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Are you tired of only getting your news from the major media outlets? Freedom Strips provides an area where you can become up-to-date on important current events outside of the biased media circus.
46 Episodes
In this episode, I interview the 2020 Libertarian Party VP Nominee Spike Cohen.
My guest today is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Clemson University and the 2020 Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee, Dr. Jo Jorgensen.
In this episode I cover the recent murder of George Floyd as well as an article by Michael Malice making the pitch the Conservatives should be the first in line opposing the police as it exists today. Support the show (
*Justin Amash has entered the chat*Justin Amash becomes the first Libertarian congressman, and COVID-19 shines an ugly spotlight on police corruption and power. Support the show (
Did Trump actually suggest injecting bleach to combat COVID-19? Kind of, but not really...he just expresses ideas like a child would.Topics covered: The governments Small Business Paycheck Protection Program is being taken advantage ofSocial Security Will Be Insolvent Even Sooner Than Expected, Thanks to COVID-19 Pandemic.L.A. County Antibody Tests Suggest the Fatality Rate for COVID-19 Is Much Lower Than People Feared Did Trump Actually Suggest That Injecting Bleach Could Be a Cure for COVID-19? Kind of, but not reallyCDC COVID-19 Test Contamination Delayed Coronavirus Testing. Was contaminated with Covid-19 Andrew Cuomo battles reporter asking if the measures taken against COVID-19, are worse than the virus itself 73% of vets support full troop withdrawal from Afghanistan: Poll Is Kim Jong Un dead? Sports coming back soon? Support the show (
Matt Bell and I discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, the failure of the Government response, and Bernie Sanders endorsing Joe Biden for President. Support the show (
I break down the latest events leading to ever closer war with the US and Iran.Sources: the show (
I have my good friend Jason on to discuss who Andrew Yang is and why he is continuing to climb in the democratic primary polls, as well as the bombshell story with the Washington Post releasing The Afghanistan Papers...and why no one is talking about it. Support the show (
In this episode I break down the latest findings in the OPCW's "official" report on the gas attack in Syria, the shooting at Pensacola Naval Airbase, and how unbelievable negligence lead police to murder two innocent people in Miami.Support the show (
In this episode I cover Elizabeth Warren's insane $52 trillion Medicare For All plan, the huge Project Veritas bombshell on ABC News punting the Epstien story all the way back in 2016, and how the powerful elites continue to go after Julian Assange and others who dare to expose the truth. Support the show (
In this episode I give my thoughts on the latest Democratic Debate, as well as go over the latest details in the Turkish/Kurdish war.Support the show (
In this episode I give my thoughts on the latest impeachment motions against the president, why we should have never been involved with the Kurds or Turks in the first place, and how China has a scary amount of influence over American companies. Support the show (
In this episode Matt and I poke fun at Justin Trudeau's latest blackface scandal, we talk the rise of cancel culture, and then we engage in a debate on US intervention in the Middle East. Don't worry, we're still friends!Support the show (
This week I take on Ben Shapiro's talking points in his episode on 9/11 and the United States foreign policy after the attacks, John Bolton out as NSA, and the horrifying and dangerous new crisis taking over the country...vaping. Support the show (
In this episode I'm joined by Larry Sharpe.Larry Sharpe rapidly rose to prominence during his run for Governor of New York in 2018 as a Libertarian. Larry took full advantage of his rising popularity and made his way onto MANY different media avenues such as TV, radio, and podcasts all around the country. Larry was even featured on the Joe Rogan Experience, and has just recently launched his own Podcast "The Sharpe Way". In this episode we discuss how the Libertarian Party is in a great position to bring a home to the growing silent majority...the politically homeless.Support the show (
Matt Bell joins me today to talk about a little bit of everything. We cover the recent mass shootings, Jeffery Epstein's convenient and skeptical death, the US financial situation, and Red Flag laws.Support the show (
Join me as I break down night #2 of the second round of the Democratic Debates!Support the show (
Join me as I break down night #1 of the second round of the Democratic Debates!Support the show (
In this episode I break down the Bernie Sanders implosion over not paying his own staff a $15 hour wage and Robert Mueller's testimony in congress.Support the show (
In this episode the guys discuss the Billy Graham rule, Old Town Road shenanigans, the area 51 raid, and more.Support the show (
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