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Intro: Minutes 0 to 11:00 We passed a major milestone with the site. Both Chandra and I have less time than we thought we would in quarantine. Chandra wants to cut her hair and I advise her against that. Hecate dyed her hair blue, but not all of our friends have had good results with bold color changes. There’s no way I’m messing with my hair at this time. Chandra mentions the interview that Gwyneth Paltrow and her new husband did with an intimacy coach in which the coach, Michaela Boehm, explained why women want to eat now instead of have sex. I have been eating a lot but at least I’m getting exercise too. Royals: Minutes 11:00 to 22:15 The Sussexes celebrated their independence on April 1st. There are so many negative articles about them, particularly Meghan, in the wake of that. A writer for Tatler met Meghan once at a party he threw in Canada. He wrote a ridiculously biased and racist article about her, criticizing her for not making it known she was biracial. Becky English in the Daily Mail used the word “niggling” as an adjective in the opener to an article claimaing that Meghan got what she wanted while Harry gave up everything. It was so blantantly racist. Chandra reminds me that the Daily Mail has used this word in a headline. The Daily Mail also cherry picked the negative reviews of the documentary Meghan narrated for Disney, Elephant. Our friend NYU professor Melissa Murray called out a writer for The London Times, Ed Potten, for negatively comparing Meghan to David Attenborough and calling the film shallow when it’s aimed at kids. Meghan gets cricitized for doing a good job and William and Kate are praised for thinking about working maybe. When they do something, it’s ridiculously half-assed like Kate’s survey, the results of which were never announced. The royals really aren’t stepping up during this crisis, they’re just doing photo ops. The British press is trying to get Harry to leave Meghan, which isn’t going to happen. I bring up the fact that Prince Charles left isolation after just a week. Chandra mentions that Charles might have done that because Prince William was overstepping. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas: Minutes 22:15 to 26:30 Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have been doing near-daily pap strolls where they gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes and show a lot of PDA. Jennifer Garner has been doing competing pap walks with the kids and pets. It looks like an obvious attention grab by Garner, but at the same time she’s stuck at home with the kids and the nanny. Ana de Armas looks hypnotized with Ben and seems like a very sheltered young woman. Garner is playing it up for the paparazzi, but she’s also keeping the family together and wants to project that image. User Feedback: Minutes 26:30 to 28:30 Sinead confirmed our memories of the story that Sean Penn tied Madonna to a chair. She linked directly a biography of Madonna that referenced the police report which included this detail. Thanks Heather for your nice email! I also talked to Joslynn, Angelina, Victoria, Zakia, Kitty and Angie on Zoom and wanted to thank them. Comments of the Week: Minutes 28:30 to 32 My comment of the week is from Veronica S on the post about Ben Affleck finding Ana de Armas nurturing. Chandra’s comment of the week is from JanetDr on the post about Trump finally pretending to take things seriously. Thanks for listening bitches! You can tweet us at @celebitchy and @kaiseratcb or text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 3:15 I miss seeing friends but Chandra is getting out walking and talking to her neighbors from a safe distance. A county sheriff had to come euthanize a deer that was injured next to my driveway. My mom is doing better and Chandra’s mom is doing well but she’s lonely as her facility has stopped allowing visitors. Prince Charles and Rand Paul have coronavirus: Minutes 3:15 to 7:00 Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus and then traveled to Scotland. He says he’s fine but he’s in a vulnerable group. Senator Rand Paul took a test and then went to the gym, an indoor swimming pool and lunch, exposing other people who then had to go into quarantine when his test came back positive. When we heard that Paul had coronavirus we learned that he had lost a lung during a 2017 incident in which his neighbor violently attacked him on his front lawn, requiring Rand to be hospitalized. Back when that happened, Rand’s neighbor insisted the fight was lawncare-related but other neighbors don’t think that was the case. We never learned what they were fighting over, which is how Chandra got the idea for this podcast. Gossip Mysteries: Did Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have a legal marriage? Minutes 7:00 to 12:00 Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had a backyard wedding in August, 2015, with details given to the celebrity press. They often talked about their marriage and Justin referred to Jennifer as his wife. They announced their split in February, 2018. By that point they had been living on separate coasts for several months and Justin didn’t even visit Aniston on her birthday in early February. No marriage certificate or divorce filing or settlement was discovered by the celebrity press and, given Aniston’s net worth and the difficulty of dividing assets, this should have been big news. (We did not mention this but there was vague news about a prenup but that’s it.) I mention that Justin left his live-in girlfriend of 14 years, Heidi Bivens, for Aniston and that how you get them is how you lose them. Heidi’s mom gave an interview to Radar Online confirming that her daughter was blindsided by the split. Chandra wonders about the financial and business arrangement between Jennifer and Justin. Justin switched to CAA and got more exposure and roles including Girl on A Train and Leftovers. She thinks he must have gotten a settlement from Jennifer. Gossip Mysteries: Why did Charlize Theron and Sean Penn split? Minutes 12:00 to 15:45 Charlize Theron and Sean Penn were together from roughly late 2013 up until May, 2015. They went to the Cannes film festival together in May and a few weeks after that they were over. We heard that Charlize broke up with Sean by ghosting him, which she later denied. I mention the rumors that he was abusive to Madonna, which she claimed was not the case. A year after they split they had to go back to Cannes to promote the movie Charlize made which Penn directed, The Last Face. They avoided each other and looked like they couldn’t stand each other. Charlize did an interview with The Wall St. Journal around that time saying that people tend to sensationalize things and that she didn’t know what ghosting was. Gossip Mysteries: What happened on the plane between Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Maddox? Minutes 15:45 to 17:45 We have a good idea about what happened because Brad Pitt’s PR people kept leaking details to People Magazine about this incident. They insisted that he did not hit Maddox in the face but admitted that he “put his hands on him, because the confrontation was nose to nose.” People think Brad was getting in Angelina’s face and that Maddox got in between them and it escalated. Angelina has never confirmed any of this. Gossip Mysteries: Did Robert Wagner kill Natalie Wood? Minutes 17:45 to 20:45 Natalie Wood’s semi-official biographer, Suzanne Finstad, wrote her first book about Natalie, Natasha, in 2002. She’s since gone over all the evidence in this case and has contacted potential witnesses, several of whom went on the record for her updated biography of Wood which came out earlier this month. Vanity Fair published a fascinating excerpt from the new book, building a case that Wagner killed Wood. She has two different witnesses, including a photographer and coroner’s intern, who went on the record with details of wounds on Wood’s body which are consistent with a violent fight and not with Wood trying to climb back onto the boat. Finstad revealed that Wagner had been abusing Wood for years. This case was reopened by LA County in 2011. Wagner is still alive at 90. Gossip Mysteries: Why did Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow break up as friends? Minutes 20:45 to 27:00 Madonna, Tracy Anderson and Gwyneth Paltrow had a falling out in 2010 after Madonna dumped Tracy as her trainer. Gwyneth and Tracy opened gyms together and are still thick as thieves. We never found out how or why Madonna and Gwyneth fell out only that they are no longer friends and don’t talk about each other anymore. Tracy has a bad reputation and has been sued over six times after leaving clients and creditors of her gym in Indiana high and dry when she moved to work full time as a celebrity trainer. As background, Madonna started the charity Raising Malawi to help grease the wheels so she could adopt children from Malawi, which required residency prior to adoption. Madonna founded a school program in Malawi, which taught Kabbalah practices to children. (There were ongoing questions over how closely financially tied Raising Malawi was tied to the Kabbalah Centre, which was under investigation for tax evasion in 2011.) What’s more is that millions of dollars collected at a celebrity fundraiser for Raising Malawi in early 2008 were not accounted for over a year later. In September, 2009, we heard that Tracy was dating the head of Madonna’s charity, a man named Philippe van den Bossche, who had resigned his position to live with her. Then in October we heard that Madonna had dumped Tracy as her trainer. Right around that time Tracy was sued yet again by another creditor she had scammed, a man who claims he invested $1 million in Tracy’s business and made her custom exercise equipment. Chandra thinks Madonna dumped Tracy because Tracy was trying to hitch her star to Gwyneth. Also, Madonna may have realized how sketchy Tracy was while Gwyneth appreciates other people who scam people out of their money. Interestingly enough, Gwyneth founded Goop in September, 2008, around the time she met Tracy. Here’s a link to the story I wrote about the Hard Candy