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We've been writing about celebrities on since 2006 and we love to dish. We cover the latest in entertainment news, celebrity gossip, fashion, scandals and royals. Join us every week!
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I’m allergic to red meat and this is a quicker episode: Minutes 0 to 2 This is a shorter podcast than usual because it’s our second attempt at recording this week. The first time we talked it didn’t record. So we’re goofier than usual because we know we’re making the same jokes! I mention that I’m allergic to meat (red meat specifically, it’s called Alpha-gal allergy) after that tick bite last week.  Royals: Minutes 2 to 8:30 Duchess Meghan made her first post-baby event appearance at Trooping The Color last weekend. We were surprised that people were focusing on her weight because she just had a baby! Meghan and Harry were shoved to the back of the balcony behind other royals, which seemed odd to us. Kate and Meghan are getting along great, and as we’ve seen it’s the brothers, Harry and William, who are feuding. We haven’t seen Harry and William together in a long time and it looks like they’re avoiding each other. Duchess Kate is covering US Magazine with the title “Grace Under Pressure” about how she handled the rumors of her husband cheating. She didn’t say anything about it, which was smart. Kate and William visited a sheep farm together looking matchy and Kate later went to an addiction gala in a fit and flare white dress. Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper broke up: Minutes 8:30 to 14 Chandra mentions that they promoted the breakup like it was a movie. We kept hearing that they were having problems and when the news of the breakup came it wasn’t a surprise. We wonder about Bradley’s relationships because he never seems to be in love. There are rumors that Lady Gaga is the reason why they broke up but that makes no sense to us. They’re not promoting anything and we don’t buy them as a couple. Nicole Kidman takes her cats hiking: Minutes 14 to 15:45 Nicole Kidman has two long-haired fluffy cats, Snow and Ginger, whom she takes hiking with her in a little backpack made for small pets. She talks to them like they’re babies and has posted video of it to Instagram. US Women’s Soccer team criticized for celebrating their wins: Minutes 15:45 to 19 The US Women’s Soccer Team celebrated after every goal when they beat the Thai team in The World Cup, and they were criticized for that. We find that sexist, especially because the US Women’s Soccer Team is fighting for recognition and suing US Soccer for gender discrimination. User Feedback: Minutes 19 to 20 Thanks to Marshmallow on Twitter, LaUnica Angelina and Lila for your nice feedback! We missed you too. Comments of the Week: Minutes 20 to 25 My comment of the week is from Giddy on the post about Trump tweeting he’d met with the Prince of “Whales.” Chandra’s comment of the week is from Other Renee on the post about Kendall Jenner never trying a Hershey’s kiss. She hates dark chocolate and I hate white chocolate and think it’s garbage. We also complain about people bragging about only eating dark chocolate. Thanks for listening bitches!
