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Competition is part of human nature. There is competition in getting jobs, sports, video games, politics, and in pretty much every activity in between. Sometimes it can seem like this much competition is bad, but there are also good benefits of competition as long as it is done in the right way. Today on Insights Into Teens we’ll take a look at the pro’s and con’s of competition and how to make the most from competitive activities.
Many of our podcasts often conclude with the suggestion to seek professional help if the techniques we discuss on the show aren’t effective for you. The actual act of getting that level of help can in itself be a challenge.  There has long been a stigma surrounding mental health, both in teens and adults. Thankfully that has gotten significantly better over the years, but taking that first step to seek help is challenging and that’s what we’ll be discussing on this week’s episode of Insights Into Teens.
Popular culture has left us with the idea that “failure is not an option”. While no one likes to fail, the reality of the situation is failure happens. On this episode of Insights Into Teens we’re going to talk about what failure is and how to turn failures into positive and constructive experiences.
For many teens their social world is everything to them.  Who they hang out with, the kids they relate to, and the extracurricular activities they participate in all help the teenager to define a sense of self. Loneliness and social isolation are real issues for teens even without having to live through a pandemic. But add the required isolation associated with a pandemic on top of the normal sense of loneliness teens can feel and it quickly becomes overwhelming. In today’s episode of Insights Into Teens we’re going to take a look at what causes loneliness and social isolation, the physical and mental health impacts on our teens and techniques to help combat these issues.
Teenagers often face significant pressure to meet strict, unrealistic and harmful ideals around beauty, weight, and shape. The quest for a "perfect" body or appearance can take a heavy toll on a teenager's confidence as well as their physical and mental health. In today’s episode of Insights Into Teens we’ll talk about what you can do to help your child develop and maintain a healthy body image and self-esteem.
Having crushes can be a wonderful, scary, fun, and heartbreaking experience. When you get your first crush, you may feel confused about what's happening. You may have never had these feelings before. On today’s episode of Insights Into Teen’s we’ll talk about what crushes are, the risks associated with them, the importance they play in adolescent development and ultimately how to help your teen handle rejection associated with them.
Almost every teenager goes through wild periods of self-expression that will typically include clothing and musical choices that are borderline offensive to their parents. However, it’s important not to stifle your teen while they experiment with different versions of self-expression. After all, as long as they are not hurting themselves or anyone around them, there is really nothing wrong with their actions. In this episode of Insights Into Teens we’ll explore how self-expression allows teenagers to discover who they are and helps form their adult personalities.
What is your health pyramid? Why is it important? How can we maintain our health pyramid? We’ll answer these questions and much more as we talk about balancing key aspects of our lives on this  episode of Insights Into Teens
Families can be a pretty complicated thing. What makes up a family? What are its functions? What type of family units are there? How do families help you? In this episode of Insights Into Teens we’ll continue our deeper look at relationships and dig deeper into what it means to be a family.
What if you are told that you are not perfect? Most people should know that already, but it can still sting to be reminded.  Criticism of any kind can be hard to swallow, especially when it comes to something you spent time and energy on.  Inherently, we all want to do a good job. But criticism is just as important as praise, if not more so. Good, constructive feedback can help you improve and guide you towards new heights you might not have achieved otherwise. That isn’t to say giving and taking constructive criticism is easy.  But when you know how to take criticism, you become a better person On today’s episode of Insights Into Teens, we’ll cover what you need to know about constructive criticism, including how to identify, give, and take constructive criticism.
Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. But regardless of whether the relationship is platonic, romantic, or familial, it should nourish and support us. Having healthy relationships can make a huge difference in our mental health and well-being. But, creating healthy relationships takes time and effort. On this episode of Insights Into Teens we’ll take a look at what you can do to create and maintain healthy relationships in your life.
This week we’re continuing our little debate on some controversial topics. Last week we had a series of categories and in the interest of time only got through a few questions in each category. This week we’re going to pick up where we left off and see if we can get through the remaining questions.
This week we’re changing things up a little bit as we get a little controversial. Instead of focusing on a single topic of discussion to dissect and help folks with, I wanted to get your perspective on a number of controversial topics with a series of debate questions. Just a general word of caution to our audience, we will be discussing some topics that might not be appropriate for a younger audience members but we will endeavor to keep it as mature and age appropriate as we always do.
What is teen stereotyping, what are some of the common stereotypes and what are some of the downfalls to stereotyping? We’ll discuss this and more on this week’s episode of Insights Into Teens.
What does it mean to be a class clown, and why do kids play the class clown? What can parents do if they’re kids are labeled as class clowns? And how should other students deal with class clowns? That’s what we’re talking about on this week’s episode of Insights Into Teens.
What is identity theft? Why do teens have to worry about identity theft? What are some of the red flags of identity theft? How to stay safe from teen identity theft? What do you do if you think you were a victim of teen identity theft?
What is a digital footprint? How is it created? What impact can it have on our lives? How can we control it? We’ll answer these questions and give you some hints on what you can and can’t do to protect your digital footprint on this episode of Insights Into Teens.
Continuing our annual holiday tradition the Insights Into Things hosts bring you our 2021 Holiday Special: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.This retelling of the Dr. Seuss classic is told through the voices of our shows hosts. If you're lucky enough to catch the video version of this performance you'll also get to see original artwork for the production done by our own Madison Whalen.Sit back, relax and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with this classic tale told by the voices your familiar with.
This week we’re taking a break from some of the harder hitting topics and having a little fun with our last episode before the holiday break. We’re going to do a little Holiday Q&A and some holiday trivia to take us into our break. Then we’ll be back after the New Year with more great topics to help teens, parents and everyone else.
Complaining has a negative connotation, and is viewed as a bad thing by most people. But is there anything to be said for making your opinion on a given situation heard by the person causing it? Can doing so actually improve a relationship you have with someone? Is there an art to complaining in a way that actually brings about a positive result? We’ll discuss these things and how to help your teen who might have a negative outlook on life.
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