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This is Speaking of Speaking! The podcast giving you quick tips and tools to take you from stage fright to spotlight. This podcast gives you an inside look from the world of public speaking and the speaking secrets you need to be bold from the stage, no matter what business you’re in. Your host Carl Richards has spent more than 25 years behind the microphone entertaining and influencing audiences on various stages across north America. He's a best selling author, Podcast Strategist, a former TedX Speaker and emcee, and the founder of Carl Speaks. After generating over $1,000,000- from speaking, Carl helps entrepreneurs and influencers find their voice, speak with confidence and grow thriving and profitable businesses.
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We've all heard the saying, 'It's not what you's how you say it!.' Carl's guest today not only knows how to say it so you emphasize the positive...he also knows how to say it so you can achieve greater success as a speaker, and drive higher sales.Paul Ross BioPaul Ross is an author, speaker, trainer, Master Hypnotist, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  For the past 30 years, he’s taught tens of thousands of people the power of language to persuade, sell, heal, turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, and pain into passion. Paul’s speeches and trainings have motivated audiences around the world to discover their power to design their own results. Get Paul's Offer From The Show:Text COMPEL to:USA:   4113211OUTSIDE USA:   1-909-741-1321The Power of Invisible Influence & Other ResourcesConnect With Paul: Website: Facebook: LinkedIn 
So, you run your own business. Congratulations!  BUT, are your really running your own business, OR just working a glorified JOB? Carl's guest today knows all too well the pitfalls business owners fall in that keep them stuck...and has the tools to help you get unstuck, regardless of where you are in your business. Diana Lidstone BioAfter three decades in business and working globally with coaches, consultants, and experts, Diana Lidstone has gathered rock-solid wisdom and advice that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals accelerate growth and increase profits while freeing up more time for the things they love.As the creator of the GPS Grow-meter and The Marketing Proficiency Effect, and as best-selling author of Shift into Rich: Navigate the 9 Roadblocks to Small Business Success, Diana’s signature Aligned Profit Engine transforms frazzled, overworked business owners into profitable, happy CEOs.Diana and her husband love boating in the Thousand Islands, Canada. She is often found walking her dog and drinking champagne (not at the same time)!Order your copy of Emerge, featuring Diana Lidstone to work with Diana? Schedule a call with her:
Marlene Cameron, MBA, CFA, CPC is a transformative business and life coach who works with accomplished professional women who can suffer from stress, self-doubt and sometimes feel like impostors.  She helps them embrace their true nature, their innate wisdom and their natural confidence so that they can thrive as business owners and leaders.In spite of successful careers as a licensed interior designer, management consultant, chartered financial analyst and six figure business-owner, Marlene experienced unrelenting anxiety and insecurity, feeling like an impostor herself. After years of looking for the answer, she discovered what was for her, the missing link.   An understanding called the Three Principles offered the peace of mind and authentic confidence she longed for.  The Principles are a radically new understanding of how life works, the infinite power of our minds and our innate capacity for creativity, resiliency and mental well-being.  Marlene shares this understanding with entrepreneurs and executives so they have greater clarity, make better decisions and ultimately achieve the personal and financial freedom they desire.Free gift link:  7 Secrets to Unshakeable Calm, Clarity & Confidence a hold of Marlene:Email: Telephone:   1 403 209-2142Cell:  1 403 606-8723Website:
Your business has a voice. If it's not your voice, someone else can always provided that service. Whatever you choose, you need to make sure the sonic matches the brand.  Today's guest is a professional voice over artist, who's had the opportunity to lend his voice to many projects. Carl discusses with Earl Thomas the power of your voice! Public speaking started early for Earl which created confidence, resulting in numerous successful voice related employment opportunities. My early experience at CHUB Radio, Nanaimo left a clear impression on the value of communication. The importance of communication and many early life opportunities along with positive voice comments, led to The Radio Program of BCIT in Burnaby BC. Earl is a professional  "Voice-Over" artist specializing in Promotional Videos: Website videos, Master of Ceremonies, Business messages and Introductions for local entertainers and Various Voice-over projects. His  experience of completed voice-over projects includes 50 Promo videos including 5 Vimeo Videos, 1 Kickstarter Video, &  44 YouTube Videos with 275,431 views and counting. Earl is offering 25% off his regular recording fee for your project! Connect with Earl: Email:dukeearl@shaw.caLinkedIn: Facebook: Check out his website:www.earlthomasthevoice.comYoutube: check out his podcast, VOICE POWER
So, you're in business!  Congratulations!  You've worked hard to get to where you are, worked tirelessly, you've built it, so they will just come to your door...right?  When it comes to levelling up, you need to be sounding board, the walking billboard as it were, with a megaphone installed promoting who are and the biggest question of all...WHY YOU?Today Carl and his guest will dive into speaking about your you get the results you want!  (and maybe get some help along the way!)Wayne Pratt is a visionary author, speaker and life coach who can make you think as he makes you laugh.  He's spoken on many stages and influenced audiences, including his stops appearances on the moMondays stage and PitchFest.  He is married to his beautiful wife Elizabeth, and lives on the lake near Kingston, Ontario Canada. Check out Wayne's website and find out how you can work with him:https://waynepratt.caGrab a copy of Wayne's book:
