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Author: Fiona Thraille

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Dashing Onions Audio creates original audio drama miniseries and one-off plays, focusing on stories with elements of oddness, mythology and the supernatural.
9 Episodes
CUSTOMSHow To Play the Elevator Game:1. Enter the elevator alone. 2. Proceed to the fourth floor.3. Descend to the second floor.4. Proceed to the sixth floor.5. Return to the second floor.6. Ascend to the tenth floor.7. Return to the fifth floor.A young woman may enter the elevator here. Do not look at her or talk to her, whatever she does.8. Press the button for the first floor. – If the elevator descends to the first floor, exit immediately. Do not look back or speak.– If the elevator starts to go up, it’s going to the Other World. No one will be on the tenth floor. The power might be out. The sky will be darker, with a red cross in the distance…But what happens after you exit the elevator? Written by Chris BurnsidePlease click here for the transcript. CAST AND PRODUCTION TEAMFeaturing:Lowri Ann Davies as CarysHannah Preisinger as The AgentJoe Bence as The GuardApril Sumner as The Elevator Initial dialogue edit by Rachel PulliamSound design by Fiona ThrailleMusic, mix and additional editing/SFX by Katharine SeatonArtwork by Megan BurnsideCustoms is a collaborative project with Dashing Onions, Dayton Writers Movement, Old Souls Audio and Wonky Salamander and was originally produced for 11th Hour Audio Productions.This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, places, or events is entirely coincidental.Support the show (
On discovering a Ouija board engraved into a family heirloom, Flick is determined to claim her lost inheritance, no matter the cost.  The 11th Hour audio challenge is an annual celebration of audio drama. People from different audio drama podcast groups come together to collaborate on short plays, produced in the month of October, in time for Halloween. Dashing Onions Audio were part of the team on Upstairs Upstairs... and we hope you enjoy it!UPSTAIRS UPSTAIRS, written and directed by Fiona ThraillePlease click here for the transcript.CAST & PRODUCTION TEAMEmily Snyder as FlickDraco Aleksander as Neil Sascha Cooper as Gemma  Fiona Thraille as Donna  Karim Kronfli as TomasEmmett Moon as Matt andPete Lutz as the announcerThe Dialogue Editor was Gavin ByrneSound Design and Production by Andrew WardlawUpstairs Upstairs was produced for The 11th Hour Production Challenge 2020. Go to their site to check out the other plays this year.Support the show (
Run South

Run South


Welcome to Run South.You are sitting next to a river in a wooded field. There is a road to the North, heading towards a forest, and a small, rocky path to the East which follows the river towards a gorge.>_A computer game developer offers to test her colleagues' retro gaming booth adventure. But as reality and game blur, she discovers glitches in both.“RUN SOUTH” is written and produced by Fiona ThraillePlease click here for the transcript and further credits.TRIGGER WARNING: Claustrophobia, Mild breathing difficulty/panic, Implied violence, RedundancyCASTColleague and VO: Fiona ThrailleOther colleagues: Tobias John, Rachel Rumler, and Lec Zorn. MUSIC Many thanks to Loyalty Freak Music for making their music available for use in projects like this. Do check out their other work at SFXFrom lightapplause.mp3 by shelbyshark | License: Creative Commons 0S: WomanScream.wav by Archeos | License: Creative Commons 0S: Synth Rise / Pitch Riser by ezwider7227 | License: Creative Commons 0S: Male_Yes_01 by Artmasterrich | License: Creative Commons 0S: "Win" Video Game Sound by EVRetro | License: Creative Commons 0S: Train_tunnel_1.wav by o_ciz | License: Creative Commons 0S: 20141119_automaticdoor_H2nextXY.WAV by SOUNDSCAPE_HUMFAK | License: Creative Commons 0S: knife_pick_up 01.wav by ShadowSilhouette | License: Creative Commons 0S: human male scream small crowd panic fear.mp3 by JohnsonBrandEditing | License: Creative Commons 0S: General Fusion industrial workshop office ambience3 same space as 2 but no nearby conversation or walking, typing and clicking, but downstairs kitchen activity.wav by kyles | License: Creative Commons 0S: Office with Typing.wav by Walter_Odington | License: Creative Commons 0S: RoomTone05 by richwise | License: Creative Commons 0S: RoomTone03 by richwise | License: Creative Commons 0S: kettle boiling.wav by squashy555 | License: Creative Commons 0Support the show (
Der Tickentocker