We took two weeks off: Minutes 0 to 3:45 We took two weeks off, for Memorial Day and because I was visiting my parents in Florida. I mention that I just found a tick on my back and am on antibiotics. Chandra has been watching tennis and we think sports have a lot in common with celebrity gossip. You can listen below! Trump and his treasonous kids visit the UK: Minutes 3:45 to 9 Trump was met with huge protests, which he lied about as usual. Some of the royals, particularly Harry, William and Kate, pointedly avoided being photographed with the Trumps, which was smart. Chandra didn’t want to cover Ivanka’s fashions but she did it reluctantly. I think Tiffany is pregnant and mention seeing photos of her on a boat. Rose Hanbury came to the state banquet: Minutes 9 to 14 Kate’s rural rival, Rose Hanbury, came to the state dinner looking remarkably similar to Kate. Chandra thinks she’s a better dresser than Kate and I say it doesn’t take much. Rose walked into the banquet with a gossip columnist, Sarah Vine from the Daily Mail. Chandra found out that Rose and Sarah walked in together before the procession, meaning that it seemed very deliberate and not assigned. Camilla was drinking and Trump called Meghan nasty: Minutes 14 to 17 Camilla loves her wine and was seen with a glass during her meeting with the Trumps at the American Embassy. We find that relatable. Trump called Meghan nasty twice, once to The Sun, then he denied it and gave an interview to Piers Morgan repeating that. He only has one adjective for smart women who make valid arguments against him. Jennifer Lawrence looks different: Minutes 17 to 23 Jennifer Lawrence has been doing promotion for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. She looks much different. There’s speculation that she had work done, but it’s hard to tell what it was. (Here’s a link to a Jimmy Kimmel interview I mentioned.) Some people say it’s veneers, Botox and/or a nose job or chin implant. Her face looks sharper now. It could be injectables. (I mention this story from Bethenny Frankel but I thought her nose was different, it’s her jaw.) We agree that she didn’t need anything done. Famous people rarely own up to plastic surgery, except for Real Housewives and Cardi B. Meryl Streep doesn’t believe in toxic masculinity: Minutes 23 to 27:30 Meryl Streep made some clueless “not all men” statements when asked about toxic masculinity while promoting season two of Big Little Lies, a show where she plays the mother of an abuser. Chandra says she needs a publicist to tell her what to say and I say she’s just up her own ass and wouldn’t listen to one anyway. Serena Williams get blamed for a conference room change: Minutes 27:30 to 31 Serena Williams was told to move to a bigger press conference room by French Open organizers, pushing out Dominic Thiem. It wasn’t her fault but she was blamed for it. We talk about people policing Serena’s behavior, calling her a diva and then denying that’s racist. Chandra mentions how Wimbledon is coming up and is worried that the British press will try to use Meghan and Serena’s friendship to portray them both negatively. She also remembers how cute Meghan’s reaction was when Serena lost at Wimbledon last year. User Questions: 31 to 35 We talk about our new writer, Quimby, and why we hired her. I want to thank everyone who sent in applications. I could not respond to them all and feel bad about that. We answer Gabby’s question about celebrity names we still can’t spell. Comments of the Week: Minutes 35 to 39 My comments of the week are a little older as I looked during our time off, they’re from cannibel on the Demi Moore magic mirror post and from Sayrah on the story about Trump’s staff covering up the name of the USS McCain. Chandra’s is from Pose83 on the Camilla MVP post. We’re on all major platforms! You can leave a comment or email us at You can also leave a text or voicemail at 434-218-3219. Thanks for listening!
Constance Wu: Minutes 5:30 to 16 We cover Constance Wu’s arguably ungrateful reaction on social media to Fresh Off The Boat’s renewal and how her non-apology made it worse. Gemma Chan liked a tweet stating that coworkers know this about Wu, but then claimed it was an accidental like. We heard that Wu was a diva on the set of Hustlers, and while that story originated in Page Six, we think it has a grain of truth. I also found an interview Wu did with Colbert where she said she had to convince Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu to hold off production to accommodate her schedule on FOTB. Plus we talk about Always Be My Maybe, the new Netflix romcom starring Constance’s co-star on FOTB, Randall Park, with a special guest that gets me excited.  