Long before we had Covid (and an increase in virtual events) we had no shortage of live events.  Whether speakers of vendors at trade shows, we were constantly on our feet, ready to meet and great potential clients and prospects. The virtual world has made us more sedentary. We sit more than we stand, even though there is more than enough technology that allows us to stand up at our desks! How does sitting affect your performance? How does it affect your image? Carl's guest today has great insight on this subject.Heather Di Santo is the owner of DiSH Events, and helps small business owners feel empowered in their life and business by providing personal and professional growth opportunities through her event experiences such as  Points of You.Her passion is sharing the gift of the Points of You © methods. Her tribe believes that everything: people, objects, situations, music, tastes…every little thing in life has countless points of view. The real challenge is to look at things from a new viewpoint, one that was previously out of sight. Using photographs, themes, words, and questions this event experience is for anyone looking to gain clarity about something in their life, while deeply connecting with the others’ sharing their time with you.Connect with Heather to find out more. She's active on various Social Media sites:LinkedIn:
Communication comes in many different forms. Carl's guest today has years of experience in how to communicate with a younger generation. Here's the rub:  we ALL have issues with listening. Every single one of us, every generation!  What is it that's stopping us from listening clearly?  How is it affecting our children...and how does it affect us later in life? Dinalynn Rosenbush is an International Bestselling Author, Wellness and Parenting Coach, and Public Speaker.  In her work as an Educator and Speech Language Pathologist for nearly 3 decades, she learned to effectively empower parents to develop communication skills with their children.  Seeing first-hand the impact these skills had on whole families, she wants the joy of teamwork to be part of the household fabric.  Dinalynn also works to empower, raise awareness, and bring hope to those dealing with Lyme disease since her own life was disrupted by Late-Stage Lyme disease in 2017.  She raised her now-adult children as a creative single parent using life skills as a spring board to higher conversations.  Dinalynn resides in Minnesota. Being a Team changes the focus from behavioral management and obedience, to a more heart-to-heart cooperation out of love. Life gets easier. Communication is clearer. Together is happier. Dinalynn Rosenbush can be contacted at or
There's no doubt about it.  It's tough being an entrepreneur sometimes. There are some things as business owners we just 'didn't sign up for' when we made the decision to go out on our own. For a lot of entrepreneurs that includes SPEAKING!  Carls' guest today will help you break down the barrier and gain the confidence you need to speak to any audience! Holly-Marie Conway began her public speaking career at the age of nine on the recommendation of her speech therapist. She pushed past her stutter to compete in contests run by the Royal Canadian Legion, Optimist Club, and the Royal Canadian Air Cadet League. As an adult, she competed in Toastmasters competitions and held multiple leadership positions in the organization. In 2016, she attained the status of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), joining the ranks of 2% of all Toastmasters worldwide to hold the designation.Nowadays, she uses her extraordinary skills and experience to coach others in speaking for presentations, compete for business pitches, and elevate the status of her clients.Learn more and reach out to Holly-Marie:
We are celebrating episode 60! We can't think of a better way to do that than with a guy who's spent his whole life building relationships.  Today, we speak with Alfonso Cuadra...he's known as The Serial Entrepreneur and The Real Estate Guy...but it wasn't always like that! It's through expanding his circle of influence his life changed miraculously!  He has an incredible story...and we are blessed to have him joining us for our 60th! Speaker Bio: Alfonso is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, author of the 2012 book From the Ground Up!, success coach, and philanthropist who has been seen in Readers Digest, Ottawa Sun, Vancouver Sun, Rogers TV, New York Times and many more. Born in El Salvador during the revolution, his mother, the head of the newspaper, was arrested for reporting the truth to all about the corrupt government in power. After escaping to Canada and being raised in poverty, at 17 years old, he started a small company that quickly grew to multiple locations across Canada. He is the President/CEO of the Cuadra Group of Companies and has an extensive background in business and Real Estate Management, Investing, and Development. Alfonso is a TV Personality and is host of a TV show called “Success By Design” and is dedicated to showing others how to overcome their obstacles and become high performers. He has shared his story with thousands of audiences around the world. He is a dynamic leader that is passionate about sharing his story and inspiring others to create the life they want and to never give up on their dreams. He truly is in the business of changing lives and has a special gift in his ability to connect with people and move them forward.www.AlfonsoCuadra.Com Don't forget to check out Alfonso's Youtube channel:
One of the key reasons people don't launch podcasts is the concern of 'who will listen to me?' There is truth in 'if you build it, they will come,' but you need to make sure that when you build it you let people know you've built it.  And the best way to do that is organically.  Yes, you can invest in advertising, whether digital or conventional, to get the word out about your podcast. It's much simpler to do it organically. So what can you do to market your podcast without investing a dime and build your audience? Carl explains that today in the 3rd part of this series. Check out the Podcast. Launch Made Simple Workshop Week and 60 Days to Launch here:'t forget to join the Facebook Page, Podcast Launch Made Simple:
So you've made  the decision to launch a podcast. What do you need to get started?  There are some moving parts, and with the right amount of help you'll be able to launch successfully. In this episode Carl Richards reviews ten things you need to launch successfully. Here is the list Carl refers to:ComputerMicrophoneRecording/Editing SoftwareArtworkTheme MusicIntro/ExtroHost sitePlayback SiteScheduleMarketingReady to take a deeper dive? Check out Carl's podcast services....and schedule your complimentary Podcast Strategy Session ($125 value!)
