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Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:30 We recorded on Wednesday this time due to my schedule. We’ll be off next week and back on June 4th and 11th hopefully. Chandra is watching Shining Girls on Apple+ and really likes it. She’s also watching The Essex Serpent but is not sure about it. Royals: Minutes 6:30 to 25:00 On the Friday after we last recorded, the Sussexes confirmed through their spokesperson that they would be attending the Jubilee and would be bringing their children. Chandra was surprised that they’re coming but not that they’re skipping the balcony. Just prior to that announcement there was an official statement from the Queen that the balcony would be reserved for working royals. It’s very likely this was Harry’s idea so they could avoid that media circus. Omid Scobie reported that sources have long said that Harry doesn’t want to be on the balcony. There’s been a lot of hand-wringing about how the Sussexes are going to pull focus from the Queen along with the concern that they’re going to bring Netflix cameras with them and will film at Frogmore Cottage. Chandra thinks the Sussexes will be respectful, but that they are filming a docuseries about their work, which was reported by Page Six after we recorded. The Queen did not go to the opening of Parliament this year due to mobility issues. That was attended by Prince Charles and Prince William. William had to walk behind Rose Hanbury’s husband due to his role holding the Crown. William looked really mad but he always looks like that. There have been assurances that The Queen is in control of her faculties and is still making decisions, however it’s unclear how much of her Jubilee she’ll attend. She first canceled her appearance at the Royal Windsor Horse show last weekend, but she eventually showed up and was using a cane. She went on both Friday and Sunday to see the events. On Tuesday she was at Paddington station with Edward to open a new line called the Elizabeth Line. Queen Elizabeth was the first person to buy a ticket for the line during that appearance. A Black transit worker came to help the Queen use a touchscreen. When the man came close to her Edward touched him on the arm and told him to step back! It was demeaning and rude. Prince William went to the Football Association Cup final at Wembley Stadium last weekend. He was booed loudly by the crowd as he shook hands with the teams to open the match. Omid Scobie tweeted that some Liverpool fans blame the FA for mishandling the investigation of the Hillsborough disaster, which was a fatal overcrowding of an FA final in 1989 resulting in 97 deaths. Liverpool people also hate Tories for good reason and William is a Tory stooge. Some MPs condemned Liverpool fans for booing William while Liverpool’s manager said the fans “wouldn’t do if there was no reason.” Charles and Camila are now doing their whirlwind tour of Canada and there’s not much interest in them. They seem to be trying to fly under the radar. There was a report on MSN that has now been pulled that Kate and William are separated. It’s based on a translated report from a European tabloid and is likely just speculation based on what we’ve already heard, but it rings true given what we know about their living situation. The British tabloids have been building a case that they are separated. Comments of the Week: Minutes 25:00 to end My comment of the week is from Love Gossip on the story about Elon Musk making excuses about why he can’t move forward with the Twitter purchase. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Valerie on the same story. Thanks for listening bitches!  
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 3:45 Chandra’s washer broke so she got a new washer/dryer. The AC in my car is broken too. I want a newer car but I’m going to wait. Supreme Court: Minutes 3:45 to 7:00 On Monday night, when the Met Gala had wrapped and we were headed to bed, Politico leaked a draft majority opinion from Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in the Hobbs case, stating that Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey must be overruled. The leak seems to be a power move by conservatives. We kind of knew this was coming, but it still sucks. Met Gala: Minutes 7:00 to 17:00 So many attendees ignored the theme of Gilded Glamor completely. Chandra thought the Louis Vuitton people had the best and the worst looks. Chandra’s best dressed was Billie Eilish. We loved the Thom Browne looks as they were on theme along with Laura Harrier in H&M. Chandra thought Blake Lively looked very mall girl in her Versace. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about the Met Gala. We liked Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s dresses but think that Megan didn’t need the high slit. Sarah Jessica Parker put a lot of thought and research into her gown. Hillary Clinton had historical women’s names embroidered into her gown. Royals: Minutes 17:00 to 26:15 We’re getting a lot of follow up stories from Tina Brown’s book The Palace Papers. Chandra has been excerpting from the chapters about Meghan. They’re framed as being negative about Meghan but they really show how bad palace staffers are at their jobs. We heard that the palace staff couldn’t deal with Meghan’s level of directness. It sounds like they were used to working light easy schedules. Tina Brown also basically confirmed that Angela Kelly was the one who leaked the negative tiara stories about Meghan. She’s also trying to smear Meghan for not enjoying the Australian tour, but it just sounds like Meghan wanted to do more work. We see Meghan’s characteristics – her work ethic, her type A personality – as strengths, but she’s being smeared for them. It’s been confirmed by Prince Harry’s friend Nacho Figueras that Harry will be playing polo in a team with him called Los Padres. Their schedule goes into the weekend of the jubbly, which is June 2nd to the 5th. It seems like the Sussexes aren’t planning on going to the jubilee, but we don’t have confirmation about that. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about this. As Chandra has been covering, Tina Brown’s book is nasty about everyone. In interviews she’s anti-Sussex but is still saying Harry needs to come back to England. Comments of the Week: Minutes 26:15 to end Kaiser’s comment of the week is from Snuffles on the post about Angela Kelly leaking the tiara story. My comment of the week is from Angela H on Hecate’s story where an actual vampire who was giving advice to Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly on safely extracting blood from each other. Here’s a link to the Express shirt I bought, which I don’t really recommend. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 7:00 We will have an episode out next week and are off May 14th. I finished the first season of Yellowstone and really liked it. Chandra is watching Gaslit and loves Betty Gilpin and Dan Stevens’s performances. Chandra really liked The Batman and thinks Robert Pattinson was excellent. Royals: Minutes 7:00 to 32:00 There are two new royal books for which we are getting advanced details and interviews with the authors. The main one is Tina Brown’s The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor–the Truth and the Turmoil, which came out this week on April 26th. Brown has sources in the palace as well as in the Middleton camp. Brown’s book takes Harry and Meghan’s strengths, like their shared vision of helping people and Meghan’s skill at public speaking, and makes them sound like they’re bad and a nefarious plot. Meghan is called “actressy” and characterized as swag-hungry. Chandra has been reading and reporting on the book. In the book, Brown is bitchy to everyone but in interviews she’s very complimentary to Kate. Her talking points are much different than what she’s been writing. In an interview Brown called Harry “unbelievably arrogant” for saying he was concerned about his grandmother. She is racist against Meghan and is downplaying the very real racism Meghan has faced, comparing it to the classism against Kate. In an interview with Marie Claire Brown trashed Meghan. She said that “Meghan got angry so fast, and that’s what’s rocked the family.” This is the angry Black woman stereotype. Brown has not acknowledged the fact that Meghan said in the Oprah interview that she was suicidal while she was pregnant and being smeared by the press. She does not take Harry and Meghan at their word. In the book Brown said Harry liked Meghan because she didn’t come from his “narrow circle” and she “was of a breed he had not encountered.” That’s so racist. Chandra mentions that Brown uses the word “ghetto” in the book when describing Meghan’s career on TV cable. Brown also wrote that Kate was jealous of Meghan’s style and that she was jealous of her sister, Pippa. In another part of the book, Brown wrote about how Carole coached Kate to land and keep William. Carole strategized with Kate about how to handle William when he was cheating on her. Another royal book is coming out on June 21, William at 40: The Making of a Modern Monarch, by Robert Jobson. The advance story we heard from that is about what a rage monster William is, which we already know. Harry’s strength in being a calm, even-tempered person who has been to therapy is painted as a weakness by the press when William is the one flying off the handle. Chandra credits Robert Lacey’s book Battle of Brothers for setting the narratives that these other royal biographies are following. