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Digital Rapport® Podcast with Jatinder Palaha

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On this podcast, we're on a journey exploring and bringing you expert insights in web psychology, emotional intelligence, personal development, human behaviour, spirituality, artificial intelligence and digital business so you can build rapport and create better relationships both on and offline.

Discover how to connect, influence, inspire and turn your skills and knowledge into a, structured and automated coaching, consulting or author Business. Welcome to the Digital Rapport® podcast with Digital Business Coach Jatinder Palaha 🙏🏻
49 Episodes
In this episode of the Digital Rapport® podcast, I, Jatinder Palaha, am thrilled to have the chance to chat with my guest, Mark Baker, widely known as The Belief Doctor. This conversation navigates Mark's unique life journey, full of trials and triumphs, that ultimately positioned him as a beacon of inspiration for many. Mark passionately elaborates on the critical role that beliefs play in our lives, with a particular emphasis on their formative power during our childhood years. He contends that our most profound beliefs, which eventually guide the course of our lives, are instilled in us during our early development, often unbeknownst to us. Using his life as a vibrant illustration, Mark outlines how harmful beliefs can misguide us, imposing unnecessary limitations on our potential. However, he doesn't leave us hanging in despair. He further enlightens us on how we can transform these limiting beliefs into empowering ones, thereby allowing us to reach our true potential. His Belief Bracelet, a practical tool designed to foster empowering beliefs, becomes a key point of discussion. Our conversation also underlines the importance of conscious parenting. Mark emphasizes how the words and attitudes of parents can profoundly shape their children's future beliefs and behaviors. To wrap things up, Mark inspires listeners to reframe their beliefs as a means to bridge the gap between their current circumstances and their dream lives, claiming that the life they aspire to is merely on the other side of their existing beliefs. In this podcast, you'll find a captivating mix of personal storytelling, enlightening dialogues, and useful techniques to help you identify and reshape your beliefs, and in doing so, unlock your untapped potential. The Fundamental Role of Beliefs: Discussing how our deepest, often unconscious beliefs guide our lives, and their significant impact on our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Childhood as the Formative Phase: Exploring how our beliefs are profoundly influenced during our early childhood years and the long-lasting effects of these formative experiences. Impact of Negative Beliefs: Highlighting the damage that negative or limiting beliefs can have on our potential and overall well-being. The Power of Positive Transformation: Introducing the concept of transforming limiting beliefs into empowering ones as a means of achieving personal growth and unlocking hidden potential. The Belief Bracelet: Discussing Mark's invention, the Belief Bracelet, as a practical tool to foster empowering beliefs and facilitate positive change. Conscious Parenting: Exploring the immense responsibility of parents in shaping their children's beliefs and attitudes through their words and actions. Bridging the Gap with Beliefs: Encouraging listeners to reframe their beliefs as a method to create alignment between their current circumstances and their desired future. Mark Baker - Jatinder Palaha - Digital Rapport® podcast -
In this engaging episode of the Digital Rapport® podcast I chat with dynamic guest, Brad Burton. Brad shares his transformative journey from battling addiction to becoming a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He dives into the power of disconnecting from the mainstream news cycle, the influence of spirituality, and his mastery of impactful communication. We also discuss the potential dangers and benefits of the digital age. Tune in to gain deep insights from Brad's unique perspectives on life and business. Key Topics and Subjects: Personal Transformation: A journey from addiction to becoming a successful entrepreneur and founding the UK's largest business networks. Disconnecting for Growth: A discussion on the decision to disconnect from the mainstream news cycle for increased happiness and productivity. Building a Personal World: How focusing on a personal world rather than staying constantly informed can lead to peace of mind and success. Mastering Communication: The art of using a unique communication style to build rapport, reach and inspire a diverse range of individuals. Technology's Impact: An exploration of the current digital age, potential dangers of technology overexposure, and how to use technology wisely. Mental Health and Digital Addiction: A conversation about the effects of excessive screen time and digital addiction on mental health. Listen now to discover transformative insights and perspectives on life, spirituality, and business. Brad Burton - Jatinder Palaha - Digital Rapport® podcast -
