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EP 91: One Piece Film Red

EP 91: One Piece Film Red


We’re back in the studio with Kyle this week, now that both he and Emma are recovered from COVID! And this time we head down the rabbit hole that is One Piece to talk about its latest cinema outing – One Piece Film Red!The film has done remarkably well at the box office and with critics, but does it live up to the hype? Plus – What we’re watching, the latest anime news, and plenty of terrible jokes to tide you through!VIDEOS!Kawaii-Fi YouTube: Tifa's YouTube: USPatreon: us a Coffee: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYTikTok: LISTEN ELSEWHERE?Smart Link: SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:03:57 – What We’re Watching00:22:16 – Cinema Club: One Piece Red00:54:12 – Anime Communique01:18:59 – Show Outro Tags:anime,podcast,anime news,anime podcast,anime reviews,anime recommendation
EP 90: Tiger & Bunny

EP 90: Tiger & Bunny


This time, it's a bit of a different episode as the team meet up in the digital world... No, not the DigiWorld - it was just Discord! After a bout with the plague, we figured keeping it safe was wise!This episode we talk about Tiger and Bunny, over-powered Bear suits and having Chainsaws for hands!EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:02:54 – What We’re Watching00:14:05 – Back Catalogue: Tiger and Bunny00:33:43 – Anime Communique00:55:02 – Next Time!JOIN THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: USPatreon: us a Coffee:!YouTube: ELSEWHERE?Smart Link:,podcast,anime news,anime podcast,anime reviews,anime recommendation
It’s October and that can mean only one thing – It’s time for our annual Halloween episode!The choice was put to our Patreons to vote on this year’s theme, and they’ve chosen Witches in Anime!So what was the first anime to feature a witch? And what influence has this character type had on other genres in anime?Tune in to find out, along with all the latest anime news!NOTES:Check out Animator Dormitory’s GoFundMe project: ANIME:Sally the Witch (1966 – Toei Animation – Manga)Majokko Megu-chan / Little Meg the Witch Girl (1974 – Toei – Original)Wizard Barristers (2014 – Studio Arms - Original)Little Witch Academia (2015 – Trigger – Manga)XXXHolic (2006 – Clamp @ Production IG - Manga)One Piece (Thriller Bark Arc)Burn the Witch (2020 - Colorido – Manga)Witch Hat Atelier (Anime announced)Madoka Magica (2011 – Shaft – Original)Magical Girl Ore (2018)Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina (2020 – Studio C2C – Light Novel)Witchcraft Works (2014 – J.C.Staff - Manga)Familiar of Zero (2006 – J.C.Staff – Light Novel)Flying Witch (2016 – J.C.Staff – Manga SoL)Witch Hunter Robin (2002 – Sunrise – Original w occasional horror)Rental Magica (2007 – Zexcs – Light Novel)Izetta: The Last Witch (2016 – Ajia-Do - Original)Soul EaterBlack CloverKiki’s Delivery Service (1989)Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)Mary and the Witch's Flower (2017)Earwig and the Witch (2020)Pandane to Tamago-Hime (Mr Dough and the Egg Princess) (2010 - Short)  VIDEOS!Kawaii-Fi YouTube:'s YouTube: USPatreon: us a Coffee: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYTikTok: ELSEWHERE?Smart Link: SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:02:41 – What We’re Watching00:25:06 – Halloween & Witches01:12:47 – Anime Communique01:24:37 – Show Outro
Cyberpunk Edgerunners is in the wild and it’s one pulpy ride through the world of Night City!Sure, it makes you want to revisit Cyberpunk 2077 – which is the anime’s purpose – but as a stand-alone series, is it any good?There’s a lot to unpack with this series and we’ve all got our own takes on it, plus a few choices words for the new anime season and some controversy in Anime Communique – all adding up to a great episode!Joins us as we slip in some chrome, befriend a loveable havoc midget and plug in for this truly epic outing by Studio Trigger, Choom!VIDEOS!Kawaii-Fi YouTube:'s YouTube: USPatreon: us a Coffee: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYTikTok: ELSEWHERE?Smart Link: SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:02:42 – What We’re Watching00:18:45 – Cyberpunk: Edgerunners00:51:07 – Anime Communique01:06:23 – Show OutroTags:anime,podcast,anime news,anime podcast,anime reviews,anime recommendation, Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk,
WE’RE BACK!It’s been a wild couple of months with moving house, travel and work for the team, but we’re finally set back up and that means we’re back to our regular fortnightly episodes!And it’s just in time cause a new anime season is upon us – and it’s a HUGE one. There’s so much to watch and look forward to, with new and old animes providing something for everyone!You’ll find our picks below – plus a mini look back at the past season and the latest anime news!ANIME MENTIONED:Chain Saw ManSpy X Family S2Iruma-KunAkuyaku Reijou nano de Last Boss wo Kattemimashita (I'm the Villainess, So I'm Taming the Final Boss)Urusei YatsuraTiger & Bunny S2-P2Bleach TYBWC DanchiYojohan Time Machine BluesBerserk: The Golden Age Arc - MEMORIAL EDITIONNEWS ITEMS:!Kawaii-Fi YouTube:'s YouTube: USPatreon: us a Coffee: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYTikTok: ELSEWHERE?Smart Link: SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:03:33 – Season Review00:17:35 – Autumn Anime 202201:24:58 – Anime Communique01:39:02 – Show Outro______________________________________________Tags:anime,podcast,anime news,anime podcast,anime reviews,anime recommendation
Well the move got pushed back a little bit so, we grabbed out the microphones from storage and recorded a Kawaii-Fi Extra!In the spotlight is the latest Dragonball feature film - Dragonball Super: Super Hero.It's been given a lot of grief since it's first trailer came out looking VERY CGI orientated, but - much to our surprise - this film lives up to the franchises past and future.Also - this is our 100th upload! Crazy!VIDEOS LINKSKawaii-Fi YouTube: Tifa's YouTube:’s Twitch:   SUPPORT USPatreon: Buy us a Coffee: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYTikTok: LISTEN ELSEWHERE?Smart Link:
EP 86: 20 Years of .Hack//

