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Author: Jules Damey

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If you're looking to start your fitness journey, improve your health, level up your performance, and stay up to date with the latest research, this show is for you. Eclectic Athlete Radio is dedicated to providing you quality, and easy to digest information that you can implement, to optimize your life through health, fitness, and performance.
26 Episodes
In this episode I continue my conversation with Ciaran, delving into topics such as:Negativity biasObjectivity vs Subjectivity The Importance of Diversity Does the BLM movement need more leadership? What fueled the rise of Trump Equality of Opportunity vs Equality of OutcomeAnd various other topics. Another head scratching, yet important conversation  Instagram: ctquarrelsomePodcast: Quarrelsome radioemail: Support the show
In this episode I'm joined by Dr. Frederick Engram, Assistant Professor of Instruction in the Department of Criminology and Center for African American Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington.We dive into racism, and White supremacy. The issue with the respectability politics of "peaceful" protest. Do we need allies or co-conspirators? And much more!Twitter: Vancarlito2003Instagram: Dr.engram19Linkedin: Frederick EngramDr. Engram is also available for panel discussions, and keynotes Support the show
Podiatrist and founder of Correct Toes joined me in this episode to discuss the long-term effects of wearing shoes, and how going barefoot can change your life.·      Plantar Fasciitis or Plantar Fasciosis?·       Hammer toe, flat feet, etc, and how to fix them·      What specifically to look for in your shoes to make them less damaging to your feet·      Is our medical system broken? And Much more! Connect with Dr. McClanahan @correcttoesSupport the show
In this episode I chat with Strength & Conditioning coach, Sport Scientist, and Doctoral Student at the University of Lancashire, Ciaran O'ReganEpistemology -What is knowledge? -Epistemic arrogance vs Epistemic humility “Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd”The Axiom of the Infinite Unknown-why we can never be certain of anything Different Types of BiasThinker Archetypes: Truth Thinker, Belief Guardian, Victim ThinkerCiaran can be reached at:Instagram: ctquarrelsomePodcast: Quarrelsome radioemail:  Support the show
A great episode for athletes and coaches alike, talking to two of the assistant strength and conditioning coaches at SJSU. We talk about:Training philosophiesWhat goes into programming for athletesHow to determine what’s most important for their programmingThe importance of doing the basicsHow to separate yourself as an athlete and become eliteHow to create buy-in and competitiveness in athletesAnd moreSupport the show
 Richard Thurman III and Nat Viranond are Strength and Conditioning Coaches out of San Francisco, CA, and they join me today to dispel many misconceptions surrounding movement. We talk about:How to improve joint health and why it matters for athletes and non-athletesDoes fitness make you healthy?Differences between flexibility and mobility, and why it matters for YOU?Should everyone squat to 90 degrees?They even take a philosophical approach to movement which blew my mind.They are well versed in Functional Range Conditioning, also offer virtual Kinstretch classes which may be the hardest bodyweight training that you'll ever do.You can find them onInstagram | Facebook | Youtube@theupgradeguys @Coach_rt3@Nat_a_whatSupport the show
Drake Berberet returns to show, as we have a light-hearted discussion ranging from velocity based training, using essential oils in the gym, athletes doing cartwheels for a warmup, to relationships and fitness.We also talk about how his athletes and staff have adapted to the current pandemic, and how to keep athletes motivated to train.Support the show
Best advice for getting quality sleep and why it mattersThe top immune supporting foodsMuscle growth with just your bodyweight?Other gadgets to hack your exerciseThe importance of breathing and how to use it to your advantageMuch More!Support the show
