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Create the Business You Truly Desire
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Create the Business You Truly Desire

Author: Grace Covington

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What if it is truly possible to create the business of your dreams?

A business where you are irresistible to your clients, generating money while you sleep, and creating your business from anywhere in the world.

Grace Covington invites you to explore the possibilities available for creating your dream business.

You do not need to beg, wish, cross your toes to create the business you’ve only dreamed of.

It’s possible to create a business that is aligned, generates consistent clients while you are getting paid to change the world.

Ready to start creating this with ease?
17 Episodes
Are you tired of working damn hard in life and business?What if there is a different way to create your life and business where you could create everything you desire in business while receiving pleasure?Listen in as I provide you with powerful tools that will release everywhere you are working damn hard and excluding the energetics of creation that are here to contribute to your business.
Do you struggle with sales? Tired of chasing sales and chasing clients to buy from you? There is another way to be when it comes to generating sales with ease. Listen in as I facilitate you into a different possibility with sales.A possibility that is joyful and includes the sensual energies. Create and receive the sales you are asking for while letting go of the hustle and frustration with sales that everyone else experiences.
Is the energy of doubt showing up in your business? You’re frustrated with your results and this is leading you to doubt yourself. Learn how to turn doubt into confidence in your business with this easy step.
What conversations are you afraid to have based on the judgement you’ll receive? Everywhere you are afraid to say what you need to say is everywhere you hold your business hostage. Let’s continue the conversation on censorship and this topic of sex, relationships and big booties.
What are You Censoring in Your Life that’s Stopping You from Receiving Joy and Creating Wealth?Would you like to have more ease in business? More joy in your relationship and ease with sex?Tune in for this divine conversation.Visit my website at
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Episode 21 - SPEAK!

Episode 21 - SPEAK!


Where are you still hiding?
What if you could create from a space of ease and beyond this reality?
Are you still waiting for people to receive you?
What can orgasm and orgasmic energy contribute to you?
Do you stop when things seem impossible?
What does it take to actually create what you desire? Being the Energy of already Having it
Have you ever planted a seed and watched it grow? All plants around us start as a seed. Do you allow the natural process of creation to take place so you can actualize your reality with ease?
Only a few people will choose to create their reality. Most give up midstream. Most never have the courage to go for their deepest, wildest, soul explosive dreams
What if you could receive your dream life?
Is Your Life Blooming with Possibilities? Many times we believe money, relationships, business our jobs create our lives. The truth is you create your life, and your choices invite possibilities.
Love the topic of creation. Are you creating your life?
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