Der Tickentocker


DER TICKENTOCKERwritten and produced by Fiona Thraillescript edited by CJ BrittainTRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of death and mortality. Please scroll down for the script.As explained in the episode, this is a short audio drama first released by Cooperantem Audio in 2013, now re-released here for Halloween. We hope you enjoy it!CASTThe Film Narrator - Damian HaywoodChristina - Marleigh NortonAlex - Pete MilanSheel - Kymm ZuckertDan - Dave MorganMUSICHouse on Leaves by Kevin McLeod from and Avarice by Peter John Ross at sonnyboo.comSound effects from freesound.orgincluding:chairscrape2 by sinatra314glass creaking by sgarrison2127clockwork_inside_a_longcase_clock by Connumhorror drone 006 by deleted_user_10Void Pad 2 by deleted_user_1004108 closing display glass cabinet by Robinhood76ripping off tape by krb21tape by morgantjThunder in the City 11pm by klankbeeld007 door opens and shuts by FreqMan009 door opens and shuts by FreqMan011 door opens and shuts by FreqManClockwork_Stegasaurus_Toy by StevenBrownmetal_item_drop by Vinraxgirl scream frank by visions68Male_Scream_3 by AlineAudioClank1 by BMacZeroDue to time passing, there is no transcript yet, but here is a PDF script if that is usefulSCRIPTSupport the show (
The Listening Jar

