious with the stunts they’re pulling. Comments of the Week: Minutes 22:45 to end Chandra’s comment of the week is from GirlNinja on the post about Kate’s wig. My comment of the week is from Indica on the post about how the FDA found phenylephrine is ineffective. Thanks for listening bitches!      
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 7:45 We both loved Heart of Invictus except for one veteran. There are spoilers for the series up until minute 7:45. Royals: Minutes 7:45 to 17:30 The Invictus Games are coming up in Dusseldorf with competitions starting this Sunday September 10th. We record on Thursday afternoons. At that point Harry was in the UK to attend the WellChild Awards, although he did it in stealth mode and we didn’t know when he arrived. We’ve heard that Meghan isn’t coming to the Invictus Games until later in the competition. Now that Harry is in the UK, William did his first event after two whole months off. The Waleses are also scheduled to attend the Rugby World Cup this weekend. Last week Harry and Meghan went to see Beyonce, Meghan went twice, once with Harry and her mom and Abigail Spencer, and another time with other A-listers for Beyonce’s birthday concert. Harry went to the Inter-Miami soccer game in LA. It’s clear they’re doing fine. As those stories were breaking there were multiple stories about how bitter Kate still is about Meghan, Kate will never forgive Meghan for some vague reason that keeps changing, and how Meghan doesn’t want to come to the UK because she doesn’t want to curtsey to Kate! It turns out Meghan doesn’t technically have to curtsey to Kate anyway.  The Suits creator has revealed that when Meghan was in her last year on the show, when she was dating Harry and before they were engaged, the palace was reading the scripts and controlling her lines. Celebrity Divorces: 17:30 to 24:45 There are two big celebrity divorces happening, Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner and Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.  Costner has been ordered to pay 63,000 a month to Christine, which is much less than the $168K she was asking for. He’s trying to smear her in court and online and it’s clear to us from the new commenters that he’s hired a PR firm and is using bots for that. Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner. They’ve been married four years and have two children, Willa, three, and a second daughter whose name we don’t know who is 14 months old. He’s 34 and she’s 27 and they’ve been together since she was 19. Joe is trying to push the narrative that Sophie is partying but he basically couldn’t hack being a full time dad when she went back to work in England. There’s an interview Sophie did with Conan during lockdown where she said she’s a homebody and Joe is the social butterfly. The latest news is that Joe supposedly saw ring cam footage where Sophie was quote “saying and/or doing something that made him realize the marriage was over.” He was spying on her and that’s super creepy. The whole Internet is on Sophie’s side. Comments of the Week: 24:45 to end Chandra’s COTW is from Brassy Rebel on the post about how the Windsors are unpopular. My COTW is from wordnerd on the post about Meghan Trainor telling her brother to get Botox. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00 We’ll be off for two weeks and we plan to have another episode out on September 9th. I have been watching Cold Case Files on Netflix. Chandra doesn’t like true crime stuff but likes the ones about fed up women. She watched the new Unsolved Mysteries and the UFO story disturbed her. I watched a UFO documentary called Moment of Contact that really convinced me. Chandra has been watching the Cincinnati Open and her favorite player, Daniil Medvedev, is out. Novak Djokovic is back in the US despite still being unvaccinated. Royals: Minutes 6:00 to 22:30 Last weekend Meghan was photographed wearing a sticker on her inner wrist from a company called NuCalm. If it helps people and isn’t super expensive it seems harmless. I emailed NuCalm support to ask if the disc vibrated and they said “There are no vibrations or anything that you will feel while wearing the disc. You will notice the disc will help you feel more mellow, relaxed, or calm, but there are no physical sensations that come from the disc.” The NuCalm CEO said Meghan isn’t being paid for this. We wish she would get paid as the company is marketing themselves off her wearing it. We also got to see a photo of Meghan out with her girlfriends. She looks so young and radiant and it’s nice to see her happy! Last week we talked about Meghan being seen out at a Taylor Swift concert in LA. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but Kate went to a concert too you guys! Chandra thinks the purpose of the story was to associate Kate with Rose Hanbury. The music festival was on the Houghton estate, where Rose and her husband, David Rocksavage, live. We heard all about it along with the fact that Kate drank spicy margaritas and that their party left a 700 pound tip. Maybe the point of those stories was that William and Rose are no longer hooking up. The Women’s World Cup final is taking place this weekend in Australia between England and Spain. Prince William, the president of the English Football Association, isn’t going to attend. We don’t know where he is as he hasn’t made an appearance since early July. We wonder how this will affect Australia’s position within the Commonwealth. We got the first trailer for Prince Harry’s Heart of Invictus series. It’s a five part docuseries with one hour episodes and premieres on August 30th. It looks so heartwarming and I got teared up! Last week we talked about the site removing Prince Harry’s HRH titles from articles about him. There was an article in the Daily Mail stating that of course Harry and Meghan’s titles haven’t been removed and that the Letters Patent hasn’t been annulled to do this. We’ve talked a lot about how the British press hypes the next big royal event and talks out of both sides of their mouths about whether the Sussexes should come. Charles doesn’t invite Harry directly but tells the press he’d like him to come. They’re now using that same strategy for Charles’s 75th birthday coming up in November. Britney Spears: Minutes 22:30 to 25:30 Note that we recorded this before the story came out about Britney allegedly abusing Sam. Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are breaking up after just over a year of marriage and almost seven years together. Britney cheated and now Sam is allegedly threatening Britney. Comments of the Week: Minutes 25:30 to end Chandra’s comment of the week is from Pinkosaurus on the post about Kate being the power behind the throne. My comment of the week is from K on the post about Leonard Bernstein’s family defending Bradley Cooper’s prosthetic nose in the biopic about him. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 3:45 I saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem and loved it! Chandra is watching What We Do in the Shadows and says it’s great this season. I am jealous of Canadians.  