gyms that Madonna closed after members had prepaid for services. User Feedback: Minutes 27:00 to 28:00 Thanks to Anita for your nice text message about last week’s podcast. I also thank Shannon, Kristin, April, Brittany, Alnaaze and Clare for talking to me on Zoom. It’s crazy to talk to people who know as much if not more about celebrity gossip as me! (Since we recorded the podcast I talked to Kitty, Becky, Zakia and Angie!) Also thank you for all the nice messages. Comments of the Week: Minutes 28:00 to 31:00 My comment of the week is from BaddieB on the post about Daniel Dae Kim. Chandra’s comment of the week is from S808 on the post about Prince William stepping into a statesman role. Thanks for listening bitches! Text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 5:00 This episode gets explicit starting around minute 12:00. Please do not listen to that part around kids at all! I’m feeling better and Chandra is feeling ok too. She’s been napping and going for walks in the afternoon. We’re both gym people and miss the controlled environment of a gym. Chandra’s mom is in an assisted living facility and they’ve banned eating in the communal living facility. She’s ok though. My mom has been sick with a cough but doesn’t have a fever. I’m concerned about how many people aren’t taking this seriously and have misconceptions about the pandemic. I’ve been eating so much in quarantine. Chandra isn’t eating more because she’s not working out as much. You can listen below! Vanessa Hudgens and Evangeline Lilly: Minutes 5:00 to 10:00 Chandra is surprised at how few bad incidents there have been with celebrities in the wake of the pandemic. I mention that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas just did a paparazzi photoshoot where they went shopping. Vanessa Hudgens talked on Instagram Live about how disappointed she was that Coachella was postponed. She made some really tone deaf and offensive comments including “even if everybody gets it, people are going to die, which is terrible, but like, inevitable?” She issued a follow up video in which she claimed she was taken out of context and said she was home on lockdown. She didn’t apologize at all! Evangeline Lilly posted a photo of a cup of tea with the hashtag #businessasusual saying she’d dropped her kids off at gymnastics camp and wasn’t going to practice social distancing, essentially. Her follow-up comments were awful and referenced freedom and “marshall” [sic] law. Chandra mentions Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, who wisely told their fans to take this seriously and stay inside. Ariana’s tweet about hip hop yoga was hilarious. Trump’s racism: Minutes 10:00 to 11:20 We make fun of the way Trump says “China” when using his racist language to refer to the coronavirus. Chandra says it’s like he’s saying “vagina,” which is accurate. As Chandra mentions, “it’s racist and he has a terrible accent.” He’s trying to change the conversation from how the US and his administration absolutely botched their response. This is his racist comfort zone. Male celebrities who probably go downtown: Minutes 11:20 to 18:40 We talk about the Twitter thread where people speculated which male celebrities go downtown. You know what that means! Jodie Turner Smith confirmed that her partner, Joshua Jackson, is good at it by posting a clip of Rick James doing “Superfreak.” I get really embarrassed during this conversation! Here are the celebrities we discuss: Justin Timberlake: No Leonardo Dicaprio: No Colin Farrell: Yes The Rock: Yes, he confirmed it Robert Pattinson: Yes, Chandra is iffy about it Kristofer Hivju (Tormund): Yes Robert DeNiro: Yes, Chandra thinks he’s too old, I disagree Jake Gyllenhaal: I think he does, Chandra does not Andrew Lincoln: Yes Prince Harry: Yes, Prince William: No Oscar Isaac: We disagree. I think he does, Chandra does not Adam Driver: Yes Tom Hardy: Yes Ben Affleck: You have to listen to this part (15:40) Michael Fassbender: Yes Clive Owen: Yes James McAvoy: Yes Gerard Butler: Yes After that Chandra talks about Stan Wawrinka and his face and I can’t! Plus we talk about John Mayer and Diplo. Ew that’s all I’m saying. User Feedback: Minutes 18:40 to 22:00 Barb in SoCal is an MD in California and tells us it sounds like we have COVID-19 based on the symptoms we described. She told us not to go out of the house, which we have been taking seriously. To be clear I did not go to pilates classes last week, I took classes on demand. I go off on businesses which are still staying open and Chandra says she understands small businesses which are just trying to stay in business. We got a nice email from Mary who has been reading us for 13 years! We got a text message from Dog Obsessed Girl about Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’ portmanteau. (I’m sorry I didn’t credit you, I only saw the email with the message and didn’t check the app!) Comments of the Week: Minutes 22:00 to 24:00 My comment of the week is from Me on the post about Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas needing to be in self isolation after going overseas. Chandra’s comment of the week is from S808 on the post about Princess Beatrice having to postpone her wedding for the third time. Thanks for listening bitches! You can text us or leave us a voicemail at 434-218-3219. Also if you are bored or lonely and just want to text me I will totally text with you! I work from 5am to 1pm and take a nap until about 3pm EST. Anytime after 3pm until about 9pm I’m usually available for texting.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 8:00 I have been sick for over a week and feel like I can’t clear my throat. Chandra was sick too but got over it quicker. We have no way of knowing whether we got coronavirus because there are almost no tests in America. I think I caught whatever I have from my son who came home with a bad head cold. As of this recording his school was still open, but our governor, Ralph Northam, announced a state of emergency in Virginia and his school has been closed until March 27. I mention an article I read in the Washington Post about a researcher in Seattle who was told to stop testing samples. We’re suspicious of all the rich connected people who can get tests while the rest of us don’t have access to them. Chandra is missing her tennis fix as new tournaments have been canceled. She’s watching HGTV and cooking shows and I love the new show Dispatches from Elsewhere on AMC. Chandra recommends I watch Watchmen on HBO.   Royals: Minutes 8:00 to 19:20 Harry and Meghan just completed the “You Could’ve Have a Bad Bitch" Tour with their final appearances as royals in the UK. Meghan wore several iconic outfits you probably remember, including the red-caped Safiyaa gown, her blue bodycon Victoria Beckham dress, her white skirt and top by Topshop and Roland Mouret and her green Emilia Wickstead dress and hat. I gush about how open and vulnerable Meghan continues to look, even as she’s being snubbed and treated poorly by her husband’s family. Chandra mentions that Princess Diana had this quality too. We talk about Meghan’s affirmational life and how she’s able to avoid negativity. Chandra thinks Meghan’s fashion has improved so much because she’s finally able to dress like she wants and doesn’t have to dress frumpy to please the royals. She actually looked like she was enjoying herself during the Commonwealth Day service despite all the petty drama with the royals. We laugh about the trolls hating Meghan when she always looks so sweet and composed. Chandra explains the drama over the Sussexes entering Westminster Abbey separate from The Queen, unlike last year’s service. She doesn’t believe the conspiracy that William got told off by The Queen. We got a tip from a reader in London who claims to have insider knowledge from royal sources that William and Harry fell out due to William’s affair. Her connections sounded legit to us. Chandra doesn’t believe that’s the sole reason for the brothers falling out. She thinks it’s more due to William’s treatment of Meghan. Politics: Minutes 19:20 to 22:00 Biden won the next set of primaries and Sanders has yet to step down. Chandra wants me to insert a clip of Biden saying “malarkey” and is ruining my setup. She’s not 100% behind Biden but of course we’re going to vote for him and will be so grateful when he’s president, knock all the wood. She told me about Biden’s coronavirus speech, which I missed because I was napping. It was somewhat boring and wonky, which we miss so much from Obama. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas: Minutes 22:00 to 27:00 Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas did a paparazzi beach stroll in Costa Rica to celebrate their new relationship. Chandra thinks we should call them Afflarmas, which I forgot to mention in the last post I wrote about them. Ben is 47 and Ana is 31 but looks like she’s in her early 20s. Chandra reminds me of Ana’s Vanity Fair interview where she revealed her sheltered life growing up in Cuba. She also got defensive about her career and I read an excerpt where she denies sleeping her way to the top, essentially. She used to date a very high-level CAA executive named Franklin Latt. I googled him and he looks hot and not too old for her. She’s not the screwed up one here. We wonder if she’s ever Googled Affleck and what advice she’s getting from friends. User Feedback: Minutes 27:00 to 28:15 Miriam is in Kirkland, Washington and lives right near the nursing home where so many people have passed away from coronavirus. She sent us a nice email us thanking us for helping provide normalcy while she was at home working during a stressful time. Chandra loves working from home and we’ve been doing this for so many years. We feel bad for people who have to go to the office and stay so late. Comments of The Week: Minutes 28:15 to 31:00 My comment of the week is from Spicecake38 on the post about Naomi Campbell wearing a hazmat suit and goggles to fly. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Mich on the post about how Brad Pitt tried to one-up Angelina Jolie after she told the story of two of their daughters needing surgery. Thanks for listening bitches! 
