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Covering the biggest football, basketball and other sporting news around the 10 teams in the Big 12! Big 12 vs The World
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Let's have some fun this week! Phillip is joined by Christine Butterfield, Levi Stevenson, and Gerald Goodridge this week for a Big 12 draft pod. Each participant must pick a head coach for football, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball, a sport of their choice, and an athletic director, and they can only choose from current Big 12 coaches and ADs.  
We take a break from Coronavirus (COVID-19) talk for Phillip to welcome Adam Lunt of Tape Doesn't Lie and Parker Fleming of Frogs of War onto the show. We talk TCU quarterback Max Duggan's rookie season and his ceiling, whether or not Chuba Hubbard is an elite running back, and how to rate running backs in college.
College Athletics, just like the rest of the country, has been hit hard by the Coronavirus. Phillip welcomes Matt Brown of SBNation to the show to talk about the potential financial impacts this year and moving forward. Episode includes: 03:52 - the Big Picture 09:02 - Are ISU, OSU, Tech, and KSU more in trouble than UT and OU? 14:02 - the impact on football attendance 17:28 - TV money impact? 20:05 - football scheduling impact? 26:15 - impact on coaching changes 33:18 - how to handle extra season for spring athletes
Phillip is back from a brief hiatus to NOT talk about the Coronavirus. He has Jamie Steyer of Tailgate Society and Levi Stevenson of Wide Right & Natty Light on the show to discuss the best wins for Iowa State this past season. Then Mike Schneid of MikeDropSports talks about his Big 12 Games to watch for 2020. Episode includes: A lot. There's a lot. Just listen to it all because it's happy, positive, fun non-Coronavirus sports talk.
Big 12 Tourney Preview

Big 12 Tourney Preview


Phillip is joined by Andy Mitts and Brian Rauf of Busting Brackets to preview the Big 12 Basketball Tournament.  Episode includes:  01:22 - Baker Statue  03:03 - Champ Week is the (second) best  06:48 - OSU vs ISU  07:47 - TCU vs KSU  08:48 - OU vs WVU  11:50 - Could Baylor get knocked off the 1-line?  14:00 - Is Kansas open to an upset?  16:47 - Texas vs Texas Tech  23:56 - Finals Match-up and Champ predictions  30:20 - Five Big 12 teams to the NCAA?  33:30 - Andy and Phillip are going LIVE! 
Phillip and Andy Mitts break down a wild Saturday for the Big 12 and Joel Penfield of Cowboys Ride For Free stops by to talk Oklahoma State hoops. Episode includes: 0:00 - Wild Saturday of hoops 02:05 - Texas gets throttled 09:18 - Baylor not ending the season well 13:45 - Tech impressed Phillip 20:53 - Recapping OSU's BIG win 22:35 - Boynton bounces back 24:53 - How did they turn it around? 29:01 - Postseason a positive
Phillip discusses the latest Pac-12 news and its potential Big 12 impact and welcomes Brandon Cain of Cowboys RFF to preview this weekend's Big 12 Wrestling Tournament. Episode includes: 0:00 - Would USC bolt the Pac-12? 03:25 - Andy Staples' proposal 08:04 - Ten12 Bracket Challenge is BACK! 11:17 - Brandon joins the show 12:05 - The conference contenders 15:16 - Does UNI have a shot? 17:20 - Does the state of the conference hurt Oklahoma State? 20:22 - ISU on the way up? 22:10 - What's wrong with OU wrestling?
Phillip and Andy discuss the current Big 12 standings and some big games this week. Then Christine Butterfield of Sideline Warning joins to talk OU hoops and the Combine. Episode includes: 0:00 - OU and Texas still have a shot at the 3-seed in the Big 12 02:58 - Props to Texas 08:24 - Azubuike's Ankle 12:07 - WVU is in trouble 17:50 - Hakeem Adeniji combine shout-out 22:47 - Reacting to OU's turnaround 24:56 - Who deserves credit 25:55 - OU vs Texas preview 31:00 - CeeDee Lamb at the Combine 36:19 - Kenneth Murray at the Combine 37:54 - Jalen Hurts at the Combine Don't miss the final Big 12 basketball games of the season on ESPN+.
Phillip is joined by Andrew Doughty of the High Motor Podcast to discuss the changes to coming to college transfer rules. Episode includes: 0:00 - What to watch this weekend 6:40 - Where the Big 12 stands on transfers 8:51 - I wish the Big 12 were more progressive 12:55 - College coaches' dumb excuses for not liking transfers 23:57 - What we wish someone would say 26:21 - If it means you can win, should you cheat? Watch Big 12 softball, baseball, basketball, and more on ESPN+
Phillip is joined by Andy Mitts, Ryan Gilbert of 10of12 Podcast, and Ashley Hodge of SicEm365 to recap Kansas vs Baylor and look toward the end of the season. Episode includes: 02:32 - Kansas wins! 04:13 - Does KU have a Kryptonite? 08:36 - Is KU better without Silvio De Sousa? 11:39 - KU vs KSU Part 2 Preview. 15:57 - We need to talk about Bruce (Weber). 27:12 - Baylor loses. 29:36 - What should BU have done differently? 32:18 - Will their offense keep Baylor from a Natty? 36:32 - Let's look to the rest of the season Don't miss any Big 12 hoops, softball, or baseball by signing up for Big 12 Now and ESPN+
Phillip finally gets his Big 12 baseball preview and welcomes Joe Healy of Baseball America to the show! Episode includes: 0:00 - Shaka is a goner 02:54 - Texas Tech is the favorite 06:35 - Can Texas rebound this season? 10:19 - Oklahoma pitching has some high expectations 15:09 - Is TCU back to themselves? 18:49 - Baylor has the best player in the league 21:43 - How close is Tech (preseason Big 12 No. 1) to Baylor (No. 6) 24:21 - Should OSU be concerned by their rough start? 30:11 - How many Big 12 teams have a real shot to make it to Omaha 32:55 - Roster or Imposter Watch Big 12 baseball and softball games on Big 12 Now on ESPN+. Get signed up here.