Royals and The Royal Baby: Minutes 16 to 22:45 For Mother’s Day Meghan posted a photo of baby Archie’s feet to Instagram! We wondered on podcast #13 whether they would do this, but in this case we didn’t mind because we’d already seen the baby. We talk about the name Archie and how he may have been named after Harry’s friend or Meghan’s childhood cat! I mention that my brother once named a dog after me. (He sometimes listens to the podcast so I hope he hears this.) We talk about the royal reporters being salty about Meghan inviting CBS and Gayle King to cover the baby presentation. Game of Thrones needs different writers: Minutes 22:45 to 31:30 We don’t have any spoilers for the finale because we record these Thursdays. There are spoilers up to the penultimate episode, The Bells, 8.5. We talk about the writers giving more motivation to the men and creating poorly-drawn women, particularly Daenerys. We also discuss the maudlin send off for Cersei and Jaime and who we want to survive the finale. User Questions: We’re looking for a new writer Minutes 31:30 to 36 Thanks to Diplomanatee and Becks1 for your feedback last week! We talk about Chandra’s laugh and why it’s so infectious. Also we discuss Busy Philipps’ show getting canceled by E! and how that’s a crock. We are looking for a new writer! We give our specifications for that position around minute 34:30. You can email me about it at Comments of The Week: Minutes 36 to 39 My comment of the week is from Lady D on the GoT needs new writers story. Kaiser/Chandra’s comment of the week is from Alissa on the story about Lori Loughlin’s level of fame. The stories, photos and memes we talk about are at under episode #18 and are available at:
The Met Gala: Minutes 1 to 12:30 This was our first episode after the royal baby was born! We talk about the Met Gala, which celebrities nailed the camp theme and whose looks we liked the most. We loved Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Elle Fanning, Kacey Musgraves, Lupita Nyong’o and Lizzo. We especially liked Lady Gaga’s opening performance, which delighted Anna Wintour. We were disappointed in Serena Williams and Gisele Bundchen. We also talk about Gigi Hadid and our favorite men at the event including Benedict Cumberbatch, Ezra Miller and Harry Styles. The Royal Baby: Minutes 12:30 to 22:45 Last Monday we heard Meghan went into labor and about an hour later the news came out she gave birth. Prince Harry spoke to the press and he was so giddy and cute! On Wednesday Harry and Meghan came out with their new baby and spoke to reporters. We analyze why we relate so much more to Meghan and Harry than to William and Kate. As for the name Archie, at least it’s unique. We also talk about the story from January that Prince George introduced himself to a stranger as Archie and whether he overheard that name or if it could be his security name. Game of Thrones Misogyny: Minutes 22:45 to 31:30 Spoilers to Episode 4 The Last of The Starks Chandra mentions that the misogyny started early in the fourth episode of Game of Thrones, particularly when everyone was giving Jon credit instead of Daenerys. I disliked the two redundant scenes between Tyrion and Varys and Chandra points out that producers never showed Jon telling Sansa and Arya about his parentage. Chandra brings up criticism about the writers making Daenerys into the mad queen. We also talk about the controversy over producers turning Sansa’s rape into a transformation for her character. This was highlighted by a tweet by Jessica Chastain. Chandra has a great point about Daenerys’ character arc. User Questions: Minutes 31:30 to 39:30 Tampabay asked if we’re concerned that the royal gossip and Game of Thrones are dominating lately. We talk about the cyclical nature of gossip and about how Game of Thrones gets so many comments because people care. The royal stories are big as the royal gossip is at a fever pitch lately. We hope to get some good scandals this summer like a good breakup or cheating story. We also talk about reality stars and why we don’t often cover stories about them. Comments of The Week: Minutes 39:30 to 44 I mention our two readers who have dogs they’ve put in Wonder Woman costumes, including pottymouthpup and Not So Social butterfly, who had a photo of her sheltie in it! My comment of the week is from My3Cents about Lori Loughlin. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Evil Owl about Katy Perry’s burger costume. She also loves Harry G’s comment on Bebe Rexha’s interview about being a Virgo. You can see the photos and links to stories we talk about at and here:
Royals: Minutes 2.5 to 8 In this episode of Gossip with Celebitchy, we talk about the rumors that Duchess Meghan already had the baby, which convinced me for a little while. Then we got reports from Buckingham Palace that the baby had not been born yet. We talked about hoping they release the baby’s name soon, unlike when Kate and William had Louis and didn’t announce it for five days. Plus we talked about a story we didn’t cover on the site, The Sussex Royal Instagram unfollowing everyone except mental health accounts. We wonder if we’re going to have to update the podcast with baby news but obviously we didn’t have to! Game of Thrones: Minutes 8 to 15 The Long Night, episode 3 of this last Game of Thrones season, was the first episode I’d watched live in five years. Chandra recommended two better battle episodes for me to watch, Hardhome and The Battle of The Bastards. We also talked about the very dark cinematography which had so many viewers complaining and the cinematographer getting quite defensive about