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The Digital Insight is the technology, supply chain & procurement podcast that delivers valuable C-Level perspective into the core issues surrounding business transformation and digital disruption.Each episode brings the most inspiring executive insights from those driving transformation strategies within the world's most exciting companies.
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Paul Bailo joins us one more time for the final installment of the data transformation trilogy where we explore perhaps the sexiest topic in transformation; data analytics. This is the Data Transformation Trilogy Part 3: Data analytics, imagination, and the world of tomorrow
Sam Holding, Head of International at SparkPost reveals the role of email in enabling marketing teams to be agile and to successfully meet the changing needs of the business and of their target audiences…
What does being a leader really mean to an individual and to an organisation? We learn from a young age about the significance of mentorship and role models, people who can guide us, teach us and inform our development both in life and in our careers.  But do we talk about them enough? When it comes to dealing with transformation, evolution, change... what then becomes of the leader, the mentor, the role model? Rachel Lemos, director of procurement at Canadian Western Bank, joins me to discuss how role models, mentors and leadership has and continues to defined her own professional journey. In times of great change, the responsibility to lead and to inspire…. rests upon her shoulders. 
The latest episode of The Digital Insight podcast brings you part two of a three part series with Paul Bailo, Digital Transformation Executive:The Data Transformation Trilogy - Part 2: Why do we hate change management so much? Change management; two words that will either unlock your transformation, or block it. Love it or hate it, change management is vital to any transformation, so why is it so polarizing? It's time we reconsidered our love hate relationship with  change management
The latest episode of The Digital Insight podcast brings you the first in a new three part series with Paul Bailo, Digital Transformation Executive:The Data Transformation Trilogy - Part 1: Leadership & C-level talent, do you have it? We explore how leadership teams must reassess their current operating models, take an honest look their existing talent pool of both their employees and executive teams and  think about how they attract the future data and digital leaders.What changes should they be making today to o ensure that they don't fall behind or go out of business tomorrow...
Welcome to the Digital Insight where today we take a look at the electric vehicle market and ask; why is it not as mature as it should be?2020 became a great year for plug-in vehicles. Reports reveal that we are expecting global Battery Electric Vehicles +Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle sales to hit 3,24 million, compared to 2,26 million for the year previous. With government mandates moving us further towards a future of EV technology, we don't know for sure what's going to happen or how well its going to pan out. But we can see trends and data and we can anticipate the next wave of innovation. So what's going to be key to moving the needle that little bit further forward for the EV market?Joining me to answer this question, is Paul Loustalan, a partner with Reddie & Grose, a provider of patents, trade marks and designs.
As a market leader in a world of continuous change and digital disruption what more could you be doing to embrace true  digital disruption and deliver on the promise of tomorrow to an ever evolving customer base?Amanda Heintz, Devops and IT Automation Release Manager at Schneider, joins us to talk about what it's like to work in an industry that is still perceived to be lagging behind in the digital conversation due to legacy infrastructure and an antiquated operating model...The question then is, what is Schneider doing to redefine the technology market of transportation? 
If I said to you that CTOs could learn a lot from Team GB and its Olympic gold medal-winning cycling team - would you believe me? Bear in mind that this was the same team that had only won one gold medal in 76 years, but then won seven at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In the 14 years since then, it has established itself as a powerhouse in Olympic cycling. Now of course, there are many contributing factors to this continuing success, but it all started from a simple belief from Sir David Brailsford, former performance director at Team GB cycling.  He set out with an approach where, instead of focusing on the entirety of what’s possible, he looked at breaking the job down into actionable and achievable parts. A true blueprint for success.So how does this apply CTOs and automation journeys? Our guest today, Terry Daniel, Operations Director, at Trenches Law, believes CTOs should take notes from Team GB when it comes to their approach to adopting automation.But before we strap in our cycling cleats and fasten our helmets, let's explore the broader automation conversation….
Is access to fast and reliable supplier data more important now than ever before?Answering this for us today is Stephany Lapierre, CEO of Tealbook and Jim Bureau, CEO of JAGGAER as we also  discuss a new partnership between the two that will provide enriched supplier data for JAGGAER customers through access to Tealbook’s Supplier Intelligence Platform.