Connecting with Your Market for Success: Janet Switzer Shares Her Expertise In today's fast-paced digital world, establishing rapport with your target audience can make or break your success as an author, coach, or consultant. Understanding the value of connection and communication has never been more vital to stand out in a sea of experts. Join me on this enlightening journey as I interview Janet Switzer, a world-class revenue expert with over 30 years of experience in growing author businesses. Janet is the content and marketing genius behind global training brands, having worked with industry greats like Les Brown, Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Yanik Silver, and Lisa Nichols. As a New York Times bestselling co-author and marketing strategist behind "The Success Principles," her work has reached millions of readers in over 100 countries and 41 languages. In our conversation, Janet will share her insights on: Building rapport and its importance in communication and connection Differentiating yourself as a coach or consultant in a crowded market Steps for new and existing coaches to grow their businesses Defining and becoming an expert, thought leader, and change maker Marketing principles and ideas for boosting revenue and profits Efficient and simple marketing concepts for authors and coaches Navigating the future of AI-driven marketing and leveraging AI solutions Overcoming marketing challenges and learning from experience Identifying and capitalizing on niche markets for your business From her experience working with some of the biggest names in the industry, Janet will reveal the secrets to effective communication and rapport-building in content and marketing. We'll dive deep into how to become more effective in your niche, the trends and opportunities she sees for the future, and how to harness the power of AI in marketing. Don't miss this insightful conversation with Janet Switzer, as she shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise on how to connect with your target market and achieve success in the competitive landscape of #authors, #coaches, and #consultants. Janet Switzer - jatinder Palaha - Digital Rapport® podcast -
Join me as I chat with Ben Pines, the Director of Content at AI21 Labs, about the current state and future of AI in content writing and digital marketing. We discuss the potential impact of AI on the writing industry and the reasons why aspiring writers should not be discouraged by the advancements in AI technology. Ben shares his insights on how AI can help individuals add more income streams through the use of AI-based writing tools like Wordtune. We delve into some features and benefits of Wordtune and what sets it apart from other AI writing tools like and Grammarly. We also explore the various ways users can start benefiting from Wordtune right now and why they should use this product over others in the market. In addition to Wordtune, we learn more about AI21 Labs and what makes them unique and visionary in the AI space. We also touch on the challenges of language processing for machines and what advancements we can expect in the future. Lastly, we discuss what people should be inspired by and wary of as we approach a new era of massive AI advances. Tune in for an informative and engaging conversation with Ben Pines about the future of AI in content writing and digital marketing. Wordtune: Jatinder: Digital Rapport® Podcast -
Join us as we speak with Kul Mahay, a 32-year veteran of the UK police service and a renowned leadership and emotional intelligence expert. Kul has worked with organizations across the globe, helping to develop empowered cultures and improve the critical thinking and emotional intelligence of senior corporate leaders. In this podcast, we delve into Kul's experience as a police leader and his journey to becoming a personal coach, speaker, and author. We explore the impact of emotional intelligence on leadership and the role it plays in personal development. Don't miss this insightful discussion on the key principles of human-centered leadership. Kul Mahay: Jatinder Palaha:
In this podcast episode, we talk about Marketing with Video and how to build rapport and connection with your audience.   Join me as I speak to Rashpal Singh of BoxMedia and dig into how to create a strategy and create video content with meaning and context.   Guest: Rashpasl Singh - Host: Jatinder Palaha -
In this episode, I share a dream I had but narrated using AI voice generation with text-to-speech software. You won't believe this is not real as it sounds like a professional audiobook recording. But its AI When The Student Becomes a Master and The Master Ascends - A Story Told Using AI Generate Voice. This is a short story which explores the dynamics between a student and his teacher and how one's pride can stop one from ascending to the next level. But when the realisation is realised there is a lesson for both sides and it doesn't always play out the way we think it will.  AI or advanced computing can be used to create a voice which sounds real. This technology is only going to get better and better and I wanted to share how this tech could be used to tell stories. There are other applications of this technology such as faceless youtube channels as well as podcasts. Or you can create audiobooks and online courses with professional sound voices.  There is also the dark side of this technology aka deep fake where the person on the screen appears to be real but is computer generated. Combine this with voice modulation and there is a big risk of potential fake information. It means we have to be very careful what we choose to consume in the future. So to showcase how this AI voice tech can be used for fun and entertainment. Enjoy Podcast: Website: 
In this episode, I'm on one of my walks and pondering another deep topic. We often talk about mind mastery or how to master your mind but this is such a big topic. The mind is a massive topic. But a step toward mastery is the topic of Mood Mastery. How does one master their mood?  Your mood can be different from moment to moment but how often does one tune into this and monitor / regulate one's mood and emotions?  If having a dream can alter your state and influence your mood as you wake up and for the whole day then why do we not check into this on regular bases? Getting present and asking the right questions can help you solve problems but only if you ask the right types of questions.  So asking what influences your mood can help you tune in to uncover hidden truths which you may not be aware of. With questions, monitoring your mood and emotions and understanding where your experience comes from can help you regulate a healthy mood. Which in turn can help you be more productive and creative.  So in this episode, I talk about this topic and the types of questions we can ask in order to uncover why you may be in a certain type of mood. Master your mood and you are a step closer to mastering your mind. 
