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Author: Rohan Naggi

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Hello and welcome to the podcast SD-WAN 360. I'm your host Rohan Naggi. SD-WAN 360 podcast is your destination for all things SD-WAN, the technology that is transforming networking. SD-WAN 360 podcast will help you keep abreast of the latest in the industries and learn from industry experts, their opinion and their experiences. Please reach out if you have a solution on topics or people you would like to hear from. Stay tune for SD-WAN 360 podcast, one of its kind SD-WAN podcast from the heart of Silicon Valley
34 Episodes
UX: How Humans Interact with Products Great products generally overcome great design challenges. Users want products to be simple, eliminating the need for a lab guide or an operating manual. As a result, designers must think outside the box to make products easy to consume. For example, since the advent of the smartphone in 1994, its design has radically evolved over the years, adding applications that are easier than ever to use due to consumer demand. Across industries, enterprises are placing more and more emphasis on user experience (UX). But defining UX can be complicated. In this episode, we will demystify the term and cut through the tech talk so anyone can easily understand it. Our panel of design experts will share their unique points of view on the definition of UX, focusing on accessibility and ease of use, which have become industry standards for many products.  Additionally, our panel will do a deep dive into the design process, which spans the research phase and the collection of user pain points to scoping the end-to-end flow to troubleshooting.In this exciting episode, we will explore: ·       What is UX? ·       Why is product design and functionality so important?·       What’s the design process and what does it encompass?·       How does VMware SASE assist with UX design?Support the show       Support the show (
In this podcast episode we will discuss the UCaaS provider use case with SD-WAN.  We will talk about:The partnershipServices offered by VonageHow the collaboration between two industry leaders will help overcome connectivity challenges and deliver optimal application performance regardless of user location. Our guest speaker for this episode is Peter Fabian, Senior Director at Vonage Applications Group. Support the show (
As enterprises pursue a work from anywhere strategy for their employees, ensuring connectivity is optimized and secure is top of mind for the office of the CTO. Whether you need connectivity as an end user, a service provider, a manufacturer, or any other business, you are limited by the offers presented by mobile network operators.  Transatel has teamed up with VMware to offer its worldwide LTE/5G connectivity services with VMware SD-WAN, enabling businesses to provide enhanced user experience for their employees working outside of enterprise premises.   In this podcast episode we will discuss how this collaboration between two industry leaders will help overcome connectivity challenges and deliver optimal application performance regardless of user location.  Guest speakers will be Matthieu de Cremoux from Transatel and Joseph Chung from VMware.  We will discuss: What are the different Transatel services offered?  VMware SD-WAN and Transatel work from anywhere initiatives What customers can expect from this VMware and Transatel partnership? 5G role in working from anywhere and more.  Support the show (
Guest Speaker Mike Frane from WindstreamEnterprises need more bandwidth, more resiliency and more cost-effective solutions to meet their innovation and transformation objectives. A key element is the visibility and configuration control that an SD-WAN delivers to enable enterprise to optimize their application performance. But simply providing a massive data dump is a distraction and of little value. An SD-WAN should provide actionable insights the puts the power of knowledge in the hands of the network administrators. That’s exactly what Windstream Enterprise offers with it’s award-winning WE Connect customer portal.key Takeaways will include: Key partnership between VMware SD-WAN and Windstream Enterprise Why SD-WAN is replacing legacy networksWhy enterprises choose Windstream Enterprise SD-WAN from VeloCloudHow SD-WAN has helped organization during COVID-19 How WE Connect is a huge advantage for SD-WAN customersFor more information check out Windstream Enterprise SD-WAN Concierge™ the show (
Guest speaker Tom Yin from Equinix Tom Yin leads the SDN and NFV segment at EquinixEquinix is a global data center and technology provider. About 90% of all Internet Traffic passes through one of Equinix DCTopic: VMware SD-WAN on Equinix Network EdgeEnterprises are heavily investing in SD-WAN driven by the need to build a digital edge closest to customers, employees, partners, and ecosystems. How VMware and Equinix provide the flexibility and choice to economically architect hybrid multicloud solution  VMware SD-WAN on Equinix Network Edge our newest “as a service” offeringTakeaways will include: Key partnership between VMware SD-WAN and Equinix Understanding SDN (Software Defined Network)Network Edge: Virtual service getting instantiated within minutes from Equinix Marketplace ready to be connected with the list of providers on ECX (Equinix Cloud Exchange)It is all about interconnection. Typical Use Case for a Mid Mile ProviderFor more information check out the Network Edge Marketplace Support the show (