EP 86: 20 Years of .Hack//


It’s been 20 years since .Hack//Sign first aired on Japanese TV, eventually becoming a popular multi-platform franchise which laid the ground work for many successful future Animes! From Sword Art Online to Log Horizon to Overlord – .Hack is an origin point for the popular “Trapped in an MMO” trope that we’ve seen repeatedly for the past decade.So is it still good? Listen to find out, along with all the latest anime news, what we’ve been watching and a few cast updates for good measure!VIDEOS!Kawaii-Fi YouTube: Tifa's YouTube: USPatreon: Buy us a Coffee: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYTikTok: LISTEN ELSEWHERE?Smart Link: SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:03:29 – What We’re Watching00:23:37 – Retro: .Hack//Sign01:05:10 – Anime Communique01:22:00 – Wrap up and KF events!Tags:anime,podcast,anime news,anime podcast,anime reviews,anime recommendation
On this uplifting and heart-warming episode of Kawaii-Fi, we watch a film we’ve been putting off for a while – I Want To Eat Your Pancreas.This plus the return of the wonderful Kieralee, Vending Machines in Dungeons and “Sushi made by Westeners” on this episode!NOTE:This 2018 film brought up a lot of interesting conversations around trauma, mortality and psychology, causing us to dive into some areas we don’t normally tread.Because of this, we thought it prudent to provide some details regarding one of the topics that came up – the “Myth of Stockholm Syndrome” and how it’s been used to discredit women.The term was invented by psychiatrist and police negotiator Nils Bejerot in 1973 in Stockholm, after hostage Kristin Enmark criticised the actions of the police forces involved in the stand-off with bank robbers.Bejerot essentially used the term to discredit Enmarks’ criticism of how the police handled the incident, and coined the term without ever having talked to her – a critical fallacy of the claimed diagnosis.It also lead to Bejerot being employed by the FBI and other international groups working in hostage negotiation, leading the term becoming more wide spread, along with it being used as a defence in the trial of Patty Hearst in 1974.Stockholm Syndrome has since become a term the world treats as a real condition despite it never having being classified as a disorder, along with having no criteria for diagnosing it.Additionally, calling it a Syndrome is wrong, as a syndrome is defined as “a set of medical signs and symptoms which are correlated with each other and often associated with a particular disease or disorder”.Its invention was a form of victim blaming to silence a woman’s criticism of men’s behaviour, and it tries to turn the choices the victim made to survive into a way to invalidate their views. The trauma they experienced is real – whether in a hostage situation, an abusive relationship or a dangerous confrontation – and it takes a lot of courage and inner strength to survive these ordeals.To claim these survivors are suffering from a disorder due to surviving, belittles the horrible events they have had to overcome and misunderstands the psychology of survival – if someones threatening your life, you are going to do everything you can to survive.We’ve included some links in the episodes description showing how this idea is beginning to be challenged in recent years, starting in the 2010’s. It’s worth a read to understand the terms dubious origins and how it’s repeatedly used to invalidate women’s criticisms of those in power.In depth: (Heading: “The Beginning”)Explainer articles: Book in question: VIDEOS!Kawaii-Fi YouTube: Tifa's YouTube: USPatreon: Buy us a Coffee: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYTikTok: LISTEN ELSEWHERE?Smart Link: SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:03:27 – What We’re Watching00:23:14 – Cinema Club – I Want To Eat Your Pancreas00:58:40 – Anime Communique01:21:03 – Show Outro Tags:anime,podcast,anime news,anime podcast,anime reviews,anime recommendation
