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Unfiltered salon talk. Co-hosts Soy and Dayra talk hair care fused with a little salon talk. Join the conversation by using #SalonTalk online! @hairandwhateverpodcast
54 Episodes
On Episode 55 Dayra & Soy have special guest Jacob York and they talk about Bare or Bush for the hair topic. Is it bad to have pubic hair? For some people it may be a deal breaker and for some, not so much. Jacob shares how he feels about pubic hair on himself and women.For the Unfiltered Salon Talk we speak on how a freak takes two. A lot of people are not vocal about their needs and desires. Your significant other expects you to know how to satisfy them. it’s important to communicate how you want something done and be teachable.
On episode 55 Dayra & Soy have special guest CJ and the chat about EDGES for the Hair topic. As a hairstylist you want to evolve and follow trends but one of the trend that Dayra & Soy just can’t seem to fall in line with is slicking down the edges with edge control after a fresh shampoo. For the Unfiltered Salon Talk they talk about why women like Bad Boys and we are not talking about the bad boys you're risking your life for! LOL
On Episode 53 Soy & Dayra talk all about texture 1A, B & C. We breakdown the subcategories. We talk about the misconceptions of straight hair. Amber gives us all of her secrets to make her hair last longer in between shampoos. For the Unfiltered Salon talk Amber gives us her insight on Keune Academy. As the Director of Marketing and Sales for Salon 124 she gives us all the details and why you should choose Keune Academy.
This week Soy & Dayra have Special Guest Faven Ressom who is Eritrean and she speaks on how it was like for her growing up and her natural hair. How she embraced her curls. She talks about how her hair was shaved until the age of 5. For our Unfiltered Salon Talk we talk about how certain cultures never say they are black regardless of their race. Especially Dominicans! We also get into how sometimes you're not black enough because you're mixed.
On Episode 51 we have Special Guest Wankaya who is a Leading Hairstylist in the Entertainment Industry. She also owns a product line called One by Wankaya. She tells us why she started her product line. We also talk about why everyone shouldn’t have a hair product line….Even celebrities. For our Unfiltered Salon Talk we talk about how she started working in the Entertainment Industry as a hairstylist and how it’s like to work behind the scenes.#UnfilteredSalonTalkCONNECT WITH US ON INSTAGRAM!Soy: | Dayra: Follow us on social media: [Instagram + Facebook]CONNECT WITH US ON INSTAGRAM!Soy: | Dayra: #UnfilteredSalonTalk #SalonTalk #HairStylist #NaturalHair #HairStylist #CurlyHair #haircare #HealthyHair #Scalp #edgecontrol #hairproduct #celebrity
On Episode 50 On our Hair Segment we talk about the products in your cart and how influenced you are when it comes to buying hair products. We get into what to look out for when you're buying hair products and what you should really be doing when it comes to good hair practices. On the Unfiltered Salon Talk segment we discuss Tameka Raymonds new book called White Bras 101 & other Faux Pas which is a guide book on Fashion. She gives us tips on what to wear and not to wear. We also discuss some of the things that are going on today with the #BlackLivesMatter movement.
On episode 49 we are discussing having how having a healthy scalp helps with healthy hair. Though often neglected, the scalp is more than just the place where your hair follicles lie; it’s also the foundation from which your hair grows. In other words, if your scalp isn’t in good shape, your strands won’t be either. We also have special guest Maisha Beckham from Kash Automotive Group. She's giving us women tips on what you need to know before buying a car. She shares why it's important to hire a broker when purchasing a vehicle and how it makes your life easier. So many great tips on Hair & Whatever. #UnfilteredSalonTalk
On Episode 48 we have Angela Watts as our guest. For the Hair Segment we talk about product discrimination against natural hair. Certain professional products are marketed towards a certain ethnicity. A lot of the products that are considered professional are separated from natural hair products. For our Whatever Segment we talk about how Atlanta is growing so much. Atlanta will have their first Fashion Week thanks to the lovely Angela. Atlanta is full of talent.
On Episode 47 Dayra & Soy discuss when your ex's significant other does the child's hair. Would you be okay with that? We all know that it's always deeper than just hair. Have you been in a situation like that? For the unfiltered salon they talk about relationships... is there such a thing as no deal breakers? As you age do you deal with less bullshit or are some things not a big of a deal the older you get?