Storytelling That Moves People and Ho to Connect With Your Audience at a Deeper Level David Fox is a writer, script consultant and life coach with 40 years of experience working in theatre, radio, film and Started out as an actor in the 80s and founded a touring theatre company. He Won an award for a play he wrote and was able to move into television and write very many scripts for adults and children.  Having worked extensively with the Life Coach David Key, David Fox has qualified as an NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. He is fascinated by the creative process and particularly the ways in which we can sabotage our best efforts by the wrong thinking. He has worked hard to understand his own process and developed simple techniques to unlock the subconscious and fast track our storytelling ability with his online course The Storyteller Gene. In this podcast, I have a conversation with scriptwriter and consultant David Fox about creating and writing stories that connect with and move your audience. He shares many insights about how storytelling works and why it is so important for business and personal life.  We talk about  The power of storytelling How we can sabotage our own creative process How we connect to stories  Why do we connect to stories The phycology behind storytelling  How to Tapp into your own creative mode A bit about structure and process  How to create engaging stories and how we have a vested interest  How you can apply these principles to your business or writing The Impossible question  David Fox - Jatinder Palaha - Digital Rapport® Podcast -
You won't believe this is created with machine software. And this Bot believes in God. What could Jasper AI sound like if it had a voice?  Would it be male or female?  I was curious to find out if I could create an AI-generated interview using Jasper AI. When I used the software I was mindblown. I decided to interview Jasper AI just to see what that conversation could sound like. I then thought how can I get this into audio format for my podcast? So I found some text to speech software... you won't believe this is machine-generated. So This interview is with an AI bot with machine-generated speech. I thought it would be interesting to use an American female voice for the AI. All I needed was deep fake video of the interview. In the interview, we talk about In the interview, we talk about Digital Marketing and its future The meaning of life  The greatest threat to humanity  Human mistakes The pros and cons of AI  How bots can be used in business Emotions and empathy  Machine vs Human Important things in life What is God, what is creation? Personality  Conscious AI Jaspers origins  Life, goals and personal development Machine learning  Websites: Podcast:  Please note: The contents of this podcast are for entertainment purposes.
In this morning meditative walk, I share how you can get present to the moment, still your mind and look at things objectively to set better goals and be creative. When the dust settles and you manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions you are in a much better and clear state of mind to set realistic achievable goals. I also go deep and share some thoughts on spirituality and the cosmos.  Digital Business Coach - Digital Rapport® Podcast -
In this episode, I talk to Influencer marketing strategist Gordon Glenister, author of influencer marketing strategy and host of Influence the global podcast, shining a spotlight on the influencer marketing industry. Gordon Glenister is the global head of influencer marketing at the Branded Content Marketing Association as well as being behind Pitch Influence, a global competition for the influencer industry. He also runs a Facebook group called Influencer marketing secrets, and a weekly roundtable where he shares tips and tricks on Influencer marketing. Gordon also runs his own influencer marketing programme to help thought leaders become more influential. Topics covered What is influencer marketing Who can be an influencer? Why is it important? Inspiring, entertaining, educational content The power of your story Brand story Digital / AI-Generated Influencers Brand Influence Content creators / Direct attribution Influencers are the new retailers Social commerce - selling products in a new way Audience connection to influencer Influencer - authentic - reliability - like attract like Finding new markets with influencers Influencer communities Use Influencer marketing as another channel to market Steps - on how to grow your using Influencers Jab jab punch approche Influencer Marketing can 11x ROI only when done well Brand safety / due diligence / Online trolling The Dark Side of Influencer Marketing Failures = Biggest wins Emotion and story Authentic message - real stories What is rapport How rapport fits into influencer marketing Guest: Gordon Glenister Host: Jatinder Palaha 
Who really is dictating the shape of your life? Are you living with intention? Are you doing what you really want to do with your time? Living a life of 'shoulda' is only a projected perception or a perception you have taken on from external sources. When you pause and reflect and decide how you want to spend your hours you are then inspired from within and you have the chance to rewire your brain and live life the way you want to. In this episode, I have a conversation with Tanya MKF on how to really take back your hours and spend that time where it really matters in life and business. It's not about time management or productivity it's about looking at your real-time and owning it, making some decisions about what you have created so far and then owning it and designing how you really want life to look like, so you can step into it and live it to meet all your goals, dreams and desires. Topics covered include: Mind shift around how you are approaching your schedule What do you really want