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Event Tech Podcast is the premiere place for event profs to stay in the know about the latest and most innovative tech. Join us for a thought-provoking journey on how tech can evolve our industry.
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In this session from ETL Vegas 2024, industry experts Will and Brandt dive deep into the practical applications of generative AI for event planners. They debunk common myths and provide actionable insights on leveraging AI tools to enhance creativity, efficiency, and productivity in event planning. From overcoming the blank page syndrome to generating impressive stage designs in minutes, this episode is packed with real-world examples and strategies to help event professionals stay ahead in a competitive landscape.Discussions IncludeThe importance of learning AI to stay competitive in the industry.How to use AI tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney, and Adobe Firefly for various event planning tasks.Overcoming creative blocks and speeding up proposal and content creation.Real-world examples of AI-generated stage designs and artwork adjustments.The future of AI in events: chatbots, automated summaries, and more.Quotable Quotes Should You Choose to Share:"It's not that AI is going to take your job, but people who know how to use AI are going to take your job.""Generative AI can help you overcome the blank page syndrome and get your creative juices flowing.""Imagine feeding all your event information into a chatbot that can answer attendee questions in real time.""We used AI to expand a 16x9 image seamlessly into a panoramic view, and the client didn't even notice the difference.Thanks, and be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn and give us feedback!
In this episode of the Event Tech Podcast, hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger embark on an insightful journey through the evolving landscape of virtual and hybrid events. They delve into the shifts in event technology trends post-pandemic, the nuances of audience engagement, and the future potential of virtual and hybrid event formats. The conversation touches on the reevaluation of event strategies, the role of AI in content saturation, and the speculative impact of upcoming tech like Apple's VR headset on the industry.Discussions Include:The decline of "virtual event software" and the rise of "webinar platforms".The enduring value and challenges of executing successful hybrid events.The influence of remote work on event attendance and format preferences.The impact of AI on content creation and consumption within the event space.Speculations on the future role of AR and VR technologies in enhancing event experiences.Quotable Quotes Should You Choose to Share:Will Curran: "We're seeing a decline in hybrid, which is really interesting. It's like the event world is retracting back from the virtual edge."Brandt Krueger: "Hybrid events have the power to combine the best of both worlds, but the real challenge lies in executing them correctly."Will Curran: "The future of event tech might not lie in massive shifts but in how we incrementally improve the virtual and in-person experiences."Brandt Krueger: "Even as technology evolves, the core of event planning remains about connecting people and sharing knowledge."
In this episode of the Event Tech Podcast, hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger engage in a candid discussion about the importance of safety in event production, spurred by the tragic incident of a CEO's death at a company event. They dive into the specifics of event rigging, the necessity of professional and experienced staffing, and share personal anecdotes highlighting the critical need for safety planning and execution. The conversation also touches on the broader aspects of event safety, including emergency preparedness and the importance of having safety equipment like first aid kits and defibrillators on hand.Discussions Include:Safety is not just a responsibility but a crucial aspect of event planning, emphasized by this tragic incidentThe discussion of rigging safety serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers in event production and the importance of using professional servicesBrandt and Will advocate for comprehensive safety measures, including the presence of first aid kits and defibrillators, underscoring the collective responsibility for event safetyQuotable quotes (should you choose to share):"Just about the worst possible thing you can think of that could happen at an event." - Brandt, discussing the impact of having a death at one of your events."Safety is about planning ahead, being prepared, and thinking through everything that could happen." - Will, highlighting the importance of proactive safety measures in event planning."The safety of everyone is everyone's job." - Will, emphasizing the collective responsibility for maintaining safety at events.
