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We are Honey and Diana, two Malaysian gals who really love diving into books of all kinds. Welcome to 2 Book Nerds Talking where we discuss books we love or those hot on the read list. We get to share reading insights, bookish topics, pick the minds of occasional bookworm guests and other general book nerdery. If you love books as much as we do, this is the podcast for you!
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Hello there folks! This is an edited version of the LIVE conversation we have with Daryl Kho with some extra excerpts and nerd news. Mist Bound is a is a charming tale of a bright little girl, Alexis who is very close to her grandfather. When he was put under a spell by a kenit, his mind starts filling with mist and he soon forgets everything even his own wife and granddaughter. Alexis and her grandmother travels into the Mist to find the ingredients for a Memory Glue before her grandfather looses all his memories. What follows is an adventure into a magical world full of wise-cracking creatures, fairy-folk, mermaids and ogres where Alexis has to employ all she knows and the stories her grandfather tells her to complete the quest.
We sat down with Li Hsian the co-facilitator for art discovery tours at Ilham Gallery and picked her brains on great local children's picture books. They use a lot of picture books at the gallery to introduce children to art and themes that might be tricky to navigate. We went through some great books and waxed nostalgia on some reads from our childhoods.
We are all bereft of nature right now being stuck in our houses so being a book nerd, we picked up some books that we can live vicariously through. From long nature walks to friendships with foxes, there is something in our picks that will be bound to tickle your non-fiction fancy. Try them and smell fresh air and marvel at creatures great and small through the pages of these books. Music : Teddy Bear Waltz by Kevin MacLeodLink: other tracks from
After last week's horror that is way too close to home, we are still in the world of the supernatural albeit a more rollicking one. Welcome to an alternate Cairo at the turn of the 20th century a mash up of steampunk and djinns with a nice dash of police noir. These series of novellas, short story and novel is pure escapism. Diana and I can't get enough of them. Many thanks this week to Dilly who went above and beyond reading our excerpts.Music : Hidden Agenda by Kevin MacLeodLink:'s Workshop by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Here is an interview we did at the last Ubud Writer's Festival in 2019 (remember sitting in rooms, huddled together listening to an author?) What carefree days those were. Honey sat down with an Indonesian Emerging Writer Nurillah Achmad and talked to her about her macabre short story, myths and black magic. We finally got down to editing it. We left the Bahasa Indonesian interview but explain what was being said in between. You will also be able to listen to the sad and poetic story in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. Enjoy!
In keeping with our August 2021 Book Challenge, we are re-releasing one of our favourite cli-fi reads, The Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin. Being fantasy dorks, we dig deep into NK Jemisin's award-winning fantasy series, the Broken Earth trilogy. It is epic, nuanced and delves into really personal stuff with a backdrop of the world ending. We talk about reading everything from just one author and end the podcast with an excerpt of Jemisin's fierce Hugo acceptance speech.
Our August challenge is to read a book about climate change or a book set in the tropics. We decided to give you reads set near a beach (or sea or island) and as you can see we have interpreted it rather loosely. And well, that's the challenge; to just pick up a book on your TBR or something that you've always wanted to read to fit our #TBNTBookChallenge2021. And feel free to be creative. Here are our socials if you want to hook up with us:FB: Two Book Nerds TalkingIG: @tbntbooksTwitter: @TbnTpodEmail: booknerdstalking@gmail.comMusic credits:Bossa Antigua by Kevin MacLeodLink:
We sat down for an interview with YA author Kalynn Bayron and talked about her new novel, This Poison Heart. It's got a gothic house, a secret garden, locked rooms and a girl who can control plants. 'Black Poison Ivy' is what she calls her heroine Briseis and there is plenty of blooming action when she arrives at her inheritance, a dark mansion over acres of land. Check it out.Music credits:Bossa Antigua by Kevin MacLeodLink: by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.
In these strange and challenging times, books like Think Again can be useful in making you embrace the things that you think are keeping you back from making change and moving on. Imposter syndrome (apparently not that bad), constructive arguing (we can all learn it and trust it), changing your mind and being able to change another's (and still do it with compassion). So many things we like to nibble into in this accessible non-fic by one of the most interesting organisational psychologists in the world today.Music credits:Bossa Antigua by Kevin MacLeodLink:
We had a little online LIVE event recently with Elaine from Lit Books and Singaporean author Suffian Hakim. We wished we were doing it at the bookstore and all of us felt a little bereft about it but well- the show must go on! The Keepers of Stories is his most intimate one yet, and in our opinion, his best. It follows siblings Hakeem and Zulaika as they are taken to Changi Beach (this is the 70s) to live with The Anak Bumi- a community of people who reject modernity in order to live free.