On episode 46 Soy & Dayra talk about compromising the integrity of your hair to achieve a certain Look. How it's important to be mindful of the products certain stylist are using on the hair to achieve a look. We also have the lovely Iman who is the creator of The Fresh Hotel. We talk about a piece of fashion with her and how she got started.
On Episode 45 Soy & Dayra discuss when it's appropriate to tell a client when their hair is not thriving. Are protective styles helping your hair or are you neglecting???? They also get into Lash & Microblading do & don'ts with Brow Architect & Lash Expert Joi Mebane.
Episode 44 is discussing relationship intentions and the effectiveness of love languages! Comment below your reactions and thoughts!CROWN OF THE WEEK: Zoey KravitzFOLLOW OUR HOSTS: SOY @SALONSOY & DAYRA @ROYALHAIRGODDESS
On episode 43 we talk about getting out the hair box. Meaning you can do whatever you want as long as your hair is healthy or not. It's really your choice. Go ahead and wear your hair in a protective style, relax your hair or wear your curls. Don't be confined to what is being done on social medial. On our whatever portion we get into what it's really like for a woman in the music industry with The Jawn Joi. Can you show your feline energy while working around men? Tune in to hear what we have to say on both topics.
Episode 41! Joined with us today is the lovely Yolanda of DAYO. We will discuss the difference between heat trained and heat damage and also how loving yourself has changed my life with Yolanda of DAYO.Crown of the Week: @bonnickbrothersFollow us on social media: @hairandwhateverpodcastFollow our special guest: @iamyolandawFollow our host: Soy @salonsoy & Dayra @royalhairgoddessIntro song: Joakim Karud - Rock Angel
Episode 40! Joined with us today is the lovely Michelle Taylor Willis. We discuss the importance of how no one does what you do better than you and weigh in on how your hair emergency is NOT our emergency for our hair portion.Crown of the week: Tiffany ReneeFollow us on social media: [Instagram + Facebook]FOLLOW OUR SPECIAL GUEST: WITH US ON INSTAGRAM!Soy: | Dayra: ----------------------------------Intro song: Joakim Karud - Rock Angel#SalonTalk #HairAndWhateverPodcast
Episode 39! Our special guest and girl boss Sheneka Adams joins us and talks being a modern, feminist woman as it pertains to life, dating, and more! For our hair topic, we weigh the differences of a curly cut vs. a straight cut for various textures of hair.Crown of the week: Venaisa JonesFollow us on social media: [Instagram + Facebook]FOLLOW OUR SPECIAL GUEST: WITH US ON INSTAGRAM!Soy: | Dayra: ----------------------------------Intro song: Joakim Karud - Rock Angel#SalonTalk #HairAndWhateverPodcast #ModernFeminist
Episode 38! We've got American fashion designer Tracy Nicole with us today sharing her life and success as a reputable designer along with her journey as a breast cancer survivor. We also talk client etiquette in and out of the salon!Crown of the week: Erick CedenoFollow us on social media: [Instagram + Facebook]FOLLOW OUR SPECIAL GUEST: WITH US ON INSTAGRAM!Soy: | Dayra: ----------------------------------Intro song: Joakim Karud - Rock Angel#SalonTalk #HairAndWhateverPodcast
Ep. 37! The ladies of Cocktales Dirty Discussions Podcast join us today for a spicy episode as we share how to keep our hair sexy in the bedroom and mismatch libidos. This is an episode you don't want to miss!Crown of the week: LaLa AnthonyFollow us on social media: [Instagram + Facebook]FOLLOW OUR SPECIAL GUEST: sure to catch Medinah on Temptation Island season 2 on USA Network! CONNECT WITH US ON INSTAGRAM!Soy: | Dayra: ----------------------------------Intro song: Joakim Karud - Rock Angel#SalonTalk #HairAndWhateverPodcast #MismatchLibidos
Episode 36! The lovely Kayla Madonna joins us this week as we talk hair product segregation and weighs in on making her mark in the hair/beauty industry.Hair Crown of the week: BeyonceFollow us on social media: [Instagram + Facebook]FOLLOW OUR SPECIAL GUEST: WITH US ON INSTAGRAM!Soy: | Dayra: #HairAndWhateverPodcast #KaylaMadonna
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