it. Taylor Swift: Minutes 15 to 20 We talk about what a regression ME! is for Taylor Swift’s look and sound. We both love the video where she falls in love with a little ragdoll kitchen and realizes its for adoption. We also discussed the controversy over Taylor Swift using a drumline in her Billboard Music Awards Performance which was evocative of Beyonce’s performance at Coachella. Helena Christensen and our boobs: Minutes 20 to 23.5 Former British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman wrote a horrible critique of Helena Christensen’s fashion using Helena’s age and body type. We discussed how ageist this is and talk about whether we’d wear bustiers as outerwear. We also both wanted to know what it’s like to have each other’s boob type. Oprah’s fabulous interview: Minutes 23.5 to to 25.5 Chandra loved Oprah’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter and was fascinated by Oprah’s thoughts and how she’s grown. We talk about the sexism Oprah experienced at 60 Minutes and why she left CBS. We laugh about Oprah shooting down Beto O’Rourke’s Presidential run. Anjelica Huston’s batsh-t interview: Minutes 25.5 to 30 Anjelica Huston, 67, gave an awful interview to Vulture where she trashed Penny Marshall and Carrie Fisher for doing drugs, defended Roman Polanski and pretty much said that statutory rape was ok in Europe when she was growing up so it’s no big deal. Chandra knew about Anjelica’s terrible childhood and how she might have ended up this way, although she doesn’t get a pass. Ghost stories with Hecate: Minutes 30 to 43 When Hecate/Kat covered Sting’s ghost story she shared one of her own stories, opening a fascinating and chilling discussion in the comments. I talk to her about some of her experiences and they scare me so much. She grew up with a Baptist ghost and has another creepy story about a little girl haunting her family’s cabin. Talk with my mom: Minutes 43 to 48 When I talked to Hecate I remembered an incident from my childhood. I called my mom to see if she remembered it and her answer surprised and moved me. The blind item from last week and user feedback: Minutes 48 to 52.5 We talk about the blind item from last week about a 90s icon Chandra spoke to and whether anyone got it right in the comments. We got really nice feedback about our Amazon posts and our Royals coverage. Thanks to everyone on Twitter who retweets and likes our podcast posts! Comments of The Week: Minutes 52.5 to 55 My comment of the week is from Hanahk on the Game of Thrones is too dark story. Chandra’s comment of the week is from GenericUserName123 on the Taylor Swift cat adoption story. The stories and photos we talk about can be found at and
Royals: Minutes 2.5 to 11 In this episode of Gossip with Celebitchy, we talk about Duchess Meghan’s impending birth, which hasn’t happened yet as of this morning, 4/29. I mention that Meghan may have had the baby already and not announced it but Chandra said that couldn’t happen or royal reporters would throw a fit! We mention the crazy story that Harry and Meghan would move overseas, which originated in the reputable Sunday Times of London. Sources told The Sunday Times it was William’s idea as Harry and Meghan were getting too much attention. Follow-up stories next claimed it was Harry’s idea! Then Vanity Fair told the Sussex’s side that they were staying in the UK and were not consulting with any family member except The Queen and Prince Charles. We wonder about this notion that William is preparing to king when his father is next in line.  Olivia Munn: Minutes 11 to 18 Olivia Munn posted a bizarre rant against Heather and Jessica of The Fug Girls, using their photos, names, and mischaracterizing their lighthearted fashion commentary. We talk about her hypocrisy and make a decision about our future coverage of her. Game of Thrones spoiler free: Minutes 18 to 20.5 We cover the excitement over Game of Thrones. Chandra says that the fan theories are getting out of control. She explains the way that White Walkers are made as I was unclear about this. Celebrity splits: Minutes 20.5 to 25.5 We discuss three recent celebrity splits: Adele and Simon Konecki, Anna Camp and Skylar Astin and Michelle Williams and the guy we barely heard about, Phil Elverum. Chandra loves Fossey Verdon and mentions that Michelle has crazy chemistry with Sam Rockwell. User questions including blind items: Minutes 25.5 to 31.5 Pamela and Caity asked us on Twitter about whether we get sent tips, particularly by publicists. We talk about a tip we got in 2010 from a woman who claims her friend slept with John Mayer! I read an excerpt from that email at minute 27. Chandra loves promo emails from designers and jewelry companies. Chandra spoke to a 90s icon several years ago from whom she got some blind items about another celebrity that person hates. Comments of the week: Minutes 31.5 to end My comment of the week was from BchyYogi about Jennifer Garner’s shoes. Chandra’s comment of the week was a matter-of-fact one about white privilege from ByTheSea on a Lori Loughlin post. We talk about white privilege and how trolls call us racist against white people. That’s not a thing!