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen and Zakia wonder about the press messaging. Chandra says that the Invictus Games was a turning point that showed how petty and negative the British press is. The Wessexes did their Caribbean tour, where they’re getting much the same reception as the Cambridges did on their struggle tour just with less publicity. Sophie and Edward tried to do it low key, but they still got told that several Caribbean countries want reparations and intend to become republics. When the Queen passes, the commonwealth will be all but over. Prince Charles and Camilla are doing a three day tour of Canada from May 17th to May 19th. Chandra wonders why he’s going for such a short time and thinks it’s because he doesn’t trust his relatives around the Queen. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about the royal tour and the commonwealth countries. Kate did an outing in London with Princess Anne on Thursday where they visited their maternal health patronages. There are about three photos where Anne and other people are side-eyeing Kate. I asked Chandra if she had larger versions of those photos from our agency and curiously those unflattering photos were the only ones out of the set which were lower resolution. Comments of the Week: Minutes 32:00 to end My comment of the week is from notasugarhere on the post about Donald Trump telling Piers Morgan that Prince Harry is whipped. Chandra’s comment of the week is from ThatsNotOkay on the post about Olivia Wilde getting served with custody papers at CinemaCon. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 7:00 I went skydiving! I got through it by focusing on the things I was supposed to do. I’ve been watching The Last Kingdom and Yellowstone and Chandra watched a movie called Shiva Baby. Royals: Minutes 7:00 to 29:00 This past week we had the Invictus Games in The Hague. Before that, Prince Harry and Meghan went to Windsor palace to visit the Queen and we didn’t hear about it until afterwards. Ahead of the games we were hearing that they needed a win with Invictus and that they were getting VIP security in the Netherlands. Chandra says that the UK press was trying to toxify the games. This was such a contrast to the beautiful pictures and videos we saw of Invictus. The fact that they were done visiting the Queen before anyone knew means that the Royal Rota had no idea what they were doing! That may be because William and Kate were on vacation on a ski holiday in France with Kate’s family. Charles was also leaking to the press and was clearly playing catch up. We heard that the Sussexes had to meet with Charles for fifteen minutes before seeing the Queen. Charles is supposedly open to letting them be part-time royals. Meghan and Harry were adorable at the games, they just are so connected and in love with each other and it shows. Meghan was at the first few days of the games and was there for the diplomatic events. We also loved Meghan’s outfits, which were contemporary and classic looking at the same time. She has such a clean, unique style.  On Easter Sunday, as the world was captivated with Harry and Meghan, we saw the royals at Easter service. They just looked so stuffy and outdated in comparison. William and Kate and The Wessexes were there along with Peter Philips. (Note that we called him Mark, his name is Peter. ) There’s been so much speculation and hand-wringing about whether Harry and Meghan will go to the Jubilee in early June, if they will be on balcony if they go, if it will be rude if they don’t go or pulling focus if they do. We heard that the Queen asked Harry to come, but in his interview on Today he said that he wasn’t sure about it. Chandra doesn’t think he’ll go. In that interview Harry said he wanted to make sure his grandmother has “the right people around her.” So much was made of that by the royal rota. The fact that the Queen got covid suggest that Harry was right to be concerned. Charles is said to be mad about Harry’s interview. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about the royals. Chandra thinks that the meeting between Harry and Charles was perfunctory, especially because Harry didn't mention it to Hoda. She thinks that Eugenie, the Queen and Harry organized the meeting with the Queen and that no one knew about it until right beforehand.  A royal commentator named Eamonn Holmes called Harry and Meghan sneaky for visiting the Queen privately. There’s also a clip of him saying “why don’t you just throw them over the balcony?” This is a direct threat to Harry and Meghan. I play a segment from Zoom where we complimented Chandra’s photo selections and writing. She prides herself on her photo choices and has her favorite bad photos of people, particularly the royals.  Comments of the Week: Minutes 29:00 to 33:30 Chandra’s comment of the week is from Lola on the post about the Queen being moved to Sandringham. My comment of the week is from CC on the post about Trump and Piers Morgan fighting. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00 We changed our plans and will be taking off next week for Easter. Our next episode will be out April 23rd. I’m learning how to play pickleball but am confused about the scoring. Chandra mentions the Fast Four rules in tennis. Serena Williams’ tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou has announced he’ll train Simona Halep. Royals: Minutes 6:00 to 17:30 Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were part of a fraud case involving their mom and dad. Eugenie defended her payment of £25,000 by saying she thought it was for her mom’s birthday party. Beatrice received £750,000 for her wedding, which was during lockdown in July, 2020. She didn’t issue a statement like Eugenie but a source told the DM “She knew nothing about this, poor thing.” We think Charles’ fingerprints are all over this news.  There are still stories about the Cambridges moving to Windsor and that they’re looking for estates there. Chandra thinks they’re going to keep Kensington Palace apartment one and Anmer Hall. We don’t know where they’ll move yet, but they’re likely putting out feelers seeing which property Charles and the Queen will give them. Meanwhile we’re still getting analysis of the Cambridges’ ridiculous Caribbean tour and of The Queen bringing Andrew with her to Philip's memorial. The Queen and Prince Andrew think Andrew can make a comeback and they’re obviously focusing on that. As soon as the Queen dies Andrew will be out of sight. Duchess Meghan posted a sweet letter to the animal rescue organization, Mayhew, for which she was a patron for three years. Mayhew announced that Meghan was no longer a patron as of January. Meghan’s letter referenced her dog Guy’s “debilitating accident.” Guy’s two legs were broken in a mysterious incident in 2017 after Meghan moved to the UK. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about the royals. Chandra thinks it was Meghan’s idea to step away from Mayhew. Ghosts: Minutes 17:30 to 25:30 We shared some creepy ghost stories in episodes 16, 34 and 71. Vanessa Hudgens was just on the Kelly Clarkson show. She said she’s been able to communicate with spirits since she was little and that she’s learned to accept it and tune into it. I mention the show Surviving Death which had convincing ghost and reincarnation stories. Chandra mentions the Unsolved Mysteries episode about the 2011 tsunami in Japan. Chandra has had more runins with spirits than me. Her stories are in episodes 16 and 34! Chandra is a Hindu and believes in reincarnation. She wonders if her dad has come back. Comments of the Week: Minutes 25:30 to end Chandra’s comment of the week is from Kalana on the post about Prince William’s temperament. My comment of the week is from outoftheshadows on the post where Paula Patton responded to the controversy over her bad fried chicken recipe. Thanks for listening bitches!  
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:30 We will have episodes out for the next two weeks and will be off on April 23rd. I’m surprised to hear that the Grammys are Sunday. Chandra was sick last week with a GI illness that’s been making the rounds. Royals: Minutes 6:30 to 18:00 Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:30 We will have episodes out for the next two weeks and will be off on April 23rd. I’m surprised to hear that the Grammys are Sunday. Chandra was sick last week with a GI illness that’s been making the rounds. Royals: Minutes 6:30 to 18:00 Last week when we were off the Cambridges had their royal tour of the Caribbean. We thought it would go poorly but it went so much worse than we expected. They had multiple photo ops where they reminded people that they’re out of touch colonialists. They got dumped live on camera by the Jamaican Prime Minister and they did the standing up riding in the Jeep photo op after that. It was so bad that mainstream international media was picking up the story. We will see less royal tours after this and there are rumors of an inquest as well. William’s final statement about the tour sounded angry that it didn’t go as he expected. Kate’s fashion and appearances were an embarrassment. Her fashion is sending a message that she wants to return to a bygone era. