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14: Game of Thrones is like Lord of the Rings, How do you say Momoa?
In this week’s Gossip with Celebitchy podcast we talked about how awesome Game of Thrones is and how cinematic, epic and yet funny it can be. This is a spoiler free talk after I watched the premiere of season eight, which was the first time I’ve seen an episode in five years! I get why everyone loves it as there’s so much to unpack and it’s so entertaining. We also talked about Lori Loughlin continuing to play the clueless white privileged victim with her various leaks to the press and her cover of People Magazine. It really looks like she’s throwing her husband Mossimo Giannulli under the bus and like they’re all about to turn on each other. In our royal stories we discuss the wait for Meghan to give birth and the maybe-fake story that she’s planning to hire an American nanny and/or a male nanny. We also talk about the weird Vanity Fair story about William working out with the mums from Prince George’s school after the morning drop off. You can listen below! We also discuss Kim Kardashian studying for the bar and how she’s getting criticism for it. We think she just may pass, even if it’s not the first time. We also make fun of her ridiculous bathroom especially the concrete sink with the tiny slit which Kanye designed. Finally we talk about Jason Momoa shaving his beard and whether we like him shaved or with a beard. There was some debate about just how to pronounce his name and it turns out neither of us was right! I talked to four of my friends at a party and we all agreed that we wouldn’t kick him out of bed either way. Most of us liked him better shaved. (Sorry Rebecca!) Our user feedback was from Just Mooya on Twitter and Dog Obsessed Girl, who sent us a photo of her beautiful coonhound with a golden retriever puppy friend. Our comments of the week were on the posts about Will’s wandering scepter, Jana Kramer’s husband’s wandering scepter and Lori Loughlin’s idiocy. Stories, photos and memes can be found at and at: Music credit: A.A. Alto, Meydan and via Premium Beat. 
13: Duchess Meghan's birth plan controversy, Jude Law's speedo
We start off discussing how dumb Lori Loughlin has been for playing the churchy victim and not accepting a plea deal in Operation Varsity Blues. This is in definite contrast to Felicity Huffman’s much better move of accepting a deal, issuing a statement of guilt and accepting responsibility. We talked about Prince William and Prince Harry's feud covering People, which glossed over the story. Prince William threatened British outlets in the wake of the rumor that he was having an affair with their neighbor and Kate’s maybe-former friend, Rose Hanbury. That may have kept British outlets quiet, but William’s heavy handed approach has people thinking there’s something to that story. We also discussed the crazy criticism of Duchess Meghan for daring to choose her own doctors and wanting to keep the birth of her baby private. We were both of course sympathetic to her as everyone has the right to choose their own doctors. I mentioned that I fired my doctors the week I was due to give birth! (I made a controversial statement about birth outcomes being better in non-hospital settings. This is technically true according to some studies, but I do not want to emphasize that point at all and I agree with Chandra that every woman should make the best choice for her.) We also swoon over Jude Law in a tiny speedo on the set of The New Pope. Chandra and I agree that he’s a beautiful man although I had some arguably rude things to say.  Instead of a user question this week, we talk about our Twitter friends and some of the great feedback we’ve received. Thank you so much for your support and kind words! We wanted to thank Shannon for fangirling over me following her on Twitter, Francesca also left a nice comment that she’s been checking us every day for years and LaUnica Angelica has been so supportive of us and we appreciate that. Also OandLoMom, Melly and Kathy Benjamin are some of our other Twitter friends. Oh and I forgot to mention Joslynn who also listens to the podcast! Our comments of the week were all on Lori Loughlin posts! The photos, stories and memes we talk about here can be found at and are here:
12: Royal cheating scandal, Game of Thrones teasers, Us review
We’re back after an emergency week off as I dealt with complications from a minor medical procedure. We start off by talking about the Tatler story trashing Duchess Meghan and the fact that the Sussex Royal Instagram launch was wildly popular. We discuss the rumored affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury, the Duchess of Cholmondeley.  