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Author: Eric Wagnon & Jefferson Harmon

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We live in a society that is becoming more and more fatherless and where manhood is being degraded on an ever increasing basis. It’s time to step up and fulfill our divine callings as Fathers and crush the stereotypes that men/dads are getting. Research shows that the single greatest advantage that a thriving child can have is a Father that is present. I would argue that even better than just being present is BEING TOTALLY RAD!! The definition of that will differ for every Dad out there but it’s time you define it and become it for your children, they NEED you to show up everyday! The page will help you to define and become that Rad Dad! Remember, it’s all about progress, not perfection...We are FAR from perfect and need this page every bit as much as any other Dad. Let’s stick together, motivate each other, and lift one another. Looking forward to connecting and sharing with you!!
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Embrace the Suck

Embrace the Suck


No matter how you slice it there will be hard times in life and especially as a Rad Dad. In fact I'd say you can't become a Rad Dad until you've endured a lot of hard things. In this episode we talk about how to embrace the suck and get the most out of the hard times and enjoying the good times at a higher level. 
Happiness can be an illusion and being a father can be tough. Follow these simple ideas and start recognizing more happiness in your life and stop chasing the impossible. Creating your own strategy to becoming a Totally Rad Dad is key! We go over and give you specific instructions to get started on be RAD for your kids. Don't miss this one...
We are digging a little deeper into happiness and why it can be so elusive and how we can have more of it! Finding your purpose is one of the biggest steps you can take on your journey to becoming a Totally Rad Dad. In this episode we give you the basic tools to discover or re-discover yours!Here are the questions we go over in your self assessment:1a. I must have good control of my feelings in order to be successful in life. 1b. It is unnecessary for me to control my feelings in order to be successful in life. 2a. Anxiety is bad. 2b. Anxiety is neither good nor bad. It is merely an uncomfortable feeling. 3a. Negative thoughts and feelings will harm you if you don’t control or get rid of them. 3b. Negative thoughts and feelings won’t harm you even if they feel unpleasant. 4a. I’m afraid of some of my strong feelings. 4b. I’m not afraid of any feelings, no matter how strong. 5a. In order for me to do something important, I have to get rid of all my doubts. 5b. I can do something important, even when doubts are present. 6a. When negative thoughts and feelings arise, it’s important to reduce or get rid of them as quickly as possible. 6b. Trying to reduce or get rid of negative thoughts and feelings frequently causes problems. If I simply allow them to be, then they will change as a natural part of living. 7a. The best method of managing negative thoughts and feelings is to analyze them; then utilize that knowledge to get rid of them. 7b. The best method of managing negative thoughts and feelings is to acknowledge their presence and let them be, without having to analyze or judge them. 8a. I will become “happy” and “healthy” by improving my ability to avoid, reduce, or get rid of negative thoughts and feelings. 8b. I will become “happy” and “healthy” by allowing negative thoughts and feelings to come and go of their own accord and learning to live effectively when they are present. 9a. If I can’t suppress or get rid of a negative emotional reaction, it’s a sign of personal failure or weakness. 9b. The need to control or get rid of a negative emotional reaction is a problem in itself. 10a. Having negative thoughts and feelings is an indication that I’m psychologically unhealthy or I’ve got problems. 10b. Having negative thoughts and feelings means I’m a normal human being. 11a. People who are in control of their lives can generally control how they feel. 11b. People who are in control of their lives do not need to control their feelings. 12a. It is not okay to feel anxious and I try hard to avoid it. 12b. I don’t like anxiety, but it’s okay to feel it. 13a. Negative thoughts and feelings are a sign that there is something wrong with my life. 13b. Negative thoughts and feelings are an inevitable part of life for everyone. 14a. I have to feel good before I can do something that’s important and challenging. 14b. I can do something that’s important and challenging even if I’m feeling anxious or depressed. 15a. I try to suppress thoughts and feelings that I don’t like by just not thinking about them. 15b. I don’t try to suppress thoughts and feelings that I don’t like. I just let them come and go of their own accord. 
