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It's time to look at being highly sensitive as a strength. Emotions are powerful. Join us to learn how to inspire them, utilize them to be of service, and live freely as your most authentic self. Our most popular series on Mental Health News Radio is now its own podcast. Tune in, join in, spread the word - but most of all - feel inspired and empowered about your highly empathic self.
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If you’re like me, you were raised to accept what shows up in your life as “the will of God” and never, ever question or complain about what does show up. I always thought I was a peon, flawed, a sinner who had no business speaking to God other than to say I’m sorry for my many faults. Little did I know how wrong I was! I began, slowly but surely, to feel as though I was a being that is and always was a beloved individuated aspect of that Creator and I have been on a journey of awakening since. What I know now is that we live in a participatory universe and we play the central role in conscious creation. What I also know is that we haven’t come to the full realization of our powerful gifts and abilities and need a little feedback and reinforcement as we go along and that’s why I have learned to ask the universe some questions. The first is “what if”. What if all that I believe about myself is false? What if I am not hopeless, lazy, ugly, fat, stupid, unworthy? You’re not making statements that your subconscious mind can’t believe and will therefore guide you back to the old default thoughts. You are merely looking at possibilities that have never been entertained. The other “challenge” I give to the universe is this: Show me how it can get better”. Kristin and I talk about these ideas on this week’s episode of Empowered Empaths. This may change your life for the better so join us and find out for yourself. What if it is true?
Join Kristin and Martha for an uplifting and informative conversation with psychic/tarot readerMisty. We are so fortunate to have the privilege of speaking with so many giftedpsychics, mediums, and healers and sharing their unique perspectives on what’s beenhappening in the world as well as how they guide their clients to awakening and growth. Mistyis a deeply empathetic counselor and also uses the tarot to share the spirit of wisdom with hermany clients. Along with her business, she homeschools four children which we all agreed isthe hardest job around! Misty can be reached at as well as her Facebook page.
Join Kristin as she discusses with Kim Saeed what communal narcissism is and how to handle things if you find yourself in this
Join Kristin and Martha as they discuss how we have all been dealing with the changes in the energy around us. While the past year feels as though it has beaten us up, Martha helps us learn more regarding how we can process some of it and move past this.
There has been much speculation about what’s going on in the world right now, everythingfrom Armageddon to the return of Christ. We can all see and feel the changes in the world andwhile it looks chaotic, many of us know this to be a paradigm shift of epic proportions. When aparadigm is shifting, chaos can and does manifest as the old energy is no longer helpful and isshifting to a higher vibration. Those who are not ready to grow and expand will find themselvesfeeling fearful, angry, and unsettled. Those of us who are engaging with and cooperating withthe process can feel the stress in our own endeavor of uncovering what no longer serves usand healing ourselves. On this week’s episode of Empowered Empaths, Martha welcomes ourfriend, psychic, medium and healer, Deborah Hendrickson as they discuss their ownexperiences as well as how to remain centered and optimistic. While it is an uncomfortabletime to be alive, we came well equipped with all the tools we need not just to survive but thrive.Deborah’s insight and wisdom helped us to remember who we are. Her website is and welcomes visitors!
Everyone has some familiarity with tarot cards either through a personal reading or anecdotaltestimony. The practice of reading the cards has been associated with darker esotericpractices and has been largely misunderstood. This week, Kristin and Martha welcomed healer,teacher and reader Meghan Rose who brought a new understanding to the practice of readingthe tarot and how the cards inspire the reader to a deeper understanding of the client,triggering the reader’s intuitive gift of insight and empathy. Meghan shared her gift by givingMartha a “mini” reading that was insightful and impactful. A peek at Meghan’s website,, will give you an idea of the services she provides. Join us for afun and informative trip into the spirit of the tarot!
Kristin and I have an unusual approach to our show content. Unless we have a guest, we allowour guides to inspire us with the subject matter and then allow the flow to happen, and italways does! This week, my guides had a message that they requested to be shared with ouraudience and I found myself taking dictation. I was asked if I would be willing to be amessenger for them in this venue as they have much to say so we can expect more messages.Having worked with these folks for many years, I know and trust them and their guidance. Iinclude this message below and may it be a blessing to you. “It is now time to put into use all of the memories of self that you have uncovered throughyears of inner work and self-healing. There are those who have been diligently occupied withthe process of remembering who you are and are eradicating all false assumptions of self thathave been imposed upon you and now it’s time to capture and incorporate a new idea of self.No longer will the belief that we aren’t worthy be entertained, if you cling to the old, obsoletebeliefs that belittle and disempower you, we will remind you of the truth. You came here withunique skills and those skills are needed now. There is no need to labor over this truth to bringit into your awareness, your singular contribution is now ready to be given and all you have todo is open your eyes in the morning and breathe. The more you “try” the more you confuseand confound yourself and then the flow of this dynamic expression of you is complicatedunnecessarily. What is requested now is that you enter into expansion by giving more attentionto your gifts and abilities and less attention to what you perceive to be your faults. The worlddoes not need a daily influx of negativity from the lightworkers who have chosen to incarnate atthis time and continue to feel deeply their perceived flaws and imperfections. Now is the timeto focus on our light, our successful transmutation of generational patterns of darkness, thegoodness of our core self, and the miraculous manifestations waiting to be born through ourhearts. We were there at the birth of this material reality and are part and parcel of itsmiraculous existence. Accept this understanding, let its vibration reside in every cell, and thenallow it to expand into every aspect of your beingness. Know that we celebrate you, we loveyou beyond any human measure and we await your request for guidance and assistance.Above all...remember who you are.”Join Kristin and I as we discuss this message and how it impacts our daily life. Namaste,Martha.