Guest speakers from Claro Enterprise SolutionsHugo Diaz, SD-WAN product manager John McGurgan, who heads Professional Services consulting practice at Claro Enterprise solutions Claro Enterprise Solutions is a global technology services company that provides proven, tailored solutions and a seamless customer experience to help businesses evolve and adapt to constant change. Topic: SD-WAN for the Remote Office – a Viable Solution? As businesses shifted to remote work models in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the issues that arose was lack of network capacity. As neighbors and family members competed for bandwidth, application performance often suffered. SD-WAN can address this problem by consolidating network resources and allowing users to prioritize applications. In this episode, we will discuss Claro Enterprise solution and their WFH offer and look at the potential of SD-WAN in remote workforce models.  Takeaways will include: Bandwidth/connectivity issues related to the shift to remote work Benefits of SD-WAN as a remote work solution Drawbacks (cost and integration/support requirements) The role SD-WAN can play as businesses define the “new normal” of workplace modelsSupport the show (
Guest Speaker: Cliff Lane and Rohan NaggiIn this special episode, we will go over the Components and flexible architecture for VMware SD-WAN. We will double click on the Gateway concept and learn all about Cloud Gateway, Partner Gateway and more. Here are some of the details covered about VMware SD-WAN gateway, - What are some of the advantages of using VMware SD-WAN gateway in SP/Telco providers- How is the networking blueprint changing for SP before and after implementing VMware SD-WAN partner Gateway- Internet Traffic through Cloud and Partner gateway- Different Use cases to Service provider and Telco offerings and more...Join our exciting discussion about "VMware SD-WAN Gateway"Support the show (
This special episode takes you behind the scenes of VMware’s largest virtual event of the year "vForum Online". This event is for anyone interested in diving deeper into VMware’s different technologies ranging from SD-WAN and Zero Trust security to Service-defined firewall, Cloud migration and more. The added advantage this vForum event brings is that you can chat directly with SMEs and 130 VMware experts, plus try product capabilities in 14 hands on labs.   We will also talk about the carbon savings calculator featured in the virtual event dashboard. It is a cool way to see how we are committed to environmental sustainability by holding events virtually rather than asking thousands of individuals to fly to Palo Alto for an in-person conference.   Registration link: the show (
Join guest host Craig Connors, VP and CTO for VeloCloud, now part of VMware as he discusses business continuity with the Meriplex team, Dusty Corning, SVP of Technology and John Powell, SVP of Managed Services. In this episode, the conversation centers around the impact of remote work and the need to manage networks differently in light of increased usage. Some highlights are below:Understanding the current impact to-day to-day business. Understanding your environment and bandwidth capabilities to still receive high quality voice and video and VPN connection. Problems companies are facing without SD-WAN and overloading bandwidthInternet network security vulnerabilities and what to be out on the look out forCheck out Meriplex's blog post for more info about transforming how enterprise businesses operate now and for the foreseeable future.Support the show (
Guest Speakers : Poornima DeBolle & Steve WooMenlo Security and VMware SD-WAN combine Menlo’s Cloud Security Platform and VMware’s SD-WAN solution to secure and optimize Internet access. Together they enable web isolation and secure web gateway functionality for business-critical cloud applications from branch and remote office locations. In this episode, we will Menlo's unique "Web core isolation" technique, how Menlo stands out in a crowded security landscape, synergy between SD-WAN and security, SASE and more. Tune in to learn more. Support the show (
Featuring: Amit Raikar from Zscaler, Tim Van Herck from VMware & Rohan Naggi from VMware With the rapid adoption of cloud security solutions in the enterprise, how do you see the evolution of on-premise security devices? We will go over on-premise vs. cloud security, what uniqueness Zscaler brings and discuss where cloud security and SD-WAN meet. Toward the end, we will discuss SASE. Tune in to the full episode. Support the show (