Podcasts are growing in popularity. In the past 4 years the number of podcasts available has gone from 750,000 to over 2 million! We can credit the global pandemic for part of the growth in the podcast industry for sure! Despite the rapid and continued growth and gravitation towards podcasting, many entrepreneurs and business owners are still a bit 'gun-shy' to pull the trigger and start a podcast. Why is that? What are you missing by NOT having a podcast? In the first of this 3-part series, Carl Richards explains why podcasting, the benefits of having a podcast and what you're missing by not having a podcast. Check out his website for some great podcasting programs and resources:
Money. We all need it. We all spend it. We all earn it in some capacity. What's our relationship like with money?  Moreover, how are your conversations about money and wealth? Our guest today has spent his entire life earning it and learning about it.  Jamie Madigan knows all too well when it comes to wealth and money, there's a certain kind of 'communication approach' you need to take, especially if you are at the end of the table where you can help people understand it and have it working better for them. Jamie Madigan is a Certified Financial Planner® & creator of the Legacy Enjoyment Builder Program.  Professionals, families and business owners trust me to help them plan for all stages of life and protect what matters most to them – their family, business, health & wealth. In my 22 years of experience in financial services, I’ve realized that there’s an educational and communication gap when it comes to Canadians understanding what they should do with their finances and why.  To address this, I developed the Legacy Enjoyment Builder Program which provides clarity to Canadians on how they will achieve their goals and when they’ll be able to start enjoying their legacy.Links:Schedule time with Jamie to get answers to your questions and concerns: building your own personalized customized holistic financial plan for FREE:
Speaking is all about connecting with your audience and influencing them to action.  Are you truly making a connection when you speak...or are you missing the mark, and missing out on golden opportunities?  Carl's guest today is Linda Babulic. She has a myriad experience in this area,  and through her work  has lead teams and built success in business.Linda Babulic is a ZESTY Executive Life Coach, author of the #1 International Best Seller ZEST Your Life - A Taste of Inner Wisdom.With over 25 years of experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors she has worked with people from all walks of life — from The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, first female Prime Minister of Canada, entry level managers in the auto parts industry to federal prison inmates serving life sentences.From keynote speeches to coaching and consulting, to workshops and books, Linda addresses the growing need for connection. "I believe that when women truly step into their leadership and into their power, we can build a better world. I can help you tap into that.” Linda BabulicCreator of:1:1 Influence Builder©Juicy Effective Conversation Techniques©Powerful First Impressions©Website: link: Social media links: one of the top 25 people in the Capital.