Royals: Minutes 3:45 to 11:00 Prince Harry is in Japan this week to attend the International Sports Promotion Society Summit in Tokyo. He talked about sports being transformative and healing, which he sees through his work in the Invictus Games. Harry and Nacho Figueras posted a cute photo from Japan with the caption that they were shopping for their wives. They’re headed to Singapore to play polo. This is to support Harry’s charity Sentebale. To pull focus from Harry doing something when they’re all on vacation, the Windsors decided to remove his HRH style from articles about him. Reports say they’re just updating the website after the Queen’s death, but taking His Royal Highness away from Harry was given priority over other necessary updates. Chandra thinks the press was briefed about this to pull focus from Harry's trip. It’s so petty and obvious. While Harry is away Meghan was seen at one of Taylor Swift’s six LA concerts. She also reportedly went to see Barbie with friends. William and Kate are going to honor the Queen at an appearance for her death anniversary. At first sources said Harry and Meghan have an open invitation to Balmoral, then we heard that they weren’t invited to the memorial. Next there was a story about how there was no memorial planned, and the latest is that Kate and William will lead the tribute to the Queen.  Natalie Portman: Minutes 11:00 to 16:00 In June we heard that Benjamin Millepied had been cheating on Natalie with a 25-year-old woman. We just got the announcement that they have separated after 11 years. In June Natalie was wearing her wedding ring. Us Weekly had some insider quotes that they were working on their marriage, but that they ultimately couldn’t work it out. A lot of people are pointing out that when Benjamin got into a relationship with Natalie he had a live-in girlfriend. Comments of the week: Minutes 16:00 to end My comment of the week is from ThatsNotOkay on the post where Jennifer Aniston called Jamie Foxx anti-Semitic. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Olliesmom on the post about Clarence Thomas receiving millions worth of travel from Republican donors. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 13:00 We took two months off, thanks for understanding! While we were off DListed shut down and I took that hard. We respect Michael K so much and we miss Dlisted. We have three new writers, Carina, Kismet and Rosie. We both saw Barbie and loved it. Neither of us have seen Oppenheimer. I liked The Blackening and Chandra saw the movie Showing Up with Michelle Williams and can’t stop thinking about it. Celebrity divorces: Minutes 13:00 to 23:30 We talk about the recent celebrity divorces including Kevin Costner, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, and Ariana Grande.  Royals: Minutes 23:30 to 32:00 Omid Scobie’s Endgame is coming out in November and we’re looking forward to that! He is one of the only royal reporters who fairly reports on Harry and Meghan. The British press is going after him and we hope he’s living his best life. Suits, Meghan’s USA series that aired from 2011 to 2019, is one of the top shows on Netflix. People are like “wow Meghan can act, she’s incredible” and the British press are trying to spin it like Americans hate her, which is ridiculous. We just got a new video of Harry and Meghan in their courtyard congratulating the winners of the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund over the phone. It’s really cute and they both look so rich and unbothered. I’m sure we’ll get articles about how they’re trying to pull focus from Prince William serving veggie burgers. Chandra thinks Kensington Palace is trying to bury the veggie burger video because it was all staged. The Sussexes are covering both People Magazine and US Magazine this week. They’re said to be having business problems, which surprises me because they have so many successes. The Spotify debacle highlighted their need for a communications team. They’ve been speaking through sources instead of issuing official responses to Spotify’s trash-talking. We hope they get an excellent communications team. Comments of the Week: Minutes 32:00 to end My comment of the week is from Peanut Butter on the post where Stephen Amell tried to dial back his anti-union comments at a fan convention. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Kitten on the post about Trump being indicted. Thanks for listening bitches!
Intro: Minutes 0 to 7:45 We have two new writers, Carina and Kismet, and two new comment moderators. Everyone is so great! I watched Somebody Somewhere on HBO and loved it. I also saw the Duggar documentary on Amazon, Shiny Happy People. It was well done but hard to take. Chandra loved Succession but found Ted Lasso lacking. She also liked Cocaine Bear but hated Scream 6. Royals: Minutes 7:45 to 23:15 This week Prince Harry testified in his case against The Mirror Group newspapers. He was composed under cross examination, he made a compelling case and he made so many headlines. His witness statement was heartbreaking. A lot of these details were left out of Spare, probably because of his ongoing lawsuits. He called out Piers Morgan for publishing hurtful stories about his mother in the months leading up to her death and for harassing him and Meghan recently. This lawsuit covers up to 2011 so that’s why Meghan isn’t included, which is confusing to the British media. This case is about 33 articles published about Harry. His side only has to prove that hacking was involved in one of them. While Harry was testifying the firm sent out Princess Kate to try to pull focus. She went to the Windsor Family Hub on Tuesday and apparently the women at the center were only given a half hour notice that she was coming with photographers. Then on Wednesday she did a rugby event.  In an obvious move to avoid Harry, Charles announced to the press ahead of time that he would be at his place in Transylvania this week. He came back to London after five days though. William and Kate went to Crown Prince Hussein’s royal wedding in Jordan last week and looked just as pissed off at each other as they always do. I play a clip where we talked about that on Zoom. The Middletons are getting exposed for their shady business dealings. They owe millions to creditors and had to sell Party Pieces in a fire sale. We mention how Kate pulled focus from Charles and Camilla at the Chelsea Flower Show. Taylor Swift: Minutes 23:15 to 28:15 Taylor Swift and Matt Healy broke up this week just about a month after we first heard about them. It’s very likely he was the reason for her breakup with Joe Alwyn. He’s the frontman for the band The 1975 and he’s said and done some racist and anti-Semitic things recently that there’s no way Taylor didn’t know about. Taylor did a collaboration with Ice Spice, whom Healy was racist about, which makes it seem like Taylor and Matt were together longer than they claimed. There were a bunch of stories about how close they were until their breakup, when outlets made it sound like it was a fling. It’s been amazing to watch Taylor's fans hold her accountable. Comments of the Week: Minutes 28:15 to end Chandra’s comment of the week is from Aud on the post about the Middletons stiffing their creditors. Chandra wonders why neither Prince William nor James Mathews, Pippa’s husband, has helped the Middletons out. My comment of the week is from Slush on the post about Martha Stewart telling people to go into the office while she works from home. Chandra remembers Martha’s interview where she said her workers needed to be available to take calls at any time. I read that interview and she fired a guy for not talking to her on a Sunday – when he was taking a bath! Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 4:15 Hecate is leaving and we’re sad about that. I watched The Sandman but it was more of a hate watch. Chandra loves Succession but watching it stresses her out. She’s also watching tennis and is sad that Rafa Nadal is retiring. Royals: The Car Chase: Minutes 4:15 to 15:45 This week Meghan and Harry went to the Ms. Magazine’s Women of Vision Awards, where Meghan was honored. She wore a phenomenal strapless gold textured Johanna Ortiz gown and she looked rich and unbothered. Harry and Meghan looked loved up and gorgeous. They also visited a youth center in Santa Barbara earlier this week for Mental Health Awareness Month. All of that is lead up to this disturbing story that Harry and Meghan were chased by multiple blacked out SUVs and motorcycles allegedly containing paparazzi when they left the Ms. event. They were pursued for over two hours, from about 10pm to midnight. A paparazzo said that the Sussex’s vehicle was the one doing evasive maneuvers, but it’s clear the paparazzi were driving dangerously and putting pedestrians at risk. Here’s a link to the tweet I mentioned from the President of the NY Press Photographers Association. We wonder why the paparazzi were hounding Harry and Meghan, since there were already photos of them that night and there’s no market for photos of them in a car afterwards. The Page Six report said that there were 12 paparazzi at first. A witness at the scene as they left the venue said it was scary. It’s upsetting how the press is trying to fact check and minimize what Harry and Meghan went through. A taxi driver who picked up Harry and Meghan at a police station and drove them around the block is being quoted as saying it wasn’t that bad, essentially. He was only with them for ten minutes. NYC Mayor Adams similarly tried to downplay it. The Sussexes’ spokesperson has said she’s never seen them that vulnerable and a member of their security team, a former secret service agent, has said he’d never seen anything like this and that it could have been fatal. Some commenters have suggested that the Sussexes waited to release a statement on the incident so that they could see who would publish the photos. They were briefly published online in The Express and the Mail. No one from the royal family has reached out to the Sussexes or contacted them to see if they’re OK. The royal family has also refused to comment on this! The Coronation: Minutes 15:45 to 24:30 The coronation was grim and weird. We were floored by some of the weird artifacts, like the bracelets of sincerity. We wonder why Charles was so miserable when this was supposed to be his big day. Camilla was smug and was smirking and William didn’t memorize his lines.  Will and Kate looked tired and mad like they fought on the way over. Someone told Omid Scobie that it was their children’s fault they were late! That was their excuse to the press. After that they released a shaky behind-the-scenes fan cam video that was just terrible and hard to watch. Kate wasn’t given a tiara to wear and so she wore a headpiece made by McQueen. She also wore Diana’s famous diamond-and-pearl earrings, but she wore them backwards.  The whole coronation was excessive and Charles didn’t even look happy. Plus there wasn’t much interest and no one was talking about it in a few days. We also heard that Camilla was going to work less as Queen. We think Diana would be living her best life if she was still with us. Comments of the Week: Minutes 24:30 to end My comment of the week is from Lucy2 on Peridot’s post about Halle Bailey being so gracious about The Little Mermaid. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Becks1 on the post about Kate looking overjoyed in an appearance the day after Harry and Meghan were hounded by paparazzi. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00 I’ve been watching Yellowjackets and I like it but I’m mad at the characters. Chandra and I are both watching Ted Lasso. Here’s a link to the Jezebel article she mentioned about it. Chandra loves Succession. Royals: Minutes 6:00 to 25:30 While we were off we heard that Harry will attend the coronation alone and that he will only go to his father’s hat ceremony. There was so much lead-up about whether Meghan would come. The Sussexes’ children aren’t even invited. Chandra thinks Charles got what he wanted. Of course they’re saying Meghan is snubbing Charles, but they are relieved that she’s not coming. We also heard a lot about how mad Prince William is at Harry as usual and that he’s not going to talk to him or even look at him at the coronation! Prince Harry is suing the Rupert Murdoch-owned newspapers, News Group Newspapers, for hacking and hiring private investigators to get dirt on his girlfriends. In a recent filing for that lawsuit, Harry revealed that William accepted a private settlement from NGN in 2020. Harry also revealed that there was some sort of backdoor deal between the senior royals and NGN in 2012. Harry kept all of this out of Spare and we wonder how he found out about it. We think he may have omitted it from Spare for legal reasons. This week we also heard that Meghan and then Prince Charles exchanged letters after the Oprah interview. Charles wrote to her first saying he was upset that she talked about an unnamed senior royal speculating about the color of their baby’s skin. They had a warm exchange about it but nothing was resolved. Meghan never revealed this in her Netflix series or in interviews. She was blamed for leaking this story about the letters, which she denied. Chandra wonders who told the royal reporters that Meghan is the one who leaked this. She thinks it was William. We wonder who the royal racist was and think it was probably both William and Camilla. There was a line in the original article from the Telegraph that was deleted from subsequent versions which read that “she does still consider the comment to be racist.” Harry has talked about unconscious bias several times. Meghan appeared for the first time in weeks in a recorded introduction for her friend photographer Misan Harriman’s Ted Talk. We also got to see Harry and Meghan in a private box at the Laker’s game earlier this week. Meghan looks so happy and healthy. The Sussexes looked very connected as always and yet GB News ran a story afterwards that they were leading separate lives. The woman who wrote that is married to Piers Morgan. We wonder why Piers Morgan was seen out with Beatrice and Eugenie. To sign up for our mailing list, please visit the post for this podcast. You can also open one of our stories in an incognito window and you will get a popup for the mailing list.  Comments of the Week: Minutes 25:30 to end My comment of the week is from Becks1 on the post about Meghan Trainor saying F teachers on her podcast. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Tiffany on the post about Glen Powell and his girlfriend Gigi Paris breaking up after Glen got cozy with Sydney Sweeney on the set of their new romcom. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 4:30 We’ll be off for three weeks and back on April 29th. I got my first pair of Crocs and have been watching Fire Country. Chandra is watching Ted Lasso. Royals: Minutes 4:30 to 22:30 This week Prince Harry made a surprise appearance in London in his case against Associated Newspapers. He and other plaintiffs like Elton John and Sadie Frost are suing them for surveillance and harassment. Harry issued written testimony on Tuesday and it was damning to his family. Prince Harry’s presence at the hearing has brought so much attention to it. After that came out, a royal source told The Daily Beast that Harry’s statement has “torpedoed any remaining bridges” with his family. It’s curious that the Windsors are acting like Harry is attacking them when the case is against the Daily Mail. The Telegraph reported that Charles was too busy to see him. Charles was at Highgrove after his trip to France was canceled so he wasn't too busy. Will and Kate are conveniently out of town too because their kids are on break. Camilla Tominey accused Harry of upstaging Charles’ big trip. The Sussexes upstage the Windsors partly because the British press has built them up so much with negative reporting. We still don’t know whether Harry and Meghan will come to the Coronation. There was a story that if Harry does come to the coronation, he won’t have to bow to Camilla! There was an offensive article in The Times about how world leaders love Charles and want to meet him. Biden isn’t going to the coronation and he’s not planning on visiting Charles during a visit to Northern Ireland in April. Charles has a history of taking bribes from despots. Meanwhile Charles is evicting and firing people. He’s trying to cut staff and end subsidized housing and London apartments for royals. He might evict the Queen’s royal dresser, Angela Kelly, from her grace and favor cottage, which is what she deserves. He did appoint Rose Hanbury’s husband, David Rocksavage, as his lord-in-waiting though! Kate’s private secretary we heard so much about, Alison Corfield, declined the job. She’s been working for Jamie Oliver for eight years and chose to stay at that position rather than work for Kate. Kate has been without a full time private secretary since last summer. This should have been a huge story but there’s been no follow up since the announcement. Trump got indicted: Minutes 22:30 to 29:30 In this section recorded Friday we talk about Trump being indicted on over 30 counts of business fraud, Gwyneth Paltrow winning her court case and Samantha Markle’s defamation case being thrown out. Comments of the Week: Minutes 29:30 to end Chandra’s comment of the week is from girl_ninja on the story about Prince Harry “torpedoing bridges” with his family. My comment of the week is from Frippery on the post about Gwyneth Paltrow at court. Thanks for listening bitches! 
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:45 We plan to have episodes for the next two weeks and then we’ll be off April 15th and 22nd. We are both watching the new season of Ted Lasso. We debate binge watching vs. watching once a week. I watched The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent on Starz and thought Pedro Pascal was a standout. Royals: Minutes 6:45 to 22:00 One of the biggest stories over the past two weeks was the manufactured one in which the British press tries to manipulate the Sussexes to come to the coronation. Unlike the Jubilee, to which the Queen invited the Sussexes directly, Charles isn’t talking to them and wants someone else to convince them to come. Other reports say that there are negotiations happening behind the scenes, and that they’re preparing two schedules for the coronation, one that includes the Sussexes and one that doesn’t. They’ve since been told that they can stay in Frogmore if they come to the coronation. There are also reports that if they do come they will be strictly controlled like they were at the jubilee. While we were off we got an announcement that Princess Lilibet was christened in Montecito. The Sussexes used Lili’s Princess title in their announcement about it to the media. The order of succession website with Archie and Lili’s titles was finally updated a day later. We got a bizarre story that when Charles evicted the Sussexes from Frogmore he  told them that the website would be updated with their children’s titles. Charles had been trying to convince the press that he had the power to make a decision on the children’s titles. After the christening story came out, the palace changed their tune. We’ve also heard that Camilla’s grandchildren will have prominent roles in the coronation but that Archie and Lili haven’t even been formally invited yet. Royalists don’t think Camilla’s grandchildren should be in the coronation. Meanwhile William and Kate’s children are expected to be in the procession but it’s unknown if they will have a big role. Prince Edward, Charles’ youngest sibling, also finally got his Duke of Edinburgh title that was promised to him by the Queen and Prince Philip. The titles were supposed to be passed to him and his wife, Sophie, when the Queen passed but Charles kept holding it over his head. Charles conferred that to him on March 10th, which was Edward’s 59th birthday. This week Princess Kate met with her new “Business Taskforce for Early Childhood.” I was floored by how bad her speech was. It had a bunch of big words and made zero sense. The taskforce was the whole announcement. They have no agenda and no goals. We wonder when Kate will do something substantive like fundraising or advocacy work. Trump’s possible arrest: Minutes 22:00 to 25 Back in October, 2020 we recorded an add on to podcast #68 when we heard that Trump had covid. We  had that same kind of hope when we heard he might get arrested. It hasn’t happened yet unfortunately. Our moms are really happy about this possibility. Comments of the Week: Minutes 25:00 to end Chandra’s comment of the week is from girl_ninja on the post about Charles and Camilla visiting France during their nationwide strike. Since we recorded, their trip has been canceled. My comment of the week is from Manda on the post about the TikTok from Romy Mars, Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars’ 16-year-old daughter. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 11:30 We will be off the next two weeks. I saw a bunch of the Oscar nominated movies. My favorite was All Quiet on the Western Front, but it’s not for everyone. We both loved The Fabelmans and thought it was a positive movie for the most part. I also saw Cocaine Bear and loved it. We don’t think Judd Hirsch warranted an Oscar nomination for his performance as it was excellent but very short, but Michelle Williams definitely did. I couldn’t get into EEAAO but we’re happy for the nominated actors and think they should win. Royals: Minutes 11:30 to 23:00 The main news this week is the fact that Charles is kicking Harry and Meghan out of Frogmore Cottage. Chandra didn’t think Charles would make such an obvious and vindictive move. He did it just one day after Spare came out. Prince Andrew is being asked to leave Royal Lodge, which William wants for his family, and being offered Frogmore Cottage. There are plenty of other royal properties where these people could move. Andrew doesn’t want to leave his estate. The Sun reported that the eviction issue has been going on for the past seven weeks, which means that all of the stories about whether Harry would come to the Chubbly came out after he was told to vacate Frogmore. Omid Scobie confirmed this in his reporting and the Sussexes’ spokesperson has confirmed it as well. The Telegraph reported that the Sussexes are in “ongoing negotiations” about