We continue to dissect what happiness is and how to obtain long last true happiness not just temporary fleeting feelings of happiness. You will get some tools to find your happiness and we continue the process of becoming a Totally Rad Dad. We cover how to create your own Vision and why it is so important. Don't just listen and forget but take action on what we give you to do!!
These are simple challenges to get you to take action and strengthen the bond you have with you children and physically help you in becoming a Totally Rad Dad!This first challenge is going to get you to listen to your kids and do what THEY want to do...and do it for a minimum of 20 minutes! That's it! 20 minutes! Are you Man enough to do it!?!? They will LOVE you for it and you will create a bond and memory forever! Good luck!!
We're diving into what happiness really is, how we strive to have it but seem to miss it, and how we can have more of it. What are your beliefs? What do they mean to you? They are POWERFUL and you may not even know what your true beliefs are...this podcast will help you discover YOURS!! (Yours are different than anyone elses!
We're excited to kick off Season 2 and excited for our new approach. With the Shelter in Place happening almost everywhere we are having extra stumbling blocks placed in front of us as Rad Dads and family's. Join us this season for inspiration and very actionable steps to move along the path of becoming a Totally Rad Dad!! Make sure to subscribe to get our new episodes that will be coming out every Wednesday and then a short 5 minute Rad Dad Challenge every Friday!
Travis Mills is a hilarious father (who loves awkward comedy) that has made the best of some of the hardest things a man can go through. You will enjoy this interview from start to finish and feel like you know him by the end. His story will inspire you to live up to your potential and his saying "Never Give Up. Never Quit." is being lived out by example. You can find everything you need to know about Travis and his mission at Loot and his book and Documentary (very inspiring) Mills Foundation
Get ready to enjoy his accent! But he is way more than just an accent, he is a Totally Rad Dad and he shares his real life experiences of fatherhood which started off fast when he married the love of his life who already had two children. Then they add one more and he has some tricks up his sleeve to get the most out of your children. Listen in and learn from life lessons to make your journey of fatherhood just  a little bit better and a little bit easier and a lot a bit RADDER!Remember to check out our 30 DAY RAD DAD CHALLENGE at Join thousands of Dads who are stepping up and taking the challenge to BE RAD for their kids! You will LOVE IT!!
Awesome awesome interview today with Austin LeFevre! It is so real, open and relatable about fatherhood and there is so much to inspire and elevate our level of Rad Dad'ness! You can visit his successful branding store online at 30 Day Rad Dad Challenge will be live on September 1st! Just go to www.raddadchallenge,com to start this FREE challenge and become better than you are and start down the path of being a Totally Rad Dad!!
Being a Father can be tricky and a lot of the time you are just going on the fly with things. Ben Yaeger talks today about his experiences becoming a father and the challenges that present themselves and some of the key things he's learned from it! We talk about home birthing with a doula (Instagram feed for We Are Austin Born, crashing on bikes, time constraints, and teaching your kids to grow up to be independent. Enjoy this episode!
Today we dive in deep with Frank Lavigne and talk about the struggles of time and putting family first, how hard that can be, and a couple of ways he has dealt with it and overcome it. We all have 24 hours in a day, get a few tips on how to use them more wisely and become a Rad-er Dad!
We have an AWESOME interview with UFC World Champ Jens Pulver all about Fatherhood! His story is amazing and he has been through so much to get where he is now. His perspective is on life and fatherhood is inspiring and the way he responds to trials and challenges will help anyone who listens to this episode. He give an analogy of "how full is your book" that you will want to implement right away!30 Day Rad Dad Challenge is coming very very soon so be ready to jump in and take fatherhood by the horns!! We are Stoked!!!Jens Johnnie Pulver (born December 6, 1974) is a retired American professional mixed martial artistand undefeated boxer and kickboxer. Pulver was the inaugural UFC Lightweight Champion in addition to serving as the head coach on The Ultimate Fighter 5 reality show against long-time rival B.J. Penn. In mixed martial arts, Pulver competed at the Lightweight, Featherweight, Bantamweight and Flyweightdivisions in addition to competing at the Middleweight, Light Middleweight, and Welterweight divisions as a professional boxer. While perhaps best known for competing in the UFC, Pulver has also competed in Pride Fighting Championships, for the PRIDE 2005 Lightweight Grand Prix. He is to-date the youngest UFC Lightweight Champion in the UFC history, eventually relinquishing his title, after two defenses, due to a contract dispute. Pulver officially retired from combat sports in 2014.[1] Pulver is considered the founder of the UFC lightweight division.