According to a recent report from ABI Research, the digital twin market is expected to grow from $3.8bn , as of 2019, to $35.8bn per year by 2025, with more than 500 urban digital twins expected to be in use. So what's behind this expected growth? Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, COVID19 has meant that now more than ever before we need to increase resilience and optimise resource management. Michael Jansen, CEO of Cityzenith, sits down with us to explore the booming digital twin market and what role digital twins could play in tackling a global pandemic...Read the whitepaper here:
The latest episode of The Digital Insight welcomes back Dave Ingram, CPO of Unilever.The company recently announced a series of significant commitments and actions to help build a more equitable and inclusive society by raising living standards across its value chain, creating opportunities through inclusivity, and preparing people for the future of work,At the very centre of this vision, lies procurement. Ingram sits down with Andrew Woods to tell us what exactly Unilever is promising to do in order to achieve such lofty goals, and the policies and real differences it’s making to ensure that it can deliver on its promise of a more equitable and inclusive society.
Welcome to the digital insight bitesize, where today, we take a look at:Corporate wellness. The covid19 pandemic and the subsequent shift towards working from home has changed the way we work entirely - forcing a lot of companies to think, perhaps for the very first time, about corporate wellness.We’ve all been forced to transform our kitchen spaces, spare bedrooms and even worktops into our new workplaces - our homes are now our offices, so what  does this do for our corporate wellness? And how does a business look to understand and define corporate wellness and what it means to the employee?Exploring this for us, is Nicole Wolfe, Senior Director & Head Of Corporate Program at ClassPass, the world's largest business-to-consumer fitness and wellness network…
In another episode of The Digital Insight Bitesize, we take a look at  cybersecurity. With a recent  report indicating that leading retailers across the EU and US are running outdated applications, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks, we ask: Can you be complacent when it comes to your approach to cyber security? Traditionally such matters would be placed on the desk of the CIO and the IT teams, but Is it their responsibility to focus on cyber security?  There's certainly an argument that the wider organization could and should be more involved.In a year defined by crisis, how has the COVID19 pandemic impacted the cybersecurity conversation moving forward?Answering these questions for us today is Stephane Konarkowski of Outpost24, a leading cyber assessment company focused on enabling its customers to achieve maximum value from their evolving technology investments...
Welcome to another Bitesize edition of the Digital Insight podcast where today we ask: Is the call centre making a come back or are automated digital solutions the way forward?For two in five UK consumers, the telephone has replaced face-to-face interactions during the pandemic, so what does this mean for the future of consumer and brand interaction, is the call centre making a comeback or are automated and digital solutions the way forward?Answering that for us today is Richard Farrell, CIO of Netcall, a customer experience software specialist….
An exclusive podcast with Steve Morgan, Partnership Director at Agilisys, who reveals how digital transformation and big data can help both social, and healthcare, post-Covid. Through digital technology, Agilisys enables healthcare, local government and organisations throughout the public sector to become more efficient, provide better patient and citizen outcomes and improve the working lives of thousands of dedicated staff.
The Digital Insight - Bitesize edition: The first of  a condensed, succinct, but equally as engaging and insightful look at some of the key topics around procurement & technology.  Today's question: How should you as a business leader challenge, and in some instances collaborate with, your competitors to do more around sustainable best practice?  To answer this , we have Jolyon Bennet, CEO and Founder of Juice, a manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, such as charging cables and phone cases, and is the first company to remove single use products from all its packaging in the UK.Oh, and it also outsells Apple while doing so...
Rod Robinson is Vice President of Supplier Inclusion and Sustainability at Coupa, and the focus of that role, is to really drive inclusive procurement across the Coupa ecosystem, helping Coupa customers achieve, and even exceed, their supplier inclusion goals..."…when you think about supplier diversity initiatives, small business procurement initiatives, it's really about driving economic impact. And it's really the small businesses that drive economic growth in any economy".
The Digital Insight is joined by Gayle Carpenter,  Creative Director and Founder of Sparkloop. Together, we discuss her journey as an incredibly successful female entrepreneur and we explore the glaring lack of female founders and the challenges and barriers that many women face in entrepreneurship.We also look at the progress and the real change for good that we have seen over the last 15 years in a truly fantastic and enlightening discussion.
Annie Li, VP Value Chain Asia, Movado Group  joins the Digital Insight to look at how we define supply chain resilience,  how its become a must have in times of crisis and how supply chain resilience can actually be a competitive advantage.
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