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Author: Jeff Poquette / Brad McIntosh

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There’s No Business Like Tow Business
Running a towing business in today's world is tough. The Tow Business Podcast focuses on towing business topics and discusses all topics that relate to owning and operating a successful towing company. We welcome all show ideas and feedback.
60 Episodes
Ryan with ShopHawk joins us to discuss best practices for online review management and online marketing for towing services. Check out &
We speak with JC Bautista the owner of Sierra Pacific Insurance. He offers up some great information regarding shopping for a towing insurance policy.
Lynn Hurst with Hurst Towing in Birmingham, Alabama has and he has quite a story to tell. He walks us through his story from just before the storms hit all the way through to the present day almost three months later. His office and most of his fleet took a direct hit. Hear how he jumped right back into action with the help of friends, family, and the towing community all the way to some interesting stories about insurance coverage and legal liabilities.
Have you noticed that owner responses to online reviews are changing? Are more people standing up to inaccurate reviews? We also talk about the upcoming Florida Tow Show.
This show is an open talk about our industry between Jeff & Brad. Thanks to Tracker Management, Miller Industries, Auto Data Direct, and Shop Hawk for supporting the show.
HAAS Alert is a service that notifies motorists of towers working along the roadway and gives them advance warning to slow down and move over. Tom Parbs with HAAS Alert explains the service, how it works, and what you need in order to add your fleet to the safety cloud.
Servicase - 54

Servicase - 54


Servicase is a new service about to launch that helps pair quality customers and service providers together. It provides a way for the customer to better manage their calls, cases, and preferred providers in any area. Please check out our partners, Tracker Management, Miller Industries, Auto Data Direct, and ShopHawk
IBIS Report - 53

IBIS Report - 53


IBIS Reports take an in-depth look at the status of an industry. Revenue, growth, profit, it shows you exactly where we are at. Check out our show sponsors, Tracker Management, Miller Industries, Auto Data Direct, Shophawk, Sierra Pacific Insurance, and Servicase.
If you are impounding vehicles for either a police department or private property owner you most likely have to process those vehicles as being abandoned. Michelle with, a show partner, explains how Auto Data Direct can make this process much easier.
Rotator Roundtable - 51

Rotator Roundtable - 51


We discuss what makes a great Rotator Operator with Sean Van Lingen with VanLingen Towing, Torrence, California, Mike Fraser with Miller Industries in Chattanooga, and Jeff Jolley with Revalation Towing in Boiling Springs, South Carolina.
ERSCA - 50

ERSCA - 50


Our guests on this episode are from ERSCA - Emergency Road Side Coalition of America. Learn what their mission is and how you can get involved with their legislative efforts and training programs.
This is the second half of answering questions sent to us and pulled from Social Media.
Some listeners sent in questions and we pulled a few from Social Media and we offer our thoughts, opinions, and answers.
How do CAB Reports, your SAFER score, and other data affect your company's insurance rates
Most of the problems in this industry need to be discussed in order to fix them. That's what we do in this episode. We each took a few of our top subjects, complain about them, offer ideas on how to fix them, but most importantly want others to discuss these problems and offer their solutions too.
Pricing and Invoices - 45

Pricing and Invoices - 45


Our first show of season 6 touches on many topics in our industry
Workplace Behaviors

Workplace Behaviors


We discuss workplace behaviors, stress, trauma, and what we can do about them. We also have a discussion about whether or not being a First Responder is good or bad.
What does the International Towing & Recovery Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee really do for our industry? We spend a little over an hour speaking with those who know. It's not just about history. The museum is instrumental in the success of Survivor Fund, The Wall of the Fallen, and The Hall of Fame. Find out how you can help contribute to all of these great causes.
Tow Business Accounting

Tow Business Accounting


We speak with Lacey Harner of Lacey Harnar CPA about the proper structure and accounting basics every tow company owner needs to know.
Tables were Turned

Tables were Turned


Jeff & Brad got interviewed. Matt Ruth from Tracker Management, Clarissa Powell from Tow Times, and Sam Johnson, The Blue Collar Guy ambushed Jeff & Brad with some really great questions during a 2.5-hour interview.
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Linda Scott

Really enjoyed the cast guys! A wealth of insight and knowledge into current trends and future possible realisms with MC's and Tow apps. Good thought points that I as an owner need to start focusing on. 5 stars from Tow n Go in Lewisville, Texas

Mar 16th
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