DiscoverRestless Shores: A Podcast Soap Opera
Restless Shores: A Podcast Soap Opera

Restless Shores: A Podcast Soap Opera

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Welcome to Restless Shores, a podcast that explores the intrigue surrounding Roupp Pharmaceuticals, a billion-dollar enterprise located in the coastal city of Gamote Point. At one time or another, we all find ourselves walking along Restless Shores.
92 Episodes
Milton and Rhonda Roupp have a quiet conversation as they begin their day. Elise Geltz and her physical therapist Veronica Zeller check out Luna Cosmetics. Miguel Rios has a brief conversation with Running Wolf before being interrupted. Police Chief Agnes Brody confronts Ivan Bulgakov.
Rhonda Roupp meets with Uriah Roupp to discuss what she has discovered concerning Roupp Pharmaceuticals finances. Regina Miranda meets with USCIS agent Ryan Faust, in her office at Distractions, to discuss the ongoing investigation of her marriage to Dr. Lily Bello.
Ignoring recommendations Police Chief Agnes Brody has arrested Ivan Bulgakov and begins her interrogation. Elise Geltz discovers a stack of trouble. Regina Miranda and Dr. Lily Bello continue to be questioned by USCIS agent Ryan Faust. Arthur Klint seeks information about Marcus Raven.
A day with CFO Arthur Klint as he meets with CEO Uriah Roupp then stumbles onto Rhonda Roupp, oversees the Brightside Clinic destruction and finally reports to Governor Milton Roupp.
Pawnakobbe tribal leader Running Wolf cautions Captain Marla Redcorn. U.S.C.I.S. Agent Ryan Faust continues his investigation of Regina Miranda and Lily Bello. Lorna Roupp has a change of heart concerning Elise Geltz's physical therapist.
U.S.C.I.S. Agent Ryan Faust begins his interview with newlywed Lily Bello and Regina Miranda. Elise Grotz begins her physical therapy exercises. Uriah Roupp tries to recruit Rhonda Roupp to investigate the company finances.
Milton Roupp is upset having been upstaged by the casino robbery. Miguel Rios is questioned by Pawnakobbe Police Captain Marla Redcorn. Elise Geltz is adjusting to living with Lorna Roupp. Lily Belo and Regina Miranda try to work out differences.
Rhonda Roupp and Miguel Rios have slipped away to Miguel's quarters. Regina Miranda and Elise Geltz have left Governor Milton Roupp's speech for a chat. What could possibly go wrong?
It is the night of the big Grand Opening of The Golden Coyote on the Pawnakobbe reservation. Governor Milton Roupp is to give the keynote speech and almost everyone will be there. 
Milton and Rhonda Roupp are bringing the babies home to the governor's mansion. Regina Miranda is moving in with Dr. Lily Belo, her new bride. As she begins her recovery, Elise Geltz is moving in with Lorna Roup.
There is news from the hospital concerning the governor. Uriah Roupp thinks Elise Geltz might be the solution to his problem. Elise Geltz and Regina Miranda have issues to resolve. 
Who was shot at the wedding reception? Regina Miranda and Dr. Lily Belo are waking up to some of the consequences their marriage. Also Elise Geltz has awaken wondering where her girlfriend is.
A day with two very different wedding ceremonies, and with two very different outcomes for everyone involved.
Uriah Roupp's concern for his grandmother Lorna Roupp, sends him searching for someone to help, as she seems to have become a bit out of kilter.
Miguel Rios makes a request of Pawnakobbe Elder Running Wolf. Doctor Lily Bello has an answer for Regina Miranda's proposal. Rhonda Weppler has an answer for Milton Roupp's proposal.
Milton Roupp makes the governor an offer he can't refuse. Then makes offers to Ivan Bulgakov and to Running Wolf that they dare not to refuse. 
Ivan Bulgakov is asked a difficult question. Miguel Rios and Rhonda Weppler also face a difficult question while Uriah Roupp learns the consequences of his actions with the board of directors.
Milton Roupp once again asks Rhonda Weppler for her answer, but she has questions. Regina Miranda apologizes to Dr. Lily then takes it back. Lorna Roupp also has questions for Milton Roupp.
Milton Roupp threatens to take the twins from Rhonda Weppler then gives her a way out. Regina Miranda and Dr. Lily Bello have a relaxing dinner out and Regina offers to rescue Lily.
Milton Roupp goes the hospital to see the newborn twins but stops in to speak to his wife Lorna Roupp first. Regina Miranda continues her 24/7 vigil over Elise Geltz.
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