Everything about this stay at home dad is REAL and really funny! You will glean wisdom throughout! Whether you are a stay at home dad yourself or work long hours you will be able to relate, laugh, and be inspired. He can be found on Instagram and facebook as @realtoughdad, on his website at, and playing upright bass for the Kansas City alt folk/rock outfit The Ragged Few, Keep an eye out for our FREE 30 Day Rad Dad Challenge coming soon!!
We dive in with Hyrum Gray about his experiences with fatherhood, his struggles, and how he overcame them. Being a wonderful father requires providing for the family but also being present for them, both of which require time. Listen in on how he has dealt with this dilemma and is working through it. Also, you can check out what he is working on at (coming soon) and to become a better Dad!? Join us for our FREE 30 DAY RAD DAD CHALLENGE where you'll receive simple daily challenges to spend time with and connect with your kids! Going to be EPIC...just click the link below to sign up!
Both Brandon and Tyler have had very successful careers in Hollywood but this isn't why we wanted them on the show. Before we even knew they were Stars we got to know them through "The Fathership" on Instagram ( and Facebook ( An awesome community where they share what it's like to be a single father and do some pretty hilarious, very real, videos. They are best friends and both are single fathers, raising young daughters, and giving fatherhood literally all they've got. We dive deep into what it's like for them, their struggles, the lessons learned, and their successes as a Dad. There are so many nuggets of wisdom throughout the entire interview so make sure to listen all the way through to not miss a thing! As always, thank you for listening, without you we would not be doing what we are doing. Make sure to subscribe, rate, and review to never miss an episode!
Meet Totally Rad Dad, Dr. Chad Woolner. He's a Chiropractor with a highly successful, integrated, practice and incredible online business. He teaches seminars and is known is an innovator in his field. But the most important thing to him is his role as a Father and Husband and it shows. In this episode he shares huge words of wisdom about being a dad, the blessings of adoption, the trials we face as dads, and absolute must do Golden Nuggets to overcome these obstacles. He is an amazing story teller and will keep you listening to the end. Enjoy this episode and share it with another Dad. Remember, we are Rad by Choice, Not by Chance!
We sit down with Sam, a Network Engineer (Tech Geek!), and chat about technology in the home, the dangers of it, the beauty of it, and how we can protect our kids from the bad stuff. He goes into details about some of the free stuff you can do to monitor and control the type and quantity of media your kids (and yourself for that matter) ingest and it is as simple as downloading an app or using a preinstalled app! He also goes over some really really cool stuff you can do to streamline your efficiency in the home and have a little extra fun with it! If your kids on media concerns you at all you're going to want to give this one a listen...
In this episode we sit down to talk with a Totally Rad Dad who had to learn real quick how to be a dad when he got married 9 months ago to the love of his life with her 5 kids! He shares with us some of his real life struggles and also some of his huge successes as he has gotten right down to business. He has had to move from the bachelor mentality to the family mentality and share some major wisdom on how he does it! Whether you're an expecting dad or have been in the game for years, this episode will offer you some golden Rad Dad nuggets that will help take you to the next level! Enjoy! And don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review!
Sex is so important to talk about and can be a very difficult topic to bring up but with this episode it just got easier! We dive deep with Sex Addiction Therapist, Mark Bell, on how and when you absolutely need to talk to your kids about will surprise the heck out of you and relieve so much tension and stress around the topic. This is a MUST MUST MUST listen for any parent and will impact your kids' lives greatly! Do not skip over this one...
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