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We don't take ourselves too seriously, so neither should you. Let's see how we travel beyond 1st level in... Beyond 1st Level.
72 Episodes
It all comes down to this; The Rain and Rahas are finally face to face and both parties want this over with. Does The Rain have what it takes to finish off the Head of the Guard? Did the Pool of the Mystic fully get destroyed cutting off Rahas’s unlimited power source? If so, Rahas is a mastermind that had the whole kingdom fooled, he must have a backup plan, right?
Session 65: Whodunnit

Session 65: Whodunnit


Riku was stabbed. And now The Rain must figure out who is behind the stabbing. (Not the guy who did the stabbing, he was being CONTROLLED) Was it Rahas or some new enemy come to take out The Rain? The Rain will have to play detective to find who is the mastermind behind the attempt on Riku’s life. 
The Rain runs into an old friend on the road to finding Rahas. Well, an old friend to them but, with the wish spell Nadia made, she doesn't remember them at all. The Rain stops for the evening to rest and will pick back up on the trail In the morning. In the meantime, Is there a way to jog Lindsey's memory to remember the Rain?
(Remote session - not great audio)With passes in hand, The Rain find themselves in the center of the capital, Rebirth Plaza. Our party needs to find out what happened and where Rahas may have gone, only then can they finally end the madness he is bringing on their lives and the kingdom. 
The Rain hears the cry of a boy no one else believes. Is this the time he cries the truth, or is it a dire wolf again? Find out what lies beneath the city of Edyn in its sewers below.*Beyond 1st Level Is testing out remote DND play during the Covid-19 Quarantine. There may be some bugs and audio glitches. Please bear with us.*
Inside Edyn’s walls lies all sorts of magic and wonder, also terror and crime. If the Rain wants to be able to explore the city, Ishi learns that city passes are needed to get past the second wall. How will the Rain obtain these passes? 
In this special episode, we have David (DM) joined by The Rain; Riku (Will), Airis (Cesar), Ishi (Kelley), and Nadia (Sam), summarizing and sharing their thoughts about the campaign and episodes 51 through 60 of Beyond 1st Level. How does Cesar think Airis is feeling with his party members siding with a Vampire? What about Sam and Nadia’s new look?  Use this episode to catch up and hang out with Beyond 1st Level.
Session 60: Shield's Temple

Session 60: Shield's Temple


If the Rain is in the Edyn, Airis might as well stop at his temple. While he checks in and covers his adventures, Nadia speaks with a local Paladin and finds that her brother has not returned from up north. The Paladin also helps Nadia with a prayer to Nidon. In true fashion Ishi and Riku go off on their own and end up helping a local business with their spider problem.
Session 59: Journey to Edyn

Session 59: Journey to Edyn


The Rain must finish what they started; Rahas must be dealt with in one way, or another. He was last said to be in the Glas Kingdom's capital city of Edyn. It's a big place though, will the Rain be able to find him in such a big city? If they do, can they handle him?
Having escaped the Yuan-Ti City, The Rain find themselves in a familiar place, The Sleepy Lodge. With Nadia’s new look, It seems that her wishes may have worked, but not in the way intended. To what extent to Nadia’s wishes come true? What is The Rain's next step in stopping the Yaun-Ti? Do they even need to after Nadia’s wish? And who does Airis meet at the bathhouse?
Session 57: I Wish

Session 57: I Wish


Nadia sees the power that the Pool of the Mystic possesses, even if it may change her. Nadia will risk it all for her friends, but will the Rain be able to hold off the Yuan-ti while she goes through with her plan? Will her plan even work?
The Rain, now out of their cells, must destroy the source of Rahas’s power, something called The Pool of the Mystic. Nadia knows where it is, but the way to get there is filled with traps and puzzles, which were disarmed her first time through. How will the Rain fare when their minds are tested by these deadly Yuan-Ti traps?
The Rain, in chains and behind bars, must find a way to escape these Yuan-ti cells before Rahas can kill them. Is Nadia still truly on their side? Does she have a plan to help them escape? Maybe she should let them rest first. They are almost dead, after all.
The Woodrest Residence now belongs to Drevin, and 2 of The Rain’s members are his pawns. Who should show up now but Rahas and…Nadia? But she’s back on the Yuan-ti’s side? The Rain, beaten and bruised from a long day, now have to fight their former friend and the powerful sorcerer. How will they fair in this fight, and where is Airis?
Leodor wants The Rain to show him where Dedric’s secret cellar is in the hopes that in it, they find proof he is a vampire. The Rain head inside and are shocked by what they find. What secrets lie in the cellar? Will they be able to go out unnoticed and get Crush on their side with their discoveries? 
Dedric has made The Rain suspicious of his motives, even though he is willing to help against the Yuan-ti problem they are facing. Their last lord to visit is Leodor; What kind of insight can he give The Rain and will it be enough for them to choose his side?
Session 51: Crush or Dedric

Session 51: Crush or Dedric


All 3 of Reapermore’s lords want The Rain to join their side, but there is only one supply cart to give. The Rain must make a choice. To do so, they head to each lord’s side of the city to get a lay of the land. The first stop: Crush. What secrets does this brute hide behind his mask and in his land? The next, Dedric; he has the people and the power, but does he have The Rain's support?
In this special episode, we have David (DM) joined by The Rain; Riku (Will), Airis (Cesar), Ishi (Kelley), And Nadia (Sam), summarizing and sharing their thoughts about the campaign and episodes 41 through 50 of Beyond 1st Level. How does The Rain feel about their lost member Nadia? How does Cesar feel knowing Airis Is surrounded by criminals? And what is on Sams's mind now that she has played through Nadias time while she was away from the Rain? Use this episode to catch up and hang out with Beyond 1st Level.
Session 50: Nadia’s Home

Session 50: Nadia’s Home


We pick back up from Ep:36, as Nadia Is grabbed by Roth and teleported away from The Rain. Now back in her home city of Ka’ Lessma, Nadia must find where she stands and choose: Is she with her brethren Yuan-ti, or has she sided with the Fleshwalker and the Kingdom of Glas? 
With each present member of The Rain with a different lord of Reapermore, promises are made, deals are struck. Tensions are on the rise as everyone comes face to face and find that things may be trickier then they thought. 
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