SD-WAN Troubleshooting: Is the CLI Dead?Guest speaker : Anthony Secco, Senior Manager of Support Transformation at VMware This podcast episode talks about VMware SD-WAN day to day troubleshooting scenarios.This episode will take you through the troubleshooting transformation from CLI to UI, different troubleshooting tools, QoS, last resort in troubleshooting, and why the troubleshooting is different for each network flow and more.Support the show (
Listen in as guest host Craig Connors, Chief Architect for VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, talks with Till Bockenheimer, CEO of T&A Systeme GmbH about the evolution of SD-WAN. The merge of the VeloCloud technology and T&A's expertise in wireless has facilitated flexibility for customers that they didn't have before. We talk through why T&A chose VeloCloud, real time application use cases and access to cloud services. Til explains what it's like to be VeloCloud's largest partner in Europe with deployments worldwide since 2015 and how this has helped T&A to create a new model in the process. Support the show (
In this security focused podcast, with Tim Van Herck and David Goldschlag (VP, Private Access at Netskope) we will start by untangling the security space alphabet soup, then we will talk through the differences between CASB and SWG, discuss threat examples, and share insights on pervasive threats. We will also discuss trusted & untrusted cloud apps inspection, key differentiation in the cloud security broker space (Gartner listed Netskope as a leader), what sets Netskope apart from other vendors, Netskope/VMware integration and more. We will end the podcast with by considering what's next on the security space horizon.Support the show (
For this episode on SASE, we are joined with Guest Speaker Aviv Abramovich from the Check Point Product team. This is a security focused podcast episode where we discuss SASE, new security threats in the network, the Check Point vision and more. We are also going to talk about customer deployments and what trends are seen out in the field when it comes to security endpoint placement, how SASE playing a role in accessing user applications traffic and more. Tune into this exciting episode.  Support the show (
Sanjay Uppal (VP and GM VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud) & Josh Goodell, VP of Intelligent Edge solution AT&T AT&T and SD-WAN: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly. We have taken this partnership to the next level by coupling 5G and SD-WAN, a promise which is becoming a reality. Tune in to this special episode as we share insight into the partnership and its implications. Learn what 5G is, how AT&T is able to differentiate their SD-WAN services as a leader in the SP market, Hyperscale SD-WAN and more. A few quotes from guests and visionaries Sanjay and Josh: Both the architecture and operations at branch site is done at massive scale. We have applied the same architecture, operations and principles that hyperscaler’s have used from the compute stand point, we have adopted from SD-WAN stand point.  ---Hyperscale SD-WAN by Sanjay Uppal 5G is the 1st true Software Defined revolution in the wireless side of network  Very natural marriage of 2 different technologies that go very well together.  This is happening right now. 5G and SD-WAN is a powerful combination. It is not a theoretical, hypothetical concept, 5G and SD-WAN is a pragmatic and a real solution getting offered by AT&T and VMware SD-WAN.Support the show (
Guest Speaker : Dusty Corning (SVP at Meriplex Communications)The topic discussed in this episode is SD-WAN in the retail industry. We discuss the pain points for retail branch sites and the how and why behind Meriplex choosing VMware SD-WAN. We will also talk about different offerings from Meriplex. We will end the episode by discussing real use cases from the retail industry. Support the show (
A RESTful API is an application program interface (API) that uses HTTP requests to get, put, post and delete data. In this episode, we are going to check with VMware Partners Ciaran Roche from Coevolve and Jason Gintert from Wan Dynamics on how they are leveraging the RestAPI with VMware SD-WAN solution. Support the show (
Why a telco-independent approach makes sense for global SD-WAN solutions. Guest Speakers: Tim Sullivan, Co-founder and CEO along with Ciaran Roche, CTO of Coevolve. Coevolve is the leading global provider of Software-Defined WAN services. In this episode, we discussed on why Coevolve started off with a telco-independent approach, the key differentiators/services offerings from Coevolve, why they see enterprises looking for VMware SD-WAN, where the innovation is happening and more. Tune in for the full episode.Support the show (
Topic: SD-WAN do it yourself or have it managed Listen as Jared Martin, Vice President, MSx Managed Services at TPx Communications is interviewed by host, Rohan Naggi. Jared discusses why TPx chose SD-WAN as a managed service provider, using their Over the Top (self-deployment) strategy, and the impact on the the TPx customers. Additionally, Jared walks through his reasons for using SD-WAN in their business and the features that his customers are most interested in.Support the show (
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