There is little doubt that we have just lived through one of the most difficult and frighteningyears that any of us can remember. Our lives were locked down, threatened with a deadlydisease and an undercurrent of simmering anger and hatred caused many of us deep traumathat led to various mental health challenges. All of us have been affected and even the mostpositive thinking, spiritually awakened folks feel a bit like they’ve been repeatedly pulledthrough a knothole in a fence. Empaths everywhere are feeling overloaded, frazzled, and deeplychallenged to maintain a stable center of gravity, and on this week’s Empowered Empaths,Kristin and Martha speak honestly about their personal challenges over the past year and howthey were able to survive AND thrive. Join us for an honest discussion about fear and a greatbig dose of hope!
On this week’s Empowered Empaths we are joined by our friend, psychic/medium, and healer,Deborah Hendrickson as she and Martha discuss ways to connect with your abilities. We areasked by clients how to tap into our intuitive gifts, whether it be psychic knowing or connectingwith the departed as well as energy healing and Deborah and Martha share time-testedmethods that open the door to these gifts. Everyone is different and there is no “one size fitsall” way of learning but there are some practices we can use to activate our higherconsciousness so join us and expand your horizons!
In another journey into the heart of things, this week's episode of Empowered Empathsexplores the epidemic of self-blame and self-loathing. Why are we so quick to believe that weembody the worst attributes of humanity and why do we believe that everything bad thathappens is our fault? Have we ever examined why we are so harsh with ourselves? If we spoketo others the way we speak to ourselves, we would have no friends and would probably havemany scars from being beaten up. So why do we continue to berate and belittle ourselves andcan we change the inner narrative to something that more accurately reflects our true nature?Join Kristin and Martha as they share personal stories of failure and triumph while traveling theroad to self-love and respect.
Join Kristin and Martha on this episode of Empowered Empaths as we welcome recoveryspecialist Joe Mitsch to discuss the idea that our greatest challenges can be our most valuabletools for our spiritual growth and evolution. When we observe life from a cosmic perspective,we realize that we are here by our own choice, having the experiences that our souls know willserve our growth and awareness. That realization, plus the fact that we are equipped with allthe tools we need to be successful, allows us to abandon the idea that we are victims of acruel and random universe. Our lives have meaning and purpose beyond the day to dayactions we perform by rote and Kristin, Martha and Joe discuss how this perspective impactstheir lives.
On this edition of Empowered Empaths, Kristin and Martha welcome Spiritual Intuitive, Mediumand Healer Deborah Hendrickson. She gives us a close up look into her journey to becomingan intuitive counselor and medium and one of the most sought after readers around. As abeliever that we all have abilities, Deborah seeks to educate people and guide them to discovertheir own inherent power and be their own healer and guide. We also discuss the practice ofmediumship and how it can provide peace and closure for those who have lost loved ones. Wetalk about how it works and that not all mediums, and psychics for that matter, are createdequal. Deborah Hendrickson, born in Baltimore, MD, grew up in Chattanooga, TN, and now resides in the beautiful and magical mountains of Western North Carolina. Deborah hails from a lineage of psychics, mediums, and healers. After growing up working to suppress her abilities, and trying to live a 'normal life,'  Deborah couldn't ignore what was truly her purpose in life. After many years working in Mental Health, Deborah was guided to use her abilities in the service of others, full time. Deborah believes she is merely a channel in which Spirit chooses to communicate and energy and love flows.  Today, Deborah's practice is based in the Light and Love of Source Energy (God) and Deborah understands her purpose is to utilize her abilities to be of service to
Join Martha and Kristin for a powerful show about being a mirror and how to ask questions without resentment.
