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Have you ever made a big decision and right afterwards you started to doubt your choice?Maybe you should have waited, thought things through, or waited.This weeks podcast I facilitate anyone whose made a choice that they are starting to regret - you’ll learn in this podcast how to turn any “problem” into a possibility.This podcast was inspired by a Queen who was fed up with her job, quit and moved to Mexico to plan her next step. She started to doubt her choice as things were becoming scary with no income coming in any time soon.Listen to be inspired how powerful you can be to create anything you desire.Show Notes:30 Days to Create Your Dream Life - Join the Waitlist Here - Magnet Example - Day Kartra Trial -
Are you looking for a sign to finally create and live your dream life?This may be the sign you’ve been waiting for.Have you been experiencing the miracle called your life?Listen in to this weeks podcast, one of my favorite as so many beautiful energies and events showed up to contribute LinksFollow me on Instagram: to my YouTube channel:
Are you the leader of your life?Do you allow other people to trample over your dreams?Who's ready to live in La Vida Loca and thrive?We go on a journey in this podcast!Listen and enjoy receiving the possibility that's available for you.Additional Links: 📺Create a life of flow and ease -💰Create Repeatable Income with Ease:💅Create with Ease Blog:📺 YouTube Channel:
Are you too much, too extra? Do you make yourself wrong for being this way? Listen in to this weeks podcast to receive the gift of being extra and using this energy to create a life you truly are excited to wake up to.Extra linksWaitlist - Sessions - email (subject line - private session)YouTube Channel -
Does paradise exist on planet earth? Instead of wondering, what if you could create your own paradise.I share tips on going within and awakening to your paradise.What if you don’t have to crumble at the insanity of this world?And you find the gift in every moment, and every choice without judgement.Additional linksAwakened and Thriving -
Are you willing to have peace in all things?What about pleasure with all things including business and everything you create day to day.Does it seem unrealistic to have true enjoyment of living no matter what is going on?Listen in to this weeks podcast where I dive into this conversation that will invite you to receive more ease in your life and living.
What if you could be the space of joy? We have so much structure in our lives and allowing yourself to just trust the energy and allowing everything to unfold.What if there is more joy to receive when you simply allow yourself to play, trust and receive.Listen in to this weeks podcast where we dive into all things ease, joy and letting go of the need to be liked or loved.Resources:Are You Living 🌴 This Video to Change Your Life
Have you had a desire to create your business while being location independent?I’m currently in Medellin, Columbia living my best life and creating my business.Listen to this weeks podcast as I drop some gems that will allow you to start to create a business from anywhere in the world.Living your life is the gift you have been given. Are you living in the promised land?Resources 🌴Medellin, Columbia travel vlog - subscribe to my YouTube channel to know when this video becomes available -💰Generate repeatable income on autopilot -💻 3 Inner Secrets to Generating Consistent Clients -🙋🏾‍♀️Work With Me -
We’ve bought into the culture of working hard, sweating, blood and tears.Your career, job or business comes first because you're trying to earn a living and what gets put into the corner is your secret desire to live.You don’t believe that you could truly have it all - it’s either sacrifice or pleasure.Listen in to this weeks podcast as we demystify what it means to get paid for doing less.Sign up for Launch to Profit: Resources:How to monetize your ideas: Paid for What You Know: Paid for Doing Less:
Did you grow up believing that you had to work hard for everything in your life?What if there is a different possibility where you can have everything that you’re asking for in your business and it can show up with ease?Ease has been given so many definitions and labels.Ready to find out what ease is for you and how you can invite it into your business and life to change everywhere you are not receiving the ease that could be possible for you?Are you in business and ready to have client's show up with ease.Listen in to this week’s podcast to receive tools that may open up this possibility for ease in life and business.Resources:Website: www.createwithease.comInstagram:
Whose reality are you creating? Are you hiding afraid to show the world who you are because you’ll be judged?What if the quickest and fastest way for the things you desire to show up in your world is when you are committed to living your reality even if no one understands? When you are immersed in the energetics of creating your reality. The things you ask for actually show up in a faster way.Listen in to this weeks podcast for a deep dive of what it takes to create your reality and have your dreams show up with ease.Create and Have Your Reality 30 day program - email me at to join.