In this week’s Gossip with Celebitchy podcast we talked about how awesome Game of Thrones is and how cinematic, epic and yet funny it can be. This is a spoiler free talk after I watched the premiere of season eight, which was the first time I’ve seen an episode in five years! I get why everyone loves it as there’s so much to unpack and it’s so entertaining. We also talked about Lori Loughlin continuing to play the clueless white privileged victim with her various leaks to the press and her cover of People Magazine. It really looks like she’s throwing her husband Mossimo Giannulli under the bus and like they’re all about to turn on each other. In our royal stories we discuss the wait for Meghan to give birth and the maybe-fake story that she’s planning to hire an American nanny and/or a male nanny. We also talk about the weird Vanity Fair story about William working out with the mums from Prince George’s school after the morning drop off. You can listen below! We also discuss Kim Kardashian studying for the bar and how she’s getting criticism for it. We think she just may pass, even if it’s not the first time. We also make fun of her ridiculous bathroom especially the concrete sink with the tiny slit which Kanye designed. Finally we talk about Jason Momoa shaving his beard and whether we like him shaved or with a beard. There was some debate about just how to pronounce his name and it turns out neither of us was right! I talked to four of my friends at a party and we all agreed that we wouldn’t kick him out of bed either way. Most of us liked him better shaved. (Sorry Rebecca!) Our user feedback was from Just Mooya on Twitter and Dog Obsessed Girl, who sent us a photo of her beautiful coonhound with a golden retriever puppy friend. Our comments of the week were on the posts about Will’s wandering scepter, Jana Kramer’s husband’s wandering scepter and Lori Loughlin’s idiocy. Stories, photos and memes can be found at and at: Music credit: A.A. Alto, Meydan and via Premium Beat. 
