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Joe Oberle, senior writer at and and Mark Craig, Vikings writer and NFL Insider for the Star Tribune newspaper and are ready for some football. They are here each week on the VT Breakdown podcast to preview the games, breakdown the action and then analyze the results. Don’t miss the preview of this big game on VT Breakdown this week. This one sets up the whole season for Minnesota and it will tell us a lot about them going forward. Tune in and check it out!See for privacy information.
We all knew the Vikings would play better against the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving Night than they did against the Dallas Cowboys four days prior. They couldn’t have played worse. We feared they might only just compete and then finally lose a close, one-score game to an inferior team. They were due for that. We hoped for another last-minute Purple victory and didn’t care how we got it. In the end, the Vikings made another dramatic, fourth-quarter comeback, requiring all facets of their team to chip in to secure it. And we got it with an exciting 33-26 win. Of course, this all must be discussed. Mark Craig from the Star Tribune joins Joe Oberle from and to do jus that on the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast. Who are these Vikings? They seem to exist on the edge of resilience in close games and egg-laying in the face of equal or better opponents. They benefit from good luck while having some bad calls go against them. They play great at times in ways that give their fan base hope and then flop so epically that the ghosts of failures past rise up like zombies through the turf. We will discuss it all and preview what’s next, as the New York Jets fly into town in a week. Tune in and check it out.See for privacy information.
The Minnesota Vikings, fresh off a thrilling win in the “best game of the season” laid such a big egg on Sunday it can easily be considered the worst game of the season. Well, we here at the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast are anxious to join them. Joe Oberle from the VikingsTerritory and purplePTSD and Mark Craig from the Star Tribune will be on hand to stick a fork in the past game and grab a spoonful of Patriots preview. Tune-in and check it out. Here’s hoping that Vikings fans experience a great Turkey Day and Night!See for privacy information.
Insanity. The Vikings beat the Bills 33-30 in Buffalo. That statement alone strains credulity. But the way it happened was otherworldly insane.See for privacy information.
The Vikings are 7-1 and tied for the second-best record in the league. Let me say again . . . the Vikings are . . . oh, never mind, just read it again. It’s not a misprint. With a 20-17 win over the Commanders in Washington, the Vikings are on a 6-game streak and they’ve all been one-score games. Last year they lost eight of those games. This is quite amazing to all those Purple fans and observers, so let’s get used to it. We need to embrace these tight-knit, one score games, because they are very good at winning them, and who knows if they will abate anytime soon.See for privacy information.
The Minnesota Vikings are 6-1—how does that feel? Are you loving it yet or are oyu smiling with your favorite beverage held in the air and then heading to the fridge for one more glass of liquid courage because you still aren’t sure what to make of it? Yeah, probably the latter. We all know what it’s like to be a Vikings fan—to have our preseason holes realized, our expectations given to rise and then our dreams dashed on the jagged shoreline of some foreign country called a championship. That’s okay. It’s part of the deal. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it along the way.See for privacy information.
If there is a dream scenario for a bye-week team it is to have your squad get some well-earned downtime, stay out of trouble off the field and have your rival teams lose ground. Well, the Vikings almost had the triumvirate last week.See for privacy information.
Minnesota Vikings fans woke up on Monday morning, October 17, 2022, and realized again their favorite team was tied for the second-best record in the NFL. It was true, no matter how much we rubbed our eyes, and shook our heads like a disbelieving cartoon dog. Just win, baby! The Vikings aren’t very pretty, but they are 5-1 going into the bye week, so perhaps it’s time to just “Enjoy the season!”See for privacy information.