whether they will be reimbursed for the cost of renovations. It looks like Charles wants to change the conversation after he got so much bad press for meeting with the EU President. Sources have claimed that this is a financial decision on Charles’ part and that he’s trying to “reduce the size of the royal estate.” This argument doesn’t make sense, as the Crown Estate will have to spend money to reimburse the Sussexes and Prince Andrew for leaving their homes. It looks like Charles is using William’s demand to move into Royal Lodge as an excuse to kick out Harry and Meghan. There was a story by Rebecca English in the Daily Mail that the Waleses are living “cheek-by-jowl” with just four bedrooms at Adelaide cottage and a source said “The kids go to playdates at houses far bigger and grander than theirs.” They have three other properties currently. Before that news broke, we got a lot of stories about Camilla and how special and important she is. She’s going to go by Queen Camilla, she’s going to have equal billing in the Chubbly and her grandchildren are going to be given official roles in the ceremony. She’s even trying to push her 47-year-old son, Tom Parker Bowles, as a replacement for Prince Harry. Comments of the Week: Minutes 23:00 to end Chandra’s comment of the week is from anna on the post about how no artists want to play at the coronation. My comment of the week is from Beach Dreams on that same story. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 4:00 We were off last week as I was sick. I’m watching 911: Lone Star and The Last of Us. Chandra saw Aftersun, which seemed like a student film. She loved The Fabelmans and Wakanda Forever. Royals: Minutes 4:00 to 22:00 Kate tried to counter one of Meghan’s really mild points about her in the Netflix documentary and in Harry’s book – that Kate didn’t hug her. Instead of owning that she’s not a hugger, Kate has been hugging people. In case we didn’t get the message, there was an article with a quote from former Brexit leader Nigel Farage that Kate didn’t hug Meghan because she “only hugs people she likes.” There was also a story that Kate hiring a new private secretary was “revenge on Meghan.” Meghan has never said that Kate’s staff is incompetent but these stories are giving that message. Kate wore a classic Meghan look when she went to a senior center on Fat Tuesday to make pancakes. A photo of Kate flipping a lumpy pancake went viral, but it likely wasn’t her fault and may have been due to the burner or batter. Last week South Park ran an episode featuring the Sussexes. The British press was like “Americans hate Harry and Meghan!” but many of us were surprised it’s still running. After the Sussex episode was met with glee, people pointed out that South Park skewered Will and Kate too after their wedding. The British press kept running stories about how upset Meghan was at South Park and how the Sussexes wanted to sue them. Their spokesperson finally shut it down with a simple statement. The British press is doing the most to bait Harry into coming to the coronation on May 6th. We’ve heard that Charles just won’t have the time to meet with Harry, that Harry is still deciding whether to come and The Daily Mail is saying that it won’t matter whether Harry and Meghan come or not because they can’t win either way. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about whether Harry will go to the Chubbly. Chandra thinks the Sussexes are still deciding whether to go and if Harry goes he’ll bring Meghan and the children. She mentions a story from last week where Harry wouldn’t come to the Chubbly if he thought it would be as toxic as his grandmother’s funeral. Comments of the Week: Minutes 22:00 to end My comment of the week is from Fuzzy Crocodile on Peridot’s post about Lil Nas X adopting kittens. Chandra’s comment of the week is from StLuGal on the post where Evangeline Lilly revealed what an a-hole she is. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00 We’ll be off next week and will probably be back February 18th. I’ve been watching The Bear. Chandra and I both watched The Menu and I liked it more than she did. Chandra saw Everything Everywhere All at Once on Showtime and she liked the acting but not the premise. Royals: Minutes 6:00 to 22:30 It looks like there’s a leaking war between Charles and William. It started with a story that Charles was going to ask the Archbishop of Canterbury to talk to Harry on his behalf. Then we heard that William doesn’t trust the Archbishop and thinks he’s too close to the Sussexes. After that the Daily Mail ran an op-ed saying that Charles needs to exclude Harry from the Coronation. At no time did they state that Charles has called Harry directly despite Harry saying that’s what he wants. There was a report in Vanity Fair that Charles hasn’t officially given Lilibet and Archie their Prince and Princess titles yet and that “The feeling is that the titles need to be earned.” We’ve been hearing this for months and Charles needs to make up his mind. It sounds like they’re telling on themselves again because Harry has more dirt on them. Chandra’s tweet about this went viral. We mentioned in our last episode that the Waleses brought a camera crew to a foodbank with them last week. They were criticized for that and for showing up empty handed. People were still talking about that throughout the weekend. Kate hyped her new Early Years campaign for weeks and we thought this might be different, but we were wrong. It’s called “Shaping Us” and they launched it with a weird monochromatic claymation video. Kate also released a little video about her project that was incredibly basic. We wonder how this is Kate’s life’s work, that the early years are important. She had the five question survey in 2020 and Big Change Starts Small in 2021. This seems to be about shaming low income and single parent families and does not include raising funds or bringing awareness to existing programs for children, which are struggling for resources and shutting down. Omid Scobie had a thoughtful column about this and he pointed out that Kate has been saying she’s learning about this for over 10 years. Scobie argued that Kate is limited by her role and can’t get involved with politics, but we think she could come up with so many ways to actually help. Kate went to an indoor vendor’s market in Leeds to premiere her Shaping Us billboard and ask the vendors what their childhoods were like without actually buying anything.  Comments of the Week: Minutes 22:30 to end My comments of the week are from SarahFrancisco and Sarah on Hecate’s post about the 45-year-old entrepreneur who has hired a team of doctors and spent $2 million on anti-aging treatments. Chandra’s comment of the week is from JT on the post with Kate’s basic video. They pointed out how similar the type face and branding is between Shaping Us and Archetypes. Sign up for our mailing list in the post for this podcast and get the top 10 stories about Kate copying Meghan’s fashion! Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 5:00 We will have an episode out next week and will be off on February 11. I’ve been watching The Last of Us. Chandra is watching the Australian Open. Royals: Minutes 5:00 to 19:30 Reactions to Spare are focused on Meghan and wondering where she is instead of addressing Harry’s explosive claims, particularly about the press. We would love to read Meghan’s memoir and hear her take on some of these stories. The royals are sending other people to do their dirty work. A woman named Marjorie Wallace, who founded a mental health charity and worked as an investigative journalist, claimed Meghan is “playing the victim card” by discussing her suicide ideation on the Harry and Meghan docuseries. Wallace is friends with Charles and Camilla. A mixed race Opera singer named Danielle de Niese claimed Meghan was calling the entire country of Britain racist, which de Niese said “hasn’t been my experience.” Danielle de Niese is married to a white aristocrat and they live on a huge estate that’s been in his family for generations. That column was by Richard Eden and Chandra wonders if he was putting words in de Neise’s mouth. The Guardian sent a journalist to Montecito, where it sounded like Harry and Meghan have a quiet life of doing normal things like shopping and going to shows. A local bookstore had sold 30 copies of Spare, and this was somehow news despite the evacuation in Montecito. It was hard for me to listen to Harry talk about how much he drank and did drugs. The media keeps asking where Meghan is but they berated her and nitpicked everything she said when Archetypes was airing. Princess Kate has assembled a team of advisors to her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. She’s going to meet with them a whole two times a year. They released a one and a half minute video from that and I could barely hear what she was saying. Chandra thinks she has improved since the time she introduced Jill Biden. Kate and William also graced a Windsor food bank with their presence since they couldn’t be bothered to announce a donation or bring anything with them. William brought the Earthshot finalists to Windsor after failing to invite them to the awards ceremony in Boston. Virginia Giuffre’s one year gag order in her settlement from Prince Andrew is about to run out. She’s the woman raped by Andrew when she was trafficked to him at 17 by Jeffrey Epstein. She has reportedly signed a memoir deal worth millions. There are stories that Andrew inherited millions from his mother’s estate and has a “war chest” he’s going to use to fight Giuffre in court. Andrew reportedly wants to use his HRH title privately in business dealings. Oscar nominations: Minutes 19:30 to 24:00 We got the Oscar nominations and there are some surprises. Both Viola Davis and Danielle Deadwyler got snubbed in the Best Actress category while Ana de Armas got nominated for Blonde and Andrea Riseborough got a nomination for To Leslie. It’s another case of Oscars so white. There are also no women nominated in the Best Director category. We hope Brendan Fraser wins Best Actor over Austin Butler. Chandra loves Tar but I don’t have a movie I want to win Best Picture yet. Comments of the Week: Minutes 24:00 to end My comments of the week are the responses to Lolo86lf on the post about Sean Penn and Robin Wright reuniting. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Nixie on the post about Gerard Pique going Instagram official with his new piece. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 8:00 We were off for a month, thanks for understanding! Last week was especially hard with the Golden Globes and Spare coming out. Over the break we both watched Glass Onion and The Pale Blue Eye. I watched The Recruit, The Last of Us and Tar. I liked The Recruit and The Last of Us. Chandra loved Tar. She didn’t like The Banshees of Inisherin or Triangle of Sadness. She recommends Lady Chatterly’s Lover, White Lotus season two and Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. Chandra saw The Woman King and liked Viola Davis’s performance but thought it was too long. I saw M3ghan and liked it but wanted it to be campier. Royals: Minutes 8:00 to 36:00 Prince Harry’s memoir came out and it was hard to take, especially the first part where he learned his mother died and was then left alone and sent off to boarding school. Harry’s love for his father comes through in the book. Spare is topping bestseller lists and setting records around the world. We’re both surprised at how dishy the book is, although the leaks spoiled that a little for Chandra. I really like Chandra’s analysis that the Netflix series was sunny and positive and was very much from Meghan’s perspective while Harry’s memoir is gritty, because that’s how he is, he keeps track of the slights. We wonder how Meghan has remained so positive after everything she’s gone through. Chandra thinks the UK press response to the Oprah interview helped Harry and Meghan decide what to do next. We know that Harry and Meghan have receipts. In Spare Harry told the full bridesmaid’s dress/crygate story along with some other anecdotes like Kate getting pissy at Meghan for borrowing her lipgloss, Kate taking offense when Meghan said Kate had “baby brain” and Kate being super snotty to Meghan when she offered some natural cold remedies for William. Harry broke the story that Meghan was offered the Spencer tiara to wear and designed her wedding veil around that. The Queen then offered a tiara, but Angela Kelly tried to delay and block it at every turn. We knew that Kelly was the one leaking that story to paint Meghan as a diva. Like Kate, the stories about William in Spare show how petty he is. William would get jealous of Harry’s charity work and little things like Harry being allowed to keep his beard when he got married. It’s also clear that Camilla has been leaking stories to the press for a couple of decades. Harry told several stories about how she traded stories about him, his brother and Meghan for positive coverage. Chandra thinks Harry made a choice to blame it all on Camilla while this is common practice among the other royals too. Harry said more about this in the Netflix series. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about Camilla. The response by the royal family to Harry’s biography has been to make ridiculous claims that sound straight out of the abuser’s handbook. My favorite was when a royal source said Harry was kidnapped by “a cult of psychotherapy and Meghan.” That was in The Independent. Both Kate and William did events focused on mental health after Spare came out, which wasn’t a coincidence. Harry did an interview with his friend Bryony Gordon in which she called him a generational cycle breaker. Harry said in that interview that half of his manuscript was cut to make the book. It’s clear there’s more dirt to dish. Like he never mentioned why William was so mad in April, 2019 when Camilla was trading stories about him to the press. The coronation is coming up in May, coincidentally on Archie’s birthday. Harry wants accountability and an apology. The Sunday Times claims that Charles is willing to talk to Harry before the coronation but The Daily Beast says Charles won’t talk to Harry. We’ve heard that Charles and William haven’t texted or called Harry and that Anne and Edward don’t want Harry at the coronation. We’re also hearing that Charles wants Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to be the one to ban Harry from the coronation. Comments of the Week: Minutes 36:00 to 43 My comment of the week is from Snuffles on Peridot’s story about buccal fat removal. Chandra’s comment of the week is from susan on the post about Brad Pitt selling his mansion. Thanks for listening bitches!  
