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Discovering the Jewish Jesus’ mission is to equip the Body of Christ, mobilize the Church, and help evangelize the world. Rabbi Kirt Schneider, host of an international television show, has committed his life to a passionate pursuit of Jesus and to being used by God for His purpose. Rabbi Schneider brings revelation on how the Old and New Testaments are integrated, teaching personal application that builds faith, changes lives, and instills a greater awareness of God’s love.
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Why did God say that He would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse them? Does God still feel this way about Israel? Find out in today's episode!
Episode 4 of 5: The nation of Israel has always been important in revealing God's plan of salvation. In today's episode find out why you should stand with Israel and what that means for your life today! 
Do you need a mediator between you and God? What role does a mediator have in your life? Find out answers to questions like these and more in today's episode!
In this episode, Rabbi unpacks the mystery surrounding the concept of atonement in the Scriptures. Tune in to find out how this ancient principle applies to your life and destiny in Christ!
What is faith and why is it important in your relationship with God? Where does it come from? In today's episode, explore faith in the Old and New Testament while learning how to walk in faith and see God break in to your everyday life!


Who am I? Where did I come from? Everyone longs to know the truth of their identity. Rabbi Schneider answers these questions and more, then shares a powerful, cutting-edge tool to help you witness to others in this special episode.
God wants to share His reality with us. To achieve unity with God, we must become more like Him. In the conclusion of his series, Simple but Profound Truth, Rabbi Schneider summarizes his keys for walking with God, and how you can apply these simple truths practically in your own life.
We are in a constant struggle against our flesh nature. In order to walk in greater unity with God, we need to be willing to resist the flesh. In this episode, Rabbi Schneider continues to share simple but profound truths that will help you grow closer to God.
God is always speaking to us. Whether through dreams, visions, or the testimony of others; God has so many ways to impart His Word into our lives. But we need to listen for His voice in order to receive the revelation. John Rabbi Schneider as he shares how to receive God's message for you today.
What can Old Testament prophets teach us today? Rabbi Schneider shares how the mentoring relationship of Elijah and Elisha helps us to learn how to see spiritually, live in victory, and walk in wisdom. Learn how to pray for spiritual sight in this episode of Discovering the Jewish Jesus.
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Feb 5th
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