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People label us as "conspiracy theorists", but there is no conspiracy there is only the truth. We are a young couple trying to enlighten our peers and striving for righteousness.

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Episode 102- "Them" Review

Episode 102- "Them" Review


The anthology created by Little Marvin titled "Them" is truly horrific. However, the symbolism and depictions captured in this series reveals the true identity of the descendants of slaves. As well as reveal the reason why blacks have experienced racism, torment, and torture. Listen to Dutch & Tena share their sentiments about the show.Follow us on Swell to have your voice be heard on the show: Hebrew Owned Businesses! Visit: https://www.righteouslyprepared.comFollow Righteously Prepared on social media:FB:
We are spiritual beings having physical experiences! It is time to be spirit conscious!Download & Follow us on Swell:
The Most High Yah has created a multitude of monstrous creatures. At the moment, they are stored and hidden in the Great Abyss or Bottomless pit. However, in final judgment, The Most High will open the portals and release these creatures on earth to destroy the wicked. The film Godzilla vs. King Kong gives us a glimpse of this.
The mark of the beast mentioned in the book of Revelations is connected to the covid vaccinations. satan wants to replace Yah's gene with his gene. Tune in to understand the connection between Luciferase, the vaccine, and the mark.
The Covid vaccine has caused many deaths and life changing side effects. However, the media is pushing a different narrative. They claim people are fabricating stories of deaths. We call BS!Download and follow our Swell:
Oprah Winfrey recently interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Topics such as racism and colorism are being discussed amidst the interview. However, these are surface level distractions. Let's talk about the evil history of the royal family.Follow us on Swell: out our website:
The christian rapture doctrine is false. The word "rapture" alone is not in the bible. The teaching does not line up with scripture. You're not escaping tribulation!Follow us on Swell:
The feminist agenda has caused many women to be proud whores. The satanic elite wants to blur the lines between men and women. They want men to be soft and women to be jezebels.
Dutch & Tena share their opinions on the film "Judas & The Black Messiah." Was the black panther party a C.IA psychological operation? Was the majority of the party members sellouts? Tune in to hear our thoughts.Follow us on Swell to join our conversation:
The Black-Jewish Hollywood Alliance is another satanic agenda. Celebrities like Nick Cannon signed this unity statement. SMFH!Download & follow us on Swell:
Episode 91- Sports Slaves

Episode 91- Sports Slaves


Just like any facet of the entertainment industry, the satanic elite has their reptilian claws on the sports industry. Many if not all major sporting events are fixed and the players are just slaves to the game.Follow us on Swell:
Racism is not just a black and white narrative. There is racial prejudice and discrimination amongst minorities. Let's address these issues.Follow us on Swell to be featured on the show:
Tena and Dutch review the movie American Skin.Follow us on Swell
We are spiritual beings having physical experiences. It's time to reach your highest level of consciousness.Download & Follow us on Swell:
Episode 87- Capitol Cap

Episode 87- Capitol Cap


The "insurrection" on capitol hill is straight CAP!Download & Follow us on Swell:
Tena & Dutch discuss their 2021 predictions.
The news has been reporting of COVID mutations in the UK and South Africa. There are also speculations of the mutant virus in the U.S. What does this mean for the coming year of 2021?
Be careful of the music you choose to consume. Music is so powerful, it can block the side of your brain in which we connect with our creator.
Episode 83- Songbird

Episode 83- Songbird


The 2020 movie Songbird is about a COVID mutation that kills off the majority of the population. This is clear blueprint of what's to come?
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