Intro: Minutes 0 to 3:00 We’re worried about the Coronavirus, which will affect our parents in their current living situations. We’re trying not to panic about it at all. You can listen below! Democratic Primaries: Minutes 3:00 to 9:00 I break the news to Chandra that I voted for Biden and she understands that. We’re both ok with the idea of voting for Biden in the general election. People trust him to be a good Democratic and to hopefully beat Trump. Chandra voted for Warren because she wanted her to have enough delegates to be important and to be part of the conversation. Warren had stepped down as of our recording, and we do not yet know who she would endorse. Warren is the reason Bloomberg is no longer a factor despite his enormous ad spending. I was worried that Sanders would still somehow pull through and Chandra reassured me about that. I love Joe Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, and Chandra mentions the incident where Jill protected Joe from protestors who rushed the stage while he was speaking. Here’s a link to that video. Royals: Minutes 9:00 to 16:30 As of our recording, we had not seen the iconically beautiful photos of Harry and Meghan at the Endeavor awards or at the Festival of Remembrance. There’s a conspiracy theory that Kate and William planned the Irish tour so that they would be out of town when Harry and Meghan arrived. Chandra does not believe that was the case, given how long ago it was announced. Kate’s wardrobe has been a total wreck this tour. She’s been wearing crazy throwback fashion that looks like late 70s/early 80s Diana cosplay. It’s disturbing to Chandra but I find it funny and think that Kate’s fashion shows her personality. (The outfits we discuss are at the top and the bottom of this post and there are links above to more photos.) Chandra thinks William has a hand in Kate’s fashion choices, but I think it’s her decision. Here’s the Willileaks tweet Chandra mentions, which is one of her most commented and liked tweets. Katy Perry is pregnant: Minutes 16:30 to 22:30 Chandra wasn’t surprised to hear about Katy Perry’s pregnancy and thinks she was doing the mental health work to prepare to be a mother. I wonder what happened to her music as it seems to have gone downhill after “Swish Swish” in 2017. She revealed her pregnancy at the end of the music video for “Never Worn White” and the song and lyrics are so bad! Chandra knows that there will be brides who use this terrible song for their first dance at their weddings. I play a segment from Katy’s Instagram story video where she mentions her due date is in the summer. Don’t worry I cut all the chewing out! I hate hearing people chew. Chandra hopes that Katy and Orlando Bloom wait to get married. She thinks he’s shady and we reminisce about the time he fought Orlando Bloom over his ex, Miranda Kerr. He also dated Selena Gomez briefly. User Feedback: Minutes 22:30 to 26:00 Both of the people whose comments were chosen as comments of the week last week learned by listening to our podcast! That was a surprise to us as we do a half-assed job choosing the comments of the week. Last Sunday Chandra tweeted that she made the choice not to publish big royals stories so it would be easier for us to manage the comments over the weekend. Marlo tweeted that she’s been reading us for ten years and remembers our Hot Guy Friday posts. Comments of the week: Minutes 26:00 to 29:30 My comment of the week is from BlondieR on the post about Laura Dern’s goldfish passing away at 15. Chandra’s comment is from a tweet by Shannon about how Kate’s fashion mirrored the Irish flag during their tour of Ireland. As we’re talking I realize how true this is! Kate wore a green outfit the first day in Ireland, a white coat the second day and a reddish orange sweater the third! Thanks for listening bitches! You can call us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219. 
Intro: Minutes 0 to 6:10 I’m sorry we took such a long break! We had to scramble to cover the awards season, our busiest time of year, and the weekend after the Oscars I moved to a new house. Chandra is glad I have central air conditioning now as we both live in the south and I was still using window air conditioners in my last place. I never really thought about it and just dealt with it for years, but it is a huge upgrade to have whole house air conditioning and heating. Chandra spent the week freaking out about the Coronavirus. I’m trying to think of it like Ebola and the Zika virus in that those didn’t materialize into epidemics, but this seems different. You can listen below! Royals: Minutes 6:10 to 14:40 We spent all of 2019 talking about how the royal family wanted to push Harry and Meghan out. When they left they got criticized for it endlessly. The big news was the the Queen decided to pull their “Royal” branding so they can no longer call themselves Sussex Royal. They pushed back against the negative coverage by releasing clearly worded statements on their website about how there was precedence for other royals to work and how the palace does not have jurisdiction over the use of the word “royal” overseas. The palace has a 12 month review period in place as Harry and Meghan become independent, but what will the palace do after that? It’s not like they can order them to come back. They can only continue to punish them. Other royal stories include Canada stating that they’re not going to pay for the Sussexes’ security and the news that the Cambridges have been buying bot followers to constantly outpace the Sussex Royal Instagram follower numbers. The Democratic primary: Minutes 14:40 to 22:16 We’re both rooting for Elizabeth Warren and think she’s the best candidate. It’s unclear who will be the nominee as projections vary. Super Tuesday is coming up fast and it’s going to be intense. Chandra reminds me how everyone wanted Warren to run in 2016 but now that she’s running they’re not taking her seriously as a candidate. We play a segment from the debate where Warren called out Bloomberg for firing a woman when she was pregnant and telling her to abort her baby. There’s actually a witness to this, a former Bloomberg employee, who went on the record with his full name to the Washington Post. We doubt that Bloomberg has a chance, but his ads are good. We’re both concerned that Bernie Sanders will get the nomination. Our choices feel crappy and we miss Kamala Harris. New version of Emma: Minutes 22:16 to 27:00 There’s a new version of Emma out with Anya Taylor-Joy, whom I know from Thoroughbreds. Chandra reminds me that she was also in Glass and Split, and I’m surprised that Chandra liked Glass! I turned it off during the asylum part. Chandra thought it was a great ending to the trilogy. Anya Taylor-Joy has been “stunt fashioning” where she’s been wearing crazy outfits during her promotional tour. Some of those pictures are in this post! The director of Emma, Autumn de Wilde, said that the lead character, Emma Woodhouse is “a dick.” Chandra is a big Austen fan and questions that interpretation, saying that Emma is just privileged, not mean. The trailer makes it seem like a CW show about mean girls. Bill Nighy is a great actor, but he’s playing Emma’s father and his character does not look true to the book. User Feedback and our cunt crowns: Minutes 27:00 to 29:30 Thank you to Suzanne for writing us a nice email in appreciation of our royals coverage. We also talk about our cunt crowns! Chandra tweeted that she was called a cunt by someone in the comments and LaUnica Angelina tweeted a gif of Rihanna putting on a crown, telling her to “wear it with pride.” We then claimed our individual cunt crowns. Chandra’s has sapphires and mine has emeralds and diamonds. I really want teardrop emerald pieces down the front, but I didn’t get into that much detail on Twitter. Comments of the Week: Minutes 29:30 to end My comment of the week is from Hollah on the post about Prince Harry wanting to be introduced as just “Harry.” (Harry and Meghan’s wedding picture which I mention is the top photo in this post. Here’s a link to that story I mention about the history of white supremacy in the royal family.) Chandra’s comment of the week is from lucy2 on the post about Presley Gerber’s idiotic face tattoo. Thanks for listening bitches and for hanging in there during our hiatus!
The Sussexes won’t be using their HRH titles: Minutes 0 to 5:45 (recorded Saturday) This week we have a slightly different format due to the breaking news on Saturday that the Sussexes won’t be using their HRH titles and will reimburse the Sovereign Grant for the renovations to Frogmore Cottage. We recorded an update on Saturday and open with that news. Chandra thinks this news came out on Saturday because these details needed intense negotiation behind the scenes. She says that reimbursing the palace for the renovations was probably not the Sussexes’ idea, although it’s presented that way. Intro: Minutes 5:45 to 9:15 (rest of the podcast recorded Thursday) Starting here, the rest of the podcast was recorded Thursday. We’ll be back the first week in February and the last week in February, but that’s tentative and will change if major news drops. Chandra anticipated that Harry and Meghan would lose their HRH titles, which sort-of happened as you know. I talk about the culture shock I had being married to a German guy and living in Germany, and how I can relate to Duchess Meghan. Meghan’s situation was so much worse due to the pressure from the royal family and the press. The Sandringham summit: Minutes 9:15 to 13 Harry sat down with the Queen alone first and then met with Charles and William. Chandra thinks they must have spent a lot of time working on the first statement from the Queen, which was very personable and used Harry and Meghan’s first names and the wording “my family.” The Queen is typically tone deaf, as evidenced by her response to Diana’s death. At the end of her reign people are starting to realize this about her. The Andrew debacle damaged the monarchy and changed the way that people see her. Meghan did two events in Vancouver: Minutes 13 to 14:30 When Harry was back in London, Meghan stayed in Vancouver and met with two different women’s organizations, Justice for Girls and the Downtown Eastside Women’s Center. She looked super cute in leggings and a cable knit sweater and was clearly enjoying her new casual role. Harry did his last event as a senior royal, he launched the 2021 Rugby League World Cup Mental Fitness Charter at Kensington Palace and he also announced the locale for the 2022 Invictus Games. Chandra emailed with Buzzfeed reporter about the article comparing Meghan and Kate’s headlines: Minutes 14:30 to 20:30 Before we recorded, I asked Chandra if we could talk about the Buzzfeed article comparing the headlines between Meghan and Kate. Kate has been consistency praised for minor issues like eating avocados while Meghan was nitpicked was associated and the atrocities of the avocado supply chain. It turns out that Chandra is friendly with Ellie and that she emailed her with some ideas for that article! Ellie came up with this idea for the comparison headlines back in December. It’s baffling to me the things that people use to nitpick Meghan. Oscar nominations: Minutes 20:30 to 30:45 Chandra is about halfway through Parasite, which I’ve seen too. We both love it, no spoilers! We don’t think Parasite will win best picture, but Bong Joon-ho might win best director. Chandra is worried that Joker will win best picture, but she’s ok with Joaquin Phoenix winning best actor. Quentin Tarantino might get best director because he has such a great body of work and has only won two screenplay Oscars. We both saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which is a very good movie with great performances. Chandra thinks Tarantino isn’t mad about Bong Joon-ho winning best director at the Critics Choice Awards despite Tarantino’s expression. Chandra mentions a podcast called The Rewatchables, in which Tarantino talked about how Dunkirk was Christopher Nolan’s best movie. Snubs included Awkwafina, Lupita, Taron Egerton and Jennifer Lopez while Scarlett Johansson got TWO nominations! Chandra is salty about Jennifer Lopez not getting her first Oscar nomination, which she totally deserved. User feedback and questions: Minutes 30:45 to 34 Our user feedback is from Jacqueline, who said our Sussexit podcast last week was one of our best. Thank you Jackie! She also asked whether it was unique for Harry to date an independent woman like Meghan instead of an aristocrat like his previous girlfriends. Harry has a ton of money and it must have been eye-opening for him to date a woman making her way in the world. Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas both worked though. Cressida was a bohemian person trying to figure her life out. Chelsea got her law degree and then became a jewelry designer. Jackie’s point still stands that Meghan must have been a breath of fresh air to Harry. Comments of the week: Minutes 34 to 38:30 My comment of the week is from Arpeggi on the post about Gwyneth Paltrow’s $75 “This Smells like my Vagina” votive candle. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Lara K on Diplo’s GQ profile. Like Chandra, Lara also wants to shamef-k Diplo. Thanks for listening bitches!