Recently a new documentary came out on Netflix. It's called "The Game Changers" and it advocates for a plant-based diet as being optimal for health, performance, longevity, and moreover, claiming that eating meat raises inflammation and causes cancer.There were plenty of research studies cited, but are they valid? In this episode I breakdown how misleading the claims are, how they misrepresent science, and explain why and how many can see a benefit in switching to a plant-based diet. I also talk about:•      Differences between randomized controlled trials and epidemiology and why it matters•      Why athletes and people in general feel better switching diets•      Why being dogmatic is stifling us and how to prevent that•      Were the Gladiators Plant-based?•      The REAL cause of inflammation•      Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio, and why too many omega 6’s can be problematic•      m-TORC and IGF-1•      Elevated homocysteine levels with b12 deficiencies •      Why heme-iron shouldnt be demonizedAnd much more. Red and processed meat consumption and risk of pancreatic cancer: meta-analysis of prospective studies and processed meat consumption and risk of stroke: a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies Red and Processed Meat Intake and Markers of Adiposity and Inflammation: The Multiethnic Cohort Study Diets High in Animal or Plant Protein Reduce Liver Fat and Inflammation in Individuals With Type 2 Diabetes. Increased Lean Red Meat Intake Does Not Elevate Markers of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Humans Revised Guidelines for Meat Consumption NOT BASED ON EPIDEMIOLOGY habits and mortality in 11,000 vegetarians and health conscious people: results of a 17 year follow up. and up study out my blog post for full written analysis and the rest of the studies.www.eclecticathlete.comTwitter | julesofenergyInstagram | julesofenergyFacebook | eclecticathleteSupport the show
Where in the world have I been the last few months!? Let me tell you..In this episode I recap what I’ve been up to the last few months, life changes, grad school, and what I’m currently working on moving forward.I also dive into a few different topics that I’ve been looking into and will continue to expand upon.A brief overview of nose and mouth physiology, and why you should breathe through your nose, and less-so through your mouth.I talk about #moremeatmondays and why meat is wrongly vilified, as well as the recent guideline recommendations concerning meat from the Annals of Internal Medicine, which stated that “the panel suggests that adults continue current unprocessed red meat consumption (weak recommendation, low-certainty evidence). Similarly, the panel suggests adults continue current processed meat consumption (weak recommendation, low-certainty evidence.”Why there’s more to consider surrounding whether or not to eat at night? The effects of time or circadian rhythms on digestions and how it can affect our sleep and our health, and much more! (Satchin Panda talk below) Revised guidelines for Meat Consumption Follow me on Social Media Instagram: @julesofenergyTwitter: @julesofenergyFacebook: @eclecticathlete www.eclecticathlete.comSupport the show
We have an epidemic of movement dysfunction, and whether or not you want big muscles or a 6pack or to be strong, you NEED movement. In this episode I talk to Miles who is a Movement Specialist helping people not only get out of pain, but also address the root cause of pain.We talk about the difference between mobility and stability, how to create long lasting changes in your flexibility. The difference between mobility and stability. The real reason your hamstrings or hip flexors are always tight, the difference between different modalities such as cupping, acupuncture, massage, etc and whether or not they’re worthwhile, and much more.You can reach Miles at:Website: Milestonesmovement.comInstagram: Milestones_movementFacebook: MilestonesMovementSupport the show
A 6’7 former collegiate basketball player, transitioning from the corporate sales world into being a Yoga teacher and gym owner. We talk about how he blends yoga and strength training, to boost athleticism.Mindfulness, what it means in modern society and how to utilize it to reduce stress, and optimize performance. Simple practices to implement throughout your day to re-energize yourself, find clarity, and improve your mental state.You can find Nick Palladino-King atTribe SF Fitness & Yoga Studio, San Francisco, CAHolistic Health Academy 8 week Online courseWebsite: Thebigyogi.comInstagram: @tribefitsf @nickpalladinoking Find me atInstagram: @julesofenergyFacebook: @eclecticathleteWebsite: eclecticathlete.comSupport the show