How many of you were judged for being a disruptor? You could never sit still. You were the awkward one who no one never really understood.What if the things you have been judged the most for are your capacities?What if you being the disruptor is what facilitates change on this planet.You being as weird as you are is a gift.You being as different as you are creates miracles.You making choices that honor you invites everything that you ask for in your life.Are you willing to be that different?Listen in to this weeks podcast where you are being invited into the space that creates EVERYTHING you ask for with total ease.Website: www.createwithease.comIG : @createwithease
Have you been programmed to work hard, sweat blood and tears to create what you are asking for? What if there is another way? A more simpler and easy way to actualize your dreams quickly with ease?Listen in to this week’s podcast where I dive into the secrets of creation that no one really talks about.Find out how you can create with more ease.Instagram: @createwitheaseWebsite:
When was the last time you experienced a miracle in your life?Do you know that you can be the facilitator for miracles in your own life?We tend to look outside of ourselves and beg for the things that are not working in our lives to change.Miracles happen when you can ask and receive from the energies of trust, when you are willing to let go of all distractions, and be willing to fully receive you, good, bad & ugly.Listen in to this week’s podcast to begin to be the miracle worker in your own life.Website: http://www.createwithease.comIG: @createwitheaseRose oil mentioned in podcast:
If you are not receiving what you desire, one of the quickest ways to change this is to start choosing.In order to have and create what you desire, one of the first steps is to choose what you desire.As simple as this sounds, this tool works dynamically in creating everything you desire.Listen to this week’s podcast to receive what will contribute to you creating what you are asking for.This podcast ends abruptly. I did not want to re-record as there are some powerful energies that I could not re-record.If you desire to create the business and life style of your dreams, here are some resources to begin:Apply here: this podcast, and leave your reviews.Follow me on IG @createwitheaseWebsite:
Are you ready for great things to happen for you?This week’s podcast dives into the power of following the energy, releasing what is no longer serving you and committing to your divine path.I share a powerful message from the spiritual realm. A message you must hear as it is woven with the truths you’ve been seeking and asking for.Listen in to create the shift that will allow you to step into your divine potential.Resources:Website: https://www.createwithease.comAngel Guide Deck: Light Oracle: Everything you desire: the Planet:
Would you like to have the FREEDOMto choose what you’d like to choose, live how you’d like to live, and create what’s most important you?What about the possibility where you no longer allow people, or circumstances to throw you off course?Listen in to this weeks podcast where I dive into the intimacy of creating your life as a utopia just by saying Yes! to having your cake and eating it too.Website: https://www.createwithease.comInstagram: Body:
I’ve had a recent metamorphosis in my life where I’ve been taken back to the basics of business creation. Pleasure! I have a long history of being a control freak of magnitude, and have tried to control every area of my business until everything came crashing down.Listen to this weeks episode as I share how I sold out my current offer after going through one the darkest times of my life. When I retreated back into PLEASURE I found one of the lost long secrets to business creation.Follow me on IG @createwitheaseWebsite: www.createwithease.comHeal Your Body:
Who are you creating your life for?Are you truly creating your life or are you creating someone else's life, building someone else's dream, and creating millions for other people.Self-rejection is the disease that creates separation from the gift of you. This is why so many people give themselves over as a sacrifice to other people.Would you like to change this?In this podcast I give step by step tools I have used to change this energy in my own life and business.Would you like more?Join my new program Badass Business Creators 2.0. 12 weeks that will move you from zero to thriving.
Are you desiring to change any area of your life that is not working? Have you lost hope in your dreams?Intimacy of presence will take your lowest moments and transform them into your greatest gifts.Listen in to this weeks podcast and discover the power of being present.To join my upcoming class Badass Business Creators 2.0 click the link below.
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