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A relatable show for your weekly dose of sanity. Sales advice, self-help, and business talk fun times.
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The Sling-Shot Method

The Sling-Shot Method


Have you ever felt like everyone around you is succeeding and you are falling behind? Then you probably are in major need of hearing about the Sling-Shot Method. We discovered this two weeks ago and knew that we needed to share this mentality with you!
This week we welcome back an old guest who is about to open her first salon in Louisville! Kayleigh Irene has "literally" built a salon during the hardest economical year in recent memory and is here to tell us her do's, don't's, and why is was so important for her to hire local.
Life has a funny way of kicking you when you're down. Today we take an honest and in depth look at how to get back up when life knocks you down. And don't worry, there's no toxic positivity here.
After a brief holiday hiatus, we are back to discuss the pros and cons of living a goal-based life vs a value-based life. This idea was brought to us from a viral video that discussed why focusing on concrete goals like, "I want to lose 40 pounds" or "I want to make $1 million" can turn into depression and anxiety swiftly, if this is all a person chooses to focus on. While value-based life tends to focus on the *way* you want to live. Such as, "I want to be compassionate" and "I want to be kind to every stranger I meet." So sit back, relax, and listen to us talk about goals and values.
2020 is hard. For some, the holidays are going to be even harder. But fear not, we've made a list that we've gathered from specialists to give you some insight on how to make these next two months a bit easier. Enjoy!
While we sit and reflect on this year as we transition into the holiday season, a lot of us have gone through some rough times. What we have found to be most beneficial at easing our sorrows is to change the conversation from what we can do for ourselves, into what we can do for others.
Assertive vs Assuming

Assertive vs Assuming


We have all been taught tactics in sales that have worked for us for quite some time. But, some of these tactics have become too recognizable by well-informed and privy decision makers. One of these tactics is the all powerful "assuming the sale". Well, frankly, we hate this tactic and today we are explaining why.
This week, we brought in one of Chelsea's new hires and team members to talk about her transition into sales, why she chose sales, and what she has learned in her first few weeks on the job at Unifirst!
Argue like A BOSS

Argue like A BOSS


Having a healthy disagreement that turns into conflict resolution is a crucial skill set. Today we delve into the do's, don'ts and examples of how to argue effectively and productively. Aka how to argue like a boss.
We've all been there. You're in your final meeting with a Decision Maker. You've worked your butt off putting together the best deal of your life and then BAM! You are hit with the worst phrase known to a salesperson, "Well, [redacted] says they can do it for less". It's infuriating. You know you're the best service they can get, but still you are having pushback. In today's episode we are going to go over how to stand your ground and seal the deal without sacrificing your money!
Have you ever been scared to do something that might have a huge pay off? Well, it's time to catch a case of the F-It's and shoot your shot in this week's episode! It is spooky season after all...
Recently, we have been seeing different articles about how some of the most successful people in the world swear by mantras. So of course, this week we wanted delve into the world of mantras and talk to one of Louisville's finest, Maggie Amos. Maggie is a full time social worker and seasoned tarot card reader. We spoke with her about how she uses mantras in her social work cases to change thoughts into becoming healthier habits. You can find Maggie on Facebook at
Mantra Minisode

Mantra Minisode


This week, we are not only celebrating Chelsea's birthday, but are also setting you up for an in-depth look at next week's episode covering the power of Mantras. Get hyped and prepare yourselves, because next week is going to be a doozie!
Do you feel like sometimes a client or boss is taking advantage of your kindess or willing to help? Have you ever felt really guilty over asking someone to do something for you? We've both felt this way at some point or another, but have only recently started to recognize it. Today we go over some tactics and reminders on how to ask for a favor in a respectful way and how to set boundaries when people ask you for one.
During the ups and downs and stresses that life throws at you, some people have a really fun yet really terrible coping mechanism: throwing themselves into a million projects. You have the best of intentions. You want to use your abilities to help others or to help yourself or to gain experience in a project you've never tried before. The idea seems great in the moment and then the day arrives and there is no way you are going to complete every task you've set for yourself. You're in a pickle. You're going to either go insane or compromise and give 10% to 10 projects instead of 100% to one. In this episode we talk about why we subconsciously do this and how we can train ourselves to stop.
Therapy Anyone?

Therapy Anyone?


Yes, we talk about emotions a lot on the show, but have we mentioned therapy? Want a way to improve your life personally and professionally? Guess what, it's called therapy!
LISTEN UP FIVES A TEN IS SPEAKING. But seriously, listening is an important skill that we don't talk about enough. It seems simple: listen, learn, respond. Easy! But somehow, our self-absorbs brains get in the way and we figure out how to talk waaaay too much during a conversation. Sometimes we don't even me to overtake a conversation, but our excitement and nerves and willingness to solve a problem can hinder our ability to really hear what the other person is saying. Today we dissected how to get out of our own heads and actively listen to your potential client, boss, or new hire.
This week we had the honor of speaking with the amazing Intuition Coach: Milan! Milan has an incredible backstory that will inspire you to discover your own intuition and let it guide you. If you'd like to learn more or want to take a dive into learning how to listen to your intuition, you can find Milan on Instagram @intuit.y or on her website:
This week were blessed with the presence of the one and only, Lindsey Mango. Lindsey is a former athlete turned life coach. Her business has sky-rocketed over the past few years and we couldn't have been more excited to hear how she did it! Lindsey tells us about her hurdles, successes, and what keeps her motivated and growing every day. You can follow Lindsey on instagram @lindseymango_
This week on the pod, we have the amazing Valerie Terry. Valerie is the owner of Social Du Jour, a social media company that she created to help businesses make their mark on social media platforms. Valerie has grown multiple accounts from hundreds of followers to over 20k follower organically. We spoke to Valerie about her journey, her social secrets, and what it means to be a woman of color today. Follow Valerie on Insta @valc3232 or @workthemetal
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Shay Evans

Golden nugget, LISTEN, so important.

Mar 7th

Shay Evans

Some good advice ladies!

Feb 25th
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