This episode of the Event Tech Podcast features an insightful discussion on the integration of technology in trade shows, particularly focusing on the role of e-commerce in enhancing trade show experiences. The guests, Vinit Patil, CEO and Co-Founder of Ribbon, a hybrid trade show platform, and Jesse James, the co-founder of ShoppeObject and VP of International Market Centers, share their experiences and perspectives on how technology is transforming the trade show landscape.Key Topics:Integration of E-Commerce in Trade Shows: Exploration of how Ribbon, a hybrid trade show platform, integrates e-commerce into the trade show experience, making it omnichannel and more accessible for both vendors and attendees.User Experience and Aesthetics in Technology: Discussion on the importance of user experience and aesthetics in technology implementation, especially in curating trade show experiences.Challenges and Opportunities in Technology Adoption: Insights into the varying levels of comfort and challenges faced by exhibitors in adopting new technology, and how mandatory participation in digital platforms can be beneficial.The Future of Trade Show Technology: Predictions about future advancements in trade show technology, including potential integrations and new features that could enhance user experience.Role of Curated Content and Discovery: Emphasis on the importance of curated content and the opportunity for discovery in trade shows, highlighting the significance of storytelling and editorial elements in digital platforms.Find out more at, and especially because Brandt couldn't seem to get it right in the episode, that's shoppeobject.comS...H...O...P...P...E... dot com :)
This episode of the Event Tech Podcast features co-hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger engaging in a lively and diverse discussion about the latest trends and applications of AI in event technology, with a particular focus on their personal experiences with various AI tools and platforms.Key Topics:Developments in AI and Event Technology: Discussion of recent advancements in AI and how they are influencing the event tech landscape.Personal Experiences with AI Tools: Will and Brandt share their experiences using different AI tools, such as ChatGPT and MidJourney, highlighting their functionalities and practical applications.Google I.O. Announcements: Insights into Google I.O.'s latest announcements, particularly those related to AI integration into workspace tools and their implications.Security and Ethical Concerns: Addressing security issues in AI tools, including a White House initiative for hacking AI systems at DEF CON to test their vulnerabilities.Future of AI in Everyday Applications: Predictions and expectations for the integration of AI into daily tools and platforms, like Photoshop and Raycast, and how these advancements could shape user experiences.Thanks for listening!(This episode was recorded before Will became Head of Klik for Bizzabo)
SummaryIn this episode, Will and Brandt discuss their favorite clothing, bags, and organizers for event professionals. They recommend the Patagonia Torrent Shell rain jacket for its breathability and packability. Will also suggests the Arcade Adventure Belt, a comfortable and durable belt for everyday use. When it comes to bags, Will recommends the Tom Bihn Synapse 25 backpack for its unique design and comfort, while Brandt shares his love for the eBags Professional Slim Laptop Bag. They also discuss the use of pouches and organizers to keep cables and chargers organized in their bags.TakeawaysThe Patagonia Torrent Shell rain jacket is a recommended choice for event professionals due to its breathability and packability.The Arcade Adventure Belt is a comfortable and durable belt option for everyday use.The Tom Bihn Synapse 25 backpack and the eBags Professional Slim Laptop Bag are both recommended for their design and functionality.Using pouches and organizers can help keep cables and chargers organized in bagsNote: This podcast was recorded in 2023 before Will left day-to-day operations at Endless Events and began his work as Head of Klik for Bizzabo
In this episode of the Event Tech Podcast, hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger delve into the world of financial and travel management technology in event planning. They discuss innovative tools and strategies for handling corporate expenses, especially focusing on the use of corporate credit cards and employee expense management. The conversation highlights how these technologies can streamline processes, provide security, and improve efficiency in managing event-related expenditures. Will and Brandt also share their personal experiences and insights on various financial tools like Ramp, Brex, and Lasso, elaborating on their features, benefits, and potential impact on business operations.In this episode:Introduction of Financial Management Tools: Discussion about how tools like Ramp and Brex can enhance efficiency in handling corporate expenses, specifically in the event industry.Benefits of Corporate Credit Cards: Exploration of how corporate credit cards can simplify expense tracking, provide security, and manage employee spending with customizable limits and rules.Travel Management and Integration: Insights into how these tools assist in managing corporate travel, setting budgets, and adhering to company policies.Virtual Credit Cards and Security: The advantages of using virtual credit cards for better security and control over online subscriptions and free trials.Lasso – A Comprehensive Freelancer Management Tool: An overview of Lasso as a tool for managing freelance staff, integrating travel management, and providing a centralized platform for event staffing.If you have any unique tools or strategies you use for corporate spending and travel management in your event planning business, share your insights with us! Reach out on LinkedIn, and we might feature them in a future episode. Stay tuned for more innovative discussions on the Event Tech Podcast!This episode was recorded in 2023 before Will Curran left day-to-day operations at Endless Events and became the Head of Klik for Bizzabo.