How do you record a show when you have nothing to give? We don't know any empaths that aren't saying, "WTF" right now. Join Kristin and Martha for a show about validating how we feel with a big pick me up at the end.I have been asked repeatedly by friends and clients when all this drama is going to end. Everyone seems to be exhausted on a level that is unprecedented in our human experience. Many of us have struggled to remain optimistic in the face of so much darkness and then feel guilty that we occasionally succumb to our fears. Now is the time to be easy with ourselves, to understand that it’s ok to feel human emotions and fears, after all, we signed up for this assignment and are equipped to pass through the storm with our light intact. Join Kristin and I as we share our experiences and the how we’ve managed to find our way back to sanity and serenity. Yes, it is possible! Love Martha
Does it feel as though your last nerve has been trampled on or that breathless anxiety iswaiting to jump you? Are you trying to remember the sensation of serenity? Do you feel like afailure when “everything” finally gets to you and you collapse into fear and anger? If any of thisis relatable, please know that you are part of a very large club called Empaths on Overload. Wehave experienced so much shock, trauma, and uncertainty over the past few years that itsometimes feels mentally and emotionally suffocating. Spiritually, we may be tempted to feel asthough we’ve been abandoned and powerless as though darkness has the upper hand in theworld. The truth is that we are in the process of creating a new reality, one that reflects ourhighest and best selves rather than our lowest inclinations. Big job for sure but we all agreed toincarnate at this time, to contribute our unique talents and gifts to this process. We are not,however, immune to the chaos and fear that accompanies any paradigm shift but we canmanage it with some proactive behaviors and changes in thoughts. Join Kristin and Martha asthey share their strategies for remaining hopeful and helpful. We can do this, friends. We arebuilt for this and are here at this time by design!
In this week’s edition of Empowered Empaths, Kristin and Martha had the pleasure ofinterviewing Joseph Mitsch, a recovered addict and recovery facilitator. In this powerful andenlightening discussion, Joe shares some of the experiences that helped shape his path as anaddict and how being sensitive may have contributed to his difficulties. He also talks abouthow coming to terms with and learning to accept who he is, helped him to overcome his“demons”. Being a male Empath can be a tough road to traverse unless met with kindness,understanding, and mentoring. While our society is more accepting of a female Empath, menmay feel at odds with this identity and many suffer from addiction, depression, and other typesof psychological dysfunction. In this episode, Joe speaks with honesty and compassion, andhope.
Join Kristin as she speaks to Dr. Laura Koniver, a medical physician and author of "The Earth Prescription: Discover the Healing Power of Nature with Grounding Practices for Every Season."  During a previous show, we discussed grounding and how connecting to the Earth's natural EMF frequencies is beneficial to healing our bodies.  Today they discuss the next step in protecting ourselves, without fear, against the man-made EMF frequencies that often are emitted by technology-related items.  Dr. Koniver brings a comforting feeling to the topic that many are worried about.Laura Koniver, MD, is an artist, author, holistic physician, and internationally recognized grounding advocate.  Koniver has been featured as an expert in four motion pictures about grounding, and is also the author of the children's book, "From the Ground Up."
This week Kristin and Martha are joined by our friend, Adam Klugman as we discuss thechallenges that the deeply empathetic feel as we navigate through the current societal andcultural landscape. Every day seems to bring new difficulties and outrages and Empaths feel allof it which can feel overwhelming and discouraging. Do we have the spiritual tools to deal withall of this? Can we find a small space of serenity inside ourselves? Are we really able to find joyin the moment and look at the future with hope? Join Kristin, Martha, and Adam for an honestlook at their experiences and how they are learning to thrive in the midst of chaos.A visionary creator, a gifted facilitator, and a charismatic speaker, Adam Klugman is an American thought leader on a mission to cultivate the Human Brand. One audience at a time, one workshop at a time, Adam demonstrates how each of us can make a bold claim on our core value in a way that unleashes our unique gift on the world. Adam is also an award-winning Creative Director and Media Strategist who has executed successful, national commercial campaigns across a broad spectrum of formats. The son of celebrities, Adam is no stranger to the spotlight. His weekly radio talk show, Mad as Hell in America, was an instant sensation on Portland’s AM620 KPOJ. In addition to his own show, Adam went on to become a regular substitute for national hosts Thom Hartmann and Norman Goldman. He is also an outspoken advocate for social justice and has won awards for applying his advertising expertise to building political brands. Whether he’s making commercials for clients like Nike or FanDuel, branding the first-ever celebrity effort promoting separation of church and state for First Freedom First, blogging on Huffington Post, or talking into a national microphone, Adam is that rare breed of creative professional who makes a personal connection with any audience. Over the years, he has repeatedly demonstrated that his unique vision, his charisma, and his quick, passionate intelligence make him a force of human nature in the 21st century.
This week Kristin and Martha discuss the idea that the constructs and how we interpret them,have affected our lives in a subtle but impactful way. Constructs are values, beliefs, opinions, and personal orientations about a particular, non-measurable event. Examples are love, fear,depression. These things cannot be measured or quantified but are identified by behaviors.There are many agreed-upon behaviors that will indicate that a person is “loving” or“depressed” or “afraid” but the accumulation of behaviors do not and cannot give us aconcrete, one size fits all definition of a particular construct but the inferred behavior evokesthe belief that a person is kind or loving. We make sense of our world by identifying behavior inways that we can measure and this week’s discussion asks whether we can and should.
Come join Kristin Walker, Martha Juchnowski, and Ryan McCormick as they share theirthoughts, observations, and perceptions of current events and energies that are prevalent intoday’s world. Ryan McCormick is the host of Outer Limits of Inner Truth here on Mental HealthNewsRadio and shares his thoughtful insights with our audience. They also discuss how to notjust cope, but how to thrive without fear in this sometimes overwhelming world. Join us for alively and thought-provoking stroll through the collective consciousness of fear and into theland of empowerment and hope. And yes, there is hope!
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