This is part 2 of our 30 Dirty this month. We wanted to really get stuck into these brilliant novellas hence divided the show into two. This week we dive into the world of mer-people, enchanted forests, a benign alien invasion and an island where people go to grieve - to name a few. We also cover cannibalism and gothic writings under a hot sun - all the good stuff.Credits:Excerpts were taken from soundcloud.comListen to the full song of The Deep by Clipping here credits:Bossa Antigua by Kevin MacLeodLink:
We're a careening into the second half of 2021 and the July challenge is to read a book that has magical realism or a speculative fiction novella. As usual we narrowed it down and are bringing to you today Novellas that has a bit of a horror bent to it, some of it is gory, some disturbing and some makes you feel like you are going a little mad. Intrigued? Well we have two parts to this. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!
We're doing book chasers this week and it's all on feminist retellings - and we're looking into 3 books that go into Greek mythology, Norse mythology, and a famous Ballad. These books are debuts and are so good we can only curl up in envy even as we are devouring them. We delve into feminine power, motherhood, consequences and gender among other things and peeled back why our myths punish women so much. Books we dived into are The Witch's Heart by Genevieve Gornichec, Ariadne by Jennifer Saint, and Sistersong by Lucy HollandExcerpt credits:Genevieve Gornichec in conversation with Jenny Lawson: with Jennifer Saint: Author of Debut Novel Ariadne: Tale Retellings | Sistersong by Lucy Holland: credits: Bossa Antigua by Kevin MacLeodLink: by Kevin MacLeodLink: di Liuto by Kevin MacLeodLink:
We sat down to discuss a wonderful translation of Genzaburo Yoshino's 1930's classic How Do You Live? This is one of Diana's best reads of 2021 so far, and once you've sat back and listened to this episode, you will understand why books like this are important and have stood the test of time. The story of Copper and his inquisitive mind has been a favourite of many Japanese people growing up through the decades and we daresay it might be one of yours too!
It's the first episode of Season 5. Hello friends and book lovers we are back and this is our 100th episode! That's pretty amazing eh? And have we got a treat for you. This is an interview we did with sci-fi author Andy Weir and we had a good time chatting with him about his latest book, Project Hail Mary. We both enjoyed this book and it's back on familiar 'The Martian' territory. One man, solo, stuck between planetary annihilation and deep space (you'll get what we mean when you read this book). Enjoy!Music credits:What Does Anybody Know About Anything by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence.
Just to get you folks warmed up for Season 5. Yes! Season 5 is just around the corner and we are giving you our monthly 30 Dirty. June's #tbntbookchallenge2021 is to read a translated work OR a book written by a non-nativeEnglish speaker. We have decided to narrow the field by focusing on books translated and released this year. Let's get to it!Editor's note: We apologise for the audio quality in this episode - we're still trying to get the hang of virtual recordings. Thank you for sticking it out!Music credits:Bossa Antigua by Kevin MacLeodLink: Stroll by Kevin MacLeodLink:
Notes: A few more sleeps till we kick off Seasons 5 (and it'll be our 100th episode too!). So till then, enjoy this throwback to our 7th episode on Murakami's Killing Commendatore. We thought it'd be a good one to indulge in, especially because his latest release, First Person Singular, has hit our shores. Enjoy! |..| In the first show of the new year, Honey and Diana peel back the layers of Murakami's Killing Commendatore. A meditation on art, music and fraught relationships just to name a few themes in this book. Or izit just a rehash of old obsessions. We talk abt book resolutions, getting reacquainted with your bookshelves and going for a more varied reading list for 2019.
Yes, we're on a break, but we couldn't let you go without another 30Dirty episode! So we roped in our interns to give you the low-down on coming-of-age and family drama recommendations… all as graphic novels - fun! Not to worry, we do have some novels too for those who aren't ready to brave full frontal illustrations. Please make our first-time podcasters Steph and Aly feel welcomed - they definitely had a blast! Oh to be young again… enjoy!
Notes: Just because Season 4 is over, does not mean you have to stop listening! We've got lots of exciting tid-bits coming your way. But, for now, here's an oldie but a goldie; a perfect read for our April #tbntbookchallenge too! |..| We are back with a killer new season of book nerdery. First up, Good Omens, we talk book, TV and, friendships- between an angel, Aziraphale and a demon, Crowley plus that of co-writers Pratchett and Gaiman. It's a heart-warming tale filled with answerphone messages and the antichrist. Also June's book picks for Break Your TBR. Ah... we missed filling up your shelves...
This has been a loooooong season folks, but in our final episode of Season 4 we discussed Klara and the Sun, quite possibly the book of the moment. Often we find ourselves quite agreeable on the books that we review but ever so often, we have different opinions. This is one such book. What we do agree upon is that there is much to talk about. Enjoy folks!Music credits:With a Stamp by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. Dreamscape by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. http://www.twinmusicom.orgBossa Antigua by Kevin MacLeodLink:
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