The Minnesota Vikings came home from London and played a very good half of football against the visiting Chicago Bears until (presumably) the jet lag kicked in—forcing them to hold on for a 29-22 victory. The win vaulted them to 4-1 and solo possession of first place in the NFC North. That is great news, no mistake, but there is plenty for us to be concerned about given the Vikings’ penchant for close, one-score football games. So, we (myself, Joe Oberle from VikingsTerritory and purplePTSD, and Mark Craig from the Star Tribune and are here to break it down for you. The VT Breakdown podcast fellas will point a sharp-focused lens on the current Vikings situation. Tune in and check out where we think the Purple will go next.See for privacy information.
You have to win these kinds of games in the NFL, because the Vikings have certainly lost them. They need to get better quick, however, or the games will all be like this—two of them already have. So, what must do next? Joe Oberle from Vikings Territory and and Mark Craig of the Star Tribune will be on hand to do just to discuss it. Tune into the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast and get the latest.See for privacy information.
Listen to the Star Tribune’s Mark Craig and VT's own Joe Oberle on this week’s Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast as they talk about another Vikings game on Sunday and another head-scratcher for the Purple faithful.See for privacy information.
The Vikings move to 1-1 and into a tie for first place with every other team in the NFC North Division, with the Detroit Lions coming to town next week. And the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast dudes (Joe Oberle from VT and and the Star Tribune’s Mark Craig) are on hand to break it all down. For those fans not having a breakdown of their own (or not) after this big-time letdown of a game can tune into the podcast. It’s only week 2 of this NFL season, so there is plenty of football to be played and dissected. We’re here to help figure out where the Purple is heading next. Stop by!See for privacy information.
There were a lot of purple-helmeted heroes in such a solid and dominating victory—but too many mention them all here. Joe Oberle, senior writer for and and Mark Craig, Vikings writer and NFL Insider for the Star Tribune and will be on the VT Breakdown Podcast, attempting to talk about them all. (One of those guys picked the Vikings to win and the other did not—so you will want to check that recap out.)See for privacy information.
On cutdown day in the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings made some moves (in fact they made “moves like Jagger” to quote a popular song). The Vikings were tasked with paring their roster down to the 53-man limit by 3 p.m. Tuesday, and general manager Kwesi Adolfo-Mensah took that journey along a most circuitous path. Kwesi cut at least one starter, traded away a potential starter and acquired another with some fast and furious cutdown-day moves. He waived defensive end Armon Watts, who had a decent season last year but might not be the right fit for the new 3-4 defensive scheme. Watts had reached incentives in 2021 which raised his base salary to a number that didn’t appear to be tenable for this cap-tight roster. The Vikings then traded a 6th-round pick to the Houston Texans for their former second-round draft pick Ross Blacklock (and a 7th rounder), saving them more cap money. Later in the day, the Vikings traded Jesse Davis (the odds-on-favorite to start at right guard when he was signed as a free agent this spring) to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a 7th-round pick. Davis had lost playing time in the preseason to rookie guard Ed Ingram and it now appears he has won the RG starting job for the Vikings offense this season. Finally, on Wednesday, the Vikings acquired wide receiver Jalen Reagor from the Philadelphia Eagles (for a 7th-round pick and a conditional fourth). Reagor was selected a pick ahead of Justin Jefferson in the 2020 draft—which should make for an interesting wide receiver room. Kwesi and head coach Kevin O’Connor are clearly building the team they want to build. It’s like it’s been a second draft day for this new regime. Tack on the waiving of backup quarterbacks Sean Mannion and Kellen Mond (made possible by the trade for former Las Vegas Raiders backup QB Nick Mullens last week) and you have a jam-packed busy day for the Vikings personnel staff and for the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcasters—VT’s senior writer Joe Oberle and Star Tribune NFL Insider Mark Craig. The lads will break down a load of Purple cuts and look at who remains, either on the 53-man roster or the practice squad. There is plenty to tune in to check out, so we hope to see you there.See for privacy information.