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about this. We wonder if the Jamaican prime minister’s hand was forced by how badly William and Kate were doing on the tour. Charles set them up all along, like Chandra has been saying. Prince Charles and Camilla did a little two day victory lap tour of Ireland toward the end of the Cambridges’ Caribbean tour. We also had the memorial for Prince Philip this week. That was similarly a disaster because The Queen was accompanied by Prince Andrew. This was her idea and she insisted on it according to the press. Other sources said that it was Andrew’s idea and he pushed it on the Queen. A lot of the royal family and many European monarchs came to the memorial, but of course Prince Harry wasn’t there. Rose Hanbury was there though. Harry was criticized for choosing to stay home despite the security situation. We’re looking forward to the Invictus Games, which start on April 16th. Oscars and Will Smith: Minutes 18 to 36:30 We had the Oscars over the weekend and there were no upsets in the major categories. We’re so happy that CODA won Best Picture. The ceremony was bloated with nonsensical clip montages and tributes to various movies. Chris Rock presented Best Documentary, which went to Questlove for Summer of Soul. We loved that movie! Watch it on Hulu if you haven’t seen it yet. Chris made an awful joke about Jada Pinkett Smith in his stupid opener. The Academy can’t get their story straight about whether they knew about the joke or whether Chris adlibbed it. After that Will walked up to Chris, smacked him with an open hand, returned to his seat and said “keep my wife’s name out of your f’ing mouth.” I thought it was a bit at first but soon learned it really happened. Chandra remembered that Chris has been targeting Jada for years. Jada has alopecia and has been open about the fact that she’s sensitive about her hair loss. Tanisha, who used to write with us as Oya, has alopecia and covered some of the stories about Jada’s hair loss. I play a segment from Zoom where Tanisha, Zakia, Jasmine, April and Ameerah talk about this. Chandra points out that the Academy handled this incident poorly and should have done something to diffuse the situation. Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry, Bradley Cooper and Nicole Kidman were comforting Will and Jada. Will’s publicist talked to him in the audience. There are competing reports as to whether the Academy asked Will to leave. Will’s Oscar speech afterwards was raw and emotional. In the story about Jim Carrey condemning Will Smith, Chandra asked white people to leave space for people of color. We got hate mail and hate comments for that. Chandra appreciated how people were deferential to Denzel in the aftermath of the incident. Comments of the Week: Minutes 36:30 to end My comment of the week is from Mika on the post about Prince Andrew thinking he’s young and should get another chance with the public. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Byzant on the post about Kate preening at the memorial. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 8:45 Chandra loved CODA, but wishes that The French Dispatch and Cruella got more attention this year. We both saw Summer of Soul and want it to win Best Documentary. Chandra is watching The Golden Age and loves it. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about The Golden Age. Jane Campion: Minutes 8:45 to 17:30 Power of The Dog won Best Picture and Best Director at the BAFTAs, Critics Choice and at the Directors Guild Awards. Oscar voting runs from March 17th until the 22nd. Although Power of The Dog might have been considered the frontrunner for Best Picture and Director after it won so much, that has hopefully changed after director Jane Campion put down Venus and Serena Williams in her speech at the Critics Choice Awards. On Monday Campion issued an apology. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about this. Zakia pointed out that Venus and Serena got a standing ovation when they presented King Richard and that’s why Jane Campion tried to take them down. We hope that Power of The Dog doesn’t win at The Oscars. Royals: Minutes 17:30 to 31:00 Last week we talked about Prince Williams’ racist gaffe during a visit to the Ukrainian Cultural Centre with Kate in which he said “it’s very alien to see this in Europe.” The palace refused to issue a follow up statement or clarification. William didn’t go to the BAFTAs last Sunday even though he’s the honorary president. The Cambridges are still planning that Caribbean tour which is scheduled for March 19th to the 26th. Chandra wonders if The Cambridges are being set up to fail because Jamaica wants to leave the commonwealth. Prince Harry is promoting the Invictus Games, which will take place at The Hague from April 16th to The 22nd. We got a cute video of him trying to speak Dutch to organizers over Zoom. Harry is not planning to visit the Queen when he is in Europe and is not planning on attending the memorial for Prince Phillip on March 29th. Chandra thinks Harry will try to see the Queen around his trip. Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, was in New York for four days but got hardly any attention because no one is interested in her. She brought her own photographer which is good since none of the photo agencies bothered to cover her appearances. On Tuesday she delivered a keynote speech at the UN at the Upholding Women’s Rights in Afghanistan event. The big event this week was the Commonwealth Service, which was on Tuesday at Westminster Abbey. The Queen was not there. The only royals who attended were Kate, William, Camilla and Charles. The 2020 Commonwealth Service was legendary. Kate and William went to the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade for the 1st Battalion Irish Guards. We talk about dog breeds. I want a dog that doesn’t shed and isn’t so big it has a lot of poo to pick up, but can hike with me. (We didn’t talk about this but my mom is telling me to get a Havanese. She also likes Greyhounds and she has a Miniature Schnauzer.) Comments of the Week: Minutes 31:00 to end My comment of the week is from Megan on the post where Kanye worried that Pete is going to get Kim hooked on drugs. Chandra’s comments of the week are from Feeshalori, equality and Sue E Generis on the post about the Cambridges’ Caribbean tour. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:30 I saw King Richard and loved it. I want it to win Best Picture. I also saw CODA and Drive My Car. I liked CODA a lot and Drive My Car was deep but too long. Chandra saw Dune and thought it was really good. Oscar Isaac was especially hot in it. Royals: Minutes 6:30 to 20:00 William and Kate visited the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in London, where William made the obviously racist statement that “For our generation, it’s very alien to see this in Europe.” An initial article claimed that William said that Britons were more used to seeing conflict in Africa and Asia, however the reporter, Richard Palmer, took that part of his reporting back and said he “misheard” William. A less than 30 second video was released of the Cambridges from behind where the only thing you could hear was the direct quote in the article. The quote from William was still racist. It reminds us of the racist remarks from the press about the war in Ukraine. This isn’t the first time Prince William has said racist things in public. In November of last year he made a conservation speech in which he called population growth in Africa “a huge challenge for conservationists,” and he said essentially the same thing in 2017. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about this. Chandra thinks that William gets briefings but thinks that he knows better. We heard that Samantha Markle, Meghan’s grifter half sister, is suing her for $75,000 for supposedly misrepresenting their childhood and their relationship in the Oprah interview. Samantha is claiming that it hurt the sales of her self published book. It’s clearly a money grab and Meghan’s lawyer issued an awesome statement. There was speculation that Meghan might be deposed for this, which is doubtful. Last week we talked about Dan Wootton’s piece saying that Kate will be making appearances without William. The Daily Mail had another story saying that Kate is “more confident” and “relaxed” on trips without him. Royal commenter Angela Levin said that Kate devoted her life to making William happy and helping him feel “important and worthy” which is really true. We got a surprise photo of Prince Harry at a rodeo in Fort Worth, Texas over the weekend. It’s unclear why he was there but Biden was also in Fort Worth at the same time. We can’t figure out what Harry was doing in Texas though. Camilla Tominey wrote an article about how the Sussexes “are rarely seen in LA and certainly not in the Hollywood party scene” and that they don’t even go to the awards shows. She seems mad that we haven’t seen enough of them. There’s speculation that they’ll come visit the Queen in April.  