Intro: Minutes 0 to 4:15 We intended on taking the entire month of January off from the podcast but due to Sussexit we’ve changed our plans. We’ll have two episodes in January and two in February instead. I’m moving in February and will need a little time off for that and the Oscars. We will have another podcast for you next week and are planning on coming back on February 3rd and February 24th. Please check out our revised calendar. Note that this episode was released on Sunday due to the Critics Choice Awards coming out that night. We’ll also release on Sunday next week but should return to our regular Monday morning release time for our two episodes in February. My gym has been really crowded due to the new people at the beginning of the year. Both Chandra and I try to avoid the most crowded times at the gym and store. Sussexit intro: Minutes 4:15 to 5:20 Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan announced in the afternoon US time last Wednesday that they’re stepping down as senior royals. We think the timing was designed to give preference to the US outlets as it was already evening in the UK and the British press had to play catch up. At the same time, they launched their new website, with a detailed outline of their plans. We talk more about that a little later. Harry and Meghan’s timing: Minutes 5:20 to 8:00 The Sussexes took six weeks off over the holidays and we didn’t know where they were at first but then heard they were in Canada. Chandra believes the stories that William exposed their location because his go-to reporter, Rebecca English, broke the news. We didn’t see them but did get a new photo of Archie and Harry which they released in an end of year video. They were seen by photographers for the first time in six weeks outside Canada house in London on January 7th, the day before their announcement. Meghan and Harry looked so happy and united, and Meghan was glowing! That was the look of a woman who was winning. Chandra said that this was their going away photoshoot and that they knew everyone would use them with the news stories which were about to break. I bring up the last photos of Katie Holmes with Tom Cruise looking triumphant right before she divorced him when she had seemed really depressed right before that. Chandra remembers how often Katie was photographed alone prior to that and how over the marriage Nicole Kidman looked in her final months with Tom. I’ve included all those photos below, I had fun looking them up! I was wrong about the timeline on the Katie Holmes photos though. She looked amazing at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in February and filed for divorce in June. It’s likely her plan was underway at that time though. Meghan is a superb planner: Minutes 8:00 to 11:00 Chandra explains what a next-level planner and game theorist Meghan is, especially in light of how expertly she mapped out that letter to her father, knowing he would sell it to the media and she could eventually sue. She used a similar strategy here. It’s possible that Harry and Meghan weren’t ready to make the announcement but that they did it knowing that it was about to leak. They had it all set up expertly. We heard that the Queen was caught off guard and William was “incandescent with rage,” but then additional stories revealed that Harry and Meghan were trying to work out the details with the royal family behind the scenes and were given the runaround. By making their plans public, the Sussexes have outplayed the Queen, who will look awful if she takes away their royal titles, especially since her Prince Andrew retains his. The “Royal Rota” and the press: Minutes 11:00 to 15:30 We didn’t know that the Royal Rota was an official thing and just assumed that all outlets in the press corps have equal access, but the Sussexes lay this out on their new website. It’s official that certain publications get first access to the royals. These are the same outlets which have been trashing Meghan and Harry. By exposing them, they’re implying that the leaks and smears are coming from royal sources. Chandra thinks it’s quite obvious payback. The Queen and senior royals are scrambling to come up with a solution now that all of this is public. The Sussexes’ finances: Minutes 15:30 to 23 The financial section of SussexRoyal is confusing. They said they get 95% of their funding from The Duchy of Cornwall or Prince Charles and 5% of their funding from the Sovereign Grant, or The Queen. They will be giving up the Sovereign Grant and Chandra explains that whether they’ll keep their funding from Charles depends on a few factors which are yet to be determined. It likely won’t matter if they’re senior royals, but it will be matter if they’re still designated working royals, if they get to keep their HRH designation and whether they keep their titles. They have so many options to make money, like Netflix and book deals. They have a lot of support here in the US. Chandra mentions the “good sis Meghan” tweets and I read tweets by Elizabeth Kidd and Eve Ettinger. Comments of the Week: Minutes 23 to 23 My comments of the week were from smcollins and My3cents on the post with Gwyneth Paltrow’s awful dress at the Golden Globes. Chandra’s comment of the week was from Zapp Brannigan on the post about Kensington Palace’s happy birthday message to Duchess Kate. Thanks for listening bitches! You can text or leave us a voicemail at 434-218-3219. 
Intro: Minutes 0 to 11:00 This is our last episode until February 3rd and we’re sorry! We need a break for the holidays and all the awards shows which are coming out in January! On February 11th, the day after the Oscars, we’ll have a filler episode, but we’ll be back all of February and into the spring. Last week was tough for us and it feels like it the holidays came super fast this year. I just saw A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood, which wasn’t what I was expecting but I loved it. Chandra loved Won’t You Be My Neighbor, last year’s documentary about Mr. Rogers which got snubbed at the Oscars. I also really am enjoying The Mandalorian, which is better than I expected. I’m about halfway through The Irishman. I like it ok but it’s really long. Chandra is watching Dublin Murders, which my mom loves too. They have similar taste in shows. She’s also watching Prodigal Son, which is stupid but she likes police procedurals so she’s sticking with it. You can listen below! Justin Timberlake apologized to Jessica Biel: Minutes 11:00 to 15:20 Justin Timberlake issued a public apology to Jessica Biel two weeks after he was photographed holding hands with his costar, Alisha Wainwright. That was on November 22 and on December 5th he wrote a long message to Instagram saying sorry. Then we heard that Jessica told Justin to apologize. After that we got a story in People with sourced quotes like “Jessica believes he didn’t cheat on her,” and “She’ll never break up her family over something like this.” We totally forgot about that story before the apology because it wasn’t surprising at all if Justin cheated on Jessica. There were so many rumors that he stepped out on her before they got married. We remember Justin and Jessica’s People Magazine cover for their wedding and his Instagram post for her pregnancy, which were all about Justin. Royals: Minutes 15:20 to 18:30 About a month ago, in Episode 36, we talked about the fact that Princess Beatrice hadn’t set a wedding date yet. That’s still true. She got engaged at the end of September and she’s having an engagement party this week, but the venue and date have changed. There’s still no word on the date for her wedding, which won’t have a carriage ride and will be low key due to her father ruining everything for her. Chandra mentions that it’s unusual for royals not to set a date this late. Duchess Kate went to a diplomatic reception in velvet McQueen. She was wearing a giant tiara with her hair up and had a giant diamond statement necklace and earrings. It was so classic and gorgeous. I was seriously jealous and just want to know what it’s like to wear that many diamonds. Chandra thought the shoulders of that dress looked perfect and balanced perfectly with her accessories. Golden Globe and SAG Nominations: Minutes 18:30 to 24:00 This week the Golden Globe and SAG Nominations came out, with lots of love for The Irishman, Marriage Story and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood which could end up the safe pick for Oscar voters. People love the Korean film Parasite, which is only the second foreign language movie to be nominated for best ensemble at SAGs. Game of Thrones got shut out at the Globes except for a nomination for Kit Harington, but they did get a best ensemble nomination at SAGs. Irishman is not that interesting to me as it runs really long and Chandra mentions that, like Ford vs. Ferrari, it’s a dad movie in that it’s easy for guys to watch, it’s about gangsters and has all their favorite actors in it. I mention the criticism of Marriage Story that it’s like every acting class where students have to yell at each other. Chandra brings up the whitewashing of Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach’s relationship, which likely started when Noah was married to Jennifer Jason Leigh. Lizzo showed her ass and made it about empowerment: Minutes 24:00 to 27:50 Lizzo was courtside at the Lakers vs. Timberwolves game in LA. She wore a dress with the ass cut out and she had on fishnets and a thong underneath. Then she twerked in that dress to her song Juice when the Laker Girls were performing to it. In response she recorded a video to her stories in which she tried to make it about empowerment. Chandra thinks both things can be true, it can be body positive and that Lizzo has every right to have her ass hanging out, but that it’s over the top too. Lizzo’s response is similar to Lena Dunham in that she’s manufacturing controversy so that she can act indignant and issue a statement about it. Chandra thinks there’s somewhat of a backlash against Lizzo. User Feedback: Minutes 27:50 to 28:40 Last week I said that Toni was our first binge listener, but I totally forgot that Rose told us she was binge listening months ago. I’m sorry Rose! Also Clumsyme said we were her number one podcast this year which is surprising, but we’ll take it! Comments of The Week: Minutes 28:40 to My comment of the week is from Darla on the post about Kanye wearing a silver bodysuit and silver paint for a performance at Art Basel. Chandra’s comments of the week are from Zapp Brannigan and Lala11_7 on the blind item and Greta Gerwig posts. Thanks for listening bitches and have a great holiday!