You've written a book....Congratulations!  This is a huge accomplishment!  But wait...that means you're equally excited to jump on that book tour right?  You've prepped and planned it all to the last detail?  You have speaking gigs lined up?  Elizabeth Miner is Carl's guest today and walks through her journey of getting stage ready for her book launch. What Elizabeth shares can help with any BIG project, from book launches to podcasts and everything else in between! From taking a year of her retirement in her 30’s when she moved abroad to an island, to leaving the standard 9-5 at one of the most iconic companies in the world for a life on tropical beaches running her own business, Elizabeth is the force you’ve been looking for to help you accomplish your goals and set you on the path to your dream life.   Elizabeth has accrued an extensive education studying the greats from Tony Robbins (yes, she is a Firewalker), Steven Covey, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Wayne Dyer, Darren Hardy and so many other masters in personal development and productivity.  Combining her acquired wisdom in corporate law with over 40 years experience following her heart, taking bumpy roads through challenging situations to arrive at her desired destination, she’s founded Thrive This Day™. She now helps others to act on their inspired ideas and take steps towards making their dreams a reality.  Click the link to grab the first chapter of Elizabeth's book: 
How powerful is your story?  Is it moving your company or organization to action?  Is your message powerful enough to effect change?  Today's guest speaker knows very well the power of story and how it can have a huge influence on your outcomes. Susan Luke Evans, is a leadership consultant and communications expert.  She is among 8% of Canadian speakers within the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers to hold their highest earned designation - the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and is among less than 1% within the Global Speakers Federation to hold the Global Speaking Fellow designation.   Prior to establishing her speaking & consulting practice, she was the CEO of a financial services support company.  She executed a 5-year start-up plan in 3 years, distributed dividends a year early, and led a highly successful subsequent merger.  Her practice assists leaders who want to elevate their messages to create flexible, engaged, and agile workplaces and in the process maximize their ROI (Return on Influence).  She believes that everyone should LIVE a great Story to build their Legacy.  You can find out more about how to provide positive, sustainable influence by reading her International Best Seller, Return on Influence. She has flown as much as 250,000 miles a year and serves clients in over 50 countries on 6 continents.  She has held numerous leadership positions in national and international professional and philanthropic organizations.  Links:  To order Return on Influence: and click on the button below the Amazon logo  To receive a free chapter from Return on Influence: 
So, you want to work with a family member. Think that will be easy? All communication is subject to personalities. In a business relationship, those personalities need to mesh together. Not all family relationships mesh. Let's face it...some come with their fair share of challenges. However, it IS possible to have a great working or business relationship with a family our 'dynamic mother daughter duo' will share with us today. Meet Rochelle & Alisha Schwartz: “Mother Daughter Dynamic Duo” Does your mother drive you crazy? Does your daughter not listen? Mothers and daughters, mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law all have unique experiences and sometimes troubled relationships. Rochelle and Alisha, mother and daughter themselves, have been Certified Relationship Coaches for 20years each, for a total of 40yrs experience! They are passionate about working through and healing the issues that mothers and daughters face - and manifesting real “Loving and Thriving” connections between the women in the family! Website: Email: Follow them on Facebook:
Show OverviewPicture it: You're at your computer submitting an application to speak at a main stage event (could be virtual or in person). The meeting planner checks you out on LinkedIn and is very impressed with your professional portfolio. So much so, they check out your Facebook following too!  BAM!  There are pictures from your summer vacation, beers, bikinis and some debauchery.  For that reason, you don't get the gig. In this episode Carl catches up with Martin Buckland who explores how to never have happen again! Martin Buckland BioAfter a distinguished law enforcement career, specifically with the renowned London Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard and RCMP, Martin retired in 1993 and started Elite Resumes. He takes clients through a process to uncover their strengths, assets and attributes most wanted by future employers then provide the career documents, tips and tools for clients to market their brand value and academic credentials to the maximum.He's travelled the world many times nurturing the careers of individuals on every continent and speaks as a global authority in resume writing, LinkedIn profiles, executive coaching, EMBA career coaching, personal brand coaching, social media coaching, job search strategies, and career transition.Grab a copy of Martin's e-book:LOOK AFTER NUMBER ONE, YOU! you want martin to see if your resume passes the '1 shot' test? Send him an
Episode DescriptionSo many people want to be in business for themselves. Who wouldn't want to sleep in, work from home, cut out early, and have weekends off all the time. That's the life of an entrepreneur, right?  Well...not quite!  Marc's BioMarc Mawhinney has been in business for several years and now coaches coaches on how to be better coaches. He also empowers entrepreneurs on how to dig in and get to work...and it's nothing like a 9-5. Carl and Marc have a great discussion on what it really takes to be an entrepreneur and how to keep your head in the game...even when it seems like the sky is falling all around you! Visit Marc's website to listen to his podcast, grab a copy of his newsletter (and yes, it's a physical newsletter) and connect with him for a deeper discussion. https://www.naturalborncoaches.comPart of Marc's success, and another great way to reach and network with him, is in The Coaching Jungle Facebook Group.  Check it out:
Your Speaking Trifecta

Your Speaking Trifecta


Are you doing the same thing you did last year for your speaking strategy? If you are there is a good chance your approach may be stale dated. How do you shift? What do you need to do that's different to get more of the speaking gigs that you want? AND, if you haven't started speaking yet (or shifted your strategy) as yourself this question: If not now, then when? Carl explores a three step process to shift your speaking strategy for maximum success ,in a physical and digital world. Join Carl's Podcast Launch Made Simple Group and take the next step to jumping into the podcast world:
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