In this insightful episode of the EventTech Podcast, hosts Will Curran and Brandt Krueger engage in a comprehensive discussion about the complexities of per diems within the event industry. They explore various perspectives, including those of planners, companies, and freelancers, shedding light on the practicalities, challenges, and strategies related to per diem management. The episode also touches on related subjects such as company culture, meal preferences during events, and the significance of crew meals for team building.Topics include: Definition and Purpose of Per Diems Variations in Per Diem Rates Budgeting and Impact on Event Costs Cultural and Company Policy Considerations Meal Preferences and Habits on Show Site The Per Diem "Game" and Employee Perspectives Innovative Solutions and Tools for Managing Per Diems Importance of Team Meals and Building Camaraderie Join us by connecting on LinkedIn, joining the EventProfs Community, or by participating in the EventTech Chat!
New Podcast. Who dis?

New Podcast. Who dis?


Hey there, Event Tech podcast listeners! It's been a minute, hasn't it? Brandt Krueger and Will Curran are back to fill you in on what's been happening with ETP for the last few months. We've both taken on new roles in the event tech world, keeping us super busy. On top of that, we've completely re-worked how the podcast is produced behind the scenes.We're thinking about some changes for the podcast, like potentially introducing paid memberships or offering an ad-supported version. We'd love to hear your thoughts on content preferences too. Your feedback is crucial!Rest assured, the podcast isn't going anywhere. We're committed to maintaining the high-quality content you know and love. So stay tuned for more exciting updates in the world of event technology. Event Tech podcast, OOOOOOuuuuuuuttttttt! Or in this case... BAAAAAACCCCKKKK!Hosts: Will Curran and Brandt Krueger
Imagine an event where the audience takes the reins, curating the perfect musical experience by making real-time requests and communicating with the band. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to uRequest Live, a groundbreaking platform that does exactly that. In this episode of the Event Tech podcast, we'll explore the journey of uRequest Live, from its inception to its evolution during the pandemic, and how it has transformed the event entertainment landscape. We'll also discuss the importance of knowing your audience, adapting to changing expectations around event duration, and the future innovations that uRequest Live has in store. So, sit back and let us take you on a captivating ride through the world of audience-curated concert experiences!
The #EventProfs Community is a strong network of event professionals who’ve come together worldwide to share their ideas and insights and seek support in the ever-evolving event industry. Our thriving community includes event planners, marketers, sponsors, technology providers, and more, and we’re all committed to improving our craft and the industry. As part of our ongoing commitment to progress and improvement, we’re changing platforms.  In this episode of the Event Tech Podcast, Will shares why he’s decided to make the shift, what he’s excited to implement in the new #EventProfs community, which platform the community will use, and what you can expect in the coming weeks and months. Let’s get started!
Unlike the Metaverse, artificial intelligence (AI) is progressing rapidly. Will and Brandt published the ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Other AI Tools You Need to Know at the end of February 2023. After only a few weeks and many headlines later, they’re ready to revisit the ever-evolving topic.  In today’s episode of the Event Tech podcast, Will and Brandt share some of the latest AI technology news, their thoughts on how you should embrace the fast-growing technology, and what they’d like to see from it moving forward. Let’s get right into it!