There are some positive stories about the Sussexes. Royal commenter Tom Quinn said that Harry is madly in love with Meghan. Commenter Peter Hunt wrote in the Irish Times that the royals should have worked harder to accommodate Harry and Meghan. Ryan Coogler: Minutes 20:00 to 27:30 Black Panther director Ryan Coogler was handcuffed by cops and removed from a Bank of America in Atlanta in January when he tried to withdraw $12,000 from his own account. He wrote a letter to the teller on the withdrawal slip saying he wanted her to count the money somewhere else and be discreet. He also put his card and pin number in and gave his identification to the teller. The initial reporting by TMZ mischaracterized this and made it sound like he was suspicious. In the 911 call the teller admits that he gave her his identification but says it was from California and that her supervisor told her to call the police. It’s ridiculous that Bank of America would do this to one of their customers. We had people in our comments trolling hard for Bank of America and claiming that they had insider information. It was very suspicious. Chandra remembers the story that Chris Rock would keep a camera in his car to document how many times he was stopped by police. I recommend getting a dash cam.  Comments of the Week: Minutes 27:30 to end Kaiser’s comment of the week is from Luna17 on the post about Sweden’s Princess Victoria & Daniel stepping out together following divorce rumors. My comment of the week is from Lena on the post for the trailer of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’s film Deep Water. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 10 I saw the Oscar nominated live action shorts and want Riz Ahmed’s movie The Long Goodbye to win. We both saw Nightmare Alley and liked it but thought it was too long. Chandra saw House of Gucci and thought there were too many side plots but that Gaga and Adam Driver were good in their roles. She thought King Richard was very good. Royals: Minutes 10 to 24:30 On February 24th, the day that Russia invaded Ukraine, Harry and Meghan were the first royals to issue a statement about it. Of course they were criticized for it widely in the British press. The Cambridges decided that February 24th was the right day to confirm their upcoming tour of Belize, Jamaica and The Bahamas. That was tone deaf to say the least. Two days later the Cambridges issued a statement supporting Ukraine. Prince Charles spoke about Ukraine on March 1st in a speech. Charles and Camilla also donated personally to charities for Ukrainian refugees. Last Saturday Harry and Meghan were given the President’s Award at the NAACP Awards for their charity work. They also announced a new award, the NAACP-Archewell Digital Civil Rights Award, which was given to Dr. Safiya Omuja Noble, who wrote Algorithms of Oppression. Their speech was so good and impressive. This week there was also the Six Nations rugby match, which Kate and William attended with George. We wonder why they didn’t bring Charlotte too. Kate wore a black and white houndstooth jacket, black turtleneck and black pants, which was exactly the look her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, wore to the same event in 1993. Kate and William also went to Wales for St. David’s day. It was a nice visit and they met with people and visited farms and local businesses. They should be doing more of those type of visits. Will said that Kate always has cold hands. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about the royals. We’re also seeing Kate being pushed out more as a senior royal with the typical embiggening pieces and the news that she’s going to be the most prominent female royal and will do more solo events. It’s what we always hear about her and yet we get the same superficial appearances and statements from her. When we off from the podcast last week Kate did a quick tour of Copenhagen where she was late for events and had frequent wardrobe changes. This was obviously meant for a British audience. I wondered why she didn’t give a little report about that, but she said she would in the future. Dan Wootton’s story about Kate seems to be telegraphing a split and makes many comparisons to Charles and Diana. As for their upcoming move, Chandra thinks Kate will move to the country while William will stay in London. SAG Awards: Minutes 24:30 to 31 CODA is a real contender and it looks like Power of The Dog is no longer a sure win for Best Picture. Will Smith and Ariana DeBose seems like shoe-ins for their respective categories. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about the fashion at the SAGs. Comments of the Week: Minutes 31:00 to 36 Chandra’s comment of the week is from ElleV on Dan Wootton’s post about how Will and Kate are going to do separate events, like Diana and Charles. My comment of the week is from CC on the post where Lady Gaga claimed flies were following her on set. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00 We’ll be off next week and back on March 5th. We’re hiring and are looking for someone to write two stories a night from Sunday to Thursday nights. I saw The Eyes of Tammy Faye and loved it. We both want Chastain to win best actress. I also recommend Reacher on Amazon Prime. Royals: Minutes 6:00 to 18 Last week we talked about Prince Charles testing positive for covid after Charles and Camilla went maskless to the British Asian Trust event the night before. Camilla did an event the day it was announced that Charles had covid, and was breathing on people who were preparing food. Camilla tested positive for covid on Monday, which was predictable and outrageous, particularly because she didn’t get called out for going maskless and not isolating after Charles’ diagnosis. Prince Harry went to the Super Bowl with his cousin Eugenie, who was able to visit California without the press knowing ahead of time. Harry and Eugenie wore masks while they were watching the game. Most of the celebrities and people we saw on TV were not wearing masks. There’s a photo of Harry with Mickey Guyton, who sang the National Anthem, and he’s wearing a mask. There are other photos of him meeting Cedric The Entertainer and in the Rams locker room holding the Super Bowl trophy where he’s maskless. We also heard that The Cambridges are going to do a 12 day Caribbean tour in March. Those photos will be interesting. The big news was of course Prince Andrew’s settlement to Virginia Giuffre. He issued a statement not admitting guilt but regretting his association with Epstein. The settlement seems like a quid pro quo between Charles and The Queen in exchange for The Queen declaring that she wants Camilla to be Queen Consort. It also happened before Andrew could be deposed. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about this. We think that Charles, The Queen and Andrew all knew that now was the time to settle. The amount was reportedly £12 million. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian: Minutes 18:00 to 24 Kanye threatened to murder Pete Davidson in the lyrics to a new song, which is his second song threatening Pete. Kanye was posting anti-Pete memes and threatening Pete on Instagram. Kanye also sent a truck full of roses to Kim. Kim sent Kanye a text asking him to stop because Pete could get hurt, and Kanye posted Kim’s message to Instagram. In the midst of all that, Kanye and Julia Fox split up. Julia gave interviews saying that they were fine but had to admit on Valentine’s Day that they had broken up. We think Kim is gray rocking Kanye and also hope she’s getting a restraining order against him. Kanye deleted his Instagram and posted a message that someone on his team surely wrote. Comments of the Week: Minutes 24 to My comment of the week is from LauraW on the post about Novac Djokovic saying he’s not going to get vaccinated for The French Open or Wimbledon. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Melissa on the post about Kanye threatening Pete Davidson. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:45 Chandra’s favorite tennis player, Juan Martín del Potro, retired. I rethink a new friendship. Royals: Minutes 6:45 to 19:30 Prince Charles has covid for the second time. He is vaccinated and boosted. The night before his diagnosis he went to the British Asian Trust event and was mingling maskless. Sunday February 6th was the Queen’s Accession Day, the day she became Queen back in 1952. A few hours before that the Queen released a statement saying that when Charles becomes King she wants Camilla to be style Queen Consort. When Charles married Camilla, he made a deal that she would be styled as “Princess Consort,” but of course Charles has worked for decades to legitimize Camilla and get the public to accept her. We think Charles wrote that statement. We heard that Camilla is going to wear the Queen Mother’s crown, which includes the Koh-i-Noor diamond looted from India. Charles is said to have informed both William and Harry that Camilla would be named Queen Consort before the Queen’s statement was released. Meanwhile there are think pieces about whether the Queen declaring Camilla will be Queen Consort was a wise political decision and if the British public will accept Camilla as Queen. People Magazine is hyping Camilla too with much the same information as in the British press. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about this. Chandra mentions that Camilla picked Diana for Charles because Camilla thought Diana would be easy to control. We’re looking forward to the new season of The Crown. Kate has been doing the most to put her face out there. She visited a Parental Support Project in London and was around little kids without a mask. Her office issued a little book report afterwards showing that she learned something. William also made a one day diplomatic trip to Dubai. Harry’s first statement since the “Queen Consort Camilla” story was about the need for more HIV testing on behalf of the UK’s National HIV Testing Week. He referenced his mothers legacy as an HIV and AIDS patient advocate. Oscar Nominations: Minutes 19:30 to 30:00 We got the Oscar nominations this week and there were some surprises and snubs. Most notably Lady Gaga did not get a nomination for House of Gucci. She was doing the most with her suffering for art narrative, and maybe that was true for her but she really leaned into it. Gaga issued a statement congratulating the hair and makeup team, which was the only nomination House of Gucci received. Chandra was surprised Gaga didn’t get nominated when Kristen Stewart did, which seemed personal. Kristen Stewart called Oscar campaigning embarrassing last year, but still kept it up. Nicole Kidman got nominated for Being The Ricardos. Chandra goes off on how much she hates that movie. She loves The Lost Daughter, particularly the performances. She also liked The Power of the Dog. I play a clip from Zoom where we talk about the Oscar movies. Chandra and I want to see Drive my Car and The Worst Person in the World. We’re not really excited about any of the other movies. We think Jessica Chastain might win Best Actress for The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Either Will Smith or Benedict Cumberbatch will win Best Actor. Comments of the Week: Minutes 30:00 to end My comment of the week is from OriginalLaLa on the post about Dax Shepard filling a water cooled mattress with a protein shake and making it stink up the bedroom. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Anita on the post about Adele at the Brit Awards. We hope Adele is ok after canceling her Vegas residency and wonder what’s going on with her. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:30 We will be off next week and back on February 12th. Chandra took a hard fall on the ice, but she’s OK now. We’re expecting a lot of snow this weekend. Royals: Minutes 6:30 to 22 Last week we talked about the story that Charles invited Harry and his family to stay with him when they come to the UK, never mind the fact that Harry isn’t being allowed to pay for his own security. This week The Sun reported that Harry and Charles have been having “secret talks” and that Harry was the one to reach out. There’s speculation about whether Harry will return for Prince Philip’s memorial in March or April. It’s likely that the date is vague because the Queen’s health is variable. She’s now at Sandringham, which is typical for her in January. Chandra thinks that Harry likely contacted Charles about his security and not for personal reasons. Charles is reportedly worried that Harry’s book, which is scheduled to come out later this year, will be an “excoriating takedown” of Camilla and the fact that Charles was cheating on Diana with Camilla. Charles has been working to rehabilitate Camila’s image which is why he’s so concerned about this. We’re also hearing that Will and Kate may move to a castle in Windsor called Fort Belvedere, where they’ll be close to both London and to Windsor Castle where the Queen lives. The rumors about them moving to a new place started last June. It’s a bizarre story as the family of a late Canadian billionaire lives there now. When the Queen gave the Keens Anmer Hall in 2014, she kicked out a family who was living there. That family had made recent renovations to the kitchen, which the Cambridges ripped out and redid. Kate also did an event this week where she wasn’t obviously single white female-ing Meghan’s style, which is progress for her. She visited the Shout offices in a leopard-print Derk Lam dress which was much more her style. It had buttons down the front, a long ruffle, a pussy bow and puffy long sleeves. The Sussexes are being criticized for not producing any podcasts for Spotify in over a year. Last month it was claimed that Spotify gave them a “gentle nudge” to produce some content. Now the Daily Mail reports that Spotify’s production company, Gimlet, is hiring producers to help them out. Neil Young said he would pull his music from Spotify if they continued to work with podcaster Joe Rogan, because Rogan spreads vaccine disinformation. Spotify called Young’s bluff since Rogan makes them a lot of money. Of course this was an opening for The Sun to call out the Sussexes for still working with Spotify. Aaron Rodgers: Minutes 22 to 28 We last talked about Aaron Rodgers in podcast #108 which was out in November. At that time he was caught lying about being vaccinated after he caught covid. This last weekend, Rodgers’ team the Green Bay Packers lost 13-10 in the playoffs to the 49ers. Everyone was clowning on him, which he deserved. He couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to complain about people rooting against him. Before that playoff game, he did a bonkers ESPN interview. Also, he’s allegedly still with Shailene Woodley, although we heard last month that they have a non-traditional relationship and are “private.” A source told People that Aaron and Shailene don’t talk about “politics.” We wonder how people with such fundamental differences can be together. User Feedback: Minutes 28 to 29:30 We got a nice voicemail from AlarmJaguar who thanked us for keeping the site easy to use. Comments of the Week: Minutes 29:30 to end Kaiser’s comment of the week is from Ashley on the post about Kanye thinking Pete Davidson looks like he shops at the mall. My comment of the week is from jo73c on the post about Stella McCartney redesigning Minnie Mouse’s outfit. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 5:00 We will have an episode out next week and we will be off on February 5th. We got a lot of snow and I was still stuck at home when we recorded. The site got an upgrade and it works for the most part but is taking some getting used to. Royals: Minutes 5:00 to 22:00 As Prince Andrew is getting more press for the Virginia Giuffre case, the British press is desperately trying to smear Prince Harry. They brought out this ridiculous complaint that Harry demanded police security when he visited the UK. After that Harry issued a statement saying that it’s a risk for his family to come to the UK without police protection and that he offered to pay the British police. In his statement, Harry said his security was “compromised due to the absence of police protection” after the Diana statue unveiling. The Daily Mail then got quotes from a retired metropolitan police officer who complained that the police can’t just be available for hire and that Harry can’t offer to pay them, since they’re the ones who decide which royals need security. Dan Wootten criticized Harry for wanting security for his family, as if he was being petulant and refusing to let his grandmother meet his children unless he got his way. The press was scrambling to react after Harry’s statement and removed some of their coverage. We heard that Prince Charles invited the Sussexes to stay with him if they visited the UK. Then royal commentator Angela Levin chimed in to say that Meghan is the one keeping Harry from staying with Charles and reconciling with his family. That doesn’t seem to be their dynamic at all. Last week we talked about the fact that Prince Andrew had his military affiliations and patronages stripped and that he will no longer use his HRH title. There are now sympathetic pieces about him in the press, about how sad he was when mummy took away his patronages, and how William thinks his “heart is in the right place.” Chandra thinks that Andrew was able to leverage his departure into getting money from the Queen. A new documentary aired on ITV in the UK called Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile. That documentary featured a former royal police officer who said Andrew kept 50-60 stuffed bears on his bed as an adult and that he would freak out if the chambermaids put the bears back in the wrong place. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about the royals. William and Kate went to the Foundling Museum together, which was Kate’s first event in over a month. Meanwhile Harry and Meghan sent food trucks to the King center in Atlanta to provide free lunches to the volunteers on MLK day. Chandra remembers when William visited refugees and didn’t bring anything for them. We wonder why Will and Kate don’t copy the Sussexes’ charity work. Kate has been blatantly copying Meghan’s style though. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Minutes 22:00 to 26:00 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce is not completed yet, and Kim is trying to enforce their custody agreement. Kanye has been complaining bitterly in the press about the fact that he can’t come and go from Kim’s house and has to adhere to the terms of his custody agreement. He bought the house across the street from her a few weeks ago and now he’s complaining when she’s enforcing boundaries. He admitted that he sent his cousins over to threaten Kim after Kim’s security stopped him from entering her home. He’s obviously trying to manipulate and control her. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about this. Comments of the week: Minutes 26:00 to end My comment of the week is from Colby on the post about Meghan Fox’s allegedly painful engagement ring. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Becks1 on the post about Lena Dunham forgiving herself for being racist.  Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 8:30 We took an extra week off as I was sick. Chandra watched Dexter: New Blood and recommends it. She also loved The Lost Daughter and The French Dispatch. We both saw Belfast and thought it was cute. Chandra hated Being the Ricardos and Monday. I’ve been watching 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lone Star. They’re so dumb. I also watched the Betty White documentary and have been watching Mount Everest reality shows.  