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Change One, Change All

Author: Troy Jones, Chris Walker

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International thought leader and spiritual pitbull, Chris Walker joins best selling author and award winning film maker Troy Jones in this weekly show that will challenge and support you to think different.. so that you can be different. Inspired by nature, “Change One, Change All” explores unique experiences and provides valuable advice around relationships, work and balance.Join Chris Walker, along with Troy Jones, as they find the spirituality in reality and help you put the heart and soul back into your life.
58 Episodes
Troy left this episode so inspired he went for a swim at 7am
Admittedly, we only get through one - but its an unexpected one!
For real insight into the Change One Change All strategies - this episode bravely deals with heartbreak and loss.  Great opportunity for all of us to see how to deal with these things better.
Chris and Troy talk about how to set the mindset for doing those tasks you hate to do.
Chris and Troy discuss the simple bio-hack that most people can do right now to build happiness and snatch some free dopamine
Chris and Troy discuss the one key mental process to unlock a beautiful life.
Chris does an emergency episode of the Podcast today.. addressing a flood of requests for tips to support and bolster your mental health during very difficult times. 
Chris and Troy pull apart the reasons why we fall off the track to our goals.. and how the seeds of failure are in-built from the very start - and how to rethink your defaults.
Chris and Troy talk priorities; homework sheet on the Change One Change All Podcast Facebook Page
Chris and Troy quickly recap the idea of manifestation and then move into the steps required to lock in a change of direction.
Troy sets up in a literal forest; and the boys talk about how to overcome the noise of the world to believe in yourself.
Further and further down the Manifestation rabbit hole we go.. Chris and Troy work through the concept of "link it or sink it".5 minute visualisation homework to train the minds eye.
Chris and Troy expand their look into manifesting the life that you want.. Step 3 centres around a phrase that can unlock the door to abundance of the things you want in your life.
Seriously powerful episode.. here Chris and Troy tease apart how to manifest success in your own life.. and not get lost along the way.
Chris shares his top 3 ways to improve your life.
Find a balance in expressing yourself and managing others by understanding your true purpose 
Chris and Troy talk confusion, and how to evolve past it.
Chris challenges Troy with advice on dealing with a stressed out partner.
Chris and Troy discuss the process of undertaking an "Emotional Shower", and unlock yourself from opinions - freeing the heart and head to evolve.
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