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Author: Myrna Young

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Myrna Young, Life Coach, interviews experts and thought Leaders every week and offers solo coaching sessions, to Transform your Mind so you can Transform your Life. As a Lifecoach, I know that your mind offers the, keys to your happiness, The bible teaches that we must be transformed by the renewing of our minds. The Transform your Mind podcast teaches you that it is all about you. You have to help yourself first before you can help anyone else. Put on your mask first! So download and subscribe and learn how to navigate your, daily struggles, and Live your best life now!
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So What’s the secret to, living the life of your dreams? Have you wondered how someone can be born with nothing, and then live a, dream life? They can live in abject poverty, having nothing to eat, sometimes homeless and in a few years become a millionaire?
How to Heal Your Brokenness

How to Heal Your Brokenness


Certified Life coach, Myrna Young and registered social worker, Arifah Yusaf discuss, How to Heal your Brokenness,The LORD is near to the brokenhearted And saves those who are crushed in spirit.
Are you a stay at home mom? Why not become a, mompreneur? Allison Lancaster, lifestyle blogger, and, mompreneur, shares how to start and grow your business along with your babies.
Sexological Body Worker and Tantra Facilitator, Ms Lorae Lauridge, teaches us the difference between biological sex and, sex and Spiritual Energy, Lorae shares how the energy of Tantric SEX allows us to have multiple orgasms and full body orgasms.
Ginni Saraswati, award winning journalist shares How to, Create and Produce Podcasts, that Entertain, Empower and Engage Audiences.
Have you heard the saying, “Age ain’t nothing but a number?” Well it’s true! It is never too late to, start over,. I started my Life Coaching career at 55 years old.  Colonel Sanders, the original founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, started at age 62.
Medical intuitive readings, helps people find the find cause of their symptoms, so they can heal, thrive and become stress free.
Do you know that your, core beliefs, affect everything you do in life? Well it’s true. What you believe is how you show up in every circumstance in your life.
Dr Stephen Lewis says everything begins in the gut. We have to use, nutritional supplements, because about 85% of all the minerals in the soil in America are depleted.
Today our focus is on, binge eating, and overeating and how that negatively affects your health. My guest is Dr. Glenn Livingston, author of “Never Binge Again” 
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