Royals: Minutes 8:30 to 25 Duchess Kate’s 40th birthday was on January 9th. The pieces about her read like parodies. There were so many storiespuffing up Kate and claiming how perfect and amazing she is while promising she’s going to be better. We also got three official portraits of Kate that were taken by Italian fashion photographer Paolo Roversi. She’s wearing McQueen dresses and only one of the photos is in color. Her hair and makeup are different than usual and the photos don’t look like her at all. After those came out we heard how private Kate is and how she’s not flashy and doesn’t want attention like Meghan even though she played the piano at her Christmas concert special. We also heard that William is still really into her. One of the most telling stories was the one about how she’s focusing on her kids and isn’t going to increase her royal engagements for the next 10 to 15 years. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about this. The civil case against Prince Andrew filed by Virginia Guiffre is proceeding. Prince Andrew’s lawyer tried to get it dismissed on technicalities, specifically the terms of a settlement agreement that Epstein paid Guiffre in 2009, and he also tried to argue that she does not live in the US. Those arguments were dismissed by the judge. The trail is likely to be later this year if a settlement is not reached. Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson and possibly Andrew’s daughters Eugenie and Beatrice might be called to sit for depositions. Giuffre’s lawyer said she’s not just looking for a financial settlement. Her lawyer said it’s important to her “that this matter be resolved in a way that vindicates her and vindicates the other victims.” Prince Andrew’s patronages and military affiliations have been “returned to The Queen.” He still has his HRH titles but will no longer use them. This announcement was made after 152 British veterans wrote a letter to the Queen requesting that Andrew’s military ranks and positions be stripped. Andrew has been protected and defended until this point. Meanwhile someone paid off 6.6 million pounds that Andrew owed on a Swiss ski chalet last year. While we were away we got a new photo of the Sussexes for their holiday card which was released to benefit charities. They looked so happy and relaxed. We talk about how the Sussexes highlight charities while the Cambridges highlight themselves. Novak Djokovic: Minutes 25:00 to 30 Serbian Novak Djokovic is the number one player in men’s tennis and he’s also a notorious antivaxxer. Tennis Australia told players that if they’re unvaccinated they could get a medical exemption to come to Australia for the Australian Open as long as they had covid in the last six months. Djokovic applied for a visa using a medical exemption, which he announced. He was detained and sent to the quarantine hotel. He was eventually let out of quarantine and his visa was restored. There are rumors that he’s still going to be deported. We also heard that Novak had covid on December 16th, which is weird because there are photos of him posing with kids maskless on December 17th. He then issued a statement saying that on that day he was waiting for the results of his PCR test, but that he didn’t test positive on the rapid test. He also did an interview and photoshoot after he knew he had covid, but he didn’t inform anyone at the magazine. Comments of the Week: Minutes 30:00 to end My comment of the week is from Eurydice on the post about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s engagement. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Carrotface on the post with Kate’s birthday portraits. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 5:30 We’ll be off for the holidays and back on January 8th. I highly recommend the Netflix documentary 14 Peaks, the inspiring story of Nepalese mountaineer Nims Purja. Chandra recommends the documentary The Truffle Hunters, about the dying art of Italian truffle hunting. Chandra also liked The Power of The Dog after initially giving up on it due to an animal abuse scene. Royals: Minutes 5:30 to 11:15 Duchess Kate is one of two People magazine covers this week. The profile is a typical embiggening piece. A British royal commentator named Tessa Dunlop made backhanded compliments about Kate’s matronly style. We talk about Kate’s style and how it’s always off somehow. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about this. Ben Affleck: Minutes 11:15 to 18 Ben Affleck is promoting his movie on Amazon prime called The Tender Bar. Ben really showed his a- in an interview with Howard Stern. He said that if he stayed with Jennifer Garner “We probably would’ve ended up at each other’s throats. I probably still would’ve been drinking. Part of why I started drinking was because I was trapped.” In his follow up appearance on Kimmel, Ben did not seem sober. Ben has a history of sabotaging himself and blaming the women in his life. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about Ben. Our favorite stories of the year: Minutes 18 to 29:30 One of Chandra’s favorite stories from 2021 was the Keenwell Institute. There was so much hype ahead of the announcement including a ridiculous commercial featuring footage of Nelson Mandela, Malala and JFK. Our favorite stories of the year: Minutes 18 to 29:30 One of Chandra’s favorite stories from 2021 was the Keenwell Institute. There was so much hype ahead of the announcement including a ridiculous commercial featuring footage of Nelson Mandela, Malala and JFK. From Chandra: Kate launched The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, a “research institute” housed within Kensington Palace. There was a “report” called Big Change Starts Small. The report amounted to “the early years are so important, you guys.” I called it the Keenwell Institute for Buttons and Early Years. We’ve barely heard anything about it since. Kate did a couple of events around it back in June and then nothing. From Chandra: The craziness with Sophie, the Countess of Wessex. Sophie tried to make herself into a senior royal in 2020, and she was clearly pitching herself as a replacement to the Sussexes. Then after Prince Philip passed away, Sophie and Edward went on a publicity tour, giving interviews and taking swipes at Harry, Meghan and Oprah. Sophie pitched herself as the Queen’s “rock” and her favorite in-law. Sophie’s people also claimed that “Philip would have wanted her” to seek the spotlight. Sophie was thirsty as hell. And then she just stopped.  I tend to believe Prince Charles told them to stop. Probably around the same time he told Edward he would never be Duke of Edinburgh. From CB again: My favorite story was the ongoing one where various celebrities revealed that they don’t bathe and that they don’t use soap. As we mentioned on episode 99, we got hate mail for telling people to bathe. It started with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis saying in late July on Dax Shepard’s podcast that they don’t bathe their children until they’re visibly dirty and that they barely use soap. Then Jake Gyllenhaal did that insane interview with Vanity Fair in early August where said he finds “bathing to be less necessary” and that “we naturally clean ourselves.” Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard said they don’t bathe their kids until they smell bad and then other celebrities like The Rock and Jason Momoa assured us that they do bathe. It was crazy and there never should have been a controversy over not bathing. I also wanted to include the story that the vaccines were distributed this year. It was less than a year from the pandemic to the development, testing and emergency use approval of three different vaccines in the US that are incredibly effective against covid and that was a scientific triumph. Comments of the Week: Minutes 29:30 to end Chandra’s comment of the week is from TigerMcQueen on the post about Kate on the cover of People. My comment of the week is from ThatsNotOkay on the post about Alec Baldwin hushing Hilaria while she was in labor with their child. Thanks for listening bitches! Have a great holiday and a happy new year!