life and or business to look like How to Design your life, design your business and own your hours There is a way to design your life How 'Someday' is a myth and does not exist How to pause, be present and identify what your days are like and how to consciously then design the life you really want. If it's not on the calendar it does not exist Looking at the real-time you have, what's next, is this what you want What does your real-life look like? Have to's, want to's, love too's, Block out the time and treat it like an appointment What space is being taken up with your time Where can the things you want to do fit in Is your current time in life where you really want to live? Scarp your ridged schedule, its about being intentional with your time so you can adapt Making decisions around the life you want not availability Recognise what you are saying yes or no to What routine supports you best Email is a box of others peoples agenda for you If this was my last breath would I respond to that email Spend the first 90 mins of your day on your goals Did I do the most with my time and run here? Living your best life Eureka, so thats what my day really looks like Get clear on what your life looks like and where you really going Tanya MFK - Jatinder Palaha -
Isn't it interesting how being authentic may be seen as inauthentic by another? Isn't it interesting that in our worldview, when we express our values, those things may not be valued by others? We all think we are right to some degree. By our own psychometric,  it is the case in our inner world as we make meaning of the experiences we have. That doesn't mean it makes the other person wrong. It just means that YOU may not understand the other person and therefore project your own thoughts onto the situation at hand. So How can we better understand others and their worldview, thus ensuring better relationships and conversations with those we seek to care for and serve? Join me on this journey as I speak to an international speaker, author, and master network marketer, Kalpesh Patel, as he shares how being authentic is being in rapport with oneself, and knowing how to express it the friction with others disappears. In this episode we talk about: The ability to connect with another human being Being the best version of yourself and attracting others that represent who you are to make a bigger dent on the plant Authentic rapport How to tap into your inner self  and how to get connected with your truer self Your relationship with what's around you and your interaction with others Reading and learning to learn about self and human behavior Wisdom of the ages - we create our own reality How you can choose to experience what happens to you with practice Instant rapport Be yourself and inspire others to be themself. self-expression Influence a conversation Authentic and transparent, hear where people are at, search inside and express it Sharing yourself in a way that can help others find the answer for themself Being present allows for magical conversations to happen  Understanding and being aware of NLP in how one can use it for communication and rapport Marketing and fear of missing out How Social media and this digital mindset can take away from building rapport in real life. How you can use social media for positive difference and influence Be careful on how experts are teaching people how not to be authentic on social media Share your experience to enrich lifes.  How Being authentic is being in rapport with yourself, know who you are and the friction disappears How we get in our own way in building rapport. Moving from noise head connection to authentic heart connection Building rapport through network marketing and how it can be one of the best places to learn how to build rapport with people. Get over fear, greed, desperation, remove noise and look for the transformation Build relationships, build the people. Jatinder Palaha - Kalpesh Patel  -
In this episode (How We Suffered in Business and Then Turned Things Around) we spill the beans and talk about maintaining business through lockdown in or particular order we cover the following points: what we have been doing in lockdown in order to maintain and grow businesses what was business like lock before lockdown how was business done has / how did that change  - have parts of your business suffered what did you do to adapt how are you  doing business now contact , communication tips and strategise we can share with others about business resources, processes, growth hacks , productivity how will it be moving forward what software  have been using what we have been doing to generate leads online courses /zoom remote working traditional business sales master for scheduling ticketing system evernote as part of my workflow Marilyn Devonish - International speaker, Author, The NeuroSuccess Coach - Sifu Lak Loi - JKD Trainer, Author, True White Collar Warrior - Sukhi Wahiwal - Business Mentor, forbs recognised judge, ted x speaker and Human Behaviour Expert  - Jatinder Palaha - Digital Busines Coach, Web Revenue Strategist, Author -
In this episode, I chat to Ninder Johal  DL  - deputy lieutenant West Midlands about the power of influence. We talk about : What is influence? How does it work  What makes up influence and component parts  Power of Influence in business  The pros and cons of it  How can we build it  How can we use it in business  What are you looking for in regards to influence in regards to the type of people you feature on the magazine  -Measuring influence   Ninder is the Owner of the Nachural Group   which encompasses a music label (Nachural Records ),   Nachural Events   and the publisher of the   Business Influencer Magazine. Ninder Johal DL - Digital Rapport® -  Jatinder Palaha -
