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ALIGN: Living Life on Purpose

ALIGN: Living Life on Purpose

Author: J W Rucker Jr.

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There is a power that is within you that is willing to reveal truths and manifest your thoughts and desires onto our tangible plane of existence. I will refer to this energy as the “I AM.” Peace of mind, healing, personal success, and prosperity belong to you. Understanding success from a dynamic spiritual perspective can help you. Now, it is up to you to discover or re-discover this power. Align (podcast) will explore life success formulas and the human conditions that shape them.
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The way of love gives a brief look at our human condition from a biblical and historical perspective. The question is do you love yourself enough?
You have love Power and a Sound Mind. Learn the truth about your power.
Praise Wins The Battle

Praise Wins The Battle


Praise wins the battle Based on 2nd Chronicles Chapter 20. Words of Encouragement.
Strength for your lifes journey. Encouraging words from the book of Psalm
Strength for life's journey encouraging words from the book of Psalm
Encouraging words for you today
In this current time of unrest we need healing. I pray these 2021 healing scriptures help.
Paying attention to the spiritual side of rendering your service can help you live an abundant life.



In order to live the promised abundant life you deserve to live. you must be ready for change.visit my site
Pray Yourself Happy

Pray Yourself Happy


Pray Yourself Happy. Listen to this prayer for happiness. (Commercial Free)
How overcome disturbing faith is critical for this particular time. Listen and learn how to ignite your faith to manifest abundant living.
Can You Believe...

Can You Believe...


Based on Mark 11: 20-23 Can you believe ? this question has been posed throughout our human experience. This episode will explore the esoteric meaning behind it and how it relates to the law of attraction leading you to an abundant life.
Love is...

Love is...


Love is what it is. However, in this episode we will explore self-love and subconscious thought. Learn how it can lead you to purposeful abundant living.
It's yours, on one condition is a look into the esoteric meaning of ancient philosophies as it relates to the mind, law of vibration and attraction. It reveals how one can receive all of the good the universe (God), Infinite Intelligence, or Conscious Source has for you.
Learn how to overcome circumstances out of your control using ancient philosophies and the laws of mind.
Eliminate Stinken Thinken. Based on a non-religious view of Phil 4:6-9. Learn how to regain control of your thoughts to life the abundant life you have always desired to live.
As I discuss in my book "Not the Perfect Book: the perfect book for not so perfect people." (available on Amazon). Your character is in a fishbowl. Learn how you can overcome negative subconscious programming through careful observance of your conscious thoughts.
You are divine. Learn how you can free yourself. Discover the esoteric meaning of Phil 2:5 and how you can reprogram your subconscious mind.
Does Your Outside Match Your Inside? Find out how to align your mind with your body.You can't change what you will not acknowledge. Learn how you can turn this around and live an abundant life.
What is your truth? and how can you demonstrate your new found authority through the power of mind. Based on Matt 10:34-38.
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