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 4:30 We’ll be off for at least two weeks and maybe we’ll be back on January 7th but we’re not sure. Harry’s book Spare comes out January 10th. I’ve been watching Acapulco on Apple plus. Chandra is looking forward to Glass Onion and season three of Emily in Paris. Royals: Minutes 4:30 to 28:30 We just finished volume two of Harry and Meghan. Volume one was mostly about their love story. We got some sputtering responses from the British press along with the story about how much William hates Meghan for taking Harry away from him. The takeaway from the second half of the series was that the Sussexes were getting briefed against. The royal reporters were previously open about getting briefed from the palaces but are now denying it. We now know that Harry’s line in the trailer about his brother being willing to lie to protect himself was about William signing Harry’s name to a statement after the Sandringham Summit that William never bullied Harry. Harry and Meghan truly wanted to continue to work for the royal family. They would have worked as much as they were able, but they were a threat to other members. It was hard to hear that Meghan thought people would take her at her word in the Oprah interview when she disclosed that she was suicidal. That was ignored and the headlines instead focused on how Harry and Meghan accused the royal family of being racist. The British press will do the same thing in their reaction to this docuseries. Chandra was surprised that the racism in the press wasn’t called out more. Harry and Meghan also didn’t get into the stories about Meghan supposedly making Kate cry and about who the royal racist was. They barely addressed the story of Meghan allegedly bullying staff. We think the Sussexes went easy on the Windsors here. Chandra appreciated that Meghan’s lawyer disclosed that Jason Knauf helped the Mail on Sunday in Meghan’s lawsuit against them for publishing her father’s letter. Meghan said “that’s your brother” when William texted Harry, but the contents of that text weren’t disclosed. We would have liked to have heard more dirt on Will and Kate. Tyler Perry really stepped up to help Harry and Meghan when Charles leaked their location in Canada, they were surrounded by paparazzi and Charles pulled their security. We were moved by how Perry described the royal family as batterers and how he recognized the abuse that Meghan was suffering. Harry said that he had six weeks before the press found out they were in Canada and that they had six weeks at Tyler Perry’s house before the press found out as well. That doesn’t seem to be the case because we found out from Dan Wootton at the Sun on March 27th that the Sussexes were in LA, just two days after we learned that Charles had covid. We think Charles’s office leaked the news that the Sussexes were in LA. We’re impressed with how well the docuseries lays out everything with the Sussexes. The first half was familiar to us, but there was a lot of new information from the exit on. We remember how we heard that the Sussexes’s security was being pulled and how there was hand-wringing over whether Canada or the US would have to pay for it. There were a lot of tangents the docuseries could have taken. They didn’t even touch William’s affair. We wonder if Meghan is still close with Jessica Mulroney. We wonder why Finding Freedom wasn’t mentioned at all. We remember the People cover story that Abigail Spencer said she arranged to help set the record straight about Meghan. The letter Meghan wrote to her father was mentioned in that article and Chandra thinks that was the impetus for him to leak it to the Mail. The docuseries barely touched on all the charity work the Sussexes do. They’re good people who work hard and connect with people. The word is getting out about them to the general public. Comments of the week: Minutes 28:30 to end My comments of the week are from Lala11_7 and Mcmmom on Hecate’s post about Jennifer Coolidge saying there’s real power in not giving a f-k as you get older. I talk about having reading glasses all over my house. We think Harry looks cute in his reading glasses. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Jais on the post about Omid Scobie’s next book, Endgame. Thanks for listening bitches
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 2:30 I’ve been sick and you can hear it in my voice. It reminds Chandra of Polly Draper from 30 Something. We’ll have an episode out next week and will be off the 24th and 31st for the holiday. Royals: Minutes 2:30 to 27:00 Will and Kate didn’t even invite the nominees to the Earthshot Awards, which seemed like a parody. The celebrities attended in person though. This is especially hypocritical because there were stories in the British press about how the Waleses were so much better than the Sussexes and how William calls the Sussexes the Kardashians. This would have been a great opportunity to have the scientists get together and network. We got to see Harry and Meghan at the Ripple of Hope Awards, where they were honored for their activism. Meghan was wearing a beautiful sleek white off the shoulder Louis Vuitton gown with sleek hair. She just glowed. We remember her Salute to Freedom Gown because it was shown on the Harry and Meghan docuseries. We got the first three episodes of Harry & Meghan on Netflix and we’ve both watched them. Liz Garbus did a great job with their story. Most of it was known to us already but it’s a great recap of their story and I was blown away by how well it was told. Chandra wishes it had come out earlier. We’re not the audience for this series, people who have a passing interest in them are. We hope Omid Scobie is in the second half and we’ve heard that Christopher Bouzy is in it. We liked how much of Meghan’s background pre-Harry the series covered. Meghan was so successful, fun and cool before she met her future husband. The British media has attacked Meghan for not having family other than her mother at her wedding, but the royals told her not to invite her favorite niece, Samantha’s daughter Ashleigh, with whom she was close. That was new information to us. We were so impressed by Meghan’s mom Doria. We liked how Samantha and Meghan’s dad Tom were covered briefly and dismissed. We learned that Thomas’s story about being yelled at by Harry on the phone was a lie because all he did was text with Meghan and it didn’t even sound like him. We liked the section that put the racist treatment of Meghan into context with Brexit, the commonwealth and anti-immigration sentiment. Meghan explained her fashion choices and why she had a neutral color palette, although we think that’s just her style. She also told the story of meeting Will and Kate for the first time and trying to hug them. She was very diplomatic about it. Chandra mentions how Meghan doesn’t have deference toward royals because she’s American. She’d already met other royals before Will and Kate and we assume that Eugenie and Beatrice were warmer toward her.  Chandra says they wanted to establish their love story before explaining how things went so wrong in the UK. She also mentions the story about how the palaces denied being contacted for comment but that Netflix came with receipts. Harry explained how the press treatment of Meghan was racist and how his family blew him off and told them their wives went through it too. Comments of the week: Minutes 27:00 to end My comment of the week is from SAS on the post where Hecate wrote about Hilary Duff’s fitness journey and her battle with an eating disorder. Chandra’s comment of the week is from ArtHistorian on the post about how much William hates Harry and Meghan. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 7 We’ll have episodes out for the next two weeks and will be off December 24th and 31st for the holiday. My dog has been doing great at the dog park. We’ve both been watching Wednesday and love it. Chandra’s mom got covid but she’s on the mend. Royals: Minutes 7:00 to 35 Will and Kate got booed at the Celtics game when they were shown on the Jumbotron. A Black reverend mentioned the legacy of colonialism and racism at one of their events, which the British tabloids saw as an attack on Will and Kate.  Before this tour we had so many lead-up stories hyping what a big deal it would be and how it was William’s Super Bowl moment. We wonder why they made this comparison, which makes no sense. Chandra thinks it’s because Harry went to the Super Bowl. We also heard that the Earthshot Awards would be better than the Ripple of Hope awards, which are honoring the Sussexes. The NY Times quoted a Boston University historian who said that the Waleses need to “maintain a sense of relevance” and “justify their existence.” Meghan did a speech in Indianapolis at a fundraising dinner for the Women’s Fund of Central Indiana. It had a media blackout so all we got was a photo and some eyewitness accounts. She also helped serve Thanksgiving lunch for the Downtown Women’s Center in LA and donated 500 purses to her British charity, Smart Works. We got a teaser for Harry and Meghan’s Netflix docuseries. It looks amazing and we’re glad it’s just called Harry and Meghan. We got new photos of them in the trailer and some brief statements. It looks like it has the same energy as Harry’s Apple series, The Me You Can’t See. We remember some of the scary things that have happened to Meghan when she was in the UK. The biggest story this week is about an activist named Ngozi Fulani who was invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace held by Camilla. Fulani founded Sistah Space, which supports African and Caribbean heritage women affected by domestic violence. While at the event, Fulani was accosted by one of Camilla’s aides named Lady Susan Hussey, who touched her hair, repeatedly asked her where she was from as if she didn’t belong, and wouldn’t accept her answer that she was a British national. Hussey resigned after this and Camilla’s office issued a statement calling this “unacceptable and deeply regrettable” and claiming they reached out to Fulani, but that was not true. Fulani has said in interviews that we shouldn’t vilify Hussey and that she’s an elder, but that’s not an excuse for racism. She also said the palace is taking the easy way out by letting Hussey resign. Fulani would be happy to hold diversity training for the palace. Hussey is Prince William’s godmother and said to have been Queen Elizabeth’s favorite lady-in-waiting. She’s 83 years old and Charles personally asked her to stay on after the Queen passed. She’s also quoted by Tom Bower in his Revenge book saying that the Sussexes would “end in tears.” The royal family knows who she is and gave her a platform. At least two other women were with Fulani when this happened. One was Mandu Reid, Leader of The British Women’s Equality Party. She did an interview where she described what happened. Reid said that this shows how the royal family needs to acknowledge institutional racism and commit to changing the culture. I play a segment from her interview where she explained how this corroborates Harry and Meghan’s account. On one hand it’s funny to see the royals expose themselves yet again, but on the other we feel terribly for Fulani and others who have had to deal with this racism. We’re excited for Harry and Meghan’s docuseries and Harry’s memoir. Comments of the Week: Minutes 35:00 to end My comment of the week is from SideEye on the post about Camilla’s staffer being racist. Chandra talks about people questioning where she’s from. Chandra’s comment of the week is from ElleV on the post about the White House Christmas decorations. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 2:00 We’ll be off for the next two weeks and will be back on December 3rd. We talk about our Thanksgiving plans. Royals: Minutes 2:00 to 26:30 Chandra is five episodes in to The Crown. She wrote about Mou Mou, the fourth episode that goes into Mohamed Al-Fayed’s backstory and connection to the royals. It’s fascinating that Peter Morgan dedicated an episode to introducing the Al-Fayed family. The royals, with the exception of Diana, treated Mohamed terribly. This week, when Prince Charles and Camilla were visiting York, a 23-year-old man in the crowd threw eggs at them and missed. He also shouted “this country was built on the blood of slaves!” Camilla and Charles were taken away but everyone seemed unbothered and the security seemed lax. The man has been charged with a “public order offense.” There are photos of Charles earlier in the week talking to people while viewing eggs for some reason. Princess Kate went alone to her patronage the Rugby World Cup, and she visited the Colham Manor Children’s Centre outside London where she spoke to staff about maternal mental health. We also heard that she’s going to do a second Christmas Carol concert with ITV. We talk about all the junk we order online. Mike Tindall is on the reality show I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here. Sources told the press that Tindall did not clear it with King Charles ahead of time. Chandra doesn’t think he should have to since he’s not a working royal. Meghan’s podcast examined The B Word as she calls it. She won’t say the word bitch and we obviously can’t relate. We love that she interviewed Robin Thede. We also got a photo of her with an “I Voted” sticker. We want Archewell merchandise. There was a story in Christopher Andersen’s new book, The King: The Life of Charles III, claiming that Charles told a friend he didn’t know Meghan was biracial when he first met her. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about the royals. Chandra loves Olivia Williams as Camilla on The Crown. The actress playing Princess Anne, Claudia Harrison, is also very good. Dominic West has been giving interviews half praising and half shading King Charles. Elon Musk and Twitter: Minutes 26:30 to 30 Last week we talked about Elon Musk buying Twitter after he borrowed money and was leveraged to the hilt. This week he fired thousands of Twitter employees and a bunch of them are suing him in a class action suit for breaking employment law. He also endorsed a Republican Congress and he tweeted a meme featuring a Nazi soldier. Former twitter executives are saying he has no clue what he’s doing and he’s been sh-tposting constantly. He also implemented an extra checkmark, an “official” checkmark, that only lasted a few hours. Elon Musk is tanking Twitter. Comments of the Week: Minutes 30:00 to end Chandra’s Comment of the Week is from BayTampaBay on the post about Penelope Knatchbull and Prince Philip’s relationship. My COTW is from Abicci on the post about Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Show.  Thanks for listening bitches!
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