In this ¢podcast episode, we talk about staying focused in a digitally noisy world. We explore ways in which we can remain #focused and get things done. In no particular order we cover: Social media as a distraction  Chemical addiction  Why you do what you do online How to be productive  FOMO fear of missing out - online courses, social media, the need to be on all platforms How focusing on one platform/one thing at a time can be the best thing for you  Business insights, mind both insights and spiritual practice DFT daily focused the by Sukhi Wahiwala  Task segmentation   Martial mind power Multi-tasking? Or practised process of flipping between tasks but staying focused  #Clubhouse   How we are actually making the time for distractions Aligning your intention to your true higher authentic self  Social media platform using psychology to keep you on their platforms. Things are designed to keep your attention on their platforms How human connection keeps you alive the plus side of social media Marilyn Devonish - International #speaker​, #Author​, The NeuroSuccess Coach -​ Sifu Lak Loi - JKD Trainer, Author, True White Collar Warrior -​ Sukhi Wahiwal - Business #Mentor, International #Speaker and Human Behaviour Expert  -​ Jatinder Palaha - Digital Busines #Consultant, Web Revenue Strategist, Author -
How To #Structure Your #Podcast #Interview with Dr Savi Arora -  The Digital Rapport® where I share with your how to connect, influence and inspire in the digital age. With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, I'm on a journey exploring and bringing you expert insights in web psychology, emotional intelligence, personal development, human behaviour, spirituality, technology and digital / business and then sharing those insights with you so you can build rapport, create better relationships, connect, influence and inspire both on and offline. In this episode, we talk about Dr Savi Arora who is an Author, TV/Radio Presenter, Digital strategist and Podcaster since 2004  We have a conversation on how to go about structuring your podcast. We talk about: - how to structure your podcast - how to plan your podcast - podcast content - the different types of podcast and what to include  - how to go about preparing for the podcast  - the future of social audio  Dr Savi Arora - Jatinder Palaha - Digital Rapport® -
On this episode, I talk to Dr Mandeep Rai. Author of the international bestseller (Wall Street Journal and the Sunday times): The Values Compass - What 101 Countries Teach Us About Purpose, Life and Leadership  Mandeep is a global authority on values, working with companies, institutions, and individuals around the world. She has travelled to more than 150 countries and reported as a journalist for the BBC World Service and Reuters, amongst others.   In this episode, we talk about - What are values - Why are the important - Who can benefit  - How values can influence communication and relationships  - Building rapport with values in business and personal life 5 Value Sections we cover - Change values -These epitomize how nations and their people have shaped and responded to change.  - Continuity Values: These have kept tradition and memory alive, often against great odds.  - Connection Values: These shape our personal relationships, with friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, and strangers.  - Communal Values: These are universally recognized in communities, companies, and countries, dictating behaviour and social norms.  - Core Values: These define our core personality and motivations in life. The Values Compass Book - Mandeep Rai - Jatinder Palaha - Digital Rapport® Podcast -
In episode 30 of the Digital Rapport®  podcast, we have Duncan Gledhill the Founder of Emailmovers. Duncan has been in email marketing for as long as he can remember - "there must have been a time before email, I think originally I wanted to be a truck driver in America after watching Convoy but that never happened, maybe one day."  In 2003, Duncan founded Emailmovers, the UK's leading full-service Email Marketing agency. Having worked on several hundred campaigns for hundreds of clients directly over the last 16 years, his focus now is on providing global, bespoke B2B email data that is both accurate and compliant.  "It is tough and don't let anyone tell you any different. In email, we are always up against so much change. Just in the last few years alone, we have seen the emergence of technological filters that use artificial intelligence (smart computing) to identify and filter sales and marketing messages through to regulatory changes like the DPA 2018 otherwise known as the GDPR, turn our industry almost on its head."  His message right now is that relevancy has become "KING".  "We must be relevant or we die. This means that we must put the effort into understanding our target audience and know what they find relevant and why. If we can do this well then everything else will fall in to place from IP reputation to conversion rate. If we do it badly then everything else will suffer. Focus what resources you have, on being relevant to your audience.  If you are having real issues with your Email Marketing then no matter how big or small your company is, go right back to basics. Ask your clients why they buy from you and specifically, what problem did you solve? Then take these pain points and put them in an email to a "lookalike" prospect, send the email and wait for engagement. If you don't get engagement then change the wording of your email and go again to a different lookalike prospect.  Only when you starting getting engagement should you start thinking about scale." Join me as I speak to Duncan about email marketing, artificial intelligence (clever computing) and how we can build rapport with our audience by understanding them and providing solutions by helping them solve problems that are relevant to their needs.  Website:  Social Media: Jatinder Palaha  - Digital Rapport® Podcast -
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