Intro: Minutes 0:00 to 7:40 I got a new car and love it. It’s a Chevy Impala but I went in thinking I would get a Nissan Altima. Chandra’s dad always told her to buy American but that’s based on the fact that American cars used to be more reliable and easy to fix. We’ll be back next week for another episode and are off for the holidays and awards season until the first week of February. We’re nervous about January as there is an awards show every Sunday that month! The Oscars are on February 9th so we’ll have a filler episode on February 10th.  Trump is mad at world leaders for talking about him: Minutes 7:40 to 10:45 Trump went to London, making us embarrassed to be Americans as usual, but at least people in other countries feel sorry for us. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was caught on a hot mic gossiping to other world leaders about Trump. In response Trump called Trudeau “two-faced.” Chandra likes that Princess Anne was so involved in that gossipy group, along with French President Emmanuel Macron, British PM Boris Johnson, and Dutch PM Mark Rutte. Prince Andrew’s disastrous interview and The Queen possibly stepping down: Minutes 10:45 to 19:10 During our break Prince Andrew did that horrific BBC interview where he didn’t express any sympathy for the victims and instead sounded more sorry for Jeffrey Epstein. Interviewer Emily Maitlis was very prepared and called him sout. Andrew lied about everything, denied knowing Virginia Roberts and denied even “sweating” during the time he not-so-allegedly raped her. Here’s a link to the article I mention about how Andrew’s alleged lack of sweating is not likely to be caused by trauma as he claims. His story and the palace’s story changed after the reaction to the interview was overwhelmingly bad. The Queen initially supported Andrew and has been seen out with him, but the palace is now trying to shield her from criticism. Andrew has been fired from royal duties, but it took Charles stepping in and taking charge. It’s unknown whether the Queen will hand over duties to Prince Charles. Peloton Ad goes viral: Minutes 19:10 to 23 A Peloton Ad where a woman is gifted one of their $2,250 bikes by her husband went viral. The actress looked scared, the gift seemed to be out of the blue and the woman seemed obligated to work out, even taping her workouts for her husband. It seemed more like a portrait of an abusive marriage than a look into exercise changing someone’s life. Peloton’s stock dropped and their response was indignant, saying that the ad was misunderstood. Peloton knows their target audience, rich bitches in gilded cages. Knives Out spoiler-free review and what we watched over Thanksgiving: Minutes 23 to 31:45 I went to go see Knives Out in my local theater wearing my best white chunky sweater and it had left the theater already! Chandra saw it and loved it. She says it has an Agatha Christie vibe with a gorgeous set design, but modernized. She particularly loved Chris Evans in it, but considers Toni Collette the weak link. I’m not a fan of Toni Collette after enduring Hereditary, which I hated. Chandra just saw Midsommar, by the same writer/director Ari Aster, and loved it. This is surprising to me because she usually hates horror movies. Chandra only watched five minutes of Us though and had to turn it off when it got too scary. She also recommends the Andy Murray documentary, Resurfacing, on Amazon Prime. I saw Free Solo finally and it was scary. Chandra liked The Farewell but isn’t sure Awkwafina is a lock for a best actress nomination. She says The Hustle is worth a quick rental as it’s funny and stupid. I loved JoJo Rabbit, which was sadder than I thought it would be. Chandra loves the What We Do in The Shadow series with JoJo Rabbit writer/director Taika Waititi. If you are looking for new podcasts and shows to watch, I recommend the Podjiba podcast by our friends at Pajiba. I love listening to people talk about TV and they’re so funny together. User Feedback Minutes 31:45 to 32:30 Thanks to our first binge listener, Toni! We also talk about Briana and LaUnica Angelina, who is always so nice to us! I love talking to her and am thinking about her after she lost her brother. (We recorded this before I learned about that.) Comments of the week: Minutes 32:30 to 36 My comment of the week is from stepup on the post about Chrissy Teigen saying turkey tastes like ass. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Ann on the post about Taylor Swift’s People Magazine cover interview. Thanks for listening bitches!
Intro: Minutes 0:00 to 8:30 We’ll be off for the next three weeks and are coming back for two weeks in December. After that we will be off all of January. See our podcast post for #36 for a link to the calendar of release dates.  Minute 3:00: I ask Chandra how long she’s been sober, and it’s much longer than I remember. We talk about our sobriety, which I wanted to discuss after reading her introduction to the story about Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson. I mention how smart and thoughtful Kaitlynn Carter, Miley’s ex, sounded in her essay about their fling. While I do not talk about this on the podcast, I got a really moving email from a reader who said that my coverage of the Jamie Lee Curtis story resonated with her and that she’s going to quit drinking. I just wanted to give her support here and hope she is able to see and listen to this. Keanu’s age-appropriate relationship: Minutes 8:30 to 13:00 Keanu Reeves, 55, went to the LACMA art and film gala with his new-to-us girlfriend, a 46-year-old artist named Alexandra Grant whom he met around 2011 when they worked on a book together. She looks like Helen Mirren and has gorgeous silver hair. It’s unknown when they became more than friends. People quoted an insider who said they started dating earlier this year and that he wants to “openly share his life with her,” which is the sweetest and sounds just like Keanu. Other stories claim they’ve been dating since the summer of 2017. He’s a wonderful person and there are so many stories about him being kind and helpful. Plus he rides motorcycles, that always gets me. Richard Gere and Dennis Quaid’s much younger partners: Minutes 13:00 to 17:30 Last week we talked about Peter Cook’s engagement to a 21-year-old coed. Richard Gere, 70, has a 36-year-old wife and she’s now expecting her second baby with him. Their first baby is nine months old and he has a 19-year-old son with Carrie Lowell. Dennis Quaid, 65, is engaged to a 26 year-old he’s dated six months tops and he wants to get married soon. Chandra says that Dennis Quaid’s fiance reminds her of Bobby Flay’s ex, Stephanie March, and we go off on a funny tangent about the “Cheater” banner that flew over his Walk of Fame ceremony! The palace covered up reports on Epstein in 2015: Minutes 17:30 to 24:00 Journalist Amy Robach was caught on a hot mic revealing that the palace shut down a 2015 report that she was preparing for ABC news on Jeffrey Epstein. They didn’t want his dear friend Prince Andrew exposed as a rapist. Virginia Roberts was 17 when she was trafficked to Prince Andrew and was photographed with him in 2001. She spoke to Robach for that report. The palace said they would deny access to the popular royals if ABC ran that story. Andrew is still doing events and his mother Queen Elizabeth is still protecting him while not lifting a finger to stop the negative coverage about Meghan. Chandra wonders why Princess Beatrice hasn’t announced a wedding date yet. It could be because her father’s crimes keep making headlines. The battle of the Mr. Darcys: Minutes 24:00 to 30:00 There was a debate on Twitter as to which Mr. Darcy in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was hottest, Colin Firth in the 1995 miniseries and Matthew Macfadyen’s Darcy in the 2005 film. Chandra wrote about it and that was one of our most popular posts last week as people have strong opinions about the hottest Mr. Darcy! She thinks that both Darcys are great in their own way while I slightly prefer Matthew Macfadyen. I’m not a huge Austen fan but I loved the 1995 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility and owned it on VHS. She recommends the BBC’s Sense and Sensibility mini series from 2008 and their Emma mini series with Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller from 2009. I didn’t like the Gwyneth Paltrow Emma movie from 1996, but I never liked her. Chandra liked her in Sylvia and we go off on a tangent about Daniel Craig, whom she thinks makes a great Bond but I find too grumpy. We want Idris Elba to be Bond! Comments of the week: Minutes 30:00 to 35:00 My comment of the week is from Pineapple on the post about how John Cena is an awesome person. Chandra’s comments of the week are from Lorelei and Valiantly Varnished on the post about baby Archie being an adorable genius. Thanks for listening bitches! Call us at 434-218-3219. 
