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Urner Barry is dedicated to being a timely, accurate and unbiased business publisher specializing in the reporting of market news and quotations for ALL segments of the food industry, while relentlessly pursuing innovation for the benefit of our clients.
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This week on Market Digest our host Laura Zinger discusses the return to live events with our very own Nidha Jasrai and CEO Joe Muldowney. Topics include the "back to school" type feeling of going to an in-person event, the chance to golf with all-star athlete Bo Jackson after his keynote speaking session, and the overall superiority of networking in person.Follow this link to register for the Executive Conference!
This week on Market Digest, Host Laura interviews Mike Caughlan and Kevin Combs of Mckeany-Flavell to discuss the sugar market, mitigating market chain reactions, the difference between beet and cane sugar, and a look towards the 2022 refined and unrefined sugar markets.
This week on Market Digest Host Laura Zinger catches up with Glenn Smith, Director of Feed and Ingredient Procurement at Wayne Farms. Glenn discusses the increased volatility of grain markets, how the rise of plant protein affects the grain market, weather patterns affecting crop yield, updates in the WASDE Report, and much more.
This week on Market Digest Host Laura Zinger is joined by Joe Brooker and Chris Roeder from the Stable Group. They are experts of price risk management and specialize in hedging across multiple markets. They discuss adjacent price factors for finished goods, how their process works, and how they utilize Urner Barry's information in their day to day business activities.
This week on Market Digest, Host Laura Zinger and CEO Joe Muldowney talk high prices for imported beef, Australia emerging from their drought, China searching for product, cyber attacks, supply chain issues, return to live events and much more.
This week on Market Digest we are joined by Urner Barry COO and Market Reporter Jim Kenny. Jim and Laura discuss rising prices for seafood items, COVID-19 recovery for seafood and foodservice, consumer demand levels, logistical nightmares from production to shipping, and more
This week on Market Digest we are joined by Oscar Giron of Specialty Food Connections. Laura and Oscar discuss what Halal means, taking Halal mainstream, and how Halal standards have influenced livestock handling, retail trends, hygiene standards.
In this episode of Market Digest hosted by Laura Zinger, Senior CNBC Editor Lori Ann LoRocco details the issues that are impacting the protein supply chain and causing mass delays for consumer product across all industries. Topics she discusses include ports being at mass capacity and the grid lock that comes with it, the influx of import shipping containers, trouble finding space for product on domestic railcars, and some shipping alternatives that businesses can use.
This week on Market Digest we're joined by Martin Eckmann of The Alaska Sausage and Seafood Company. Martin and Laura discuss running a business in Alaska during the pandemic, how shipping times and logistics have been affected, and reindeer sausages.
Egg market guru Brian Moscogiuri fills us in this week on 52-week highs in the egg product market thanks to foodservice recovery, Avian Influenza in Asia affecting the export market, and the cage free movement’s impact on the shell egg and egg product markets. Hosted by Laura Zinger, the latest episode of Urner Barry’s Market Digest fills us in on the egg market in 2021.
In this week's episode of Market Digest, Michael Irgang President of Global Risk Management joins us to discuss hedging in the beef market and managing risk. Topics include the importance of taking positions (or not when appropriate), and some small steps that can be taken to test the hedging waters.
This week host Laura speaks with poultry market reporter Matt Busardo. Matt fils us in on plant closings due to severe weather, optimism in the export market, and post-Super Bowl highs for the wing market.
This week on Market Digest Laura is joined by restaurateur, entrepreneur, and advocate for food and plant Spike Mendelsohn. Spike gives a glimpse of life as a restaurant owner during the pandemic, why he decided to jump into plant-based protein, and insight into his impressive work in our nation's capital.
This week on Market Digest we are joined by founder and consultant Todd Thurman of SwineTex Consulting. Laura and Todd speak about African Swine Fever in China, The state of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, Long-term business planning with Strategic Foresight, and much more.
This week on Market Digest Laura is joined by Scott Tenner, Center of the Plate Protein Specialist, of Jacmar Foodservice. Scott discusses the importance of delivering quality ingredients to consumers, navigating a foodservice operation through the COVID-19 pandemic, and much more!
This week Mark Winkler of US Foods discusses their innovations and initiatives through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Between setting up ghost kitchens, helping small businesses adapt to a lack of indoor dining, and much more, US Foods has continued to support their customers through recovery and reopening.
This week we are joined by Cece Corbin, President of the National Poultry & Food Distributors Association or NPFDA. Cece and Laura discuss the power of networking in the protein industry, the effects of COVID-19 on the events industry, and more!
This week on Market Digest Laura speaks with CoBank Lead Protein Industry Analyst, Will Sawyer. Will brings his expertise to the plate as they discuss holiday demand for protein items, protein supply, The Beef Complex, Corn and Soy inflation, and his hopes for 2021.
This week on Market Digest Laura speaks with John Manzella, nationally syndicated columnist on global business, trade policy, labor, and the latest economic trends. In this episode we discuss expected affects of the U.S. election results, the trade war with China, investing in young farmers, and how to revitalize American capitalism.
This week we're joined by Brian Moscogiuri, Director of Marketing and Egg Market Reporter at Urner Barry. Brian and Laura discuss holiday demand, egg inventories, government buying and their affect on the egg market.
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