Intro: Minutes 0 to 7:45 We’ll have more episode out next week and will be off two weeks for the holidays. We talk about the awards schedule early next year. I went to a tanning bed to help with my mood. Chandra says walking helps with that. Royal: Minutes 7:45 to 23:00 A few weeks ago, The CEO of Prince Charles’ foundation, Michael Fawcett resigned following stories over the summer about how Charles traded titles and British citizenships to wealthy donors. Charles knew about all these schemes and he was the one giving the titles and meeting with these people. One of the more damning stories was about Saudi businessman Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz. Mafouz was given a CBE by Charles in 2016. It says in Mahfouz’s wiki that the CBE ceremony was private and wasn’t published in the Court Circular! There was a story in The Times about Prince Harry meeting with this same Saudi businessman, Mafouz in 2013, for a £50,000 donation to Sentable. Harry issued a statement that he cut this man off in 2015. Chandra thinks that Charles put out this story about Harry as a distraction. In response to Harry’s statement there were multiple sourced stories claiming that Prince Charles is so upset at Harry. A story from Richard Kay in the Daily Mail compared Harry to Diana. We got yet another version of the three-year-old “Meghan made Kate cry” at a bridesmaids fitting story. This story first came out in late 2018. We heard it was about the bridesmaids’ dresses, then it was about the bridesmaids’ tights. This time it’s about Kate confronting Meghan about her treatment of staff. This story does not make Kate look good so we wonder why they’re revisiting it with yet another explanation. Meghan talked about this on Oprah and said Kate made her cry and Kate brought her flowers afterwards. Follow up stories claimed Meghan slammed the door in Kate’s face. I play a segment from Zoom where Zakia and Michelle talk about this. There’s never been any evidence or details about Meghan allegedly bullying staff.  Khloe Kardashian: Minutes 23:00 to 31:30 Tristan Thompson has cheated on Khloe Kardashian so many times and she’s taken him back and sworn he’s changed. They were together earlier this year and broke up in June. It’s just coming out now that Tristan got another woman pregnant in March, a personal trainer named Maralee Nichols. That woman has filed a paternity suit against Tristan and there’s a text message from him in that filing where he says he’s only going to give her $75,000 and that if she is after child support she’ll get nothing. Chandra reminds me that this wasn’t the first time Tristan cheated on Khloe this year and that Khloe contacted the side chick. I remember a story from 2013 when Khloe stalked and confronted one of Lamar Odom’s mistresses. In response to the pregnancy news we got all these overwrought sourced quotes from Khloe saying she thought he would change, that she is upset, etc. Khloe also tweeted that she’s “barely in my own body right now.” We wonder why Khloe is still centering herself in this story when she and Tristan broke up in June. Comments of the Week: Minutes 31:30 to end Chandra’s comments of the week are from Jenns and A.Key on the post about the Prime Minister of Finland partying until 4am. My comment of the week is from Bettyrose on the post about Sharon Gless saying she regrets gaining weight for a role. Thanks for listening bitches!
Intro: Minutes 0 to 9:30 We’ll have episodes out for the next two weeks and will be off on December 25 and January 1. We got a technical upgrade on the site that went into effect Sunday. Chandra saw Spencer, Cruella, Eyes of Tammy Faye and Passing and gives her reviews. I watched the series Elves on Netflix and also the movie Miss Granny. Royals: Minutes 9:30 to Minute 26:00 While we were off Duchess Meghan did an interview with Ellen. She was just so charming and is a sweet person who is game for anything. The British media freaked out about that of course. Two sort-of exposes about the royals came out, a two part documentary on the BBC called The Princes and The Press and a new book by Christopher Anderson called Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan. Anderson has only been doing promotion in America and seems to be selling royal gossip to Americans who haven’t been paying attention. He claims Prince Charles was the one who asked how dark H&M’s children would be, but that it was misconstrued. Anderson’s interview with The Daily Beast was enlightening and made it sound like everyone in the royal family was racist, although he tried to frame it like it was innocent. When Harry tried to confront his family about this they called him “oversensitive,” which is a common abuser tactic. The Princes and The Press is the two part documentary on BBC that caused the palace to absolutely freak out and refuse to work with the BBC. It’s about how the palaces were briefing against Harry and Meghan during the time they decided to leave. The palaces freaked out over that before it was released despite the fact that the filmmaker approached the palaces and asked them if they wanted to have their representatives speak. That’s how Meghan’s lawyer appeared. We heard how mad all the palaces were about this, and before it came out representatives from the Queen, William and Charles issued a statement about it claiming it used “unnamed sources” when that wasn’t the case. Then we heard that Kate and William were going to pull their vague Christmas special from the BBC although they were already in talks with ITV about it. We heard denials from William’s aides that he ever briefed to the press, which is ridiculous considering that they were briefing about not briefing. After the second part of the special, Sussexit, aired, we heard that William got the BBC to make changes to it at the last minute. That makes sense considering that they didn’t issue angry statements the next day. In the part that did air, a Times reporter insisted that William did not give his employee Jason Knauf permission to leak the stories about Meghan supposedly bullying staffers. I play a segment from Zoom where Karen and Ameerah talk about this. The Mail on Sunday lost their appeal of Meghan’s successful summary judgment suing them for publishing the letter to her father. Meghan’s letter in response to the ruling in her favor was excellent. It looks like the Daily Mail will appeal this. User Feedback: Minutes 26:00 to 28:45 Thanks to Aida, Paula, Laura and Loren for letting us know we’re their top podcast on Spotify Unwrapped. Also Harena says she’s binge listening to us, which is crazy. Jess texted asking us for our thoughts on Kate rolling her eyes when asked about Harry and Meghan. Comments of the Week: Minutes 28:45 to Chandra’s comment of the week is from Mary on the post about the trailer for And Just Like That, the Sex and The City series. My comment of the week is from Lucia on the post about Zendaya and Tom Holland making their red carpet debut. The dress that Cate Blanchett wore to the 2000 Oscars reminds Chandra of Zendaya’s gorgeous Cavalli. My bonus comment of the week is from Amy Too on the post about Kate visiting the Faberge Egg exhibit. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: to minute 3 We’ll be off the next two weeks and back on December 4th. Chandra has been watching Dexter: New Blood and likes it. Royals: Minutes 3:00 to 23:15 Duchess Meghan did a talk with the New York Times book summit with Mellody Hobson and conducted by Andrew Ross Sorkin. Meghan was so prepared with facts and clear points. I play a segment from that where Meghan talks about the Mail on Sunday appealing the ruling in her favor. Jason Knauf gave Meghan’s emails to the Daily Mail revealing that she wrote the letter to her father anticipating that he might leak it. She was just protecting herself and this was smart. He also released emails showing that she authorized him to give briefing points on her behalf to Omid Scobie and Caroline Durand for the biography Finding Freedom. This has nothing to do with the case, which is about the copyright of the letter to her father. Prince Harry did the re:Wired summit. He talked about misinformation online and creating change in social media platforms. He also called the term “Megxit” misogynist. He referenced the Bot Sentinel report we discussed. We talk about whether Twitter or Instagram is more toxic. Here’s a link to the post I mentioned on Instagram which went mildly viral. This week we got another report from Bot Sentinel that showed all the royal reporters who interacted with the hate accounts. Angela Levin was the top one, as we talked about two weeks ago, and Richard Eden, Richard Fitzwilliams and Richard Palmer were the other main ones. Harry and Meghan attended the Salute to Freedom Gala where Harry gave out Intrepid Valor Awards. Meghan wore a red Carolina Hererra taffeta gown that we have mixed feelings about. Duchess Kate did one event this week after her vacation and her events with William at the climate change summit. She went to a photography exhibit at the Imperial War Museum. Chandra wonders why we haven’t seen Kate in so long. I mention the ridiculous story about Biden allegedly farting in front of Camilla. According to reports Camilla has been talking about it to everyone. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about this. Chandra thinks that someone in Charles’ office leaked that story, particularly after we heard that Camila was trying to have one of Charles’ staffmembers fired. We sympathize with Biden because everyone gets gassy sometimes. Antivaxxers: Minutes 23:15 to 31 Aaron Rodgers is still not suspended by the NFL or the Packers despite lying about being vaccinated and catching covid. He initially defended himself and claimed a woke mob was after him and that he did his research by talking to Joe Rogan and taking horse dewormer. Then a source told People he was being crucified and that we should respect his choice for his body as an athlete. He finally did an interview where he half apologized and took full responsibility but doubled down on everything he said before. Matthew McConaughey also revealed that he’s against mandating covid vaccines for children and seemed to suggest that his kids are not vaccinated. Then when he got called out for it he said he was misrepresented, that he’s not against vaccines for children he’s just against mandates for 5 to 11 year-olds and that his son Levi, 13, is vaccinated against covid. We hope he doesn’t run for governor of Texas. Emilio Estevez got fired by the Mighty Ducks Disney series for not getting vaccinated and then issued a wordy statement saying he’s not antivax and that he had long covid. He never said he got vaccinated though! General Hospital’s Ingo Rademacher is so much worse. He’s one of those “medical freedom” nutjobs. He got fired after 25 years on that show for refusing to get vaccinated. Chandra wonders what happened to Doutzen Kroes, the Dutch model who revealed she’s antivax. I go on a tangent about being disappointed in Dakota Johnson for this interview. Comments of the Week: Minutes 31:00 to end My comment of the week is from Mia4s on the post about Paul Rudd being named the Sexiest Man Alive. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Tiffany on the post about Ivy Getty’s excessive wedding. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 1:30 We’ll have another episode out next week and will be off two weeks for Thanksgiving. We’ll be back on December 4th. Politics: Minutes 1:30 to 6:30 We got a Republican governor this week in Virginia. Glenn Youngkin beat democrat Terry McAuliffe, who was our governor from 2014 to 2018. Chandra wasn’t surprised he won as he reminded her of Bob McDonnell, our last Republican governor. We also got a Republican lieutenant governor and attorney general and The Republicans took control of the Virginia House of Delegates. Democrats still have a slim majority in our state senate. Racism seems to be main platform that the Republicans are running on now. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik: Minutes 6:30 to 11:30 This week we learned about an altercation at Gigi Hadid’s home in Pennsylvania between her mother, Yolanda Hadid, and her boyfriend and baby’s father, Zayn Malik, when Zayn was home with their one-year-old daughter, Khai. Gigi was in Paris for fashion week at the time, but when she heard about this she canceled appearances and flew back immediately. Reportedly, Gigi was on the phone with either Zayn or Yolanda when the situation happened. We first heard about it after a source told TMZ that Zayn “struck” Yolanda. Zayn countered with a statement denying that he struck Yolanda and claiming that she entered their home when Gigi was away. After that we learned that he pled no contest to four criminal charges of harassment. He got almost a year’s probation and must do an anger management course and a domestic violence program. We wonder why people are blaming Yolanda for this when Zayn was the one who was charged. Zayn was dropped from his record label and sources said he’s been smoking “strong” marijuana. I play a segment from Zoom where we talked about this. Royals: Minutes 11:30 to 24:00 Prince William and Duchess Kate were at the climate summit in Glasgow last weekend. It was reported ahead of time that they would do five events. Kate did two events with William, a scouts event and evening reception, and William did one more event after that. Chandra says the royal math adds up if you count each of their events separately. Camila Tominey, who is typically very pro-Cambridge, wrote a piece in the Telegraph saying that the Cambridges need to give up flying private if they’re serious about climate change. Plus Tominey pointed out that Kate left Monday night and that Will and Kate traveled separately. We wonder if Kate left the summit earlier than scheduled. We still don’t where they went on vacation or if they went together. Plus they didn’t get hype pieces afterwards like after the Bond premiere. Prince Andrew filed a legal response to Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit in New York. His lawyers didn’t turn it in until the day it was due. It smeared Giuffre and claimed she was in it for the money. Chandra explains that it took Giuffre over a decade to even get possession of the photo from the FBI where she was posing with Andrew. The trial is scheduled for September of next year and it’s thought that Andrew’s daughters Beatrice and Eugenie might sit for depositions. It would be a disaster for the monarchy if the trial gets this far. We think Andrew should settle. Prince Harry has two events scheduled next week, the Intrepid Valor Awards in New York on Wednesday, November 10th and a Wired summit on online misinformation on Tuesday the 9th. Duchess Meghan is a guest speaker for the NY Times’ DealBook summit which is November 9th and 10th. We’re hoping that they’ll both come to New York for that but we don’t know yet! We also got a story today that Duchess Meghan called some Republican senators to advocate for leaving the paid family leave section in the infrastructure bill. She was able to get the private numbers of Republican senators, including Shelley Capito from West Virginia and Susan Collins from Maine. New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand admitted giving Meghan the phone numbers and said she told some of the senators ahead of time to let them know that Meghan would be calling them. Comments of the Week: Minutes 24:00 to 28:00 My comments of the week are from Katherine and Katie on the post about Aaron Rodgers catching covid after lying to the press that he was “immunized.” Chandra’s comment of the week is from Chaine on the post about Brad Pitt being depressed because he keeps losing in court. Thanks for listening bitches!
Introduction: Minutes 0 to 6:00 We’ll have episodes out the next two weeks and will be off on November 20th and 27th for the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. I binged all of season 3 of You. Chandra has been rewatching Mad Men. You can listen below! British Royals: Minutes 6:00 to 30:30 The software firm, Bot Sentinel, completed an investigation into the Twitter accounts targeting Duchess Meghan. They found a targeted online hate campaign run by about 83 different accounts who are coordinating with each other and are responsible for 70% of the negative content about Meghan. Buzzfeed’s Ellie Hal interviewed Bot Sentinel’s CEO, who said that “This level of complexity comes from people who know how to do this stuff, who are paid to do this stuff.” Many of the Sussex Squad knew this but it’s validating to see it studied and reported on like this. Omid Scobie tweeted that at “a known writer” DMed with an anti-Sussex leader. Chandra follows many royal reporters on Twitter and has seen them interact with these troll accounts. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about this. We wonder who the author could be as there are several candidates. For the past couple of weeks we have heard how Prince William and Kate are going to come to the US for a visit. This came after William’s largely ignored Earthshot awards ceremony, after which we mostly heard about William and what he’s done rather than the winners and their environmental work. William covered People Magazine last week, where he gave an exclusive interview. (We didn’t think the Cambridges even acknowledged the Earthshot winner on their Instagram, but we were wrong. I needed to read to the bottom of this Instagram post to figure it out.) British outlets claim the Cambridges are planning to come to America and that this will “rock” the Sussexes. Last week while we were off Meghan wrote an open letter advocating for paid parental leave in the US. It was so well put and true. She was trying to make sure that extended parental leave stayed in the infrastructure bill, which originally allowed for up to 12 weeks paid parental leave but that’s since been cut to 4 weeks and it might be cut entirely due to Manchin not conceding. I play a segment from Zoom where we talk about this. We just got a really lovely video of Meghan reading her children’s book, The Bench, for the publisher’s YouTube channel called Brightly Storytime. She was so genuinely happy and proud of it, it was awesome to see. Meghan is in full teacher mode. On Tuesday, November 19, the Queen canceled her planned two day trip to northern Ireland. The public was told two days later that the Queen had been hospitalized overnight. We got paparazzi-type photos of the Cambridges with their kids at the airport. The photos were taken on Thursday and were not released until Friday night. Chandra doesn’t think those photos were set up by the Cambridges. Those photos were moved to another URL by the Daily Mail and the comments were turned off. We heard excuses that they were so busy the last few weeks and needed to spend time with their children. We also heard that they were supposedly coming back from vacation when those photos were published, but that didn’t add up with their public schedule. We haven’t heard anything about the Cambridges in a while. Japanese Royals: Minutes 30:30 to 33:45 Princess Mako of Japan married her college sweetheart, a commoner named Kei Komuro, in a private civil ceremony this week. They’re both 30. Mako gave up her royal title to marry Kei, and she’s giving up her $1 million dowry as well. Her parents do not approve of Kei. Apparently 80% of Japanese people dislike Kei and he’s been smeared in the press. They’re moving to a one bedroom apartment in New York where he’s going to work as a lawyer. They seem really devoted to each other and ready to start their new life together. Comments of The Week: Minutes 33:45 to end My comment of the week is from Nic on the post about Roger Waters’ marriage. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Princess Peach on the post about William being mad at The Crown for dramatizing his mom’s interview. Thanks for listening bitches!
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