It’s the 25th Anniversary of Princess Mononoke, and we went to an Anniversary screening! So how does it hold up after 25 years?This plus Shiba Inu's, Bullet Trains, a slew of Anime Movie News, and a load of laughs!VIDEOS!Is Princess Mononoke still good? YouTube:'s Channel: USPatreon: us a Coffee: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYTikTok: ELSEWHERE?Smart Link: SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:02:03 – What We’re Watching00:19:51 – Miyazaki: Princess Mononoke00:43:33 – Anime Communique01:00:17 – Behind the Scenes & Next Time
This episode – it’s a new anime season and, to be blunt, it’s not looking very massive.But this is kind of a good thing because last season was HECTIC and we could use some time to finish off our half-watched lists! So what are we checking out?Are all these isekai’s worth a try?And why is the Terminator involved?Join us to find out! Our Picks:- Tokyo Mew Mew New- Call of the Night- Made in Abyss 2: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun- Shine On! Bakumatsu Bad Boys- Isekai Ojisan- Devil is a Part Timer - Season 2- Prima Doll- My Isekai Life!- When Will Ayumu make his Move?- Yurei DecoEPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:04:45 – Summer Anime Season 2022 – Part 100:33:37 – Summer Anime Season 2022 – Part 201:07:44 – Anime Communique01:25:00 – Next Time & Random thoughtsJOIN THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: SUPPORT USPatreon: us a Coffee:!YouTube: LISTEN ELSEWHERE?Smart Link: 
This episode, we’re going back to early “naughtys” to look at the Ōtomo Katsuhiro’s first feature film after Akira – Steamboy!How has this film held up in over the past 18 years? And is it still entertaining? This plus a classic anime series makes a return, pumpkin spiced lattes and card games on unicycles in this episode!EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:02:56 – What We’re Watching: Naruto, .Hack Sign, Bookworm, My Dress Up Darling, Dr. Stone00:22:02 – Cinema Club: Steam Boy00:43:52 – Anime Communique01:06:25 – Show Outro JOIN THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: SUPPORT USPatreon: Buy us a Coffee:!YouTube: ELSEWHERE?Smart Link:
This episode, the Spring anime season is almost over and there’s something returning next season after a very long hiatus!The Devil is a Part Timer is finally getting its second season next month - 9 years after season 1 finished it’s run!So, is it worth catching up on this series before season 2 drops? Plus the latest Anime News, bad jokes and why Tifa is rewatching Bleach in this episode of Kawaii-Fi Radio!EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:02:46 – What We’re Watching00:17:27 – Back Catalogue: The Devil is a Part Timer00:39:04 – Anime Communique01:01:07 – Show Outro JOIN THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYYouTube: SUPPORT USPatreon: Buy us a Coffee: ELSEWHERE?Smart Link:
It’s been 3 years since Promare hit cinemas in Japan, exciting fans the world over with it’s bombastic colours and heart filled story.And as the film celebrates this milestone, along with breaking 1 million ticket sales, it’s returned to cinemas in Japan to celebrate – hopefully meaning an international rerun could be on the cards!But a lot has happened over the past 3 years – both in the world and in the anime industry, so does this fire-fuelled film hold up well? (Spoiler: Yup)It’s our first post-COVID episode (1/2 the team had it), and Promare is in the spotlight along with the usual WWW and the latest anime news!______________________________________________EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Preview00:00:58 – Opening Chat:00:05:06 – What We’re Watching00:22:46 – Cinema Club: Promare (2019)00:48:57 – Anime Communique01:05:13 – Show Outro ______________________________________________WATCH PROMARE:Crunchyroll (In some regions) - (~$5) - Amazon - TRACKSpotify - - BREAK APP (LOL)RunPee App: LIGHT NOVEL STORY (Sorry, it's satire) THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: VIDEOS!YouTube: USPatreon: Buy us a Coffee: ELSEWHERE?Smart Link:
EP 79: No Game? No Life!

EP 79: No Game? No Life!