Wake me up when the season starts. After two weeks of second and third-stringers, it is time to either get the starters in the game to knockoff the rust or go watch the Twins. The Vikings' offense was under whelming against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday at U.S. Bank Stadium. After a week of hearing about fireworks and some great plays (and fiery words from one Kirk Cousins), we didn’t get to see the starters and the Vikings lost 17-7. Talk about a buzzkill. Nick Mullens joins the Vikings so we can skip talking about the regression from second-year quarterback Kellen Mond, who had some flashes but then threw two bad picks. Sean Mannion was more of the same, some moments bracketed by less than stellar play. (Although a nice throw up the seam to Zach Davidson, who dropped it on his way to a huge gain, could have changed our impression of Mannion.) And rookie corner back Andrew Booth, Jr., left the game limping badly on an injured ankle. The defense played well and several of them distinguished themselves: Ty McGill (1.5 more sacks); LB Brian Asamoah shined again and looks like the real deal; and Ty Chandler ran his way into our hearts once again with a decent performance. And Mark Craig from the Star Tribune will be on hand at the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast to discuss all of the above with co-host Joe Oberle, senior writer from VT and They certainty spice up the doldrums of more preseason football to come. There are only three preseason games this year and still the regular season can’t come soon enough. There is one more exhibition game next week in Denver—hopefully the starters can take the field to get in the swing of things before the season opener against the Packers. But the VT Breakdown pod fellas are in mid-season (well, mid-preseason form, anyway) so tune in and check it out.  See for privacy information.
The Vikings travelled to Las Vegas this past weekend, not to bet on themselves to win the Super Bowl (they can’t do that, the betting part, I mean), but to face the Raiders in their first preseason game of the 2022season. There was good, there and was bad and there was not so pretty, but the Vikings although losers on the scoreboard, were winners in that the team finished the tilt fairly healthy (let that be the first healthy mention of the show). They also gave us plenty to talk about on the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast with VT senior writer Joe Oberle and Star Tribune Vikings and NFL writer Mark Craig. Some of our early perceptions were realized(Lewis Cine is fast, active and a hard hitter) and some of them demand more consideration(Kellen Mond played well enough at times to make us think that maybe, just maybe, the new regime can salvage him from Zimmer’s scrap heap). There is now a new running back battle going as Kene Nwangwu and rookie Ty Chandler both splashed, flashed and dashed against the(admittedly) second or third string Raiders defense. Nonetheless, their proficiency had Twitter all atwitter about putting Alexander Mattison on the trading block for a center or back up QB, perhaps (good luck), because the RB room is pretty deep. We will dive into this topic. The illegal contract penalty reared its ugly head as it has become a point of emphasis for referees this season, and the Vikings had three in the first half. Notably, rookie corner back Andrew Booth, Jr., had one on his way to a slightly disappointing performance after all the attention he has received early in camp. Booth will turn it around, as he gets used to the league and the position, but many of us were probably hoping for more. We did get more out of linebacker Brian Asamoah and less out of backup QB Sean Mannion, both of which will be discussed on the podcast. Tune into the VT Breakdown podcast and check out our assessment as the Vikings first preseason of the season and get ready for number two this week.See for privacy information.
Week 3 of Vikings training camp is underway and the story lines keeping popping like the pads of a running back running off tackle. Head coach Kevin O’Connell spoke about his center Garrett Bradbury saying that he has been good against the run but not as good in pass protection. His starting position for the Purple in 2022 is not guaranteed and that will continue to be a storyline to follow throughout camp. Which we, Joe Oberle and the Star Tribune’s NFL Insider Mark Craig are most certainly following on the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast. As the line goes, so goes the offense and the a big question mark right in the center of that unit is growing by the day at TCO Performance Center in Eagan. Another big storyline is the tight end position, which became a problem shortly after we taped out podcast last week. Starting tight end Irv Smith, Jr. left practice with an injury and the next day had surgery on his thumb. He was projected to be available for the Vikings opening regular season game against the Green Bay Packers, but nothing is for certain. The Vikings have a number of other tight ends in camp, and Craig and Oberle will take a look at the potion depth and Oberle will wring his hands over his upcoming decision in Fantasy Football at the tight end position. Please tune into the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast for answers to burning questions to the Vikings team as they work their way toward the season. They might not be the right answers, but they are bound to be-entertaining! See for privacy information.
