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Join Alex, Will and Michael as they talk Warhammer 40K with a focus on going to events and the competitive scene. We are the Bay Area 40K podcast and proud members of The Rogue Trader Network of podcasts.
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The High Lords welcome the new year with their usual nonsense and talk about what's what in 40K. Having actually played some games safely in spite of the pandemic armed with nearly enough games to achieve mastery (almost six games) they enter 2021 invigorated and ready to deep strike "wisdom" straight into your earholes. 
On this very special episode of High Lords of Terra instead of discussion about 40K we turn to Michael and the project he has spent the past two years working on - his very own sci-fi tabletop miniatures war game called Outward Realms. Danny from Mob Rules and Mitch from Best in Faction use their powerful, wrinkly brains and interview Michael on everything from designing core concepts to lore about the upcoming game. Outward Realms is intended to be launched in May via Kickstarter and look for more previews and content about the game over the coming months. This is the first game produced under the Hammerhead Games label and we couldn't be more proud of what we have managed to accomplish. We are looking forward to sharing it with all of you. 
The High Lords gathered safely and managed to get in a few games at Alex's place. With our combined games we have achieved a cumulative mastery of 9th edition (according to Brandt) and so we decided to share our wisdom with the masses. Lucky you. As always go to Hammerhead Games and engage in commerce. and if you can go visit the store4811 Chippendale Drive, Suite 501Sacramento, California 95841, US+1 916-716-0053
In Your Phase Presents: The Hot Lords of Terra In this episode John Feuerhelm from In Your Phase interviews the High Lords while two out of three of us eat some chicken covered in liquid fire and Will tries his best.  This is the audio of that but it is best watched in video form here: Thanks of course to John for his time and energy and to Charityhammer and the Best In Faction podcast for the idea and of course to a certain YouTube hot chicken wing interview show. 
The High Lords are back and we have named our complaining segment THE PULPIT OF FRUSTRATION. See who has grievances and who doesn't. Suspense! We do some theory crafting for fun. Also we discuss the next episode which is going to be very plagiaristic and very cool. Last but not least... HELBRUTE! 
Just us as we talk about our feelings. Or maybe just Alex. He has feelings. Angry feelings. Also we discuss how 9th has changed how we play the game, how it might change how you play and how you think can and should affect your army. 
The High Lords Navigate 9th

The High Lords Navigate 9th


Join Alex, Will and Michael as we discuss the all the happenings surrounding the 9th edition launch. At the end of the episode Michael talks Necrons for those looking for that and old man car paints for everyone else. 
The High Lords convene to discuss a GT which became an RTT due to a broken toe, our hobby progress and our plans for 9th which drops next month. Audio quality on this one is a mess between loud kids, loud engines and a loud bird. So what else is new. 
This episode is terrible and we are terrible. We talk about the announcements for 9th, Engine War the new rules for clowns, new models. So much stuff. Tons of content and the usual High Lords quality. Thank you mistress. 
Michael stays up all night to watch a powerpoint presentation really early in the morning and then cons a few other folks who were around into doing the same thing while being recorded. This has not been cleaned or edited and is not a standard episode. It was released with minimal processing for expediency over quality. 
The High Lords lose their mind and somehow manage to combined fevered rambling with incoherent discussion to form whatever this is. Stay safe out there everyone. -------------------------------------------Music provided by No Copyright Music: used: Guardians by Evan King under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 of Course By Subscribing, Liking and Sharing The Videos You Are Giving Us The Best Support Out There!So please don't forget to leave a comment , like the video and of course subscribe if you are new to the channel or if you want to support us even more than:Follow Royalty Free Music Zone on: Twitter: Royalty Free Music Zone on:Facebook: more of our amazing audio library by visiting our playlists:No Copyright Epic Music Playlist: Copyright Mystical Music Playlist: Copyright Scary Music Playlist: Copyright Celtic Music Playlist: Copyright Soundtrack Music Playlist: Copyright Cinematic Music Playlist: Copyright Sci-fi Music Playlist: videos:Monsters: Of Epic Music Mix: Of Truth: for the amazing image artwork artist:- t1na - Inner Monster- Image Link: Deviantart Page: In The End We Want To Thank You Sooooooo Much  For The Amazing Support You Are Giving To Your Royalty Free Music Channel! ♥♥♥P.S watch our videos in 1080p for the best viewer experience :)
A quarantine episode the High Lords talk about the Saga of the Beast their hobby progress and Michael defends Ghaz and plots the ghost grot meta. 
The High Lords discuss the most recent changes to the game, talk about new lists and hobby projects and spent roughly 20 minutes in the warp losing their minds. We are proud to join The Rogue Trader Network of podcasts. Special thanks to Mike Koenig at for the new sounds we used in the hammerhead games ad.
Join the High Lords for our LVO 2020 coverage. Listen to how things went and see if Michael made his goal of best in faction for Necrons after his year long journey. 
The High Lords talk about how their factions were impacted by Chapter Approved. Will feels feelings about the LVO rulings about Legends and painting scores. We give the most plugs and shout outs we have ever done. We set our 2020 goals and discuss our upcoming armies for LVO 2020. <-- go here for the podcast <-- coming soon, home for high lord swagHave a safe and awesome holiday season everyone. 
In this one we talk about SoCal Open 2019, Warzone Atlanta 2019, our thoughts on Marines especially the Land Raider EXCELSIOR! and Michael reinvigorates his passion for robot mans.  
In this episode the High Lords plead with the machine spirits to make the episode possible and multiple things go wrong. We of course blame Chaos. We talk prep for the Dicehammer California Team Championship, T-SHFT, Harvester of Souls and some random RTT where five people there were #1 in their respective ITC factions. 
Alex interviews the top Deathwatch player in ITC Anthony D'Amore. Learn the secrets of the greatest threat to xenos that the Imperium has to offer. Special thanks to Andrian Von Ziegler for the song Necromancy. You can find more of his work here: This episode contains spicy adult language and jokes that some listeners may not enjoy. 
Geoff Robinson's favorite charity was the Southern California Bulldog Rescue. You can donate to it here:
The High Lords talk contrast paint, Apocalypse, and Renegade Knights. We also talk about the Stay In Your Lane GT. Michael interviews Tony Myers of Hammerhead Games and talks about the Bugeater major and how it was running a major with the Gentleman's and Lady Major in Vegas. 
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