It's time to get controversial and talk about an anime that's manga is banned in Australia - despite only being rated PG!No Game No Life has been criticised for it's questionable themes and how it handles it's female cast, yet it's built a cult following that spans the gender spectrum!So why is this series held in such high regard? And will we ever see a second season?We also introduce the wonderful Tifa this episode!Go check her out on Youtube (TheTKennedy), Instagram (@TheTKennedy) and Twitch!Here's hoping we didn't scare her off!EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:57 – Opening Chat: Introducing Tifa00:03:05 – What We’re Watching00:18:01 – Back Catalogue: No Game No Life00:46:35 – Anime Communique01:09:36 – Show Outro VIDEOS!Hoshicon Recap: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: USPatreon: us a Coffee: ELSEWHERE?Smart Link:
This episode we’re taking to the skies with a Ghilbi classic – the Crimson Pig, the red champion of the Adriatic – Porco Rosso!We also touch on the Sonic 2 film, the upcoming project by the creator of Your Name and Weathering with you, and the latest anime news!EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:02:15 – What We’re Watching00:15:51 – Miyazaki: Porco Rosso00:38:13 – Anime Communique01:03:16 – Show OutroCome to Hoshicon!!YouTube: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: USPatreon: us a Coffee: ELSEWHERE?Smart Link:
This episode – THE SPRING ANIME SEASON IS HERE and it’s flippin’ huge! There’s nowhere near enough time to cover everything – so alongside the team’s top ten picks, we’ve got a whole list of shows below to check out! EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:55 – Opening Chat00:03:18 – Season in Review00:25:31 – Spring Season Preview01:35:33 – Show OutroSPRING ANIME DISCUSSEDTiger and Bunny – Season 2Love After World DominationSpy X FamilyTomodachi GameSummer Time RenderingThe Rising of the Shield Hero – Season 2Ascendance of a Bookworm – Season 3In the Heart of Kunoichi TsubakiDon’t Hurt Me, My HealerKaguya-sama: Love is War ~Ultra Romatic~ (Season 3) Other series worth keeping an eye on this season: - Komi S2- Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie- I’m Quitting Heroing- Aharen-san wa Hakarenai- Trapped in a Dating Sim- The Dawn of the Witch- The Executioner and her Way of Life- RPG Real Estate- Dance Dance Danseur- Deaimon- Magia Record Puella Magi Madokka Side- Ya Boy Kongming!- OniPan- Yatogame-chan kansatsu LINKSCome to Hoshicon!: Yaoi Paddle legal issues: Yaoi Vs Yuri Audiences: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: SUPPORT USPatreon: us a Coffee:!YouTube: LISTEN ELSEWHERE?Smart Link:
With Kyle moving house, we've pushed this week's episode back to April 4th (1-week delay).It's all about the 2022 Spring Anime Season and there's so much to talk about!So in the meantime, here's an interview Kyle did last year with Voice Actress Tiffany Grant - the Voice of Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion!JOIN THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: SUPPORT USPatreon: us a Coffee:!Youtube: ELSEWHERE?Smart Link:
EP 76: Patlabor

EP 76: Patlabor


In this episode, we’re heading back to the 80’s to what some have called “a forgotten franchise”.Patlabor is a classic mecha/SciFi franchise created by the minds behind Ghost in the Shell and .Hack among many other amazing projects – but is it still good today? Join us to find out! Along with what we’ve been watching and what’s going on in the anime news!EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Opener00:00:58 – Opening Chat:00:02:35 – What We’re Watching00:18:12 – Retro Classic: Patlabor00:49:19 – Anime Communique01:03:56 – Show OutroJOIN THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: SUPPORT USPatreon: us a Coffee:!Youtube: ELSEWHERE?Smart Link:
EP 75: Ancient Magus Bride

EP 75: Ancient Magus Bride


This episode – Aaron is back and we’re talking about the wonderful series that is The Ancient Magus’ Bride! Plus EPISODE SEGMENTS00:00:00 – Show Preview00:00:58 – Opening Chat:00:03:35 – What We’re Watching00:20:00 – Back Catalogue: Ancient Magus’ Bride00:37:46 – Anime Communique01:07:53 – Show Outro EPISODE NOTESWhat We’re Watching:- Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development department- Tamen De Gushi- Teasing Master Takagi S3Bad Beyblade Commercial: Variety Show:!Youtube: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: USPatreon: us a Coffee: ELSEWHERE?Spotify:
It's Valentines Day! So Kyle and Kenny sat down to talk about a wonderful short film created by Shinkai Makoto back in 2013 - The Garden Of Words!Watch Garden of Words here:Netflix:!The Best Romance Anime for Valentine's day! Youtube Channel: THE KAWAII-FI COMMUNITYInstagram: SUPPORT USPatreon: us a Coffee: LISTEN ELSEWHERE?Smart link:
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