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Discovering the Jewish Jesus’ mission is to equip the Body of Christ, mobilize the Church, and help evangelize the world. Rabbi Kirt Schneider, host of an international television show, has committed his life to a passionate pursuit of Jesus and to being used by God for His purpose. Rabbi Schneider brings revelation on how the Old and New Testaments are integrated, teaching personal application that builds faith, changes lives, and instills a greater awareness of God’s love.
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Now more than ever, people are rejecting the exclusive claim of Jesus and turning to political correctness. Will you follow Jesus even when it means breaking away from what's culturally correct? Join Rabbi in today's episode to learn how you can prevent yourself from becoming a casualty of deception.
God uses powerful imagery by calling those who know Him to be His bride. What exactly does being the Bride of Christ mean and how do we walk in this calling? In today's episode, Rabbi explores how we can unlock a deeper intimacy with the Bridegroom, Jesus.
Often times, we view prophecies as only being fulfilled once. Join Rabbi in this episode to understand typo-logical prophecies and how God uses people even when they don't know they are prophesying.
The Hebrew Bible offers a multitude of ways to defend your faith and stand steadfast in God's Word. Join Rabbi Schneider in this episode to become fully confident and convinced that the scriptures point and bring us to Messiah Jesus.
Are you ready to gain even more confidence that Yeshua is the Messiah? Join Rabbi as he begins the second season of this revelatory series and understand how Yeshua fills Israel's history up with meaning.
Are you in control of your spirit? Do you know what it takes to walk in freedom from the frustrations of life? In today's episode, explore God's promises to you as revealed in Psalm 103, and learn how you can strengthen your inner man to walk in glory daily.
Fully understand God's love for you and become aware of His generous compassion! In today's episode, explore the depths and truths concerning these realities in your life, and gain the insight you need to walk in greater freedom.
Do you find it hard to be happy? Is it difficult for you to cultivate gratitude and thankfulness in life? In today's episode find the encouragement you need to change your outlook on life. Discover how changing your perspective can benefit you and your walk with God.
In today's episode, Rabbi continues his study of Messianic prophecies, showing how Messiah Jesus' life, death, and impact in the world were revealed beforehand through types and shadows in the Old Testament.
Many religions and cultures have tried to access God in their own ways, and in today's culture, this is a growing trend. In this episode, Rabbi shares how there is only one true path to God.
Join Rabbi as he reveals the significance of blood sacrifices according to the Hebrew Bible, and how its full meaning can be understood through the life and death of Messiah Jesus.
Messiah Jesus fulfills more prophecies than most people realize. In the first episode of this exciting series, Rabbi begins to unveil how Messiah Jesus completes the Hebrew Bible through Messianic Prophecy.
In today's episode Rabbi explains how you can find purpose in sharing your gifts and talents, as it is revealed in the Song of Songs. Find out how you can benefit the church with your life!
Episode 2 of 3: Do you know that you are beautiful to God? What exactly makes you beautiful to Him? Find out answers to these questions and more on today's episode!
Episode 1 of 3: In this episode, find out the secret to experience peace in your relationship with God. Join Rabbi as he teaches principles from the Song of Songs to transform your life.
Many early church believers tried to erase Jewish culture from faith in Jesus, including the Passover. But Passover is critical in understanding not only our own salvation, but the state of the world in the end times. Join Rabbi Schneider for this special episode as he explains how Passover connects to the New Testament and the second coming of Jesus.
Rabbi Schneider shares on the Coronavirus Covid-19
God has plans for you beyond your wildest dreams. However, you may be limiting the effectiveness of God's influence on your life. In the conclusion of his study on Paul's prayer in the book of Colossians, Rabbi Schneider shares how you can receive all God has planned for you.
Looking at the world today, it's easy to feel hopeless. How can one person make a difference? It seems impossible. But the truth is that God has blessed each of us with the power to influence the world around us. Join Rabbi Schneider as he delves deeper into the book of Colossians and shares how to walk in power that creates change.
Have you ever gotten burned out in your walk with God? It's easy to forget an encounter with the Lord after the initial excitement has passed. But God desires to give us deeper knowledge and understanding of His will. If your spiritual life has become stale, tune in to this episode and learn how to renew your walk with God.
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Feb 5th

Destin Farr

Hallelujah! Thank you, Rabbi Schneider and Cynthia 🙏

Jan 7th


Love your your show, Rabbi Schneider, and watch you here in Dublin, Ireland. I can hear the Lord speaking to me, as I'm very spiritual, and I'm a gentile.

Jan 3rd
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