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Covering the biggest football, basketball and other sporting news around the 10 teams in the Big 12! Big 12 vs The World
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LSU just had the best offense in college football. What does that mean for the Big 12? We discuss that and look ahead to the 2020 season with Matt Brown of SBNation. Episode includes: National Championship Porn Hub Bump. What's next for non-blue bloods? Which team (not named Texas) will face OU in the B12 'Ship? Tom Herman is immature. Can the next guy at Baylor sustain what Matt Rhule built? Baylor is Texas' second nemesis? Plus more!
An awesome Saturday of Big 12 basketball wrapped up and Phillip discusses it with Joe Buettner of the Norman Transcript. Episode includes: Voting in the AP Top 25 Is Baylor your No. 1 The Top of the Big 12 is REALLY good Are the Sooners for real? Which top team do they match-up best with? Let's discuss the team
Some big changes to three coaching staffs in the Big 12! Phillip and Chris discussing them with Shehan Jeyarajah of DCTF and Scott Wright of The Oklahoman. Episode includes Coach Rhule's Text was fine Who are the targets Who we are calling Dark horses Baylor 2020 class Rounding out Herman's new staff Yurcich the new UT OC Getting Dunn back is big for OSU Monken rumors What's likely to happen Chuba Hosts Phillip Slavin and Chris Ross
Conference play has started for the Big 12 which means Phillip and Andy Mitts will discuss the preview Saturday and look to the week ahead. This week, they're joined by Ryan Gilbert of the 10 of 12 Podcast. Episode includes: Phillip ranting To foul or not to foul up 3 Is Kansas State bad? Like... how bad? Andy doesn't like ESPN+ (sign up here) Games to watch this week
Phillip and Chris are back and start off 2020 recapping the horrific bowl season, and more! Episode includes: Cough, cough Changes to the show Bowl season sucked, but don't read too much into it. Lincoln Riley was impressive this season 2020 non-conference is important Chris and Phillip argue (what's new)
Let's Pick the Bowls

Let's Pick the Bowls


It's our final picks episode of the season and Phillip, Chris, and guest picker Daniel Alexander of Grinders with Blinders are picking all six Big 12 bowl games. Episode includes: It's the small things in recruiting Phillip vs. Chris is CLOSE Texas Bowl: OSU +7 Texas A&M Liberty Bowl: KSU + 2 1/2 Navy Camping World: ISU +3 1/2 Notre Dame Alamo Bowl: Texas +7 Utah Sugar Bowl: Baylor +7 Georgia Peach Bowl: OU +14 LSU Get signed up for ESPN+ and Big 12 Now!  
The Big 12 non-conference schedule is nearing it's end. Phillip talks with Brian Rauf of Busting Brackets to discuss the conference so far and the first NET rankings of the season. Episode includes Don't. Tweet. At. Recruits. Surprises! Is Oklahoma State in trouble? What do first NET rankings tell us? Under performers. Exceeding expectations. Quality Losses. Way too early Final Four picks. Get signed up for ESPN+ and Big 12 Now!
Big changes to Tom Herman's coaching staff with for guys out including the OC and DC. Taylor Estes of Horns 247 joins the show to discuss all the coaching moves with Phillip. Episode includes Shout out Baylor Volleyball Let's talk about Chris Ash The Orlando move was surprising Harrell or bust Filling the other two positions Does this make 2020 a make or break season for Herman? Get signed up for ESPN+ and Big 12 Now!  
TCU football and basketball may not be very good this season, but they're still worth talking about. Park Fleming of Frogs O' War joins the show to discuss the Frog's on the field and the court. Episode includes: Football awards are stupid What went wrong for the Frogs in 2019? Can Sonnie Cumbie change? Duggan Frogs 2018 class is GONE Desmond Bane deserves better Are the Frogs the worse team in the Big 12 this year? Go signed up for ESPN+ and Big 12 Now!
Bedlam & Big 12 Wrestling

Bedlam & Big 12 Wrestling


It's time to talk wrestling! Brandon Cain of Cowboys Ride For Free joins Phillip to talk Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, this weekend's big Bedlam dual, and the other teams to know in the conference. Episode includes: I need your help to talk Volleyball Let's talk Bedlam wrestling Match-ups to know Is OSU down this year? Iowa State is the Big 12's second best team this season West Virginia is... not Don't forget to sign up for ESPN+ and Big 12 now to watch Big 12 Wrestling.
Let's Go Bowling