The Listening Jar


THE LISTENING JAR written and produced by Fiona ThraillePlease scroll down for the transcript.CASTGeoff - Boyd BarrettMargot - Erin KingShopkeeper - Lec ZornBarbara - Sarah GoldingMs B - Maria MicklasavageDriver – J ThrailleWorkers - Erin King, Maria Micklasavage, Whitney Johnson & Maya PeaceMUSIC (THEME) Isla De Java by Zaire(CLOSING THEME) Ensayo De Lo Por Venir by Zaire Many thanks to Zaire for making their music available for use in projects like this online. Do check out their other work here.SFXFrom   Zanka Note D by PanPiper5  Turkish open marketplace ambience by CaganCelikCurtains by revolt2563  Ceramic jug, bowl and bottle clank by kessir  Foley Fight Moves Struggling by leonelmail  factory by Trebblofang  slide sounds 15 by adcbicycleplasticPipeFlute1 by ZabuhailoplasticPipeFlute2 by ZabuhailoHowling Flute by jasonlee3071Door Open Close Heavy Wooden Hard Loud Creak Seal Theatre by LampEightWalking up and down metal steps by dbspintraffic light Middle East morning boulevard echo off buildings throaty cars motorcycles horses some people sandy steps +car pull up stop door open close near end Gaza 2016 by kylestraffic medium Middle East busy street echo throaty cars motorcycles horn honks2 Gaza 2016 by kylesCash Register bymonotraummale-what-01 by artmasterrich what by balloonhead preguntaeh by isago17 TRANSCRIPT – THE LISTENING JAR(Downloadable transcript here) Support the show (
WHEN WE WERE TWO – EPISODE 3 “GONE”  written and produced by Fiona ThrailleThe third and final part of When We Were Two. Please scroll down for the transcript.TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of miscarriage, grief.CAST Mindy Rast-Keenan as Sue Tanja Milojevic as Jen Fiona Thraille as Nain RJ Bayley as Davey THEME MUSIC You Can't Fail by Monplaisir Also by Monplaisir:que a The Break The bird and the rainbowTalentous and ShyHarsh and SoftFar and High Many thanks to Monplaisir for their music. Do check out their other work at SFXFrom  metallic-crackle by joseph-larraldescops owl by soundskeepKnock knocking on a door by deleted_user_7146007Door Open & Close by Adam NRolling Curtain by j1987Brown noise 2 minutes by jagadamba mobile phone noises by launemaxphone dialling by harrypeeks TRANSCRIPT – WHEN WE WERE TWO – EPISODE 3 “GONE”(Downloadable transcript here)Support the show (
WHEN WE WERE TWO – EPISODE 2 “FORWARD” written and produced by Fiona ThraillePlease scroll down for the transcript.TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of miscarriage, grief.CASTMindy Rast-Keenan as SueTanja Milojevic as JenFiona Thraille as NainRJ Bayley as DaveyMichael Hudson as RobertTHEME MUSICYou Can't Fail by Monplaisir Also by Monplaisir:queaUnraveling the ChordsKnifeJump__Oh_hi_Marktalentous and shyMany thanks to Monplaisir for their music. Do check out their other work at  metallic-crackle by joseph-larraldesmall-clock-in-room by yuvalkitchen-platessraping-faucet by jessepashBraun 3105 Coffee Maker - Carafe pick up and put down  quiet-room-tone-captured-from-a-small-sized-kitchen by jmbphilmesBrown noise 2 minutes by jagadamba cell phone dial 0-9_bip by muses212phone dialling by harrypeeks doorbell by sjturiascops owl by soundskeepplastic-wrapper by squashy555TRANSCRIPT – WHEN WE WERE TWO – EPISODE 2 “FORWARD”(Downloadable transcript here)Support the show (
WHEN WE WERE TWO – EPISODE 1 “BACK” written and produced by Fiona ThraillePlease scroll down for the transcript.TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of miscarriage, grief.10th Jan 2020 Please note this episode is newly uploaded as a stereo file, after an error the first time in uploading a mono file!CASTMindy Rast-Keenan as SueFiona Thraille as NainRJ Bayley as DaveyTanja Milojevic as JenMUSIC (THEME) You Can't Fail by Monplaisir Also all by Monplaisir:ASafe and Clear Deep Inside The Flesh No Need ToMany thanks to Monplaisir for their music. Do check out their other work at  metallic-crackle by joseph-larraldescops-owl by soundskeepTelephone Ring UK 2 by Benboncandialtone by jameswrowlestelephone-pick-up-hang-up-01-l-close-r-distant by otherceedoorbell by sjturiaboiling water + steps by TatianaChiara8_domacnost_10 by 13FPanska_Ecerova_Katerina Ambience_Berlin_Rooftop by dannerstreet-atmos by steve-erricksonliving-room-room-tone by mixxythepixxySmall square in Moscow (Novokuznetskaya street 31), 8 a.m., distant cars, trams, people, birds, summer OMNI mics by gladkiyTRANSCRIPT – WHEN WE WERE TWO – EPISODE 1 “BACK”(Downloadable transcript here)Support the show (
This is a trailer for the upcoming three part mini-series, When We Were Two.Sue, recently separated and caring for an elderly relative, is thrilled when her son and family come back into her life. But her new flat is too small, and much worse - the elderly Nain senses something unnatural happening: things have gone terribly wrong.Sue will have to make life and death choices on behalf of every one of them.When We Were Two is written and produced by Fiona Thraille.This trailer features the voice talents of:Mindy Rast-Keenan, R J Bayley, Tanja Milojevic and Fiona ThrailleMusic is 'You Can't Fail', 'Deep Inside The Flesh' and 'a' by MonplaisirAll sound effects are from FreesoundIncluded are:metallic-crackle by joseph-larraldeScops Owl by soundkeepSmall square in Moscow (Novokuznetskaya street 31), 8 a.m., distant cars, trams, people, birds, summer OMNI mics by gladkiyEpisode 1 is coming soon.Support the show (
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