Intro: Minutes 0 to 8:00 My town postponed Halloween and I’m not happy about that. Chandra thinks everything was crappy last week due to Mercury retrograde. (This is the article where she got the wall of text I mentioned which she posted into our google document!) I think that’s a post hoc fallacy, but I am waiting to buy a new laptop until it’s over just in case, as I mentioned in this Twitter thread. Halloween is my favorite holiday as you get to dress up and it’s the candy holiday! We wonder whether every holiday is a candy holiday.  Royals: Minutes 8:00 to 15:00 Duchess Meghan received support from 72 female MPs, who called out the racist coverage she’s been getting in the British press, without ever using the word “racist.” The MP who took the lead on that, Holly Lynch, got a personal phone call from Meghan thanking her. Chandra and I both love Meghan and find her so genuine, warm and hardworking. It’s bizarre to us that the British tabloids aren’t embracing this about her and capitalizing on her charm. Meanwhile no one is talking about Prince Andrew’s very real crimes. Lori Loughlin: Minutes 15:00 to 18:30 Lori Loughlin is covering People Magazine for the third time, and from the sourced quotes it’s clear that she’s still just as delusional and self-righteous as ever. I say that she’s never changed her tune from the beginning, but Chandra says at least Lori recognizes she should have taken the plea deal even if she still thinks she can fight it. Thanks Karen on Twitter for asking us to read part of Lori’s ridiculous sourced quotes with the background music, like I love to do. Poor Lori was “duped by unscrupulous people,” you can’t understand you guys! Lori will “take the fall” for her daughters, which Chandra says makes her daughters look guilty too. I don’t think they’re smart enough to run anything. Peter Cook’s engagement to a 21-year-old: Minutes 18:30 to 24:00 Peter Cook is Christie Brinkley’s emotionally abusive POS ex husband. He is engaged to a 21-year-old woman who comes from a wealthy, well-connected family. I let Chandra know that I edited a key part of her story about it, but I don’t disagree with what she wrote and am actually a bit ruder about that. Here’s a link to the Instagram photo we laugh about where you can see her engagement ring and boob in the same shot. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss: Minutes 24:00 to 27:00 The creators of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, admitted they had no idea what they were doing when they first started the show and refused to take advice or accept help. Then we heard that they lost their three picture Star Wars deal with Lucasfilm. That was because they signed a deal with Netflix around the same time. The Hollywood Reporter article on that was dishy and made it sound like the head of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, had screwed up a lot by giving huge deals to unproven filmmakers. User feedback: Minutes 27:00 to 28:30 Thanks Esmom and Thomet for your kind comments! Comments of the week: Minutes 28:30 to 33:00 My comment of the week was on Instagram from ThePupilinDenial on the post about Katie Holmes’s bizarre street style. Chandra’s comment of the week is from susiecue on the post about Laurie Loughlin being duped by unscrupulous people. We have a special bonus from Hecate, who picked DameJudy’s comment on the story about filmmakers being mad at Netflix for their feature of being able to watch shows speeded up. I go on a tangent about Blockers, which I mistakenly thought Judd Apatow did. I also give spoilers for that crazy teen movie on Netflix, The Package. You can leave us a voicemail or text at 434-218-3219. Thanks for listening bitches! 
Intro: Minutes 0 to 3:45 We’re back after I had an acoustic crisis after cleaning out my office. I’ve installed sound panels and moved couch cushions, which seem to have fixed the problem more than all the acoustic muffling supplies I bought off Amazon! This is our promised Halloween episode, which is somewhat of a follow-up to our ghost story episode, #16. Lori Loughlin: Minutes 3:45 to 8:00 Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, are facing up to 50 years in prison following a third indictment “to commit federal bribery” by trying to bribe USC officials. We both agree that Lori is a terrible person who has been playing the victim, which likely affected her case. I mention a recent commenter smearing Sofia Vergara who just happened to be commenting from California. We feel sorry for Sofia for having to go through that lawsuit with her crazy ex, but she’s living her best life with Joe Manganiello. Royals: Minutes 8:00 to 23:45 Duchess Kate and Prince William had a successful royal tour of Pakistan, which was due to Kate’s newfound confidence. She can be awkward during appearances, and this is a positive change for her. Meghan is a good role model as well as being a good scapegoat for the media. Prince William looked miserable during that trip, but that’s typical of him. The new documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey aired on ITV and ABC in the US. You can see what a team The Sussexes are and how well suited they are for each other. They’re both very hard workers who are dedicated to their causes and want to make a difference. Harry worked on his mental health before he met Meghan and she has also made him a better person. He’s self aware and vulnerable but that in no way makes him “fragile.” William’s sourced statements to the press about the Sussexes are gaslighting. Meghan is a positive person but she can have blinders on and refuse to see the downside. They’re fighting back now and it’s impressive how well they’re managing that. Chandra’s ghost stories: Minutes 23:45 to 30 Chandra retells her most chilling ghost story, which happened a year to the day and hour(!) that her father passed away. Her mother has a similar story with an even more chilling twist. Chandra also had a very scary experience at college. Hecate’s Halloween doll collection: Minutes 30 to 46 Hecate and I talk about her awesome Halloween doll displays, which are centered around her maybe-haunted childhood doll, Jessica Gwendoline, who wreaks havoc when she is not the center of attention. I’ve included photos of the dolls below and you can see more on her Instagram! Here’s a link to the photo that Hecate mentions where Jessica Gwendoline’s eyes appeared painted where they weren’t before. This is how they looked before. We also talk about the power of belief, whether haunted objects exist and whether it matters. User Feedback: Minutes 46 to 48 Thanks to Myrtle and Becks1 for your feedback. I also wanted to thank everyone who gave me skydiving encouragement, including ChicagoAudrey, Hollah and Manda. I will definitely do that I just have to wait until it gets warm again. Chandra doesn’t think I should reschedule that. Comments of the Week: Minutes 48 to 51:30 My comment of the week is by Meghan on the post about Jana Kramer defending her husband for receiving and deleting nude photos of “bots.” Chandra’s comment of the week is from Market Street Minifig on the post about Miley Cyrus being homophobic. Thanks for listening bitches! Text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.  
Intro: Minutes 0 to 5 My skydive was canceled due to weather and Chandra thinks I should not reschedule it. I’m watching two sweet dogs and can’t reschedule it for a while anyway. Chandra talks about how much work two cats are compared to just one. Also people were in a bad mood this week. Royals: Minutes 5 to 9:45 Harry is joining a lawsuit against the British tabloids for the hacking scandal. Not much is known about that. Kate made a couple of appearances and she looked really lovely, her style is improving. It’s unclear what she’s doing exactly other than attending meetings. Kate is hyping the Early Years program but the details are very vague. I make the point that attending meetings can be a lot of work in itself and she deserves some credit for that. Hot mayor of Minneapolis: Minutes 9:45 to 13:30 The mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, told Donald Trump he would have to prepay to hold one of his Nazi rallies there. Trump is known for making cities foot the bill and eat this cost. Trump tweeted at Frey and he handled it like a boss! Chandra and I talk about how gorgeous and woke mayor Frey is and she recommends that I creep his Instagram.   Angelina Jolie: Minutes 13:30 to 16:30 Angelina Jolie has been looking gorgeous at the many premieres and photocalls for Maleficent. She also gets along great with her costars Elle Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer, who are also bringing the looks to the red carpet. Angelina has been opening up more about what she went through in her marriage and during her separation, and it sounds like she’s on the other side of that now. (Note: I was referring to Angelina’s look in Beverly Hills and Chandra was referring to her look in Rome! I was confused about that. She looked gorgeous both place.) Wag Fight: Minutes 16:30 to 19 Coleen Rooney is married to British footballer Wayne Rooney. She noticed that details from her life posted to her private Instagram were being published by The Sun. Colleen set up a sting and busted and named fellow wag Rebekah Vardy as the leaker. Rebekah acted all indignant and said it must have been her assistant who sold the stories, not her. We find this story hilarious! Mindy Kaling: Minutes 19 to 22 Mindy Kaling told Elle that she felt targeted and marginalized by the Television Academy, which told her to provide letters and proof that she was a producer on The Office in order to be eligible for an Emmy. Instead of acknowledging her experience, the Television Academy said this was a common practice and acted like it was no big deal. This happens often to women and POC. I talk about Mindy’s recent Instagram post from inside her closet. Chandra mentions Mindy’s Architectural Digest spread, which you can see here.   User Questions: Minutes 22 to 26 Jessica left a voicemail asking us how we got into online gossip. I first made an entertainment-related site a few days after Princess Diana’s death and it got shown on MSNBC. We talk about what a global star she was. I mention the Instagram account Lady Di Revenge Looks. Chandra has always loved gossip and read People and Vanity Fair when she was in high school. She got into online gossip when Paris, Lindsay and Britney were hanging out together and flashing the paparazzi. That was around the time I started Celebitchy and I remember that era so well! I had to delete so many of those posts. Comments of the Week: Minutes 26 to 31 My comment of the week is from Krakken on the post about Elizabeth Warren being a cougar. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Mtec on the post about what Kate might do with her big initiative eventually. Thanks for listening bitches! You can contact us at 434-218-3219