As that story was being largely ignored by the British press, more nitpicking stories came out about Duchess Meghan, who is due with her first baby any day now. Sources claimed that Meghan had asked Prince Charles whether wearing a tiara would be appropriate during her trip to New Zealand with Prince Harry, which seemed perfectly reasonable to us. The only story which we thought was legitimate is that Meghan has spent too much on clothing. We talked about Joe Biden being inappropriate and handsy with women. It was too familiar to us as women and we talked about how we’ve become accustomed to being pawed and touched. Biden’s non-apology was inadequate and shows he still lacks awareness of what he’s done. Our favorite story this week was Nicolas Cage’s quickie Vegas marriage to a sketchy makeup artist. His annulment request cited fraud as the woman was in a relationship and had a DUI she didn’t disclose. We called it a gold digger fail after Cage’s assets were depleted after he failed to pay taxes in 2009. I remembered a crazy profile of Cage in The Daily Beast which detailed his insane parties and unbelievable lifestyle. Chandra/Kaiser discussed what’s coming up for Game of Thrones. She wants to see Cersei killed in the Battle of Winterfell and everyone is hoping Arya survives. It’s hard to tell what’s coming based on the teasers which have come out, and it’s clear that the actors really want to tell spoilers. Finally we talked about Us. I saw and loved it and have a spoiler-free review. It did incredibly at the box office and was somehow Lupita Nyong’o's first starring role after she won the Oscar for 2013′s 12 Years a Slave. We agree that Jordan Peele should continue to make movies starring people of color and make fun of the people crying reverse racism. Our user question was from Bluesky about how we cover breaking news! Our comments of the week were from Valiantly Varnished on feminists’ favorite Chris and Skylark on the origin of the rural rivalry between Duchesses Kate and Rose. Please contact with questions or feedback through email at or text or voicemail 434-218-3219 Stories, photos and memes are at the top of from our podcast section and are available for this episode here:
11: Elizabeth Holmes the Theranos scammer's voice, Duchess Kate and Duchess Meghan's controversial fashion
We tried something new this week! We talked about three stories we deliberately didn’t cover! We start off with Operation Varsity Blues and how Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are covering US Magazine. We talk about Elizabeth Holmes the Theranos scammer’s deep voice and how it’s probably an affectation and code switching.  We call it a bit sexist to focus on her voice and appearance when so many men do the same thing. Chandra is also watching Billions on Showtime and she talked about how great it is.  We cover the teaser trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and say it looks like a campy fun film set in 70s Hollywood, but also like it’s using the Manson family murders and Bruce Lee to add interest. We talk about the royals and the controversy over the fashion brands which Kate and Meghan are wearing. Finally we cover Lena Dunham’s cringey essay for Vogue, which we definitely didn’t talk about on the site. It’s a long self-indulgent mess in which she requests some kind of unspecified light S&M from a sketchy guy.   Our user question is about the type of people we think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will end up dating (we get a bit racy in that part). We have three comments of the week this week!  The stories and photos we talk about can be found through the podcast section on and they're also here: Music credit: Meydan, A.A. Alto and via Premium Beat.
9: Gwyneth Paltrow invented gluten free, Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson are perfect for each other
We talk about the sad loss of Luke Perry, what a good guy he was and what he meant to us as a generation. We also discuss Alex Trebek revealing his cancer diagnosis. We laugh about Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson making out courtside at a Ranger’s game and come to the conclusion that they’re suited for each other.   Chandra explains the new Game of Thrones trailer and what that means for the upcoming season. (There are some spoilers for past seasons of Game of Thrones if you’d like to avoid those.) We cover the royals, including appearances by Duchesses Meghan and Kate and Kate’s very frumpy custom-made dress. We discuss Kim Kardashian’s hideous leopard head to toe looks in Paris, Taylor Swift’s essay for Elle Magazine, and Gwyneth Paltrow taking credit for popularizing the gluten free diet. Chandra and I also talk about how long it took for stories about Michael Jackson and R. Kelly to reach critical mass. I also talk to Hecate/Kat for the first time! We discuss the first episode of Leaving Neverland in general terms (we don’t cover the specific abuse) and about her decision to stop listening to Jackson’s music. She also reveals the origin of her pen name. Chandra explains how she came up with the name Kaiser and I talk about how I started Celebitchy. We had three comments of the week this week. JadedBrit opened up in the Khloe Kardashian post about how invaluable the CB community has been to her as an abuse survivor. Swack wondered how long you could last inside Gwyneth Paltrow’s head. And lucy thanked the dragon god for bringing back Gendry to Game of Thrones. Stories photos and memes we discuss can be found at under the podcast section at the top and here: Music via PremiumBeat and credit A.A. Alto and Meydan.     
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