Let's Go Bowling


The College Football Playoff and bowl game match-ups and destinations have been announced! Phillip and Andy break down which ones we like and which ones we don't with Ryan Gilbert of 10 of 12 Podcast. Show includes: Big 12 / Big East Battle update (not good). Bowl pecking order. Big 12 Bowl we're most excited for. Why KState fans are mad at Andy. Which Big 12 bowl we're least interested in. More bowl talk! Get signed up for ESPN+ and Big 12 Now!
Phillip wraps up the three-part roundtable featuring Melissa Triebwasser, Andy Mitts, Levi Stevenson, and Kegan Reneau, but first Chris joins the intro to talk playoffs and make a pick. Episode includes: A lot of talk about the playoff, OU, and Baylor. Big 12 Championship game picks. A little Oklahoma State talk. Which new coach did the best job? Who is the Big 12's offensive MVP? Which player are you most looking forward to next season? Kegan loves Breece Hall. Remember to get signed up for ESPN+ and Big 12 Now.
We continue our 2019 regular season wrap-up round-table with guests Melissa Triebwasser, Andy Mitts, Kegan Reneau, and Levi Stevenson. Topics discussed: Latest CFP rankings are good for the Big 12. Team with the most disappointing season: Iowa State, TCU, Texas, Texas Tech The Big 12's influence on football and the NFL Get signed up for ESPN+ and Big 12 Now
We're wrapping up the 2019 regular season with four amazing guests over three days; Melissa Triebwasser, Andy Mitts, Levi Stevenson, and Kegan Reneau. Topics include: Was this a good season for the Big 12? Jim Mora Jr. is a joke on ESPN. Is Baylor in the Playoff bad for the Big 12? The Big 12 is screwed. Non-conference scheduling. playoff talk. (sorry). Remember to get signed-up for ESPN+ and Big 12 Now!
Regular Season Finale Picks

Regular Season Finale Picks


It's the final week of the regular season, so these are some important picks! Phillip and Chris are joined by Evan Green of the LGG this week. Picks include: Texas (-10) Texas Tech TCU (-13 1/2) WVU Baylor (-14) Kansas ISU (-5) KSU Non Big 12 (Cincinnati / Memphis, LaLa / ULM, Michigan / tOSU) Oklahoma (-13) OSU Don't forget to sign up for ESPN+ and Big 12 Now!
Bedlam and Big 12 QBs

Bedlam and Big 12 QBs


It's our last Big Preview of the season and we're going out Bedlam. Phillip welcomes Adam Lunt of Tape Doesn't Lie Pod and Kegan Reneau of SoonersWire to the show. Episode includes: Latest playoff rankings. What to expect from this game. What the WVU game told us about Dru Brown. Hurts turnovers. What's up with that? What returning Big 12 QB would you start an expansion team with? Gundy's conservatism before big games. Don't forget to get signed up for ESPN+ and Big 12 Now!  
Phillip is joined by Andy Mitts and Adam McClintock to recap week 13 in the Big 12. Topics include: One team left with bowl eligibility on the line. Do the Sooners deserve to be in the playoff? How to evaluate Iowa State's season. Texas is underachieving. The Texas offensive line is a problem. Andy gets 2-minutes to talk Kansas. The Ten12 Podcast is part of the LandGrant Gauntlet Get signed up for ESPN+ and Big 12 NOW!
Hosts Phillip and Chris are joined once again by guest picker Abdul Memon to make week 14 picks and talk about the Big 12's standing in the CFP Poll. Episode includes: Can OU make the playoff without major chaos? Oklahoma vs TCU pick ISU vs Kansas pick TTU vs KSU pick Baylor vs Texas Non Big 12 pick OSU vs WVU pick Hosts Phillip Slavin and Chris Ross  
We are loaded with THREE INTERVIEWS today; Big 12 women's soccer with Travis Clark, men's hoops with Brian Rauf, and the latest college football playoff poll with Chris Ross. Episode includes: Share the pod with a friend! Is WVU set up for a run in the NCAA tournament? Why OSU's situation is crap in LA. Who wins this weekend. Let's Power Rank the Big 12. Why the bad bottom is good for the conference. OU is SCREWED! Baylor can't get no respect. Expansion talk (I'm sorry). Don't forget to sign up for ESPN+ Get all your Big 12 football news at the LGG.
Phillip is joined by Andy Mitts and Bart Keeler to discuss what Saturday's historic comeback by Oklahoma means for the conference moving forward. Topics include: Takeaways from OU's historic comeback. Where will OU be ranked in the CFP Poll on Tuesday. A LOT of talk about the CFP Poll. Has West Virginia turned a corner? Why OU fans should be rooting for OSU this coming weekend. Don't forget to get signed up for ESPN+.
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