Intro: Minutes 0 to 5 We had an awesome week and are really looking forward to impeachment hearings. I talk about the tandem skydive I had scheduled for the weekend. I decided to do that after covering an interview with Viola Davis who had just done a plane jump. (Update: that didn’t happen due to a weather cancelation and I have to reschedule!) We talk about Viola’s Emmy sneakers and how wedges and flip flops are comfortable. Royals: Minutes 5 to 13:45 Harry and Meghan are suing the Mail on Sunday for publishing a handwritten letter Meghan wrote to her father, Thomas Markle. Meghan set that up perfectly by sending her father the letter in August after he ditched her wedding. The text of the letter directly contradicted the claims Thomas had been making to the media for months. The letter was then referenced in a People cover article about Meghan in February. Thomas took the bait and sold the letter to the Mail right after that. It was a smart strategy by Meghan and Harry, which Thomas played right into. Harry’s letter to the media about the lawsuit put so many outlets on notice for their negative coverage. Reports vary as to whether Harry told the Queen and his father about the lawsuit and/or his letter. We talk about Meghan’s shirtdresses on this tour. I love shirtdresses but Chandra doesn’t like them because she has big boobs. We doubt trench dresses are ever going to catch on. Meghan is such a natural and is so great at her job. Angelina Jolie: Minutes 13:45 to 17:45 Angelina is doing a press tour for the first time in years. She’s been giving quotes which sound like she’s referencing problems in her marriage to Brad Pitt. Chandra thinks she’s saying that the past few years have really hurt. I remember when Jennifer Lopez made similar oblique references about her marriage to Marc. US Magazine reported supposed insider quotes that Angelina thinks Brad pressured her into getting married and that she will never marry again, but we think that was an educated guess. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: Minutes 17:45 to 22 Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin had a fun second wedding with friends in South Carolina, although they were officially married over a year ago. I say they got married so they could have sex, and Chandra reminds me that they dated prior to this and had already had sex, and that Justin opened up about his relationship issues which he wanted to work out before getting into another serious relationship. Justin bought two savannah breed exotic cats at a cost of $35,000! We think they look beautiful but very naughty and that he should have adopted rescue kitties instead. User Feedback: Minutes 22 to 26:30 Thanks to Cristin and Lady D for letting us know how they found us years ago. We love stories like that! That makes us reminisce about the Gosselins and how trashy they were. DogObsessedGirl texted us that she works at a doggie day care and that the dogs are soothed by the Great British Baking Show! Chandra’s sweet late dog Pogu used to love it too and British shows in particular. Her cats now enjoy tennis, which is good because Chandra watches so much of it. Comments of the Week: Minutes 26:30 to 31:30 My comments of the week are from virginfangirls and CharliePenn are on the story about the rogues gallery around President Trump and what scumbags they are. Chandra’s comments of the week are from the Vanity Fair cover story about Joaquin Phoenix. OriginalLala summed up Joker director Todd Phillips’ position on “woke culture” perfectly while OriginalRose wrote about how Joaquin is raising his dogs vegan. I didn’t realize that’s what she was referring to and thought it was about vegan hot dogs! We talk about the trend of raising dogs and cats vegan and agree that this is so bad for pets! We have some controversial thoughts on raising kids vegan.  Thanks for listening bitches! Please text or leave us a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 8 I’ve been watching the new season of The Great British Baking Show with my mom, which Chandra loves too. Chandra is watching the docuseries Country Music on PBS by Ken Burns. We talk about Johnny Cash being a huge celebrity and friends with Bob Dylan and what a great show this is. We’re both hopeful after news of an impeachment inquiry, which is putting Chandra in a good mood. I don’t think he’ll be impeached but that it might mean we’re spared four more years. Emmys: Minutes 8 to 11:30 I have trouble falling asleep after big awards ceremonies. Chandra can fall asleep without a problem except on Oscars night. Big winners at the Emmys this year were Fleabag, which Hecate watched but didn’t love, Chernobyl and Game of Thrones. I watched Chernobyl and wish some of the actors would have won instead of the writers. Chandra avoided it because of what a downer it was. Game of Thrones won because it was their last season. Peter Dinklage won despite his character’s lousy story arc. Royals: Minutes 11:30 to 23 We got to see Baby Archie who is huge and looks “scooped out of his daddy’s ass,” as Chandra puts it. Archie is adorable and looks like he’s got a lot of personality. Meghan has been wearing simple, uncontroversial outfits on this African tour. I’ve liked her looks and think she’s trying to keep the focus on her visits. Chandra wishes Meghan hadn’t repeated so many looks from her last tour, especially since she wore a $13,000 dress to a wedding in Rome. She talks about the controversy over Meghan’s hair being half covered, but still hanging out during her visit to a mosque. I thought that was deliberate so she wasn’t criticized for trying too hard. Neither of us liked her dress at that visit, which was baggy and olive-colored. We both liked her black Everlane jumpsuit and her Martin Grant maxi dress. Minute 18: Princess Beatrice got engaged to a guy named Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi . Her ring is pretty but understated. It’s a similar design to Meghan’s ring. We agree that it’s not worth the £300,000 that The Sun says it’s worth. Chandra wonders how much of a blue blood Edoardo is and calls him “trash adjacent,” which is definitely true now. Demi Moore: Minutes 23 to 28 Demi Moore said in her new book that she had threesomes with Ashton Kutcher, that they left her feeling ashamed, and that Ashton Kutcher cheated on her during their marriage. We’ve know Ashton is a cheater for years because two different mistresses came out, on the record, to gossip outlets at the time. Chandra reminded me of that time that Scott Eastwood said his girlfriend cheated on him with Ashton, when Ashton was married. Ashton’s response to Demi’s book was petty and lame but we had to logout of Twitter to see it because he blocked both of us years ago. Chandra talks about her tweet on Emmy’s night calling out Tim Allen for being a Maga, which went viral and drew the attention of the Maga loonies. By saying Ashton is an a-hole we’re not saying Demi is a saint. Brad Pitt: Minutes 28 to 31 Brad Pitt is covering US Magazine with the news that he has a new girlfriend, a 50-year-old jewelry designer and holistic healer named Sat Hari Khalsa. We think it’s cool that she’s age-appropriate for Brad, who is 55. Chandra mentioned the news that Sat Hari was allegedly a sober companion to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which may explain how she met Brad. I found the website for her jewelry line and the pieces are Indian-influenced and crazy expensive. I ask Chandra if Brad is both leaking the news that he’s with this woman and then denying it. She said she thinks that’s the case, because he did that with Neri Oxman. User Questions: Minutes 31 to 34:30 Maggie asked us in a text if we have any LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian news which didn’t make the site. They did contact us and I got a lawyer involved as I explain. My decision about that matter was based on LeAnn naming Celebitchy in a lawsuit against another blogger who had recorded a phone call with LeAnn and posted it. That lawsuit was dismissed. We haven’t heard about LeAnn in a while but assume that Eddie is cheating on her because that’s who he is. I thank LaUnica Angelina and Lila who both gave us nice feedback! Comments of the Week: Minutes 34:30 to 38 My comments of the week are from Luna and Original LaLa about Hillary Clinton’s awesome new look and the impeachment party dress code. Chandra’s comments of the week are from Jenns and Diana on the post about Jennifer Lopez’s shady 1998 interview. Thanks for listening bitches! Our number to text or leave a message is 434-218-3219.
Intro: Minutes 0 to 4 I apologize to my mom, who heard about my car accident on the podcast! Chandra cat Dexter is a needy fatass, but he’s also a sweet cat who is adapting well to his new situation.  Taylor Swift: Minutes 4 to 15 Taylor Swift is covering Rolling Stone’s October issue. She gave a bonkers interview where she was either willfully misrepresenting or misinterpreting her feuds with Kanye West and various other people she thinks did her wrong. She plays the victim so often and is still perseverating about a years-old beef she refuses to let go. Even Taylor’s snake fam isn’t defending her because she went too far. Royals: Minutes 15 to 17:30 We talk about a ridiculous story giving Duchess Kate credit for Duchess Meghan’s successful SmartWorks collection launch. This quickly became a meme. Duchess Meghan also re-upped the trademark for her lifestyle site The Tig, but has no plans to relaunch it Thomas Middleditch: Minutes 17:30 to 22:30 Thomas Middleditch of Silicon Valley told Playboy Magazine that he and his wife were swingers but it sounded more like a one-sided open marriage. He only told his wife he wanted to do this until after they were married. We discuss polyamory and swinging and decide that’s not what’s happening here. Chandra sees how swinging works but doesn’t understand how people can be polyamorous. It all bugs me. Hustlers: Minutes 22:30 to 29 (spoiler free) We both loved Hustlers although I found it a little sad because I didn’t know it would be so serious. We marvel over Jennifer Lopez’s incredible pole dance moves, which she learned in just 6 weeks. Constance Wu hardly danced and all and we both thought she was the weak leak in the ensemble. We loved Keke Palmer and Lili Reinhart though. We think Jennifer could win an Oscar for this. User Questions: Minutes 29 to 35 Jaclyn asked us what we thought about Kanye’s church and whether it’s culty. Chandra thinks it’s Kanye’s way of processing his mental illness. We agree that it’s not that much of a cult because it doesn’t have the hallmarks of one. Here’s a link to the sermon we excerpt. We think it’s more about music and Kanye being egotistical. Comments of the Week: Minutes 35 to 38 My comments of the week are from Trillian and Pineapple on the post about Kate naming the boat which should have been named Boaty McBoatFace. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Mumbles on the post about Taylor Swift covering Rolling Stone. Thanks for listening bitches! You can text us or leave a voicemail at 434-218-3219.