We start off discussing how dumb Lori Loughlin has been for playing the churchy victim and not accepting a plea deal in Operation Varsity Blues. This is in definite contrast to Felicity Huffman’s much better move of accepting a deal, issuing a statement of guilt and accepting responsibility. We talked about Prince William and Prince Harry's feud covering People, which glossed over the story. Prince William threatened British outlets in the wake of the rumor that he was having an affair with their neighbor and Kate’s maybe-former friend, Rose Hanbury. That may have kept British outlets quiet, but William’s heavy handed approach has people thinking there’s something to that story. We also discussed the crazy criticism of Duchess Meghan for daring to choose her own doctors and wanting to keep the birth of her baby private. We were both of course sympathetic to her as everyone has the right to choose their own doctors. I mentioned that I fired my doctors the week I was due to give birth! (I made a controversial statement about birth outcomes being better in non-hospital settings. This is technically true according to some studies, but I do not want to emphasize that point at all and I agree with Chandra that every woman should make the best choice for her.) We also swoon over Jude Law in a tiny speedo on the set of The New Pope. Chandra and I agree that he’s a beautiful man although I had some arguably rude things to say.  Instead of a user question this week, we talk about our Twitter friends and some of the great feedback we’ve received. Thank you so much for your support and kind words! We wanted to thank Shannon for fangirling over me following her on Twitter, Francesca also left a nice comment that she’s been checking us every day for years and LaUnica Angelica has been so supportive of us and we appreciate that. Also OandLoMom, Melly and Kathy Benjamin are some of our other Twitter friends. Oh and I forgot to mention Joslynn who also listens to the podcast! Our comments of the week were all on Lori Loughlin posts! The photos, stories and memes we talk about here can be found at and are here:
We’re back after an emergency week off as I dealt with complications from a minor medical procedure. We start off by talking about the Tatler story trashing Duchess Meghan and the fact that the Sussex Royal Instagram launch was wildly popular. We discuss the rumored affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury, the Duchess of Cholmondeley.  As that story was being largely ignored by the British press, more nitpicking stories came out about Duchess Meghan, who is due with her first baby any day now. Sources claimed that Meghan had asked Prince Charles whether wearing a tiara would be appropriate during her trip to New Zealand with Prince Harry, which seemed perfectly reasonable to us. The only story which we thought was legitimate is that Meghan has spent too much on clothing. We talked about Joe Biden being inappropriate and handsy with women. It was too familiar to us as women and we talked about how we’ve become accustomed to being pawed and touched. Biden’s non-apology was inadequate and shows he still lacks awareness of what he’s done. Our favorite story this week was Nicolas Cage’s quickie Vegas marriage to a sketchy makeup artist. His annulment request cited fraud as the woman was in a relationship and had a DUI she didn’t disclose. We called it a gold digger fail after Cage’s assets were depleted after he failed to pay taxes in 2009. I remembered a crazy profile of Cage in The Daily Beast which detailed his insane parties and unbelievable lifestyle. Chandra/Kaiser discussed what’s coming up for Game of Thrones. She wants to see Cersei killed in the Battle of Winterfell and everyone is hoping Arya survives. It’s hard to tell what’s coming based on the teasers which have come out, and it’s clear that the actors really want to tell spoilers. Finally we talked about Us. I saw and loved it and have a spoiler-free review. It did incredibly at the box office and was somehow Lupita Nyong’o's first starring role after she won the Oscar for 2013′s 12 Years a Slave. We agree that Jordan Peele should continue to make movies starring people of color and make fun of the people crying reverse racism. Our user question was from Bluesky about how we cover breaking news! Our comments of the week were from Valiantly Varnished on feminists’ favorite Chris and Skylark on the origin of the rural rivalry between Duchesses Kate and Rose. Please contact with questions or feedback through email at or text or voicemail 434-218-3219 Stories, photos and memes are at the top of from our podcast section and are available for this episode here:
We tried something new this week! We talked about three stories we deliberately didn’t cover! We start off with Operation Varsity Blues and how Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are covering US Magazine. We talk about Elizabeth Holmes the Theranos scammer’s deep voice and how it’s probably an affectation and code switching.  We call it a bit sexist to focus on her voice and appearance when so many men do the same thing. Chandra is also watching Billions on Showtime and she talked about how great it is.  We cover the teaser trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and say it looks like a campy fun film set in 70s Hollywood, but also like it’s using the Manson family murders and Bruce Lee to add interest. We talk about the royals and the controversy over the fashion brands which Kate and Meghan are wearing. Finally we cover Lena Dunham’s cringey essay for Vogue, which we definitely didn’t talk about on the site. It’s a long self-indulgent mess in which she requests some kind of unspecified light S&M from a sketchy guy.   Our user question is about the type of people we think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will end up dating (we get a bit racy in that part). We have three comments of the week this week!  The stories and photos we talk about can be found through the podcast section on and they're also here: Music credit: Meydan, A.A. Alto and via Premium Beat.
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