In this episode I speak with Entrepreneur, Strength Coach, and Women’s Health and Fitness Specialist Kellie Davis. Kellie went from being a teacher, to a Fitness Rockstar, and we talk about the value of putting your health first and looking at it as investing in yourself, the ramifications of NOT exercising as you age, women’s health issues that are often overlooked, and the highs and lows she faced throughout her journey.Kellie also offers Nutrition & Mindset Coaching, is the Co-Author of Strong Curves alongside Brett Contreras, and owner of Fitthriveworkouts.comYou can reach Kellie at fitthriveworkouts.comInstagram: @KelliedavisfitSupport the show
In this episode I interview strength coach, former Marine, former Elite Kettlebell Sport athlete, Battleropes specialist, and all around awesome guy, Aaron Guyett and talk about battlerope training, his journey becoming a coach at Onnit Academy, building mental toughness, and training yourself to be the best you can at each moment.You can find Aaron at www.Battleropes.orgwww.Living.fitInstagram @battleropeexercises @aaronguyett @kbklivingfitFacebook | @aaronguyettSupport the show
In this episode I interviewed Movement Specialist, Andy Hsieh of Movement Reborn. We talked about different paradigms in the fitness industry, animal flow, neurokinetic therapy, getting out of pain, issues with traditional physical therapy, and training to be sexy vs training to be functional.Support the show
In this episode I interview fitness influencer, powerlifter, strength coach, and twitch streamer Michael Farr, better known as Silent Mike. We had a great conversation talking about his early beginnings to where he is now. His journey to becoming a successful strength coach, how social media has influenced the fitness industry, trusting the process, and of course, video games and the explosion of E-sports/live streaming.You can find Mike on his own podcast, 50% Facts@ Silent Mikke on Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, and InstagramSupport the show
Are there benefits to fasting? Is it healthy or just another fad? My initial thoughts after completing a 6.5 day fast, expectations, predictions, struggles, and reasoning for doing it in the first place. I completed comprehensive blood testing before and after, as well as a DEXA scan before and after, and review the results.I also touched on ketosis, cholesterol levels, IGF-1, and more.  Fasting resources: Dr. Rhonda Patrick (Found my Fitness Podcast) Dr. Jason Fung (author of The Complete Guide to Fasting) Dr. Valter Longo (Fasting Mimicking Diet) Dr. Satchin Panda    Fasting increases serum total cholesterol, LDL, cholesterol and apo B in healthy, nonobese humans Support the show
An awesome interview, getting insight with Drake Berberet, who is the Assistant to the Illinois Director of Strength and Conditioning, Adam Fletcher, which includes daily sports science and S&C operations. We talked about taking a holistic approach to training athletes, and what that entails.We touched on athlete readiness, what it is, and why it’s often an important overlooked aspect of performance.What your functional system is, how stress affects it.Also talked about Sports technology such as Exsurgo’s GFlight, GStrength, and GSprint, Force Plate’s, etc.  Drake can be found at Instagram: Strength2.speed Twitter: Strength2speedSupport the show
Listen in on a cool interview with a great strength and conditioning coach, and Steel Mace specialist Coach Richard Thurman III!We talk about his background, the evolution of philosophies in fitness, thinking outside of the box, pre-requisites for training, building up capacity, FRC, and of course, the Steel Mace!Coach Rich is based out of the Bay Area in California, and conducts various workshops focusing on functional movement, and utilizing the Steel Mace. For further information contact him atWebsite: coachrichthurman.comInstagram: Coach_rt3 , Steelmaceeducation steelmaceworkshops and theupgradeguysYoutube: Coach Rich ThurmanSupport the show
Just a short blurb talking about my visit in Columbus, Ohio checking out the Arnold Sports Festival, as well as other attractions such as the Ludus Magnus Gym, and Westside Barbell!Witnessed Strongman competitors Brian Shaw and “The Mountain” Thor Bjornsson go neck to neck, each deadlifting over 1,000 lbs, including a NEW WORLD RECORD!Touched on certain booths at the Arnold, in particular Bang energy drinks which have gained a lot of popularity within the past few years, but are they actually healthy?And why you should invest in those who invest in themselves.Support the show
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