Phillip and Andy discuss Texas' embarrassing loss and preview Kansas vs Baylor this Saturday. Then Phillip is joined by Chris Plank, OU Softball Play-by-Play, to preview the Big 12 in softball. Episode includes: 0:00 - Shaka's seat is on fire. 09:15 - Baylor vs Kansas pt. 2 preview 12:58 - Don't ignore the Sooners on Tuesday 20:16 - Let's talk Sooners with Chris Plank 25:58 - Texas off to a hot start! 28:59 - OSU challenged themselves 32:16 - Baylor a surprise? 34:39 - Keep an eye on Texas Tech 37:58 - some BIG non-conference games to watch
Phillip and Andy recap the past weekend in Big 12 Hoops and look at the week ahead. Episode includes: 02:51 - What surprised us most 04:01 - That Baylor / OSU game was awful 08:54 - That was classy Coach Boynton 11:44 - Haliburton out 14:45 - Is ISU now the worst team? 17:19 - Texas vs Baylor on Monday is a BIG game 22:02 - the week ahead 25:17 - Lets talk about ESPN+ 30:13 - Help us find a guest!
Phillip brings on multiple guests to discuss the start of late signing period and recruiting for Big 12 teams. Episode includes: 03:19 - Cody Nagel on Oklahoma State 09:35 - Riley Gates on Kansas State 17:37 - Melissa Triebwasser on TCU 28:00 - Derek Duke on Iowa State 36:13 - Gerald Goodridge on Texas Hosts Phillip Slavin and Chris Ross (not present)
Phillip and Andy welcome Brian Rauf of Busting Brackets back to the show to discuss the top teams in the Big 12. Episode includes: 0:00 - Super Bowl Picks 03:12 - Let the transfers play! 17:35 - Baylor is "The Champs" 24:56 - West Virginia is "The Make or Break" 27:36 - Texas Tech is "The Most Dangerous Team" 33:11 - Who is the 5th team?
Phillip is joined by Kegan Reneau of Sooners Wire to discuss the Sooners and quarterback Spencer Rattler's very high Heisman odds. Episode includes: 0:00 - Wednesday Hoops recap 4:10 - Reneau joins the show 5:13 - Vegas ain't no dummies 9:48 - I'm not falling for that one again 13:08 - Let's talk Mordecai 15:34 - Quarterbacks decision making is wild 21:48 - the recruiting rabbit hole 28:43 - OU transfers to be worried about? 31:40 - Demarco was hired for one job
Phillip and Andy are joined this week by Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star to discuss the Jayhawk suspensions and the Big 12 / SEC Challenge. Episode includes: 0:00 - Two thoughts on the loss of Kobe Bryant 05:40 - Free Beer brings a crowd 07:34 - Shaka Smart watch 13:03 - Latest Baylor coaching hires 20:00 - Reacting to the suspensions 26:04 - Moving forward? 28:17 - Kansas at Oklahoma State 31:25 - Can we make the Big 12 / SEC Challenge better?
Phillip welcomes Steven Lassen of Athlon Sports back to the show to break down Baylor's hiring of Dave Aranda, and more! Episode includes: 0:00 - Jayhawks vs Wildcats suspensions 05:29 - Aranda hire 10:48 - The staff so far 12:30 - Impact on recruiting 15:15 - Aranda's affect? 17:23 - Herman's staff shuffles 21:53 - New OSU OC hire 23:57 - Way too early Big 12 power rankings 33:04 - Deepest roster of coaches
Phillip and Andy discuss why Phillip views Baylor, West Virginia, and Oklahoma State as the most interesting teams in the Big 12 thus far. Show includes: The best Super Bowl ever! Baylor should be No. 1 The Bears and Jayhawks are Final Four legit Losing to KSU sucks, but isn't the worst OSU is a team to watch Games to watch this week
LSU just had the best offense in college football. What does that mean for the Big 12? We discuss that and look ahead to the 2020 season with Matt Brown of SBNation. Episode includes: National Championship Porn Hub Bump. What's next for non-blue bloods? Which team (not named Texas) will face OU in the B12 'Ship? Tom Herman is immature. Can the next guy at Baylor sustain what Matt Rhule built? Baylor is Texas' second nemesis? Plus more!
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