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If you’re interested in how a sustainable design professor got mixed up in a global-scale lawsuit between tech giants Samsung and Apple, this podcast is for you. Want to know why innovating is so hard, and why there is no campus radio in Delft? Join our very own Ianus Keller, Teacher of Practice at Delft University of Technology, and listen to the stories of our designers, researchers and teachers.
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In the middle of Departure Hall 3 of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, we talk with Professor Sicco Santema. He researches people in transit, through cooperation with large players in the field of mobility and travel, such as Schiphol Airport, KLM and Amsterdam RAI. He talks about why failure is good, if travelling is the new smoking, and how we can design mobility as something bigger than just your destination.   References in this episode: PASSME project ( Schiphol & Delft University of Technology join forces (
How do you observe people to improve your design? In the latest IDE podcast episode, we take a deep dive into the world of context mapping with Froukje Sleeswijk Visser. She pioneered this design research methodology as a way of gaining insight into the user of future designs. Listen to Froukje and you will never look at the colour of your Wi-Fi router in the same way. Also in this episode: Ianus exercises some demons about his secret childhood hatred for skating. Reference in this episode: Gorogoa (videogame): Kitchen Stories (movie):
As a former aerospace engineer, Bas Flipsen is a passionate lecturer at IDE and former Academic Director of the Delft Teaching Academy. Ianus Keller met up with him in the Teaching Lab, the on-campus educational development hub and common room for teachers of TU Delft, to discuss the bible of airplane design, why summer holidays are bad, and his little disagreement with Apple on home-repairs of their products.  References in this episode: Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic – Storytelling with Data: Trailblazers podcast: Bas Flipsen: Good Teaching in Less Time (lunch lecture):
In honour of her inauguration as professor in Design Methodology for Sustainability & Circular Economy,  Ianus Keller talks with Conny Bakker about the Champions League of sustainable design, digging for world views, why the dinosaurs have had their time and dancing with systems. References in this episode: Stephen Gould: Donella H. Meadows - Thinking in systems: Notion:
In November 2018, we took the IDE stories podcast Out of the Blue to Eindhoven for Dutch Design Week. Ianus spoke with Elif Özcan-Vieira, director of the Critical Alarms Design Lab, about her research into beautiful alarms for hospital ICU’s, the lack of campus radio in Delft and skydiving in Virtual Reality. 
Ruth Mugge, Professor of Design for Sustainable Consumer Behaviour, talks with Ianus Keller about her design research. About research for vegetable company HAK, washing machine design, customisation and sustainability, and how her research got her involved in a big legal case between Apple and Samsung. References in this episode: Samsung v. Apple Amicus Brief Jonathan Chapman – Handbook of Sustainable Product Design The Bridge/Bron/Broen 99% Invisible --
Jasper van Kuijk, assistant-professor of User-Centered Innovation, tells Ianus Keller about designing coloured TV-lighting, public transportation ticketing systems, and why you should not let designers do their thing. References in this episode: Expertise Centre for E-ticketing in Public Transport Abstract: the Art of Design Ken Kocienda - Creative Selection --
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