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Author: Scott Jackman

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Host Scott Jackman works with industry experts to demonstrate how to implement or improve a precision ag program. The goal of the podcast is to increase adoption of precision agriculture. In each episode, we will focus on a component of the precision ag industry and demonstrate how it can be used to improve the bottom line. We will give practical examples and solutions that growers and agronomists can use to make or save money in their operations.
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Tissue Testing provides you with valuable in season insights giving you key information regarding your crops nutrient uptake.Topics covered will include:How your crop is performing and if there are any areas of the field that are being affected by hidden hungers?Can your high production areas supply enough nutrient during critical growth stages?Are there nutrient deficiencies robbing yield from your bottom line?Are your low production areas a nutrient or water deficiency issue? Tissue testing will answer the above questions and give you the in season knowledge to validate that your nutrient investment is being utilized by your crop. A properly implemented tissue collection program will validate your soil sampling and nutrient application program by adding critical information needed to determine nutrient requirements in key areas of your field. With tissue testing season now upon us, we will walk through the tissue testing services available to you from A&L Canada Laboratories and Deveron UAS.  Please join our webinar to better understand the services available to your farm or to your farm customer.
This episode is a follow-up Q&A from Deveron's "Tissue Sampling Made Easy" webinar.Mike Wilson, Deveron's data collections lead, is the person answering the questions administered by Nick Dieffenbach, Deveron's 2020 intern."Tissue Testing Made Easy" webinar:
Guest is Dr Jordan Sinclair from Veritas Farm Management.She talks about How and Why to collect on Farm data.Dr Sinclair talks about ANOVAs and how to conduct on-farm research.
Scott Jackman from Deveron talks with Aaron Breimer from Veritas Farm Management about objective decision making in agriculture.  They discuss how precision agriculture seeks to increase objective decision making.Over the next couple episodes, we will be talking about decision making.  There are two broad types of decision making. Subjective decision making - which relies of experience and gut feeling. And objective decision making - which relies on quantifiable data and facts.Both types of decision making are used in agriculture. Traditionally, growers have used subjective decision making relying on their experience and their gut feeling to make decisions.  This is ok.  And it has gotten growers to be able to produce food and survive in up and down markets.  However, precision agriculture seeks to bring more objective decision making by mapping and recording data to enable decision making.And for a completely different perspective, I will be talking with COL retired Jim Greer from the US Army to discuss subjective decision-making in a future episode.OutlineDefining objective and subjective decision makingWhat are some differences?Gut & Experience vs dataRepeatable with a high level of confidenceWhy is important to know about these differences?Helps us recognize preconceived notions about our operationHelps us recognize where we may be making a decision based off of experience as opposed to the data that is right in front of us.What is the value of objective decision making?In what ways is it useful to improve agriculture?Small ball wins - from Money BallWhat opportunities are easily adaptable with little to no investmentWhy is it difficult to do objective decision making in agriculture?InteractionsSoil has physical, chemical and biological components that all interact with each otherIt is a different way of thinking - emotions come into playEvery field is unique Farmers who comment - that is interesting, “but that isn’t my field”Advanced statisticsThis is not easyWhat is more important - yields or economicsHow do we incorporate this type of decision making into agriculture?Step 1 - need to have a willingness to do betterStep 2 - start analyzing your dataLay out a strategyMake a decision and start making improvements - Be willing to take a risk.
In this episode, Scott Jackman from Deveron talks with Mike Wilson from Veritas Farm Management about creating a digital farming strategy.By doing this, the grower is laying out a purposeful path implementing for a precision ag program.Assign responsibilityTake stock in your GPS enabled equipmentEvaluate the different data layers you currently have for your farm.Evaluate your yield and the accuracy of your past VR scriptsIdentify each software you useSimplify simplify simplifyOnly fix a few things each year.  Start fixing the “low hanging fruit.”
In this first episode, we talk broad components that make up the precision ag framework. Scott Jackman from Deveron talks with Mike Wilson from Veritas Farm Management to give a broad overview of precision agriculture framework. We discuss GPS enabled equipment, remote sensing tools, decision support software, and variable rate prescriptions / analytics.   This overview will give a baseline for future episodes.
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