In 2022, the United States saw 1,774 data breaches. And while 1,774 might not sound jaw-dropping, those breaches impacted an estimated 422,143,312 people. Cybersecurity for event planners is a recurring theme on the podcast because cyber threats are never-ending and are only getting more complex. In today’s episode of the Event Tech podcast, Will and Brandt tackle cybersecurity, driven by the recent and controversial data breach at LastPass and a listener question. Eliza C. asked, what steps would you give to a new event planner to help protect against cybersecurity threats for virtual events? Tune in to learn six tips to protect your business and events against cybersecurity threats in 2023.
Artificial intelligence (AI) tools have dominated the headlines lately. And tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and DALL-E have artists and writers sounding alarms about job security. So, what does this have to do with the events industry? In this episode of the Event Tech podcast, Will and Brandt share their thoughts on visual and text-based AI tools and how you might use them for events in the future. Let’s dive in!
As we continue to transition out of the pandemic and into 2023, the effects of economic downturn, layoffs, and budget cuts are felt across the tech industry. And with record-breaking inflation, it’s no surprise many event professionals are forced to navigate tighter budgets with rising costs. So, what should you do if you think you're going to deal with a reduced event budget?  In this episode of the Event Tech Podcast, Will and Brandt consolidate years of advice into eight tips event professionals can take into 2023. They’ll share where they would start if forced to reduce your event budget, what and how to cut, and how the right mindset can change your perspective.
As event professionals, we’re always looking to explore new methods, techniques, and technologies to make each event better than the last. Virtual reality (VR) is a topic we often discuss on the Event Tech podcast and has been a technology growing in popularity in recent years. But with the adoption of VR technology comes an important question: will people change their lifestyle to attend VR events?  Endless Events has articles on VR dating back to 2017. Still, VR technology has been slow to make a splash in the average household. Bulky, uncomfortable, and impractical hardware has largely been to blame. But will people be more willing to change their lives to integrate this new tech? Join Will and Brandt as they search for an answer and share their thoughts on what will catapult VR tech forward.
Event management software can potentially make an event planner’s job more efficient. But when the right software doesn’t exist, planners are left to fend for themselves, often lacking solutions. In July, we discussed this exact issue in the episode, Why is there no good event software? Will and Brandt discussed what features the industry desperately needs and how companies can offer solutions. Two of the most important missing features included tools for budgeting and understanding profit margins.  In this episode of the Event Tech Podcast, Will and Brandt welcome a special guest who brings a new and inexpensive solution to event management software, Rob Vaas. Rob is a co-founder and director of a new software company called Joi, a planning and scheduling software with unique features, including budgeting solutions that might be just what the industry needs.
Event translation and transcription are a segment that’s been on the rise in recent years. Will and Brandt discussed the increase of booths for these services at IMEX Frankfurt and IMEX America. As a result, in this Event Tech podcast episode, the tech duo outlines how to work with translation, transcription, and captioning services in your events.    Implementing these services into your event can be full of benefits, making your events accessible to international audiences and those with auditory impairments. But, when done poorly, translation, transcription, and captioning services can lead to a poor attendee experience and even offend listeners. To help you ensure that doesn’t happen, Will and Brandt share tips for working with the services and explain how you can ensure you’re getting the total value from these services. Let’s dive in!
We're doing things a bit differently on this episode of the Event Tech podcast. Rather than covering a "new topic," we're checking in with you, our listeners, and readers and evaluating whether we should change anything about the podcast. So whether you're a new or long-time listener, stay tuned and reach out. This is an engaging episode, and we have many questions for you.
According to Forbes, in-person events increased by 255% from the 4th quarter of 2021 to the second quarter of 2022. Still, as we move into 2023, more and more companies announce layoffs, spending freezes, and low metrics. And these are just a few of several trends in events to keep your eye on.  In this episode of the Event Tech podcast, Will and Brandt discuss current event industry trends and the future of events. They’ll also share two helpful tips for navigating the choppy waters ahead.