It’s Week 2 of Vikings Training Camp at TCO Performance Center in Eagan, and it’s time to let the hitting begin. The Vikings put the pads on for the first time this season and it wasn’t a moment too soon for rookie corner back Andrew Booth, Jr., who had already been mixing it up with his new team’s wide receivers last week in camp.   Booth covered Justin Jefferson last week and made a couple nice plays (including a diving interception) and this week he angered wide out Bisi Johnson, who is battling to make the team, and the pair had to be separated, according to training camp reports. Mark Craig NFL Insider and longtime Vikings writer for the Stat Tribune, has already come out and declared Booth to be a standout at camp and the odds-on favorite to grab a starting corner position. It will be interesting to hear what Craig has to say about Booth after seeing him in pads for the first time. Craig will let us know (and what other players are getting a lot of first team reps and garnering a lot of steam on the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast this week. He will be joined by co-host Joe Oberle (from VT and to discuss some of the other happenings from Week 2 at camp. We know Craig is anxious to talk about the new suggestion to fans and media from Vikings brass to not film any of the plays in practice at TCO as those videos in the hands of the Vikings competition just might put the hometown team at a competitive disadvantage (of course that doesn’t take into consideration that any team opponent’s scout could come to practice and make their own videos. Does this smack of some Zimmer-era clandestine ops (such as never talking about injuries) or is that just run of the mill paranoia from any new or old coach in the NFL. It should be fun to hear what Craig has to say on that. We will also talk about the news that former Vikings defensive end Jared Allen will be put into the Vikings Ring of Honor at U.S. Bank Stadium this season. The former “skullet-wearing” quarterback roping’ sack master will be getting his due on October 30 (during the Vikings-Cardinals game) and the VT Breakdown lads will be giving him his due this week. Tune in for that all the latest news from Vikings training camp.See for privacy information.
The Vikings are here! The Vikings are here! Well, they’re at TCO Performance Center, anyway, for the 2022 Training Camp. It is finally time to start looking toward the coming season, and the Purple story lines are beginning to pop. There have been some minor roster adjustments coming out of camp (WR Blake Proehl and LB Ryan Connelly were put on the physically-unable-to-perform list to open training camp and a camp body was signed at TE); LB Jordan Hicks was not at the first practice and Troy Dye took his reps; Kellen Mond was seen splitting second-team reps with backup QB Sean Mannion at the first practice—be still our collective heart; CB Nate Hairston’s missed for a non-covid, non-injury, oh and Justin Jefferson made some comments on Kevin O’Connell’s previous stud receiver Cooper Kupp--and more. Mark Craig, NFL Insider and Vikings writer for the Star Tribune is at his weekly post on the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast to offer the inside scoop. Craig has a press credential out at TCO and will breakdown what’s been happening the first week at practice. (He is also a Pro Football Hall of Fame voter and may have some insight as to why Jim Marshall, a member of the final 25 on the Senior Circuit didn’t make the cut to the list of12.) Tune into the VT Breakdown podcast to keep up on all the latest as the Vikings, under new general manager Kwesi Adolfo-Mensah (who apparently is now staying too much?) and head coach O’Connell, get the 2022 season underway. This is a huge training camp for the Vikings and you can always find the inside story here. Tune in and check it out.See for privacy information.
Mark Craig and Joe Oberle talk Vikings. The rubber is about to meet the road (and in this heat will likely melt), but it is time for the 2022 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp at TCO Performance Center in Eagan and we are all here for it. The off-season of change and massive expectations and speculation is over. Camp beings and it is now time to shut up and put up.See for privacy information.
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