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After having his first child, Prem left his steady Microsoft job to chase his dream, and has never looked back.  Now, his startup Humanly is wrapping up the ever-revered Y Combinator accelerator program and raising funds. Hear directly from the Founder who’s team is revolutionizing the job candidate experience. Grow on! --- Send in a voice message:
This COVID-19 situation has us both receiving mandates from city officials and re-evaluating which elements of our lives — from morning runs to jobs to Prime packages — are truly mandatory for survival. However, only ONE mandate stands as supreme above all fleeting ones: the decision to see the good in this Wilderness. --- Send in a voice message:
Taylor Symmank is one of the most impressive people we've sat with -- not due to his accomplishments on the football field or in the business world, but due to his passion and drive to grow, serve, and impact others. Grow on! --- Send in a voice message:
Travis Kern is just one of those guys. He brings a infectious energy and rare authenticity to every room, which has been channeled into the various components of a story that we thoroughly enjoy unwrapping in this episode. He shares some of the key tips he learned as a college kid selling $5,000 suits, what he learned from launching the FIRST U.S. based SuitSupply store, and how he approaches a new customer when he enters his retail store (Bryce, role-play style). Enjoy!  Video version here: Some Big Notes: Follow Travis' business, Altered Rival on Instagram here: Grow on. --- Send in a voice message:
Christina Rossini is much more than a female social entrepreneur. She harbors a deeply-rooted passion for serving others, which she does through her international coffee distribution business, and champions a philosophy of integrated living, in which every lesson she learns in the wilderness is applied spiritually, in business, and in relationships. Bryce and I had a blast tapping into Christina's terrific brain, heart, and history in this one. Enjoy!  Watch the Interview on YouTube HERE. Christina's links: Capeltic Coffee Roasters | Inissor International Grow on! --- Send in a voice message:
In our first ever Campfire episode (targeted shorts), Bryce and I hit on something that's been pissing us off lately, and challenge listeners (yeah, you) to make a simple, tangible change to prioritize your selfish agendas a tad less, and your fellow humans a tad more. Grow on! --- Send in a voice message:
Can God really use ANYONE to do big things? Trevor Deas' story hollers "YES."  The guy overcame a gripping addiction to pain pills in High School, broke sales records for Cutco knives, sold bats with Albert Pujols, and persevered through a painful road to ultimately answer God's call to build a ministry, a business, and (what we're waiting for next) an invention. Need encouragement? Listen in! Grow on. --- Send in a voice message:
How can we sharpen our greatest weapons, our minds?  Bryce and I dive into this, but also work in the standard suite of random topics and games, including lessons learned from our dating days and hearing "British Bryce" talk about dolphins for a full minute (rough). If that sold you, get help. Grow on. --- Send in a voice message:
In this first co-hosted episode, Bryce and I lay out the adjusted show format, discuss a variety of topics (including his NFL transition and our marriages), and laugh our tails off at admittedly immature things. Grow on.  --- Send in a voice message:
"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work." - Stephen King Lauryn Williams was always shock-full of talent, but she's also paid the price to accomplish what she has. Losing her father in the middle of her career nearly stopped her in her tracks, but she shares how she overcame that difficult season to become one of the fastest women on earth. In this episode, we simply learn how to think, practice, and perform like a champion from one of five (yes, just five) athletes in the world who have earned an Olympic medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympics. For Lauryn, that was the 100-meter dash and the 2-person bobsleigh. Listen into the mind of a true champion, who is now channeling her smarts, passion, and confidence into another grueling "Wilderness:" entrepreneurship. Learn more about Lauryn and what she does at Grow on! --- Send in a voice message:
1.8 | Embrace Cycles.

1.8 | Embrace Cycles.