Intro and corrections from last week: Minutes 0 to 7 A lady hit my car with her car but she admitted fault and it seems like it’s going to work out ok. Chandra’s big orange cat has been visiting her neighbor’s gorgeous indoor cat. We have a couple of corrections from last week. Apparently exists but it’s just a vague placeholder site so our criticism is still accurate. Duchess Kate did board at Marlborough college after initially living at home. Jennifer Aniston’s goddess circles: Minutes 7 to 10:45 In Jennifer Aniston’s New York Times profile they mentioned that Aniston and her friends have real goddess circles featuring a decorated talking stick they pass around while sitting on cushions cross-legged on the floor. They do this to commemorate major life experiences like deaths, weddings and divorces. Aniston has been talking about her goddess circle for years but Chandra thought that’s just how she referred to her friends and that it wasn’t literal. Jenna Dewan does this with her friends too and has group meditation led by a shaman. Royals: Minutes 10:45 to 21:30 Duchess Meghan launched her Smart Set collection, which are five versatile wardrobe pieces offered through different retailers and designers, to benefit the Smart Works organization, her patronage providing clothing and job training to women in the workforce. It was very similar to her Grenfell cookbook initiative in that it was a practical solution implemented with the organization’s needs in mind. She gave a speech at the launch explaining how she came up with the idea. Minute 17:30: Duchess Kate covers People Magazine with the title Princess Kate, the mom who will be Queen. Kate gave a speech at the installation of a children’s play garden and it’s clear she has improved in public speaking, especially over the past year. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello: Minutes 21 to 23:30 Shawn and Camila posted a video where they’re licking each other’s faces and teeth. This was in response to people who claimed they didn’t kiss right. We both found it disgusting. Chandra doesn’t like it because she can’t stand when someone licks someone else’s face. I hate hearing people chew and disliked it for that reason. Trump came for Chrissy Teigen: Minutes 23:30 to 27 Trump called Chrissy Teigen the “filthy-mouthed wife” of “boring musician John Legend.” She responded like the social media expert she is and got “pussy ass bitch” trending. It’s ridiculous that this was a story for less than a day and that Trump is targeting so many celebrities and politicians. Chrissy explained on Ellen how this affected her. We both feel sorry for her and think she handled it so well. User questions: Minutes 27 to 29:15 Our user question is from Denise about the equipment we use and how we record the podcast. The Udemy course “Podcasting for Anyone” by Steve Cherubino helped me so much! We use the software program Reaper to record locally, we both record from home and talk on the phone with headphones. We use a backup online recording service called Zencastr. (This is how we recorded the first episode, which is why there were sound quality issues.) It took us a few weeks to work out our method and there have been glitches. The microphones we use are Samson and I have a pop filter to reduce mouth noises and booms on my mic. Comments of the Week: Minutes 29:15 to 32 Chandra’s comment of the week is from Jens on the post about Todd Palin divorcing Sarah Palin. My comments of the week are from DS9 and Rapunzel on the post about Trump’s sort-of press conference. Thanks for listening bitches! You can leave us a voicemail or text 434-218-3219.
28: Jennifer Aniston misses the 90s, Duchess Meghan gets blamed for everything, Britney Spears' dad abused her son Intro and our schedule: Minutes 0 to 5:45 We’re here up until the holidays! We’ll be taking off the week before, during and after Thanksgiving so we’ll be off from November 18th to December 2nd. We’ll be back two weeks in December and will be off again from December 23rd and all of January. Chandra has to make some tough decisions regarding her mom but she’s not doing it alone. I pulled out my back this week! There’s nothing like pulling out your back to make you feel old. Royals: Minutes 5 to 20 There’s a lot more royal news this week. Organizers of events Prince Andrew had scheduled in Ireland have canceled their invitations due to his connections to Epstein. There are rumors that he has nothing on his schedule. This is fitting but still there is hardly any press about it. Prince Harry launched a new eco-travel program called Travalyst which will offer eco-conscious travel options in conjunction with, SkyScanner, CTrip, TripAdvisor and Visa. He’s been working on it for years but they don’t have a website and a very similar domain,, is already an established German site. Minute 12:30: Kate and William took their kids to school at Battersea on Charlotte’s first day. I think it’s nice that they’re going to a day school and not boarding school, but Chandra points out that they’re too young for boarding school anyway. Kate wore a floral dress by Michael Kors and debuted honey caramel highlights in her hair. We thought she looked great for this photo op, if a little dated. Minute 17: Meghan and Harry haven’t gone to Balmoral yet and there’s speculation they’re “snubbing” The Queen, but she’ll still be there for a while. There’s a horrific hit piece coming against Meghan on 60 Minutes Australia. Britney Spears: Minutes 20 to 23:30 Britney Spears’ dad Jaime abused her son Sean Preston, 13. He apparently broke down a door and shook the boy. Britney removed her sons from Jamie’s house immediately. Kevin Federline went to the police on Britney’s behalf and also obtained restraining orders for their sons against their grandfather. We wonder what impact this will have on Britney’s conservatorship. Jennifer Aniston: Minutes 23:30 to 26 Jennifer Aniston said that the 90s were simpler due to less technology and people not being attached to their phones. We could definitely relate and don’t think she was presenting it as anything other than her own experience. Brad Pitt: Minutes 26 to 31:30 Brad Pitt did an interview with the New York Times in which he revealed that he’s been going to AA. He didn’t state this directly, but it was written in the article. I wonder if this breaks the 11th tradition. Chandra mentions that the year and a half timeline on Pitt’s AA attendance was probably court ordered. Angelina Jolie: Minutes 31:30 to 32:30 Angelina will be promoting Maleficent at the same time as Brad is promoting Ad Astra. She sent Maddox to college and that must have been an emotional moment for her. Scarlett Johansson Minutes 32:30 to 34:30 Scarlett is covering THR, where she talks about how she believes Woody Allen and would work with him anytime. She’s been a problematic person for a long time and people tend to forget that. User Questions 34:30 to 37:45 Our user question is from Snewstie about adding likes or thumbs up/thumbs down buttons to comments. Comments of the Week 37:45 to 41 My comments of the week are from Louise, Jerusha and whatWHAT? on who will attend the Trump fundraiser. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Jay about potential marketing for The Joker. Thanks for listening bitches! Call or text us at 434-218-3219  
Intro: Minutes 0 to 4:30 I’m watching my friend’s border collie, Mango, for a couple of weeks and Chandra is caring for her mom’s big boi kitty, Dexter. Dexter is getting along ok well with Chandra’s panther kitten. He’s a talkative cat and a sweetheart. Due to next Monday falling on Labor Day, we’re taking it off and will be back on September 9th! Royals: Minutes 4:30 to 13 We heard that the Sussexes took vacations to Ibiza and Nice in the past few weeks. While we would question how many vacations they’re taking, the tabloid criticism has been racist and over the top. Elton John issued a statement that he lent the Sussexes his private jet, which uses carbon offsets, and the use of his estate in France. Jameela Jamil and Jessica Mulroney defended Meghan against the racist coverage of her. I found the original quote that Jameela referenced and it’s worse than it sounds. Meanwhile Prince William and Duchess Kate made sure to be photographed leaving a budget flight to Scotland, just as the press was attacking Meghan and Harry for taking a private flight. It looks like The Cambridges are planting these stories to control the press cycle, similar to how they announced their Pakistan tour on a Saturday when the Sussexes were in Toronto at a baseball game. Lori Loughlin is such a victim: Minutes 13 to 16:30 Lori Loughlin and her daughters Olivia and Isabella are covering People Magazine dressed all in white of course. Lori is facing serious jail time after rejecting a plea deal, after which more charges were brought against her and her husband for their part in Operation Varsity Blues. Lori remains deep in denial and claims she’s been living in her own prison – in her mansion, where she can come and go as she pleases. Chandra thinks Lori is a clueless rich bitch like Lucille Bluth in Arrested Development, except not as interesting. Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham’s bad taste: Minutes 16:30 to 22 Taylor Swift did a fashion collaboration with Stella McCartney. We have a longstanding and well deserved dislike of Stella’s fug designs. It ended up being concert merchandise that’s very 80s mall. Lena Dunham shared photos of her terrible 80s interior design. It’s full of tchotkes and is pastel and ugly. Her personal style is very similar to her writing. Gwyneth Paltrow’s book curator: Minutes 22 to 26:30 Gwyneth Paltrow hired a book curator to outfit her house with books The guy’s name is Thatcher Wine, which doesn’t sound like a real name. This is offensive to Chandra on so many levels as she’s a book lover and thinks that books should have meaning and be well used. I mention Marie Kondo culling people’s books and Chandra says she’d pay someone to help her reduce her book collection. User Feedback: Minutes 26:30 to 27:30 Our user feedback was from Renata in Poland who appreciates our political coverage and likes hearing how American women feel about the administration. Comments of The Week: Minutes 27:30 to 31:40 My comment of the week was from FridaK on the post where Cindy Adams was racist. Chandra’s comments of the week were from JB and Lena on the post with Taylor Swift’s new fashion. Thanks for listening bitches!
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