Modeled by nature, it seems that cycles dictate the world we live in.  Seasons come and go. Sicknesses come, worsen, and lift. Women’s periods threaten, arrive, torment, and then randomly dissipate. And the lamps in the house return to their rightful places. Too much? You get my point.  Entrepreneurship is no different; there seems to be a natural pull towards unhindered success in week one, and a depressing vacuum of mortality and disappointment in week three.  I’ve experienced this oft-cruel rule firsthand and very painfully, but that pain decreased when I saw the pattern, accepted it, and began learning how to manage it better. I’ve ultimately realized that just like trees, sicknesses, and women’s menstrual cycles — there is a purpose for each phase, and the cycle’s overarching mission is beautiful.  In this episode, I lay out the 7 phases of what I call The Gauntlet of Growth, speaking to the true reasoning for each stage — some annoying, some awesome.  Grow on! --- Send in a voice message:
What are the similarities between hiking solo across the entire Pacific Coast and building a Startup from a small-town neighborhood bike operation to a thriving, funded company? Everything!  Be inspired, informed, and emboldened by Sam Lillie’s story and outlook; we all are!  To learn more about Sam and his company, visit or download the Vinder app. To become an investor (like me), visit Grow on! --- Send in a voice message:
To reach your goals, you will need partners. Strong ones can take you to new heights; wrong ones can crush your money, time, and spirit.  In this episode, I share 5 prerequisites to finding AND landing great partnerships as well as 3 questions to ask yourself when choosing WHO to partner with.  Allow my mistakes to feed your success.  Grow on! --- Send in a voice message:
Bryce Petty is the real deal.  Within minutes of meeting him, you'll see why it seems that everything he touches turns to gold; it's an extension of his heart.  A big kid from a small town just outside Dallas, Bryce was quickly identified as a top football player, giving him exciting options when it came to college football. But football doesn't define Bryce. He's a man of faith, family, comedy, heart, humility, and relationships.  He is also a man of truth, which you'll see as he gives special insights into the Baylor football program while he attended, his NFL experience, and what brought him to Real Estate finance. As he discusses this new business domain, you'll hear his natural intelligence (he's just a few months in) and his passion for his new sport: business.  We're stoked to share Bryce's story in the comfort of his own home (you'll likely hear his wife giggling, and his dog sniffling, in the back). We wouldn't have it any other way -- unscripted and uncensored. Well, okay, we took a few small things out...  For the video of this podcast, check out our YouTube channel. To see how we're serving Athletes and Startups, visit our website. Grow on. --- Send in a voice message:
Water, food, and other key elements of survival don’t come easy in the Wilderness, and when we’re hungry, we can lunge for the wrong things.  In this episode, I share 3 common traps that new entrepreneurs fall into and how to avoid them with proven, practical tools that can keep you focused, positive, and walking towards a destination you TRULY believe in. Grow on! --- Send in a voice message:
Most everyone focuses on HOW and WHY to start a business or make a huge life shift, but not many people discuss WHEN.  In this session, I pull up on my own painful lessons to shed light on this crucial life component: timing. With this knowledge, you’ll be encouraged to make moves, but will also have the upfront pragmatism to embolden your steps once you’re in motion. Grow on! --- Send in a voice message:
1.1 | Just Start.

1.1 | Just Start.


Are you “sick and tired of being sick and tired?”  Have you been stuffing that voice in your heart in the name of responsibility and patience?  Then you need this podcast and you need this episode. When you’re stepping out into a fresh yet fear-invoking new space, it’s absolutely essential for you to do one thing: START!  I share some key things to focus on as you shrug off fear and begin your journey. Grow on! --- Send in a voice message:
Hold Me Accountable

Hold Me Accountable


A growing number of people in this weak world have an issue being held -- and holding others -- accountable. Unfortunately, they are missing a HUGE opportunity to grow themselves and to grow others. In this episode, I get real about the beauty of accountability in three common domains of life -- when we're shepherding others, when we're partnering with others, and when we're looking up to others (or a high standard).  I also share what I believe is the very simple, but seemingly very difficult, enabler of PERFECT accountability. Enjoy! +++++ My purpose is to equip and encourage men to find, and walk in, purposeful manhood. If I can help you in any way, email me: You're also welcome to get to know me better and see my writings and other messages on my website, Thanks! --- Send in a voice message:
Another one with both me and my better-half, Daniella. Countless marriages fail due to unhealthy, lingering dynamics with each person’s family of origin. How do you avoid this? What role do boundaries play? When hurts occur, what are the steps to healthily repairing those relationships? Oh, boy, so much to unpack — we do it based on tons of counseling, failures, and victories. This is KEY for couples approaching marriage or navigating early marriage. Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:
A little change-up here! My wife Daniella and I simply share some things we did NOT know about marriage coming into ours, but also the beauty and growth in those lessons, of which we’re grateful. We have some fun here and (shocker) she cuts me down a good bit, but we flat out WISH we would’ve had this kind of insight before saying “I do.” Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:
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